tagErotic HorrorGrimbold the Cat

Grimbold the Cat

byjames dean©

"Oh Mummy, he's so cute - Can we keep him, please!"

Heather Stone looked at her Daughter, hugging the enormous ginger, tabby cat in her arms, its head snuggled to her breast, its tail swishing in obvious satisfaction.

"I'm not sure, Susan. He's owned by somebody - look he's got a collar."

"But surely he can stay until somebody claims him. He'll starve otherwise!" Susie's flashing Azure eyes widened.

" He will be such a good companion for me - We're best friends already. Look how he loves me holding him, though he is very heavy!"

She hoisted him up with an effort and he licked her chin affectionately, his powerful purr reverberating around the kitchen.

Heather looked at her Daughter, her blue eyes blurring.

"Maybe, we'll decide after supper. Now go and get ready."

She looked at the joy in her child's matching big, blue eyes. There had been so little happiness for Susie since the separation, six months before.

They had just moved to this house after splitting up their lovely old home and belongings. IT had been heartbreaking and acrimonious. He had been a Frenchman and very aggressive.

This place was an old 'Victorian' ramshackled ruin, complete with tall cracked ceilings and creaky floorboards.

It had been on the market a long time and she'd managed to get the price down to what she could afford. It had meant a change of school for Susie and at eighteen she had found it difficult to pick up friends in their final year, despite her obvious beauty.

Heather gazed at Susie's long blonde hair that curled down her arched back to the pit of her spine. She had never cut it and normally it cascaded over her shoulders in a storm of golden wheat, haloing her cute face and long slender neck.

Now, as she had just come back from school, it was swept up in a pony tail, held by a pretty, pink bow.

The new school had no dress code so she wore her blue, flared jeans and denim top, which clung to her lythe, young body in a way that her prior strict school would never have allowed. The shirt was unbuttoned allowing ample view of her blossoming bosom which spilled out over the content cat.

"Why the collar says he's called Grimbold." Susan announced with her wide grin. "We're going to be the bestest friends, aren't we."

Grimbold pushed his big head between those firm, warm mounds and licked the deep cleft between.

Susie squealed.

"Hey stop that! It tickles, you naughty boy."

She let the big tom go and it sprang in mid air to land on its massive paws at her feet. It walked stiffly over to Heather and rubbed its flank around the Mother's legs.

"See, Grimbold likes you too, Mum. I'm going to get changed, give him a stroke and I'll be down to feed him." She clattered up the stairs two at a time.

Heather leant down to stroke him and he arched his back appreciatively.

Heather looked into his eyes and suddenly felt uncomfortable as the green slits held hers.

She felt an urge to look away but found she couldn't.

Grimbold held her in his spell, weaving between her crouched legs, his eyes never leaving hers, suddenly he ducked under the folds of her skirt and ran his soft furry head up her naked inner thighs and nestled into her pantied crotch.

Heather felt a paw on her covered vagina, pressing hard between the folds of her sex lips as she crouched in amazement. The paw felt just like a man's prick as it pushed against her clitoris, urgently.

All the frustration of the past six months without sex flooded her mind. She gasped, feeling her pent up desire shoot up her spine before she came to her senses.

"Hey, you naughty boy. Not there!" She rose up and looked at the cat, who glanced at her, stroked his whiskers, then walked away and up the stairs.

Heather looked at his disappearing form and shook her head.

'Christ, its like having a man about the house!' She grinned to herself, turning to fix the dinner.

Upstairs Susie was in front of the long mirror gazing at her reflection. On the floor were her discarded jeans and shirt.

She was built like a colt, all long legs and thin hips, flat stomach and narrow shoulders.

She didn't mind her slight frame, like the ballerina she dreamed to be... it was her chest that made her so self conscious.

She reached behind and unhooked her brazier. Two 'melons' bounced out of their confinement, rock hard orbs with thrusting pink nipples that, when erect, extended obscenely outwards, by at least an inch. They unfurled in the mirror as she watched horrified as usual..

'Why have I been cursed with such big tits.' she bewailed her fate for the umpteenth time. 'No boys going to want me with teats like a donkey!'

Eighteen months ago at sixteen they had been just right - round cones that stayed solid as she leapt and twirled, free as a bird.

She had loved gymnastics, particularly ballet even swimming. Now she refused to uncover herself for fear of the boys cruel jokes and the girls ridicule.

She always wore a bra two sizes too small, although it hurt her to do so. The red weals framed her creamy mounds and she rubbed them to bring back some feeling, her nipples filled with blood again causing throbbing electric shocks as they pulled away and hung tingling in the cool air.

Feeling miserable, she flung herself on the bed face down, in only her white cotton knickers. She thought of her Dad, the divorce and this cold, grotty house and tears formed and fell onto the pillow.

Then she felt a weight on the bed beside her and rolling on her side put her arm around the large ginger cat, nudging at her as if he understood her sadness.

"Oh, Grimbold, its you... I'm so pleased to have you, I feel so alone and you are my only friend in this funny place."

Susie drew her in and the cat gazed into her blurry eyes.

She looked deep into those green slits with love... that turned to surprise.

