tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGuard Fucks Sexy Female Prisoner

Guard Fucks Sexy Female Prisoner


I was in guard duty the first time I saw her. She was being dragged into the prison kicking and screaming, and her struggles were so desperate and powerful that two butch men had to carry her shoulder to shoulder to keep her under control. I confess I didn't pay her much attention, apart to take note of her as a potentially difficult inmate. In those times we were getting up to forty prisoners a day, and they all looked roughly the same: dirty, skinny and brown-skinned. The girl was shouting loudly in a language I didn't understand. A few minutes later, the guards silenced her. Either through sedation injections or simply through beating the shit out of her: I didn't give it much thought at the time.

We had been occupying the territory for several months now. There was relatively little resistance, the front lines had pretty much wiped out the whole damn place. There were a few minor rebellions and trouble-makers that had to be cleared up, but apart from that it was generally thought of as an easy job. I was only 23 at the time, but was exempted from front line military service because of an injury I had sustained to my right leg several months back. This meant that I could enjoy the perks of war (money, adventure, whores) whilst missing out on the death, violence and horror of battle.

I'll never forget the first day I spoke to her. I was on patrol in the exercise area, gun slung over shoulder, absent-mindedly watching the stream of shackled inmates trickle through the gates. She was small, only about 5'3, but wiry and sinewy. Her black hair was loose and windswept, falling about her oval face like a black halo, iridescent. Strangely, her eyes were blue-ice, which was very peculiar for one of her race. She strode up to me purposefully: her spirit had not been broken by the guards, yet. She was wearing the blue slacks and smock that all the prisoners wore, yet it was several sizes too big. I could see her two pert breasts sticking defiantly up through the thin material, and noted that they were bare underneath the fabric. I wondered if she was going knicker-less, too.

"Is there one named Azmir here? I need to know this."

Her accent was lilting and slurred, yet her English was still pretty good. I wondered where she had learnt it from.

Stubbing my cigarette out with my boot, I commented, "Why do you want to know?"

She paused, staring down at the muddy soil with her doleful brown eyes. She looked so strikingly beautiful, I simultaneously wanted to cradle her comfortingly, and fuck her senseless.

"He is dear to me."

"Your lover?"

"My brother. I am afraid he is killed."

She lifted her eyelids slowly, like curtains being drawn back before a performance. Damn, this girl was foxy, despite the grime and prison garments. Despite the colour of her skin. "Why the hell do you expect me to tell you? Even if I did know?"

She shrugged. "Because maybe even English soldiers have hearts." Her piercing eyes drew mine to them like magnets. "Maybe I was wrong. You are like dirt, just as the rest are." Without taking her gaze from mine, she spat decisively on the ground and then joined the line again.


"Which bitch are you having tonight?"

Darren was standing at the door of my office, dangling his keys provocatively in his hand. I placed my coffee down at my desk. It was common practise that every night the guards would select any of the female inmates from the jail and basically fuck them senseless. I knew exactly who my victim would be tonight. I was already semi-hard just at the thought of her smooth skin underneath me, her struggles useless whilst I penetrated her hard and fast. Fucking bitch wouldn't dare spit at me again. Her insolence both excited and enamoured me, even though she had badly injured my pride.

"809. She was brought in yesterday."

Darren seemed to find this very amusing. "Haha, you seem to be very sure on this one! Taken a fancy to one of the brown girls, have you? The bitches are all the same to me. The fresh ones are the best lays though, they fight back more."

He disappeared back into the corridor, to fetch me my request for the night. Breathing out deeply, I sank back into my chair, imagining what the girl would be like to sleep with. She was obviously a struggler, I would have a handful on my hands. But that was the way I liked them. The spirited, wilful fighters were worth the kicks and bruises. It was far better than those who had already been broken in, the ones who had already given up hope. It was easier to pretend.

The door crashed open, and Darren came into the room with the girl in his arms. He was holding her arms behind her back in a powerful lock, although she was not struggling anymore. Her cheek was red and swollen where he had hit her. But Christ, she looked beautiful. I felt myself harden slightly, gazing at her cute little body, grudgingly submissive.

"Fucking animal. I didn't want to take out all of her sting before you fucked her, but Jesus man. I had to hit her."

