Enjoy the conversation between two parting lovers - a he said, she said telephone call. Thank you to VillageWordsmith for once more editing my work, and making it polished. Red




"How are you?"


"I know; so am I."

"This is the last time we can do this."

"I know."

"I really hurt her."

"We both did."

"I love you both."

"I know...this is our goodbye."


"Then just love me this last time."

"I'll always love you. I'm going to kiss you now."


"My hand is on your cheek, my finger tracing your jaw. Your eyes are growing darker, you feel my breath against your neck. Can you feel it?"


"I'm there, my hand upon your waist. Gently pulling you into me. Pressing you into my body, embracing you, as my hand strokes over your neck. My tongue slowly moves over to your ear. Gently I pull on the lobe, slipping it into my mouth to suck and tease it. I love you."

"And I love you. My hand moves through your hair as the other slips to your shoulder. I lean into you, my breasts pressed against you. My nipples hard."

"I can feel them. Your breasts are pressed so tight against me and your nipples rub and stir the hairs on my chest."

"Standing on my toes, I press my lips to your neck. Slowly I begin to lick the skin, feeling your pulse beneath my lips. I tremble now, your hand moves up my back and you pull me closer."

"Your leg moves up mine and soon I hear the moan of desire from my own throat. My body craves your's."

"As mine does your's."

"My tongue moves over your jaw, small bites I take of your skin. Oh... God, you taste wonderful. Like honey."

"My lip is trembling."

"I have to have more."

"How do we give this up?"

"I don't know.... I love you so much."

"Your gentle bites along my skin drive me to place my hands on your head and raise your lips to mine. Our tongues touch and mingle."

"Oh, yes... your tongue touches mine, and slowly we taste. Just the tips, caress each other. Withdrawing from the other only to return again."

"My breath mixes with your's, can you feel it?"

"Yes, I feel it. I feel it all. Our tongues touching, our bodies pressed together. Holding you, loving you. I feel you everywhere."

"Letting my hand move down to your arm, the other sliding in your hair."

"Moaning against our kiss, your tongue slowly stroking mine."

"Mmmm... that is nice. My hand feeling the tense muscles in your arm, flexing. My other hand... its fingers run into the brown silky strands."

"Silky? Hmmm...No love, yours is silky. Your long red locks, flow in my hands, like silk flowing and rippling to the ground. It smells wonderful, as does your body."

"I want more."


"My hand moves from your arm to your chest. My nails graze your nipples. Hard and erect for me."

"Your fingers are wonderful. Groaning as my nipple is teased by you. Using my hand I palm and lift your breast. I need to taste your body."

"Ohhh... please. My face is hot, my skin flushed."

"The body I hold is so warm, the heat of your flesh melts me, burns me... I tease your nipple with my thumb. Smiling at you, I hear your moan. Do you see my smile?"

"Yesss... I see it. I see your hand on my breast and your thumb taunting passion from my nipple. Don't stop, please."

"I hear your begging. Moving my lips from yours, I kiss the top of your breasts. Was that a moan I heard?"


"Ahhh...I continue to press your nipple with my thumb. Soon my mouth meets your nipple. My tongue slides over the tip, flicking it. Slowly I trace the shape, marking my territory, the perimeter of my kisses and licks..."

"No perimeters tonight love. How much time do we have?"


"Then let us love for hours. Pressing a kiss to your head, pulling you closer to me. Your tongue warm on my nipple. The wetness of your mouth, bringing the ridges up higher. Groaning and pleading for more."

"Feeling your nipple against my tongue, my hand under it. Lifting it to my mouth. Drawing your breast in, sucking on your rosy nipple. Biting it."

"Yesss... harder."

"Biting harder. My other hand teasing the other nipple, rolling it between my finger and thumb. Pulling it, twisting it, pinching. I hear your growl, your hands pushing me deeper against your breast, sucking harder."

"Biting my bottom lip. My legs opening. My back arches, my face is so hot, my skin burns. My pussy is wet."

"I can smell your wetness. Sucking your nipple, my hand moves to your pussy."

"Ohhh God yes... feeling your finger slowly sliding to my pussy. It waits for you, hungers for you. You own my body; my pussy is your's and only your's."

"Pushing against the little hairs on your sex. Playing with them with my fingers. Pulling and teasing them. Holding my palm open, I push its heat against your cunt."

"Ohhh yes. Feeling your hand against my cunt, wanting more. My hips thrusting up, my sex pushing into your hand."

"Biting your nipple, before my tongue travels the path my fingers made."

"Yesss... Oh please, taste me. My pussy throbs; aches for you. Shivering and gasping, my breath is hard to catch."

"Oh God, baby. You sound wonderful. I love hearing you moan."

"Mmmmm... I love it when you make me moan. Your fingers pressed against my pussy. It is so hot and wet, can you feel it, smell it?"

