tagHumor & SatireHallow Eve's, Hallow's Eve

Hallow Eve's, Hallow's Eve

byMy Erotic Tail©

"Boil and bubble, toil and trouble."
Hallow Eve chanted as she rummaged through some rubble.

"A pubic hair of a virgin cunt,"
Eve continued with her hunt.
She brushed back her long straggling hair,
Glanced back at the cauldron and the flame that was a flare.
Shaking her round and robust fanny,
Reached up her short, black skirt and fixed her binding, thong panty.

"Here we are," she said with a smile.
Pulling from the cupboard a tiny vile.
Opened it's top and plucked out a hair,
dropped it in the potion which caused smoke to fill the air.

"He he he...making me a man with a hard woody,"
Hallow Eve danced and shook her big booty.
Took the ladle in hand and stirred the mixture.
Looked across the room at the mirror and her figure.
Her long pointed nose with a wart that arose,
She smiled and her one tooth shined with a glow.
Her long pointing black hat that ascended up high,
Was wrapped with spider webs down to her thighs.

Fluttering her eye lashes as she added a few more dashes,
of some old spice and an ex lovers ashes.
"The swet off a brow and some long eye lashes,
a hardened nipple and a pair of sunglasses."
Then she swirled and stirred this soupy substance,
Looked in the mirror with a sensual glance.
Scooped up a ladle full of the steaming potion that was hot,
walking very carefully to the center of her pentacle drawn spot.

She took a drink then whiffed it's aroma,
She stood erect and roared like a puma.
She then poured the liquid into a silvery grail,
then she began to chant, mumble and hail.
"It's Halloween night where most witches take flight,
Our powers are stronger and the night is longer.
But I summons a life form in the shape of a man,
Here before me naked, I wish he would stand."

"Poof," came the sound as smoke filled the room,
The Black Cat ran behind Hallow Eve's broom.
Eve waved her arms to clear the air,
there she stood with a fixed stare.
At her creation that was before her bare,
Eve seductively stroked her frizzy hair.
Closed her eyes and puckered her lips,
"Kiss me...Kiss me and do it quick."

Eve felt the warm and passionate kiss,
a tongue that glided across her lips.
A hand that caressed her round sagging tits.
Squeezing and pulling with soft finger tips.

Eve opened her eyes and to her surprise,
she was kissing a Dike, looking her in the eyes.
The corners of Eve's lips slowly began to rise,
Glanced at her short spiked blonde hair to her naked thighs.
A frenzy of passion fired up between these two,
Licking and lapping and fingering the dew.

Eve glanced at her potion that had become a bubbling brew,
Darted to stir it and extinguish the fire too.
An explosion of liquid bursted and spewed.
As the cauldron overflowed and grew.
Eve and her creation shielded themselves,
The sticky, gooey substance was dripping from the ceiling and shelves.

Eve looked back in the pentacle that was filled with this stuff,
Then back at her Dike friend standing in the buff.
"Perhaps it needed to cook a bit more,"
She said with a wicked grin as she walked across the floor.
"It's Halloween night where most witches take flight,
Our powers are stronger and the night is longer.
But I summons a life form in the shape of a man,
Here before me naked, I wish he would stand."

A flash of smoke bellowed from the pentacles center,
As Hallow Eve slowly stepped in and entered.
Waving away the dark fogging smoke,
Her Dike friend began coughing, gagging and almost choke.
The visibility soon got better,
Hallow Eve's anticipation had her a bit wetter.

A man stood naked with a half erect cock,
As the smoke cleared at the chime of a clock.
Hallow Eve smiled as she licked her lips,
Trying to act sexy with a swing of her big hips.

"You are my slave, you'll do what I say,
do you here me? If so, shake your head and obey."
Eve put a hand on her hip
and with the other demanded, "A Whip,"
The man nodded that he understood
Hallow Eve smiled then she said, "Good."
"Now lick my boots from my toes to my thighs,
all the while looking me in the eyes."

"Yes my Queen," he did spat,
As he Kneeled before Eve's voluptuous lap.
She motioned for her Dike who was near,
"Come here, my little Dear."

The women began to kiss and embrace,
as the man kissed upwards across her boots lace.
Up her leg and between her thighs,
the scent of this woman made his cock highly arise.
He pulled his pud as he licked Eve's puss,
Eve's hand fell to his head with a mighty push.
Tongues were a twirl as Eve and the Dike kissed,
The three were free falling into sexual bliss.

He pulled Eve's lips widely apart
as in and out of her his tongue did dart.
Eve hiked her leg and put her foot on his shoulder,
his ravishings soon became faster and bolder.
The Dike suckled Eve's large sagging breast,
On her hard nipple a tongue playfully rest.
Ecstasy filled Eve's every being,
She was certainly enjoying this Halloween evening.

She raised her whip over her head high
when she saw his pouched out ass, she let it fly.
"SLAP!" Cracked the sound
on his ass red and round.

The Dike let out a chuckle and said, "Do it again,"
She licked her lips with a wicked grin.
His lappings got faster with his eagerness to please.
Eve pulled the man up from his knees.

The Dike slapped at his hard pointing cock,
it "Twanged," and back and forth it rocked.
"Stop that you bitch, I'm the Queen here."
Hallow Eve slapped her hard on the rear.
"Drop to all fours and be quick about it,"
As the Dike bent down Eve "Slapped" her with the whip.

"Now you Sir fuck her in the rear.
I'll get in front and hold her by the ears."
As Eve started to squat before the Dike,
She spread her legs wide and her ass highly hiked.
The Dike started licking Eve's soaking wet cunt.
As the man positioned behind her and rared back and punt.
"Ouuuu..." Cried the Dike as her ass got reamed.
Pounding and pounding to no end it seemed.

