tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGotham Nights Ch. 16

Gotham Nights Ch. 16


Another day, another charity ball.

Bruce scanned over the sea of socialites in his ballroom. He couldn't even recall what the cause for this fundraiser would be. Alfred had set it up, and insisted that he attend, if only to keep up appearances. He certainly wished he were somewhere else, preferably swinging from rooftops, or inspecting a crime scene, or cracking the skulls of criminals. At the very least, he wished that Diana come out as his date. Any night that ended with some punishment.

He glanced over his shoulder, seeing another figure who preferred to be somewhere else. Dick Grayson was in conversation with a pair of lovely ladies, but Bruce could discern that his former ward would have preferred to be in accompanied by one of his many female colleagues. Dick had invited both Barbara and Helena, but neither could make it. Dick had mentioned that they were undergoing "disciplinary action" from Dinah for some reason. Bruce had jokingly suggested that Dick bring Selina Kyle, only for his ward to sidle away in embarrassment.

Elsewhere, the young Stephanie Brown was enjoying the party, sipping drinks that she was probably not old enough to have, wandering from crowd to crowd in a strapless indigo dress that hugged her petite form well. The dress had certainly caught the eye of both Tim Drake and Jason Todd, who followed her around like a pair of eager dogs.

Bruce groaned at the site of a familiar face in the crowd. (How could Alfred let a reporter in here?)

"Bruce Wayne!" called the ever-so-beautiful Lois Lane. She had on a gorgeous red dress that showed a fair amount cleavage. It was a dress that did little to hide her intentions; she was out for a story, or perhaps something more. "I was hoping to get an interview with you. About some rumors I've heard..."

"Oh hello, Lois," Bruce greeted before looking around, hoping to find a distraction. He turned only to find another unwelcome guest.

"Vicki Vale, of the Gotham Gazette," the redhead in the scandalous white dress introduced. "Mind if I ask a few questions about what Bruce Wayne does with his night life?"

Panicking, Bruce turned again, to be greeted by yet another reporter in a more modest blue dress.

"Hi there, I'm Iris West-Allen," the brown-haired woman spoke. "I'm from Central City, but I'm in town to investigate a few rumors that have been circling around. About a man dressed as a bat?"

"Ladies, ladies," Bruce improvised. "I'm sure you've heard some bizarre stories about my private life, but I assure you that none of them are true. But... if you really want to get to the bottom of this, I'll gladly give you three a more.. private session later tonight. Would that satisfy you?"

The three reporters exchanged glances, eyeing each other up and down, before Lois spoke for the three of them.

"Well, you've got yourself a catch. We're all eager to know what exactly Bruce Wayne really does at night."

Bruce felt a sweat of relief. Lois leaned in a bit closer, giving him a view of her ample chest, as she whispered, "Good thing my husband doesn't expect me back for another day."

"Now, ladies, if you'll excuse me, I need to talk to someone."

With that Bruce headed in Dick's direction, where his former ward was engaged in conversation with two young women. One was an Asian woman in her early 20s, with cropped hair, wearing a lovely black dress. The other was a mousy blonde girl who must have been barely out of high school. The blonde was certainly out of her element in this crowd, wearing a very modest green dress and donning a pair of familiar thick-rimmed glasses.

"Oh hello, Bruce," Dick introduced. "This is Linda Park-West," he said, gesturing to the slim Asian woman. He then turned to the blonde girl. "And this is Kara Danvers, she just started working at-"

"The Daily Planet," Bruce interrupted. "I believe I know a few friends of yours there." Bruce shook the hands of both women before pulling Dick aside.

"Dick, these reporters are here to ask questions. About our night activities. You'll need to keep them busy, give them something else to talk about tomorrow morning."

"But Bruce, Linda is married to Wally. What am I supposed to do with my best friend's wife?" Dick asked.

"Oh, the same thing I'm about to do to my best friend's wife," Bruce smirked as he nodded to the winking Lois Lane waiting in the corner.

"And Kara? I'm pretty sure she's Superg.."

"There's some Kryptonite in the cave. I'm sure you can get a bit creative with that."

"But what about Barbara or Helena? I was hoping one of them would still show..."

"You don't want to interrupt the Birds right now. Dinah is strict, and I'm sure she's putting them through some rigorous exercises right now. She'll be riding your girls all night."

