tagBDSMGreen Wars Ch. 02

Green Wars Ch. 02


Dressed in what could only be described as kinky cow boy gear, Keith was using the larger Paula as a riding horse.

"Come on girl faster," he demanded.

Greta neighed and started going faster. Taking an idea from his wife Paula when they first met; an obstacle course. Greta was able to get over some of the obstacle but finally tripped spilling Keith to the ground.

"Stupid horse" he mocked snarled. "Time for you to be disciplined."

"Yes Master," Greta responded.

"On your hands and knees," he instructed. Then began spanking with one hand while gently squeezing her ample breasts with the other.

"Ah," Greta breathed

"Do you want my cock slut?"

"If it pleases you Master," she responded.

"It does on your back." Keith thrusted in with strong strokes.

"Give it to me!" Greta cried.

The phone suddenly rang," Priority call the speaker said."

"Answer," Keith instructed still nailing Greta.

"Keith! This is Jason."

"Jason , how did you get this number?"

"It's Paula phone, she is missing and I am worried."

Keith withdrew, "Tell us what happened."

Jason relayed last night.

"I'll have my jet waiting for us at the airport" Greta said.


Paula woke up in total darkness. The last thing she remembered was leaving her suite that morning. Lights suddenly came on momentarily blinding her.

"Well well" said an arrogant voice. "Our piece of trash Paula is not so cocky."

Beverly Brolin step forward with a strap" She had no idea of the consequences of attacking her betters."

"Betters" Paula scoffed. "You mean phonies."

Brolin flicked the strap expertly stinging her breasts. "You are in severe need of discipline."

"How long before she is ready to serve us?" Core asked.

"Not long, "Brolin said confidently. I'll make her an obedient environmental convert and a good sex toy." As she began whipping the helpless Paula.


Jason sat with Keith and Greta at the same bar. He had discovered while the two of them were in the air that Core and Brolin had abruptly left. Consensus was that Paula had publicly humiliated them both to the delight of most of the attendees.

"Two of his security detail are still here." Jason reported.

Keith who had not touched his drink nodded, "We will have to question them."

"How?" Jason asked.

"Bait" Greta replied

'What bait?

"Me," Keith answered.

"Ready?" Greta asked.

"Yes," Keith than slapped her "I don't care what you say bitch! I'll teat this place part! He than stormed out of the bar.

Two man followed him.

Keith walked with purpose down an empty corridor.

"Mr. Casey you should think," a voice called.

"Your wife annoyed some powerful people, a large man in black said. "You are going to make the same mistake."

"You're employers aren't here," Keith replied. "You are going to tell me where to find them."

"No we are going to kill you" the other man replied drawing a knife.

"Now!" Greta shot them from behind with the tazer.


The two security guards woke up naked and tied up in Greta's suite.

"I have some questions for you scum."

"Do your worse " said the bald one.

"Not me" Keith responded as Greta lead a smaller woman and two hulking men into the room. It was Core's escort who had a black eye.

Without speaking she kicked the bald one hard in the balls. "Understand this," she hissed angrily. "I am no one's punching bag! You tell him what he wants to know and you may be able to function when I am through."

What do you want" the other man said desperately."

"Shut up" The bald man groaned.

The escort kicked him again" Now talk!"

The black haired man explained how Core had beat up the hooker Crystal and than had Paula kidnapped and taken to Brolin's island.

"I'll get the plane ready," Greta said.

"I'm coming too" Jason announced.

'Keith looked at him" Jason you better be good in a fight and not have a problem with blood. Because if Paula's is hurt; I will kill Core!

Jason looked at him steadily" I understand." He gestured to the two bound men," What about them?"

"Don't worry " Crystal said. "I will call my madam we can have them caged for as long as you need.."

"Don't cage them " Greta advised. "Sell them!"


Brolin had whipped Paula into senselessness.

"Come on you bitch submit," she demanded angrily.

"She can't hear you" her slave pointed out.

Beverly slapped her" Speak when spoken to. But you right.. She looked at Paula. "Untie the slut and put her in the fucking machine."

"Yes Mistress" the Chinese slave, unloosened her body but kept her wrists cuffs on.

Paula was stretched out on the dominator, as Brolin splashed water in her face.

"Well slut do you know your betters now?"

'Go to hell, " Paula responded.

"Some defiance still, Brolin turned on the machine. "Let see you take that. As for you Chung take your place on the whipping post."

Yes Mistress " the Asian responded.

"Never interrupt me in a session," the rich woman said as she began whipping..

"Yes Mistress."

"You see Paula, I am the equivalent of royalty and you and girls like Chung need to know your place."


After landing, Greta had bribed a couple of employees to find as much as the layout of Brolin's island. It wasn't difficult Brolin was not like by the people in the area. She was a polluter of the area, but it was kept quite.

"Why I am not surprised," Jason said.

'No surprise, Paula can't stand hypocrites in the environmental movement.." Keith had a couple of throwing stars along with his other weapons."

Greta came in dressed in black, "I bought the supply boat" she announced.

Keith looked at the two, "You don't have to come."

"Fuck that!" Greta said. "you know how much she means to me. So stuff your Master aura Keith. I'm coming weather you or Paula likes it or not."

As the boat left, Keith gave them their instructions. "There are five guards. Use the tranquilizers on them if possible, but kill them if you have to."

"I hope we have to," Jason replied.


Brolin gave matching stripes to Chung. Then tying her wrists she made her lick her strap on.

"Lick it you Asian cunt."

Her helpless slave obeyed.

"Paula would you like to take her place", Brolin taunted.. She looked over the machine was doing it's work but her prisoner's body was unresponsive.

Brolin sighed and reluctantly turned off the machine. "Slave, she instructed, "after you get loose, which I know you can. Clean up Core's property so when he is ready he can fuck her!"

To be continued.

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