"Always... smelling your sex, feeling your wetness. My finger dips inside, slowly. Rubbing the sticky moisture between my fingers. You're so wet. Sliding my finger along your wet lips. Moving it to your clit, pressing it, pulling then teasing it... wanting to taste it... Do you want my tongue to taste your pussy, baby."

"Yessss... taste me. Lick me. Feeling your tongue sliding to my sex. My fingers move in your hair. Inside my veins are on fire. Legs spreading wider."

"Oh, God baby. My cock is so hard right now, the pre-cum is beading from it. Can you feel my breath against your wet lips, my sweet?"

"Your breath so hot, against me. My hairs move in the breeze of your heated caress. Moistness on the edge of release, waiting for your mouth to claim it."

"It's mine baby. Sliding my tongue over your lips, licking the hairs of your pussy. God, you smell wonderful. Licking deeper, pushing through the slit. Tasting your honey. Do you feel my tongue?"

"Fuck yes. I feel your tongue slipping deeper, taking from me the gift for your mouth. I'm so wet, and slippery, my cunt open for you. Mark me, own me.... gasping baby, taking your heat against my pussy, your tongue sliding deeper. Your teeth, Oh God baby. Use your teeth!"

"Biting you! My teeth pulling at her clit. Flicking it with my tongue. Sucking your juices. My nose nuzzles you. Fucking your pussy. Biting harder!"


"Looking up at you. Your breasts rising and falling. My finger moving to slide into you. Feel me?"

"Feeling your finger slip in. So easily, so hot, so ready for more. I need your mouth love, your tongue.. don't stop. Love me."

"Always, my sweet. Stroking your clit with my tongue, so firm and hard, flicking the nub. My finger working in and out of you, making you shiver. Your walls, wet from juice, fleshy and sweet. My tongue slides to taste inside this hot hole I own."

"Squeezing around your finger. My hand tangles in your hair, holding your head to my cunt. Don't stop baby, MORE!"

"Moving my mouth, biting your clit. Taking a second finger to your cunt. Driving it hard and fast into you. Fucking you, owning you. You're mine, always. Do you feel me, feel my mark, my brand on your pussy?"

"Oh baby, soon... oh yes love. I'm your's."

"Sliding my mouth to your thigh, biting it. Fucking you with a third finger, spreading your pussy open for me. Come for me, lover. COME NOW!"

"Coming! Oh, my God! Don't stop, please... so much. My muscles clench around your fingers. My hips lift in the air. Can you taste me? Taste the difference of the treasures you have released from me?"

"Drinking you, wanting more. Sucking your juices, devouring your perfect cunt. Lapping it clean. Capturing it all."

"All for you. Feeling your mouth on my skin, your tongue stroking the wetness from me."

"Beautiful. Looking into your eyes, and sliding my tongue to your stomach, up to your breasts, feel it baby. Feel my cock pressing against your thigh, your legs open so wide for me."

"Your tongue moving higher. Touching my nipples. Flicking each one. Smelling myself on your face, as you reach my lips. Taste my mouth, my love. Share with me this perfect gift of ours."

"My tongue slides with yours, mating with it. Giving you the flavor of your sex. Enjoy it my pet, it is for you. My gift, my treat, our reward."

"Savoring, my eyes closed, as we dance. Our tongues making love, giving and receiving pleasure."

"My cock burns for you."

"Feel me. Feel the softness of my lips, as I kiss your shoulder. The firmness of my hand, as I press it into your body. Roll over, my lover, my friend, my mate."

"Yes... rolling over, I'm your's now."



"Running my fingers down your side. Sucking on your skin, biting your nipple, flicking each one with my tongue. Do you feel my heat?"

"Yes, your heat is scorching me. My cock leaping against you, hungry and eager for more of you. Don't hurry love, make it last."

"Taking my time. Covering each patch of your flesh with my mouth. My fingernails graze your ribs, as my mouth hovers over your skin, heating you. My pussy is wet again. This time it will wait, for this time my mouth will take you, my love. Looking at you... Do you want me to taste you?"


"Smiling. My hand grabbing your cock, the other sliding to rest under your balls. My breath, my sweet... it is there, feel it?"

"Yes, I feel your breath, against my cock. So warm and hot your mouth is, more liquid slips free of my cock. Take it!"

"Sliding my tongue over your head. Cleaning the oily gift. Loving it, wanting more. Grasping and stroking your cock. Taking more of your juices, running the tip over my lips. Cleaning them with my tongue."

"Fingers tangle in your hair, more baby."

"Licking the shaft, down to the base. Taking your balls in my mouth. Sucking them, hard. Playing with them, each one a perfect toy for my pleasure."

"OH God yes!"

"Hearing you, loving it. I love to hear your voice. Licking each sphere, pushing against them, stroking them, fucking the velvet gift. Slipping my mouth away. Licking underneath them, nipping at your skin."

"Fuck baby."