With that, he turned back towards the three intrepid reporters waiting for him, leaving Dick to think about the implications of what he said. Placing his arms around them, he led them out of the ballroom. In the corner of his eye, he saw Dick gently place his hands on Linda, while Kara snuggled ever-so-closer to the young man's side. (He was always a reliable partner.) In another part of the room, he caught Stephanie making her way towards the nearest bathroom, with both Tim and Jason on her arms. Perhaps tonight would be productive for Bruce after all.



Bruce threw the alluring Lois onto this massive four-poster bed. He wanted her first; the others should be content to get a preview of what they were in for. Bruce remembered that night fondly, in which he, no Batman, visited her in her hotel room all alone. She was absolutely salacious, and he needed to fuck her brains out once again. Tossing aside his tuxedo jacket, and quickly unbuttoning his shirt, he leapt into the bed, spreading apart her legs to access what was in between. With his teeth, he gripped her lacy panties and slid them off her legs. With nothing in his way, he ate out Lois's wanting cunt.


Lois heard Iris gasp as the bilionaire dove in between her legs without abandon. She moaned as his tongue made contact with her moist hole. Her legs hooked around behind Bruce's head, and she threw her head back as he began working her, toying with her most sensitive spots.

(Oh, he's good.. but I wonder if he's as good as the Batman.)

Her hips rose and fell as Bruce's tongue continued exploring her sex. She could tell that he was certainly enjoying this, but it was just an appetizer for what was yet to come. Within minutes, she felt her first orgasm wash over her, spreading throughout her perfectly fit body.

"More!" she demanded, quickly undoing the straps on her dress and tossing the garment aside. It was an expensive dress, but she needed to be naked as quickly as possible.

You!" she looked over at Vicki Vale. The redhead looked like she could hardly contain her thirst. "Get over here, and I'll show you what a real reporter does for a story." For a second, Vicki seemed to pout, as if she wanted to be defiant, but she obeyed her colleague. As she climbed onto the giant bed, she unzipped and discarded what little she was wearing. It didn't escape Lois's notice that the feisty redhead had not been wearing any underwear.

Lois patted her crotch, inviting the reporter to climb on top of her. The two of them were alike in many ways. Both were reporters who loved to chase down a story, and used whatever means they had to close deals. Both took very good care of their bodies, as Lois noticed. And Lois had always suspected that Vicki saw her as a professional rival, due to Lois's greater success despite being the same age. Lois was going to have a bit of fun tonight, toying with Vicki's jealousy.

The naked redhead climbed on top of Lois, their silky smooth bodies rubbing against each other. Vicki mounted her, throwing a leg on either side of her, before bending down to kiss her peer. Lois wrapped her arms around her, pulling her in closer, as their tongues massaged one another. Lois was no stranger to sapphic experiences, having had a few rolls with Clark's old flame Lana Lang. And more recently, his young perky blonde cousin, though Clark still did not know about that one.

Behind the redhead, Lois could see that Bruce had freed himself from the rest of his clothes, showing off his chiseled body, and his erect twitching cock. As she continued her battle of tongues with her partner, she motioned to Bruce by curling her finger, beckoning him to come.

Briefly, Lois wondered which woman Bruce would chooose first, and the feeling of his fleshy rod at her glistening entrance confirmed his decision.

"Looks like I'm first up, Vale," she teased the jealous redhead. "But don't worry, I'll save some for you."

Bruce's prick pushed itself inside her wet hole, a few inches at first. Her inner muscles hugged his cock as tightly as possible, as it slid back out and in again, going a few inches deeper with every motion, until he had himself buried himself to the hilt inside of her. Lois felt so full with him inside of her. Her legs twitched, begging him to stuff her tight box hard and fast. He complied.

"Oh, oh, ugh!" She grunted with every thrust that threatened to split her open. Vicki, meanwhile, had began playing with her breasts, studying her face in the throes of pleasure. As she reached her peak, her body twitching and convulsing in ecstacy, Lois cried out, "Inside me! Come inside me!"

Once again, Bruce complied, and released his first load deep into her womb.


