tagIncest/TabooGranddad's Farm

Granddad's Farm


It started back at home, when my dad found out the hard way that is son was gay. My dad had come home early and caught me blowing an older man that I had met on the internet. Ashamed of his gay son he sent me to live with my Grandfather, to finish out High school.

My Grandfather was a large man, barrel chested and very masculine. My father figured he would beat the gay out of me. My Grandfather lived on a small farm out in the hills of Virginia. My room was in the back of the house. The high school was small and I could tell I was the only gay guy there.

I turned eighteen in October and spent my birthday alone in my room. The next day was Saturday and I slept in. I rolled out of bed around twelve and dragged myself out to the kitchen for something to eat. Granddad was sitting at the table when I walked in. He was drinking his usual coffee.

"So, you're a queer?" he said so flatly it was like a slap to the face.

"Uhm, yeah." I just stood there. He had barely said two words to me since I had got there.

"So, you like sucking cock huh?"

I was tired of this already, "Yep, and I take it in the ass too."



He nodded and sipped his coffee. He stood and walked over to stand in front of me. "So my Grandson is a cum slut?"

I was nothing like the men in my family. I was slender and smooth, I let my hair grow long and I still had almost no body hair and I stood a full head shorter then he did. "Yeah, I'm a real faggot." I thought I was about to get my ass kicked.

"Get on your knees boy."


"DO IT!"

I went down to my knees in fear. The men in my family started having kids young, so my Grandfather was only 57 years old. He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock. "Suck this." My Grandfather was a hairy man, and I was looking at his thick penis staring out at me from a forest of salt and peppered pubic hair. He grabbed my head and pulled it forward so that the head of his dick bumped my nose.

"Suck it!"

I reached up and took a hold of his shaft mostly to get the hair out of the way and took the head into my mouth wrapping my lips around it and circling the underside with my tongue. I sucked on it firmly and felt it grow in my mouth, mushrooming out. After a moment I slide my lips further down the shaft till my nose touched his pubes. He held the sides of my head and began fucking my face, his hips moved slightly as I sucked on his cock. Fully erect he was average length and slightly above average thickness. It had been months since I had been with anyone and as weird as it was to be sucking off my Grandfather it felt so good to a cock in my mouth again. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the smell of a man's crotch and the wet sounds of my lips sucking an erect shaft. The sensation of that cock sliding almost out of my mouth then, back in till it touched the back of my throat was incredible.

Granddad moaned his approval and his hips sped up. I could hear him panting as he kneaded my hair and I felt the head of his wonderful cock swell just before he tightened his grip and put it fully in my mouth and began to cum. I almost gagged as his cum splashed the back of my throat, I swallowed most of it but some dribbled down my chin. He slid his cock in and out of my wanting mouth, finishing his orgasm. I kept right on sucking his dick and when he pulled it still hard from my mouth I stroked it with my hand as I looked up at him. He smiled at me.

"You really know how to suck a cock, boy. Didn't take you long at all to get me off."

I smiled up at him as I wiped his man cream off my chin. I continued to stroke him as he petted my hair. "You tasted great."

"Stand up and take those clothes off."

I did as I was told and was standing naked and hard in front of him. Granddad caressed my shoulders and chest then my stomach then caressed my hard dick. It was visible smaller then his. He cupped my balls and squeezed them gently. Then he hugged me to him and slid his hands down to my round ass and squeezed it as he crushed me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him feeling his solid dick pressed to my stomach. He kissed me hard forcing my mouth open and his tongue deep in to it. I was forced to open wide and submit to avoid getting bruised. He kissed me for a long time before breaking his hold on me and we both panted for air. He quickly stepped away from me and pushed me to the table telling me to bend over. I did as I was ordered.

Granddad got behind me gripping my hips and spread my ass cheeks with his thumbs. He rubbed the head of his cock along my crack and especially my pale pink button of an asshole. I could feel his hot precum on my hole. I heard him spit into his hand then felt the pressure as he pushed the head into my man pussy. I relaxed as best as I could and gasped as the head pushed past the ring of muscle and into me. He stroked slowly, working the whole 6" into me till his hips pressed against my ass. I was in heaven having my hole stretch by a hard cock, feeling his heart beat inside me though his pulsing manhood.

He gripped my hips firmly and began to stroke in and out of me. Still slowly at first. He pulled out till the head almost slipped out then thrust it smoothly back in, each entry into me made me catch my breath and made my chest tight. His rhythm began to pick up speed and he grunted with pleasure. I gasped out loud with each thrust into me. His grip tightened.

"You like that huh?"


"Tell me how bad you want my cock in your ass! Beg me to cum in your ass!"

"I love it, I need it. I need it SO bad. Fuck my ass, own it!" I was pushing back against his thrusts enjoying the sound of skin slapping together, and that hard dick pounding my ass. I felt my balls tighten up to my body and my cock felt like there was an electric charge running through it. "Please cum in me. Fill my hole. No ones ever cum in me before. Fill my ass!"

Knowing he was going to be the first to leave his cream in my ass spurred him to pump into me faster and harder forcing more moans and gasps from me. "GAWD YES! Fuck me Granddad, Fuck me!"

He thrust fully into me digging his fingers into my hips and grunted holding himself deep in me. He began spraying my insides with his hot cum. I could feel it in me. The thought that I was just fucked by my Grandfather and he was the first to cream my insides without a condom on was wild and I came on the floor. My knees gave out and I let the table support my body.

When my head cleared and I could think again I realized that Granddad still had a grip on my hips and had lifted them slightly and was still smoothly pumping my ass. His cum was a super lube and he had shrunk just a bit but that still hard member was working my hole like he was working up to come again.

"Damn, Granddad, how long can you go?"

"With an ass this tight I can go for a while longer."

"As much as I love this, and your cock in me, would it be possible to finish your dick off in me in a more comfortable local?" He pressed fully into me and I felt the head swell slightly. "Ok." He held himself in me for a moment longer then with drew. We went into his bedroom and I climbed on the bed lying on my back.

"Fuck my like you love me." I smiled.

He smiled as he crawled on to the bed and over me. He took my legs and pressed them back to either side of my chest rolling my used hole up to an enterable position. He pressed forward and slid that hard cock back into me. I could feel the head swell as he stroked in and out of me. He lowered his weight on to me and kissed me deeply forcing my mouth wide and submissive to him. Locked in that kiss, with him slamming his whole body against and in me I moaned into his mouth with each thrust. I was completely in his control. I lost all track of time, I didn't know how long we fucked like that. Kissing and panting, grunting and sweating but suddenly he was pressing deep into me cumming again and I was cumming too. I cried out with pleasure and held him tightly to me.

It was several minutes before he rolled off me and we showered together before lying back on his bed. We napped and watch some TV. Later when his cock woke back up I let him cum in my mouth again and we fucked again and this time we went to sleep with him in me.

The rest of the school year I didn't care about friends because I went home each night to the greatest sex with someone that loved me.

Let me know how you liked it and I will write more.

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The story is do very hot. I enjoyed reading every word of it

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