"Grinning and looking at you. Our eyes locked. Licking up your swollen shaft, over the head. Can you feel my breasts? My nipples tickle your body, as my mouth descends and captures your cock."


"Swirling my tongue against your hard shaft, fucking you with my mouth. Moving slowly, licking you and stroking you with my tongue, and lips. Keeping you from going to deep."

"Wanting to bury myself inside your hot mouth."

"Taking your cock deep in my throat. Feeling the sides hit my teeth, opening my jaw wider."

"I feel it. Oh yes lover. Deep-throating me, making me push you deeper onto my cock. All of me baby! My hand pushing your head down, forcing you to take it all."

"Swallowing your cock. Oh yes! I feel your hard cock. The head slamming against my throat. So deep. Sucking hard, licking you, stroking your balls with my hands, oh baby. Come for me. I want to taste you."

"Oh Fuck! Coming! Oh yes! Baby, don't stop!"

"Sucking you. Tasting your cum. Licking and stroking your cock with my mouth, and my tongue. All of it, oh yes, love I want it all. More. Sucking harder, fucking you. My hair touching your body, my mouth pushed to the base of your cock. Oh fuck yes! Come for me!"

"Shivers, baby. Oh God yes, nice."

"Mmmm... yes. I came again too lover."

"I wish I could clean you up."

"Me too. Moving away from your cock, licking it clean. Slipping my tongue over your stomach, and up your chest."

"Mmmm... ride me darlin' "

"Sounds like a plan. Straddling you. Rubbing my wet pussy over your cock, stroking it with my slick, hot pussy lips. So moist for you, hot and wanting to feel your cock buried inside."

"Grabbing your hips, rocking you along my cock. Make me hard again sweetheart."

"Running my tongue over your neck, biting your skin, while I rub my honey all over your cock. Covering you in my juices, blanketing you in thick syrup. Feeling you getting harder underneath me. Biting your neck. You taste so good, sucking hard, biting deeper. You like it baby?"

"Yes. Feeling your wet pussy on my cock. It's getting harder as you stroke it with your velvet lips. Your bite, stinging my skin. Kiss me baby, I want to taste you, fuck you with my tongue."

"Mmmm.. sliding my tongue across your jaw, taking your lips to mine. Pushing my tongue into your mouth. Feel it baby? Feel me kissing you? Stroking you with my tongue, dancing with yours."

"Tasting my juices from your mouth, fucking your mouth deep with my tongue. You're mine, my woman, my lover. Aren't you baby?"

"Yes, yours. Only yours. My body belongs to you, your cock, your mouth, your tongue. Own me."

"My fingers digging into your hips, lifting you. Rubbing you harder on my cock, ready now, so hard for you. Guide me in baby, take me in deep. Your cunt is ready for me now right, baby?"

"It is so hot and wet for you. Yes love, always ready, always here for you. My hand slides between us, my fingers wrap around your wet cock. Guiding you in. Just the head baby, only taking your swollen head in my pussy. You like that?"

"Fuck, baby. Teasing me, wanting your pussy, taking me all."

"Waiting there, holding just your head, just the head baby. Looking into your eyes. Watching you. SLAMMING DOWN HARD!"

"FUCK YES! Feeling your pussy cover me. Grinding up into you. Holding you tight, and rubbing you back and forth."

"Feeling our hairs mingle, and our bodies mixing their juices together. Sliding all over your cock. Lifting up again. . . squeezing you tight. Holding and waiting again."

"Jesus! Teasing me, oh fuck baby. Fuck me hard and fast. Looking at you, waiting for you to come down on me hard."


"Keeping you there, and lifting, you now. Up and down, riding my cock. No more teasing. Just fucking you, baby. Hard and fast. Oh fuck yes. Feed me your tit, I want to suck it."

"Grabbing my breast, giving it to your mouth, feeling your tongue on my nipple. Bite me, please, oh... grinding my pussy against you. Shit, oh fuck!"

"Biting your nipple, making you cry out in pain. Fuck yes. My cock pounding into you. Soon again."

"Gonna come again, baby?"



"OH FUCK! Coming!"

"OH God! Yes!!"

"Filling you up with it. Can you feel my hot juices coating your walls. My hands moving into your hair, pulling your mouth to my lips. Thrusting my tongue into your mouth, capturing you."

"Quivers running through me. Covering your cock in my juices. Oh love. Squeezing around you cock, milking it all from you. Taking your gift."

"Kissing you slowly, moving my cock in and out slower. Caressing your back, and your arms. Loving you slowly, letting you feel me."

"Holding you close. Tasting your tongue with mine. My body tired, and pressed against yours. I love you."

"I love you."

"Sliding off you, laying beside you."

"Holding you against me, kissing your hair. Stroking your soft skin."

"Feeling you holding me. Just enjoying this moment."


"As am I."

"I will never forget you."

"I will never forget you."

"I love you."

"I love you."



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