tagBDSMG's Submission Ch. 05

G's Submission Ch. 05


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I was slowly recovering from the episode in Jared's. My brain was freezing. I was sitting in a car in a public parking lot with my pussy exposed to the world. One thing that was sure is that being bottomless or nearly so dropped my IQ and self-esteem to the floor. Somehow I just couldn't bring myself to stand up to a person who was talking to me looking at my most private parts.

But how had I got into the situation? Jane. As I thought about her I looked out again. There she was talking with Carrie and laughing. I had little doubt whom they were laughing about. She was so pretty to me right now. The mad twinkle in her eye as she was laughing at me churned my guts. Maybe I was bisexual after all. The more I looked at her, the more I thought about the events of the last two days. I have never had a more sexually charged day. I had had more orgasms thinking about yesterday than I had in any other day in my life. Neither of my previous boyfriends unearthed my inner submissiveness like Jane. They had been kind and caring and respectful. Sure, Damon had cheated on me, but he was treated me well.

I realized I didn't want that. I wanted to be treated like Jane treated me. Sure, I freaked out when that woman yelled, but I knew I'd rub myself off thinking about the episode for the rest of my life. It took a while to fully sink in how kinky and messed up I was.

I realized I was in a daze and looked up. The couple were leaving the store with their food, the girl in a heated argument with the guy. I smiled through my drying tears. Jane left Carrie and walked towards the car. Carrie waved at me and went back to the store grinning.

As Jane entered the car and opened her mouth to speak, I blurted out. "I'm sorry Jane. I shouldn't have freaked out.".

Jane's jaw dropped. She looked at me for a minute. "Well blow me down G. And here I was coming to apologize to you for taking it to the extreme."

I didn't know what to say. I stared at her. Now I felt weird about my nakedness.

My long reverie had made things clear for me. If ever I were to have a sexually satisfying relationship, I needed Jane. Only she could push all my buttons.

"Now since you apologized first I assume you want to continue playing the humiliating slut bimbo persona." Her evil grin was back. "Am I right?"

I looked down, not answering. The theory that I was a dumb bimbo when naked below the waist held up. I could see the leather seat glistening between my thighs. I nodded.

"Ok, pet. Here's the deal. I won't tolerate these outbursts of disobedience any more. You either submit to me or you don't. Don't kid yourself that you're not turned on." She sneered at my blatantly wet core. My IQ dropped further.

"Now, I don't want to have safe words and stuff. I don't buy into that BDSM shit. You are my sub because you are messed up and love to be humiliated. I am your Dom because I love humiliating you. You just entrusted control of your whole life to me. You're mine to control. I decide what you wear and who you date. Now are we up to speed on that?."

She was no longer looking at my pussy. She was dead serious. I was secreting a small pool on the seat. She continued.

"Now, I don't want any rebellions like the one we had in the store. I promise you that you won't get arrested and you'll have time for school. In turn I want your complete cooperation."

I remained silent. I was furiously getting into this. How sick was I?

"Now just to make sure of this, let's play a game. Whenever I give you an order or a rule you suggest something to make it incrementally more humiliating for you. Got it?"

I was shocked. She was asking me to participate in my own degradation. She was genius.

She waited a bit as I absorbed the new game. The grin was back. She was enjoying this thoroughly.

"If you fail to do this, I'll assume you are rebelling, and I'll no longer say anything to you. Is that clear?"

I nodded far too quickly for my own liking.

"Now let me give you an example. If I now order you to go back in there and ask Carrie for her number so that you can call her back tonight, you will suggest something like ..." She paused and fished in the dashboard, taking out the marker we kept there to write on CDs. "You'll request her to write the number on an exposed part of your body. Got it?"

I took the marker. I was ready to do it. My sick mind totally cottoned onto her idea. I had to come up with ways of humiliating myself further to let her know that I'm still her bitch. If I don't it's like a safe word. She stops playing with me. How ingenious.

"Now go in there and ask Carrie to write the number on an exposed part of your body." She looked at me meaningfully. Then I realized. That was her new order. I froze to think of a way I can make this more humiliating. I couldn't believe the words coming out of my own mouth.

"Jane, to make this more humiliating, can I strip naked before going?"

Jane's mouth split her face. I have never seen her this gleeful. "Atta girl. Not bad for a start." She patted my head condescendingly. My pussy drooled. I felt strangely elated, and sick, given that I was facing the prospect of going into the diner again naked and asking for Carrie's number

"You may." Jane said.

I took off my top and pulled off my belt. Naked in broad daylight, I shuddered as I walked to the diner with the marker held tightly.

I peered into the diner hiding my body against the wall. The parking lot was not open to the road, so I was relatively safe and Jared's was empty except for my soon to be girlfriend. Even Rick was out back waiting to hear the bell that tinkled when someone opened the door. Jane had given this some thought.

I gingerly tiptoed in, holding the bell's dong to prevent it from tinkling. I turned around silently and saw that Carrie was grinning at me.

I thanked my stars when she whispered.

"Decided you were dressed too conservatively did we?"

I went up to her and stood awkwardly. Carrie leaned back in her seat and looked at me inscrutably. "So, whats up babe?" She asked.

"Carrie will you give me your number so I can call you tomorrow?" I gulped. "For our date?"

"Sure girl," She chuckled. "I suppose you have some paper on you?"

I blushed. "About that.. " I held out the marker. "Can you write it on me?"

Carrie guffawed. I was terrified. I didn't want Rick to come out.

She took the marker. "As you say babe..." She pulled me closer with a hand on my butt and wrote on my belly - Carrie.

And then right below it, where my pubic hair would have been, she wrote her number in neat writing.

She looked up at me and gazed at me with remarkably clear eyes for a long time. She had a crush on me, and I felt bad I didn't feel the same. It was a long awkward pause.

In the end, she sighed. "Tell me something. Is that Jane making you do all this?"

I thought for a second before nodding. "Do you really want to do this babe?"

I paused. I knew how she felt. I was three years older than Jane. I wondered why I was doing this. Naked in a diner in front of a friend. Asking her to write her number on my naked body. I shook my head. Now wasn't the right time to think about it. I was already too far gone. And Rick might come in any minute.

Carrie continued. "If you're being blackmailed, tell me. I can fix that wimp." She grimaced towards the parking lot.

I shook my head. "No Carrie. I want this." I took a deep breath. "I get off on this."

I turned and left, leaving an open mouthed Carrie.

I sounded confident to Carrie, but I was confused. When off the sexual high, I scared myself.

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