tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGroped at the Company Party Ch. 05

Groped at the Company Party Ch. 05


Donna decided that she could not take any more humiliation from her blackmailers and decided to do something about it. She knew that doing anything to save herself was dangerous and may result in everyone she loved seeing videos of her naked and having sex. She thought it over carefully and decided that the only person who could possibly help was her mother. She did not know what her mother could do, but she had always gone to her mother for advice and she desperately needed advice.

Donna knew that it would be embarrassing to tell her mother what she had been doing, but she knew her mother loved her and would forgive her. Donna did not have to work the next day, so she planned to skip her college classes and drive home to the farm to tell her mother her predicament. She had to call to make sure her father would not be around when she met with her mother. She could not stand the thought of him finding out she was having daily sex with older men.

She called her mother and told her that she had a big problem that she wanted to talk to her about privately. Donna's mother would not hear of Donna missing classes to talk to her, so she said that she would drive to Donna's apartment before Donna's classes began. Her mother got up at 4:30 every morning, so coming to see Donna early in the morning was not hard for her.

Donna's mother was Harriet Kelly. She had married Donna's father when she was 14 years old and raised two children on the farm. She was now 36 years old. She had attended church most every Sunday in town since she was a child and her social life revolved around the church. She had a pretty face and a stunning figure like her daughter. However, she was very modest. She only wore long, simple, baggy dresses that covered almost all of her and she wore glasses. Her blue eyes were big and beautiful. She wore her dark hair in a bun each day. She usually had a stern, serious look on her face, but she was kind and loving.

Harriet had enormous breasts that she tried to hide with her conservative clothes and sweaters over her dresses. She had a body like Kate Upton or a young Dolly Parton, but dressed like Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz. She worked hard on the farm and was very fit and strong.

Harriet Kelly came to see Donna just after dawn the next day. Donna started crying and said, "Oh, Momma, you have to help me!"

Harriet said, "Tell me what is wrong, child, and I will try to help."

Donna told her about having too much to drink at the company Christmas party and having sex with the owner, Mr. Reasoner. She told her about the blackmail and told her about having to have sex with two men at work to prevent them from showing everyone she knew videos of her naked and having sex. Donna told her everything, but left out the details of the sex acts she had performed at the party and every day at work for the last few weeks.

Harriet listened quietly to the whole story. She looked at Donna and said, "I thought we taught you better than this. You have nobody but yourself to blame for the first time at the Christmas party. We have told you numerous times about the dangers of alcohol consumption and premarital sex. However, these men blackmailing you sound evil."

Donna told her about the threats the blackmailers had made and the precautions they had taken to avoid the discovery of evidence if Donna reported them to the police. Donna said, "Momma, they have it arranged to make it look like I am blackmailing the president of the company. I don't know how I can ever get out of this mess."

The mother and daughter cried and hugged and talked. It killed Harriet to see one of her children hurting.

After they quit crying, Harriet asked her daughter numerous questions in a no-nonsense style. She focused on the company and asked Donna if the owner, Mr. Reasoner, was part of the blackmail. Donna told her that she had been told that he was, but she had not seen him since the Christmas party.

Donna's mother insisted that Donna go to class and said that she had some things to do and would see her later.

After her classes, Donna returned to her apartment and waited for her mother to return. When she did, she seemed somewhat upbeat which surprised Donna.

Harriet told her daughter to sit down and then explained what she had been doing. "I went to see the owner, Mr. Reasoner. I told him what was going on. He said he did not know that you were being blackmailed, but he was not surprised because the same men were blackmailing him for money. They were threatening to show the video between you and Mr. Reasoner to Mr. Reasoner's wife. He was committing adultery when he took advantage of you."

"When I told him what those evil men were doing to you, he became very upset and said he would offer the blackmailers whatever amount of money it takes to end the blackmail of you and him. While I waited, he went to a private office and called the blackmailers. When he came back, he was sad and said that the best he could do was to get a deal that for his money the blackmailers would let you both go if they can have some sort of sexual relations with you for another year. I told Mr. Reasoner that was not acceptable. He was very remorseful and suggested that we all meet with the blackmailers tonight after all of the employees leave his office to try to work it out. I told him we would be there."

