tagIncest/TabooGrandpa's Sexy Grandson Ch. 02

Grandpa's Sexy Grandson Ch. 02


"C-clayton? Uh please let me explain!" Tom called out.

Clayton glared at his father and kept walking towards him. Damian watched his father and grandfather as their bodies suddenly crushed together. Clayton put his arms around his father. He felt his father's body still nice and firm after all these years.

"Son? Are you Ok? I mean w-where is Laurie?"

"Ah I took her to her mother's house. She and I started arguing over petty things. Oh but I'm glad I came home. So glad daddy." He then reached up to kiss his father's lips.

Damian watched, amazed, looking at his father and grandfather kissing. He watched their tongues massage each other's so seductively. He felt his cock growing hard once again watching the two handsome gentlemen kiss.

Tom broke the kiss and caressed his son's face. "Clayton I never knew you had such intentions with me."

Clayton blushed. "Neither did I papa!"

Tom looked over and saw Damian stroking his long teenage cock. "I guess we all had these hidden temptations. Clayton, it's your sexy son's fault. He got me so hot!"

Clayton looked at his son who was openly masturbating. "Yes he is a hot young man! I've wanted him deep down too but never got a chance."

Both men ogled the young Damian. He smiled at them both knowing he'd get the chance to be seduced by two of the sexiest men he'd ever met! They both approached the teen with lustful eyes.

"Get up son, time to play with daddy now," Clayton ordered his son.

Damian stood up completely naked giving Clayton a hard on. Clayton took Damian in his arms and the two shared a long wet kiss. Tom watched his son and grandson kissing and moved in closer hoping they'd share a three-way kiss. The men's tongues played with each other's so furiously and full of wanton.

"Wait! I need to blow my load as soon as possible. Laurie's not been giving me much action lately so I'm extremely horny! Son? Turn around and let daddy deflower his baby boy."

Damian's eyes widen but he smiled and did as he was told. Clayton stood behind his son and gently touching running his hands up and down his back feeling his youthful skin.

"Mmm look papa! My boy has grown up to be so handsome! God he feels good!"

Tom watched his son seducing his grandson. He quietly left the room and came back with a huge jar of Vaseline. By the time he came back his jaw almost dropped watching Clayton licking Damian's tiny puckered asshole. His tongue did nice long strokes and soft moans were heard from Damian.

"Oh Daddy that feels good! Keep doing that!" Damian moaned quietly.

Tom knelt down and joined in on the fun. He looked at his son and his son made room for him to start licking the sexy teenager up and down. He tasted so innocent and fresh! Both men kept taking turns licking him and sticking their tongues as far as they could reach inside of Damian's virgin asshole.

"Yeah lick my shithole! Oh fuck!" Damian blurted out breathlessly.

Both men kept eagerly sucking, licking and tonguing Damian's forbidden hole.

"Papa, I think it's time we deflower my son."

Tom could only nod. He was still speechless from the wonderful taste his grandson had to offer. He handed his son the jar of Vaseline.

"What is this for papa?" Clayton asked confused.

"Don't be silly son, don't tell me you don't know? It's so you won't hurt your son. It'll let your cock slide in easier making it less painful and more enjoyable for him."

Clayton smiled. "Thanks papa."

Damian was still with his back towards them, bent over the leather couch. Clayton grabbed a huge glob on Vaseline and smothered his cock with it making it slippery. Then, with one finger he got more and slowly inserted it into Damian's asshole. Damian shuddered at first. He licked his lips and smiled feeling strange and forbidden pleasure.

"Oh papa he feels tight. I can't wait to put my cock in him," Clayton exclaimed.

Tom watched wide-eyed as his son began to enter Damian. He watched how slowly Clayton's cock got swallowed up. Damian let out moans of pain at fist. He closed his eyes tightly feeling the sting of his first cock up his ass.

"Ahhhhggghhh daddy that hurts! Oh God don't stop!" Damian moaned.

Clayton had his eyes closed and they fluttered with the pleasure his son was giving him. "Baby, you feel good! Mmmm my baby boy! You feel so fuckin' good!" Clayton whined.

Slowly and gently, Clayton began to ram his cock in and out of his son's ass. Tom watched, amazed, stroking his hard on. He couldn't believe that his sexy grandson was letting his daddy fuck his hot firm ass.


Tom heard Clayton's heavy hand spank Damian's ass. "Ah you like that don't ya? You filthy motherfucker! Mmmm fuck! Squeeze your ass on my dick Damian!" Clayton's voice was very dominant.


Again, Tom heard the loud spanking making him wince. He saw Damian's ass cheeks turning red left with his father's handprint. "I said squeeze your asshole now!" Clayton yelled out.

"Ahhh yes like that! Oh baby boy you're so good!"

Tom watched and mesmerized never having seeing something so hot in his entire life. He noticed Clayton looking at him. "Papa you want some of this teenage ass too? You've gotta try it out papa! Oh he's so good!"

Tom nodded and lubed his cock ready to enter his sexy grandson.

"I don't want to stop! Fuck!" Clayton wailed but eventually took out his cock.

Damian was breathing heavily and turned to look back and saw his grandfather about to enter him. Tom gave his grandson a nice wet kiss and slowly entered his back passage. He hear Damian groan loudly, louder than what he had with Clayton.

"Oh gramps! You're so big! Owwww yeah!" Damian called out.

Tom had never felt anything tighter or hotter than his grandson's ass. He managed to shove his entire dick in the tiny puckered hole. He couldn't take it easy on him, so he just started pounding his little asshole hard.

"Hmmmgghhh oh baby! Damian baby, you're gonna make grandpa cum inside your ass?" Tom asked while pumping his cock.

"Y-yes! Gramps please cum in my ass! Let me feel you cum up my ass!" Damian cried out.

"Ahhrrrhhhggh goddamit! You feel so fuckin' good!" Tom moaned.


He began to spank his naughty grandson. "Mmm Damian you're such a bad boy letting gramps fuck you!" Clayton whispered in his son's ear and then began to kiss him.

"Yes! Such a naughty boy! So nasty! My nasty baby!" Tom screamed out.


More spankings on Damian's ass. Clayton stood up on the couch with his cock facing his son. He stroked his face and slid his cock inside Damian's mouth. "Suck me off son. Make daddy cum."

Both men were eager to cum inside of the teen. All these years he'd gotten them both so hot by walking around the house topless showing those washboard abs. Walking out of the bathroom in a tiny towel that barely covered his gorgeous body. He was a tease indeed and now they were going to show him what a tease gets.

"I'm gonna cum baby! Oh I'm gonna shoot my cum so far up your ass!" Tom groaned as he felt his balls swell up and his cum shoot out violently into his grandson's ass.

"Mmmghghhhmmmghh," were all the muffled sounds that came from Damian. His father smiled at him and suddenly just held his head in place and Damian felt the hot spurts of cum shooting inside his mouth.

"Yesss! I'm cumming! Damian drink daddy's cum!" Clayton called out breathlessly.

After both men filled the teen with their cum they let him lay on the couch to regain his strength.

"That was so hot! God I love you both so much," Damian said softly.

Both men took turns to give him a long wet kiss. "We love you too." Clayton responded.

"Ah my two boys," Tom said proudly, "now son," he said looking at Clayton. "It's your turn to please daddy."

to be continued....

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