Vicki, meanwhile, couldn't help but feel dissatisfied as she watched her professional rival get the first crack at the famous Bruce Wayne. And she especially didn't like the way that Lois pushed her head down to her crotch, as if to make her lick up the brunette's sloppy seconds. Still, she wasn't above doing dirty things to get ahead, and if she had to lick out the cum in Lois Lane's cunt, at least she'd get Bruce Wayne's cock in the process as well. It had been quite some time since she went down on another woman, since her days in college, in fact.

Vicki seductively wiggled her ass at Bruce, reminding him that what awaited him once he got hard again. She grasped the Lois's legs, and lowered her head down to her slit, which was dripping with a mixure of her juices and his seed. She licked up a drop, found the taste satisfying, and proceeded to explore the used tunnel with her tongue, scooping up as much semen as she could. As she continued to eat out her rival, she felt a firm grip on her hip. The tip of his meaty machine nestled against her lip, tracing circles around it, until pushing itself in, eliciting a muffled scream.

Vicki couldn't believe it. It was only a few inches inside of her, and already it was stretching her wide open. She dug her fingers into the brunette's thighs as Bruce slid his cock, lubricated with Lois's juices, in further. Vicki's eyes widened, as she continued to swirl her tongue in her rival's love canal, making sure to soak up every bodily fluid. Her body rocked as Bruce thrusted himself into her again, his hips slapping against her bare ass, and his balls brushing against her exposed clit. She felt Bruce's powerful hands grip her shoulders as he slammed into her with no regard for her well-being. Her whimpers turned to cries of joy. Vicki buried her head in Lois's mound as her core was set on fire, and the redhead squirted all over the billionaire's expensive sheets. His cock pulsed remained inside of her, pulsing, before releasing a second stream of semen to fill up her tunnel. Vicki racked her brain, trying to remember if she had remembered to take her pill.

Finally, he pulled out, lifting her body, and then letting her collapse onto the also-exhausted Lois. Vicki rested her face between Lois's well-formed breasts. Vicki rubbed a finger against her well-ravaged cunt, and brought it to her lips, tasting herself.


"Oh wow."

In the corner, Iris West-Allen bit her lip at the exhibition in front of her. She was unsure whether or not to join in. On one hand, she loved her husband Barry dearly. But on the other, there was part of her that desired to know what sex that lasted longer than 30 seconds felt like. And she wasn't the only one. She had seen Linda, the wife of Iris's nephew (another speedster), make a move on Dick Grayson.

(I'm sorry, Barry, but I can't pass this up.)

As Bruce turned his attention towards her, she sank to her knees, placing her hands on his thick legs. His member was flaccid at the moment, but she hoped that he had enough in him for a third orgasm. She took his penis in one hand, and tugged at him, before putting it in her mouth. She wanted him hard, she needed it. Her head bobbed back and forth as she hungrily slid the slick cock in and out of her mouth, her tongue massaging its underside, tasting the fluids of the two women before her. Her other hand went straight down to crotch to relieve herself of her underwear. Slowly, she felt him harden once again.

Not wanting her good efforts to be wasted, she removed her mouth from him and stood up, still keeping a hand on his cock, making sure it stayed erect. Her eyes met with Bruce's, pleading him to give her what he had given to the two sexually spent ladies cuddling in his bed.

He grabbed her by her legs, lifted her up, and pushed her against the wall. His swollen tip pressed against her, and he let her sink down onto him. She let out a gasp at that first penetration. The straps of her dress came out, as it fell, exposing her nipply breasts. She hooked her arms around him, and he impaled her a second time, slamming her against the wall. She screamed with each powerful thrust. But she wasn't the only one screaming in Wayne Manor.



"Wow, Dick," Linda Park-West purred as she rolled over to Dick's side of the bed. She smiled a warm, glowing smile at her husband's best friend. Dick Grayson looked over at the lovely naked Asian woman in his bed, as he wondered exactly what he got himself into.

"I'll have to tell Wally what a good friend you are, taking care of his girl like that. Did you know we're trying to get pregnant?"

Dick swallowed. (This is not good.)

On his other side, Kara Danvers giggled, brushing her long unkempted blonde hair off to the side, as she licked the remaining drops of semen from the side of her mouth. She still wore the Kryptonite necklace that Dick had given her. "I'm so glad you were my first man."

Dick's eyes widened. (This is definitely not good.)

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