Donna said, "Momma, I was told that Mr. Reasoner was one of the blackmailers. How do we know if we can trust him?'

Harriett said, "He is offering to pay money to get those evil men to set you and him free. I think that shows where he stands. He is very sorry he was involved in the episode at the party that started all of this."

"I hope you are right, Momma."

"I think I am. Besides, Mr. Reasoner's willingness to pay the blackmailers is our best chance to end the blackmail."

Donna and Harriet went to Reasoner's office after hours and were escorted by Reasoner to his office. The blackmailers, Johnson and Dillard were there. They said hello to Donna and tried to meet Harriet, but she would not even look at them.

She said to Reasoner, "Mr. Reasoner, please tell these evil men that this blackmail of my daughter must end, now."

Dillard said, "Before we start our meeting, we need to make sure that these women have not been wired by law enforcement."

Reasoner looked at Harriet and said, "I think that is a legitimate request given the situation, Mrs. Kelly."

Harriet said, "I assure you I do not have any type of recording device."

Johnson, Donna's store manager, said, "Good. Why don't you prove it by the two of you taking off all of your clothes."

"Oh, you evil, evil man!" said Harriet. "I am a married, God-fearing woman. The answer is no."

Reasoner said to Dillard and Johnson, "Why don't you two pat them down like the police do on TV? Won't that work?"

"That should work," said Johnson as he got up to approach Harriet.

Harriet said, "We will permit a pat down so we can get on with the meeting. You two would not be so worried if you obeyed the law."

Dillard stood up and went to Donna who stood up to be patted down. Dillard rubbed up and down Donna's legs, caressed her pussy and ass quickly and then started squeezing her boobs through her blouse and bra. Donna did nothing to stop him. It did not look anything like a pat down on TV. Donna blushed as she realized her mother was looking at her being felt up by a man.

"Stop that!" said Harriet. "You are touching my daughter's private parts. You perverted men need to learn how to behave."

Dillard smiled and gave the big boobs one last squeeze. Donna secretly liked being touched by Dillard which made her blush even more.

Johnson then started to pat down Harriet. He ran his hands up her legs and over her ass. Then he ran his hands around her hips and stomach. Next, Johnson started to rub around the underside of her huge breasts touching her boobs as she went. Harriet stood there impassively. Then, Johnson started lightly and quickly rubbing her breasts with both hands.

Harriet looked at Johnson who was squeezing both of her boobs and said, "Would you hurry up, please."

Johnson gave both tits one last squeeze and said, "I felt something hard under her big tits. It may be a wire."

"That is a part of my brassiere, not a recording device," said Harriet impatiently.

"You had better show us if you want to have a meeting," said Dillard.

"I will remove it in the restroom and show you," said Harriet as she headed out the door.

While she was out, Johnson laughed and said, "I know where you got those big jugs, Donna. Your momma is bigger than you!"

Donna blushed and felt embarrassed that Johnson was talking about her mother's body in public.

Harriet returned with a huge white bra in her hand. She showed Johnson the underwire. Johnson looked at Harriet and said, "I need to make sure the metal I felt is gone."

As he said that, he started rubbing the underside of Harriet's boobs through her dress. She quickly said, "That is enough. There is no wire, just like I told you."

Harriet returned to the restroom to put her bra back on. While she was out, Johnson said, "That lady has some big, soft hooters. "

Donna was shocked that anyone would talk that way about her mother and said, "Please, Mr. Johnson, do not talk about my mother like that."

Johnson smirked and said, "I thought you busty women liked for men to notice your big tits!"

When Harriet returned to the office, Dillard said, "I can make this meeting short. Our best and last offer is for $1,000,000 in cash from Reasoner and Donna agrees to have sex with both of us once a month for a year. That is a lot less than she is doing now and you would have a solid commitment to end the sex after a year. We will agree to safeguards that will guarantee that we will keep our word."

Reasoner said, "A million dollars and you still want more from this girl?"

Johnson giggled and said, "She is a great fuck, Mr. Reasoner!"