Grimbold had nudged her left breast and begun licking her pencil stick teat, still gazing at her, holding her mind like a cornered rat.

Susie went to move away but the cat moved a large paw onto the side of her naked boob and the claws flexed, pricking her then withdrawing. Like a warning.

"Hey, that hurt!" Susie tensed. "don't ooh!"

Still holding her gaze, Grimbold had injested her long nipple into her whiskered mouth and her tongue's rough surface slowly lashed it into his throat.

Susie went to move but the claws extended into her white flesh and his teeth closed over her trapped bud with razor sharp intent.

Frozen, she watched as her breast was mauled.

Their eyes interlocked, his triumphant hers fearful,

she endured her nipple being suckled and teased for long, silent minutes until the fear subsided. Sure the stray pussy was not going to damage her, she relaxed slightly letting the rather pleasant sensations build up in her trapped bosom.It began to send unfamiliar retorts straight to her virgin pussy. Gimbold's eyes grew to saucers in her minds eye.

"Oh, you naughty old tom cat... mmmm ... just be gentle... ahhh! No claws please... yess okay."

She began to rub her thighs together as the wickedness of what was happening made her moist.

She slid her hand down, inside her panties, over her soft golden curls and to her tight little cunt.

Her finger slid along its outer rim, then sunk between their pink ridges seeking the nubbin that rose to greet it.

"Grimbold, this is so naughty!" She admonished her new pet.

Then for the first time she broke contact with those hypnotic green arcs as she masturbated and let the now comforting suckling of her breast sweep over her.

Eventually, she felt the heavy cat shift from her heaving tit and climb atop of her. He was looking down her body, watching her fingers probing herself, his tail whisking in excitement about her face.

His front paws flexed, digging deep into her stomach and somehow she knew what he wanted... demanded.

Wriggling her panties further down her hips, she let her knees fall wide and waited.

"Grimbold, just be very careful with those teeth and claws, please!"

Grimbolds tail whipped at her face frantically,then he padded forward, his soft paws on each milky thigh.

He licked.

Susie arched her back, almost unseating the cat, as the coarse tongue rasped her protruding clitoris.

His claws sunk in, his whiskers tickled her wide, trembling legs. His head rammed into her gaping hole. Furiously lapping her towards fer first real orgasm.

Her cunt filled like a saucer of cream.

Grimbold lapped and drunk her offering from the flesh cup, exciting her to yet more jets of cum.

Susie felt the pleasure rising,taking over her last threads of reserve. grabbed her accursed breasts and began squeezing them as the wild passion swarmed inside her fevered brain.

Even the claws biting into her stomach and inner thighs added to the animal lust that erupted like a volcano, sending her over the top and into convulsions of pure joy.

As suddenly as it came, It was over.

Susie was descending.

Her virgin pussy throbbed like a landed fish in its death throws.

Her legs trembled as in a tempest.

The scratches on her sweating skin showed scarlet, raised and suddenly painful.

Her breasts heaved, sore and abused.

She opened her eyes, lost in the death of her first orgasm and watched wide eyed as Grimbold triumphantly marched up her naked body.

She knew she was his. His mysterious power had overturned her innocent world, made her his slut - His pet...

He strutted up to her neck,then over covering her puffing face. He sat, muffling her, blocking her eyesight, her nostrils, her cherry lips.

Susie panicked but was unable to move, her body pulsed with spent passion but no mobility.

She went to scream but her mouth filled with the soft underside of the heavy ginger tom.

She felt a hot, long probe on her tongue.

It was hot and like a little fingertip... but it wriggled alive and demanding.

Susie sucked.

It was suck or be suffocated.

She felt the cruel claws in her hair, pulling, scratching her scalp, the weight lifting and falling allowing her brief gasps of precious air.

Her nose filled with a strong, pungent odour.

In her mind he heared the growling words... "You are mine, Susan. My little pet to do with as I please. Worship Grimbold. Worship your feline Master. Drink and be forever bound to my magic."

Her mouth pursed as she drew her cherry red lips to a kiss,

the seesawing penis pulsed, thrust deep to her throat, exploded.

A seering jet of semen filled her mouth, her gullet forced to accept Grimbold's essence into her mouth trickling past her throat to her stomach, from there it gripped her heart.

He rolled off and idly played with her great teats like mice before the kill.

Susie looked uncomplaining into her pet's eyes.

His seed in her belly, his claw marks on her body, her will bent to his wishes...

Addicted, she cuddled him. The spell complete, she saw nothing odd in her devotion to the purring ginger cat.

Her bestest friend, her pet, her lover.

"Darling, come downstairs, please. Dinner's ready!" Heather called up the stairs.

The enormous ginger tom was up and gone in a flash!

"There in a minute, Mum."

Susie stood up and pulled up her panties over her scratched, soiled mound. For the first time she pulled a over sized tee-shirt over her large breasts, without a bra to hold them and bounded down the stairs, catlike and free. A Cheshire grin on her face.


A little tale inspired by Halloween.

If you like it and want more written like this - please email. If you don't but got this far - what the heck are you reading this for!

Thanks to Susan for inspiration - I'm the cat by the way...

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