tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls Ch. 08

Gilmore Girls Ch. 08


Marty made his way downstairs to see Luke and Rory still peacefully asleep with him cradling her head protectively. Nudging Rory gently Marty said, "Hey Rory," quietly.

She slowly opened her eyes smiling shyly as she saw Marty's face. "Hey," she mumbled before reaching up to touch is face. "I missed you."

"You too," her said and leant down to give her a kiss. "You're mom wanted me to send Luke up to her bedroom."

"Oh," she said looking down seemingly forgetting where she was. She nudged Luke waking him up. "Hey Dad, time to get up. Your Lady requests your company upstairs."

Rubbing his eyes clear Luke says, "Mmm, I guess I fell asleep. Hey Marty."

"Yeah, me too. I feel good and refreshed now though," Rory said. She got off the couch assisted by Marty's hand.

"OK well I'll see what her majesty wants," Luke says before giving Rory a quick hug and walking up the stairs.

Rory looked to Marty and hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply. "You taste like you've been as naughty as I have." She could clearly taste pussy juice on his lips. Her mother's pussy juice no less. She dragged him with her as she lay on her back on the sofa still kissing him ferociously taking time to lick and suck all around his mouth taking in the remnant of Lorelai's liquid. "You naughty naughty boy you. Did you like taking my mother to bed?" she said as she dug her nails into his back from under his shirt.

"Oh Rory, you know? I'm..." Marty was cut off by Rory's crushing kiss.

"Don't be sorry just do as you're told." She pushed him up so she could get from under him. "Stand up here." She manoeuvred him to the side of the couch and pulled down his pant and boxer revealing his erect shaft. She then removed his top and said, "Lye over the arm of the couch with your butt up." Marty complied and she whispered into his ear, "Do you think you're a big man for getting your girlfriends mother to spread her legs for you?"

"No, I'm sorry." Marty said sheepishly.

Rory smacked his bare backside hard eliciting a cry from him and said, "I told you not to apologise and I think I deserve to be addressed properly. Do you?"

"No Mistress."

"Do you think you are a stud because you've have two hot girls creaming on your big cock in one day? You think you're special because a hot mom and her daughter both crave your magnificent love muscle? Do you?" she said while smacking his ass cheeks repeatedly hard causing him to whimper in pain.

"No Mistress."

After a few more hard smacks she told him to get up. She lay back down and said, "I've got a present for you. Come here and take my clothes off."

He lay with her and slowly took off her top. He kissed her and ran his hands over her chest feeling a dry substance there. "What?" he said confused.

"You feel that?"

"Yeah. What is it?"

She pulled his head into her cleavage. "Smell it and find out for yourself," she said as she rubbed his face in it.

"Is it cum?" he said looking up for a moment.

"Mmm, yes it is. Now get your face back into it and lick my daddy's cum from my chest you naughty boy."

He did as instructed taking her bra off. He licked the dry cum from her pert little breasts. "I think I've finished mistress."

"You did a good job. Do you like licking another man's cum from my body?"

"Yes Mistress."

"There's more. Do you want to get the rest while I tell you how it got there?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Oh my god you're such a perverted little queer. Get to work." As he made his way down her stomach she continued. "Luke has been fucking me for months. He had me over the kitchen table this afternoon."

Marty had continued slurping up the hot cum from his girlfriends belly and made his way to her knickers. "Was it good Mistress?"

"Oh boy was it. Get my panties off little boy." He did just that. "You see that my pussy? Luke lifted me onto the table and he slid his hot long cock right in there. His cock pounded your girlfriends hot pussy and she loved every minute of it."

This caused Marty to moan with his face going to town on her cum filled pussy.

"Oh you like that my little cuckold? Mmm, yes you do. You love that another man just had me and did a better job of it than you? You know he has a much longer cock than you, he fucked so deep into me and made me come soooo good."

Marty was in a frenzy of feelings. He was inexplicably hornier than ever at the words she was saying. He could feel the spunk fall from her hole as he ate her out.

Rory pushed his head away. "Lye on the couch." He did so and she sat with her cunt on his face and took his very hard cock in her hands. "Oh you're so hard. You love this don't you." At Marty's muffled moan she continued stroking him. "That's if suck the hot thick cum from my used cunt. Swallow it and think about how I've been stud fucked to get it there," she said while gyrating on his face. "Mmm, I can feel you. You going to cum soon. Go on spray your goop onto me. I'm close. Get your nose into me hole I'm about to cum. Come on give me your jizm too. Oh yeah, Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum on your face. That's it go on."

As Rory egged him on and she exclaimed in orgasm he released a torrent of his cum all over her face as she stroked and then sucked on his cockhead.

Rory groaned in post orgasmic bliss licking his cock clean and smearing it over her cum covered face. "Oh my god that was fucking good." She then lifted from his face and lay on top of him. "Kiss me."

He kissed her deep and hard tasting his cum. "You are an amazing woman," he said as he pushed his cum to her mouth with his fingers.

"Mmm, tasty. You're an amazing man. Did you enjoy that?"

"God yes. It was so fucking hot."

"I'm so glad. Luke told me you would but I wasn't sure. Oh and I fucking love that fact you had my mom upstairs. Tasting her pussy juice on your face got me sooo wet. You're such a ladies' man you."

"Yeah right. Only the Gilmore ladies. But who want any others."

Rory snuggled closer to him. "Aw! I wouldn't want anyone outside of this house either."

The two snuggled a little longer before dressing for dinner.

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