Harriet lost it and said, "You evil perverts will not talk about my daughter like that again! I am praying for the strength to deal with evil people like you. You had better show some respect. "

Johnson laughed at the angry mother and said, "I respect the way your daughter sucks my cock."

"Oh, you heathen!" yelled Mrs. Kelly. "I know I have to deal with you evil people to free my daughter, but I will not listen to lies about perverted sex acts that my daughter would never do!"

Johnson got a confused look on his chubby face and looked at Donna who avoided eye contact, looked at the floor and blushed.

Reasoner took control of the meeting and said, "Alright, it is obvious we need to make a deal here. I will give you $1,000,000 in cash if you end the blackmail of Donna and me."

Dillard said, "We will cut you lose for the money, but Donna needs to pitch in too if she wants to be part of this. Sex once a month is not too much when you take into account that she is now having sex with us a couple of times a day."

Reasoner said, "I won't pay if the poor girl has to keep doing this."

Johnson jumped in and said, "You don't have much leverage Reasoner when we have the video of you at the Christmas party. Mrs. Reasoner would love to see that movie."

Reasoner looked at Dillard, the company lawyer, and said, "I know you want the money. I assume you can control Johnson. You can do better than sex once a month for another year."

Harriet said, "Please show some compassion for my little girl. She made a mistake and committed a sin, but she should not be tortured because of it."

Dillard looked at Johnson and said, "Why don't we talk outside for a minute. "

The two blackmailers went outside.

While they were out, Mrs. Kelly said to Reasoner, "I thank God for you, Mr. Reasoner. Donna and I could have never come up with the money to get these men to stop their defilement of my daughter."

Reasoner said, "I don't know if it is going to work though."

"Thank you for trying, Mr. Reasoner," said Donna. "Their offer of once a month is better than what has been happening."

Dillard and Johnson returned to the office and said, "This is our last, best offer. We will let Mr. Reasoner and Donna off forever with safeguards to make sure we comply if we receive a million in cash by the end of the week and Donna and Mrs. Kelly agree to have sex with us and do whatever we say tonight in this office. After tonight, Donna will be free. The safeguards will be put in place when we receive the million dollars."

Harriet said, "That is outrageous! I am a happily married, Christian woman. I have only had sexual relations with my husband and he is the only one who will ever have sexual relations with me. Neither my daughter nor I will agree to that."

Johnson said, "That is fine. I didn't want to cut Donna loose anyway." He turned to Donna, smiled and said, "Be in my office at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow naked and ready to be fucked. Otherwise, your father, grandparents and pastor will be seeing videos and pictures of you in action."

Donna started crying and said, "Momma, I will do it. This proposal is better than what I have been doing every day. I can do what they want once more to get this behind me."

"Oh, you poor child, I can't bear to even think about this," said Harriet with tears in her eyes.

Harriet turned to the blackmailers and said, "May God forgive me for breaking my marriage vows, but I will have relations with you in place of my daughter. You let her go and I will do it. I assume that you have a room with a bed where we can turn out the lights and do these despicable things."

Donna was crying and said, "No Momma! No! You can't do this."

Harriet ignored Donna, stood up and said, "Where should we go to do these dirty things?"

Dillard smiled and said, "Hold on. I am glad you are in agreement, Mrs. Kelly. However, the deal is both of you at the same time."

"Yeah," said Johnson. "We want a little mother daughter action!"

"Oh, Lord have mercy! I cannot believe that perverted snakes like you exist in this world. What you suggest is improper, immoral and a sin. I cannot permit it!"

Donna was crying uncontrollably and saying, "This is all my fault. I am so sorry, Momma."

Reasoner suggested that he have a private talk with Mrs. Kelly and Donna. When they were out in the hall, Reasoner suggested that they all try to think this thing through calmly. He pointed out that they all had to do what they could to end the blackmail nightmare. He was contributing a lot of money, but he realized it was nothing compared to having sex with "those crooks." However, he reminded the distraught women that both of them had agreed to have sex with the blackmailers to end the blackmail. So, the only real question was whether both of them would do it at the same time.