I nodded absentmindedly, as he closed the door. In truth, I could not peal my eyes away from her. She was wearing a long prison shirt and baggy, non-descript trousers. Hardly the most erotic outfit ever. And yet…somehow…she exuded sexuality. Her skin on her neck and bare shoulders was black and glossy, sensual, panther-like. Her eyes were large and doleful, as she looked up at me mournfully and beseechingly, long-lashed and blacker than her skin.

"I…have no choice tonight. I am yours." It was not a question, but a statement. And so fucking true. Tonight, this little vixen was mine: mine to play with, mine to tease and strip and mortify. Tonight, she was mine.

I walked over to her, and touched her shoulder lightly. She flinched under my touch, frightened of me, apprehensive of what I would do with her. My fingers brushed across her warm skin, fingering the collar of her shirt. With a sudden motion I snapped my arm back, tearing the fabric and exposing her left breast. It was pert and rounded, pointing resolutely skywards. Her dark little nipple hardened in the cold. She turned her face upwards, towards me and stared at me with those huge, soulful eyes. I couldn't read her expression - her face was utterly blank.

"Take off your shirt," I barked.

Without answering, she unbuttoned the shirt, her agile fingers working quickly, almost eagerly at the buttons, leaving it hanging to cover all of her torso apart from the exposed breast. Pausing, her head bowed, she shrugged the shirt off her shoulders in one quick motion. I inhaled sharply. Her waist curved inwards deeply, like an hourglass, with her two breasts sitting beautifully atop. I slipped a hand around her back, running my fingers up her smooth skin. I felt her tremble slightly under my touch, but she did not move. Bowing my head, I traced a line down her chest with my tongue, before slipping my moist lips over her hard little breasts, teasing her nipples with my tongue. Her back stiffened, whilst her nipples hardened further under my probing tongue: I was violating her against her will, yet her body was responding naturally to the stimulation. Perhaps the little slut was enjoying it. Her pretty little nipples were standing to attention, and I'd be willing to bet her tight little pussy was moistening in preparation for my dick too.

Fingering her nipple like a worry-bead with one hand, whilst sucking at her other breast, I cupped my free hand around her round little ass and pulled her towards me, grinding our groins together. She let out a shallow little breath as our hips met, feeling the thrust of my huge erection against her pussy. I clenched her butt tighter towards me, rubbing myself up against her slim frame, playing with her breasts. Glancing up at her, I could see her eyes were shut: from unhappiness or pleasure? I wasn't sure. Either answer turned me on.

Then I picked her up, she was slight and light, and threw her down onto the bed in the corner of the room. Her body hit the soft, welcoming mattress, her dark, glossy hair fanning about around her head like ink spilled in water. She watched me with those huge eyes as I hurriedly slipped out of my trousers, before quickly averting her eyes as I bared my massive, erect cock. Then I straddled her, grabbed a pert breast in each hand and enveloped my throbbing dick with them. Thrusting up and down I began to titty-fuck her, squeezing her tits tighter around my knob, whilst my dick hardened more and more. The sight and feel of her breasts below her pretty little face made me wild, and the total control I had over her lithe form excited me further.

I stopped pumping her tits for fear of coming too soon, so pulled down her pants feverishly, passionately caught up in the moment. Her pussy was small and neat, with the thinnest strip of hair. Either she was far younger than I'd presumed, or she was a regular shaver. Little slut. Usually I would have played around more, but now I was worked up into a frenzy. This little bitch had driven me wild with desire, with her perfect body and beautiful face. My dick slipped easily into her cunt: her natural lubrication had certainly done its job. I'd turned her on! The slut had creamed her pants in preparation for my dick, she was probably gagging for sex. I plunged my dick slow and deep into her, her tight little cunt encasing me completely. She moaned a little, the feeling of my great manhood penetrating her was hardly an unpleasant one. Withdrawing half way, I stuffed her harder and faster, stretching her more than ever before. Thrusting strongly, I screwed my eyes tight shut, running my fingers over her slim little torso, until she began bucking in response. Through clenched teeth I heard her moan and groan, and finally scream as she shot her juices and came. Dirty bitch, she was enjoying it as much as I was!

I could feel my own orgasm rising in me now, so I pulled myself out of her cunt. Holding the base of my penis firmly, I started jerking off over her face. It only took a few seconds before I shot my load, staining her pretty brown face with my white cum. She gasped as the juice trickled over her lips and eyes, clearing her face with the back of her hand. Beautiful.

Scooping her up under my arms, I threw her half-naked out into the corridor, tossing her prison garments after her. I slammed the door shut after her, and returned to my paper-work.

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