The women thought about what Reasoner said. Donna was afraid to say anything. Finally, Harriet said, "If the Lord can give me strength to have sexual relations with those men, he can give me strength to see them have sexual relations with my precious daughter."

Harriet turned to Donna and said, "Never tell your father. He would never understand and would probably disown both of us after he killed those evil men."

After they walked back into the office, Harriet told the blackmailers that she and Donna would do what they said. Reasoner started to leave, but Johnson said, "Mr. Reasoner, you need to stay. We have some plans for you."

Reasoner said, "I am not having sex with you guys!"

Johnson laughed and said that they wanted him to watch and may order the women to service him too.

Reasoner said, "I am not interested in that, Johnson."

Johnson said, "You had best do as you are told. We want these girls to have an audience. Besides, you know Donna sucks a mean dick! It won't be so bad."

Harriet got a shocked look on her face and said, "I told you to stop telling lies about my daughter! Just because you are a pervert does not mean that you can tell perverted lies about Donna."

Donna blushed and tried to avoid eye contact with her momma. Donna was wondering how her mother would react if Johnson or Dillard had Donna suck a dick in front of her. She was wondering if she could refuse to suck them, but she knew that wasn't really an option. Donna could not imagine a more embarrassing thing than her sweet mother watching her suck a cock. Then she thought, "Oh, wait! Having my mother watch me suck two cocks is worse." Donna was regretting that she sought help from her mother.

Reasoner sat down in a chair looking like he was disgusted with the entire affair.

Harriet again asked, "Do you have a place to go with a bed and a little privacy? I would prefer a place where you could do this to us in private with the lights out."

Harriet had led a sheltered life. They lived 20 miles from a very small town. Her life had revolved around working on the farm, raising her children and church activities. She watched very little television and had not been to the movies in decades. She enjoyed sex with her husband, but it was the missionary position in the dark. Because she had been faithfully married since she was 14 years old, she had never had any kind of sex with anyone but her husband.

Dillard said, "Mrs. Kelly, we are not going to go anywhere and we are not going to turn off the lights. Why don't you two take off your clothes for us?"

"I would prefer some privacy, please," said Harriet.

Johnson jumped in and said, "Take off your fucking clothes, bitch! This is not going to be a romantic evening. You and your big titted daughter are going to fuck us. It is going to be right here, in the light and everyone is going to watch."

"Watch your language, mister!" said Harriet. "Ladies are present."

"I am tired of waiting for you to get naked, bitch!" said Johnson. "Stand up and I will help you get those clothes off. Donna, show your momma how to get naked."

Harriet did not move, but Donna stood up. She was wearing jeans and a turtleneck sweater. Donna closed her eyes for a second to brace herself for the humiliation that she now expected and then pulled the turtleneck sweater over her head. She could feel her breasts bounce as the tight sweater came over her bra and boobs.

Harriet said, "Donna, where did you get that underwear?"

Donna looked down and blushed. She had not planned on having sex in front of her mother and so she had worn one of the new bras she had purchased to show off cleavage in low cut tops that Johnson had made her buy. The push-up bras showed huge amounts of cleavage and barely covered her nipples. Donna nervously tried to pull up on the bra cups, but the bra could not be pulled up to cover more of her huge tits. The cups went right back to the same place.

Donna said, "Momma, I had to buy it for some of the tops Mr. Johnson had me buy."

"Thank the Lord I never had to see that!" said Harriet.

Donna continued to strip to give her something to do rather than stand there in the office embarrassed. She pulled off her jeans showing some small white panties that matched her new bra. She knew that she now was going to have to reveal her body to these men in front of her mother.

Donna reached around behind her and unhooked her bra. Her breasts shifted as the hooks were released. Donna hesitated a minute and then let the cups fall into her hands. Her boobs jiggled and swayed and she could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her big jugs.

"Oh my heavens!" said Harriet.

"Nice hooters!" said Johnson.

Donna blushed bright red and pulled off her little panties to give her something to keep her occupied. Her breasts bounced around as she pulled off the panties, but she was too embarrassed to touch them or do anything to make them stop moving.

Dillard said, "Come sit on my lap Donna. I want to watch your momma get undressed before we get started."

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