Eve grasped her head and drove it into her puss.
Her whole body became one solid push.
The Dike began licking, lapping and sucking,
while the man continued his humping and thrusting.

Hallow Eve's juices began to flow,
as she pressed into the Dike's pierced nose.
Grinding her big hips into the Woman's lips.
Holding her head and blew her a kiss.

The man pumped feverishly with tightened grip,
Eve caressed her breast and pulled at her nip.
The man lost his balance and tried to regain,
as it was obvious that he had just came.

Eve rolled to her side and slowly got up,
Held out her hand in the shape of a cup.
"Give me one that's fairly long,
in my hand I want a Strap-on."
Then with a flash in her hand it appeared,
the Dike and the Man slightly shook with fear
when they saw the size of the rubberized cock,
Eve whipped back her hair and twirled at a lock.

With a sinister grin she swayed side to side,
her mischievous thought's Eve did try to hide.
Then reached out a hand to her new friend the Dike,
"I want you to fuck..." Eve looked at the man, "We'll call him Mike."
Then she fastened the strap-on, good and tight,
To her new friend the Halloween Dike.
The man slightly trembled with a small case of fright.
There at Hallow Eve's on Halloween Night.

"On all four," Eve demanded of the Man.
The woman with the strap-on couldn't help but grin.
Eve positioned the rubberized penis near his ass,
Fingering his hole's opening to help the cock to pass.
The woman pressed forward and in it went.
Eve leaned down close and out she spit.

The man stiffened every muscle as the Dike humped slowly,
Eve bent over to watch the intrusion closely.
Fucking his ass the woman smiled in delight,
Oh, I'm sure it was a scary sight.
She drove the strap-on deeply with in the man,
Harder, faster, again and again.
"Ooooo..." cried the man who knelt on all four.
Hands and knees glued to the floor.

The Dike took delight in reaming her reamer,
Poking him deeply made him a screamer.
Hallow Eve caressed her own wet puss
then reached out and slapped at the man's tush.
Fingering her hole with more than one finger,
deeper and deeper she fondled and lingered.

Hallow Eve's juices soon flowed out,
the Dike pulled out and put the rubber cock in his mouth.
Fucked his mouth and demanded a kiss,
They all sank into an endorphin bliss.
Laid upon each other with Eve in the middle,
all of them cuddled and let out a giggle.

As the Full moon rose in the still night sky,
Hallow Eve awoke and opened her eye's.
Looked about the room that was such a mess,
slowly put back on her short black skirted dress.
Reached out her hand and her wand floated to her,
she waved it around and all became a blur.

A puff of smoke and the Black Cat scrammed,
The room was clean and back to normal again.
No more Dike or Naked man.
No more goo on the ceiling, shelves or around the cauldrons stand.
Clean as a whistle as she went to the kitchen.
She sank into some pumpkin pie and began again wishing.

"What shall I brew up for desert this night?"
Hallow Eve asked herself while eating her pie of delight.

"Perhaps a Harem of little bitty men,
to lick all over my fudge covered skin."
Hallow Eve said with a wicked little grin.
Waving her wand around once again.

"Trick or treat, I want them sweet,
Little bitty men to lick my feet.
I want so many that my body be covered,
in tongues and lips of men and their brother."

The room shook and began to shudder
"Poof," and "Pop," like popcorn and butter.
Little men appeared here and there,
when the smoke would puff up and flare.

She held out her hand and a bottle of chocolate syrup did appear,
she began pouring while her other hand she did smear.
The Little Bitty men came closer to Eve,
licking their lips and eager to please.
So many mouths fed upon her flesh,
there was syrup every where, what a mess.

Hallow Eve basked in the goblins feeding frenzy,
She laid back and began to get dizzy.
The room seem to spin as ecstasy surged.
Up from between Eve's legs a little man did emerge.
Little tongues lapped her from head to toe,
Hallow Eve's face had a radiant glow.

Some sucked her toes while others sucked her fingers,
Trailing with their tongues at her nipple they lingered.
Little fingers, lips and lapping tongues,
Across every inch of Hallow Eve they run.
One had his hand inside of her deeply.
Wiggling his fingers gently and sweetly.

"Oh my," Eve did shout,
as her cum came bursting out.
Blasting the goblin from between her legs,
all the way to the shelf with the pegs.
A smile on her face as her orgasm submerged.
She quivered and shook as goose pumps emerged.

Hallow Eve sat up and said, "Disperse."
The last Goblin to disappear was the one at her nipple that nursed.
She looked around her messy kitchen,
"Boy this night has really been. 'Bitchin'."
She crawled to her feet and quickly sat down.
Her head was woozy and the room seem to spin around.
She snapped her fingers again and again
cleaning the kitchen in a snappy spin.

"Supper was scrumptious and desert a delight,
Now it's time for the bewitching flight."
Hallow Eve chanted, mumbled and hailed.
Yanked off her clothes and across the room they sailed.

"Night of the Hallow, on this Eve,
make me a beauty so I can deceive."
Snapped her fingers and waved her arms,
"Give me beauty and give me charm."

Eve walked over to the full bodied mirror,
She started feeling queerer and queerer.
She saw her reflection as she began to change,
Looking like a wet dog with mange.
Transforming into a blonde haired beauty,
In the mirror she saw she was a cutie.
Hallow Eve slighted herself a smile,
staring at her own beauty awhile.

Feeling her firm hard round breasts,
sliding her fingers into her slitted nest.
Then tasting her self by licking her fingers.
While the other toiled and lingered.
Standing there in the buff,
The Black Cat's back was up in a "Huff."

Eve snapped her fingers and a dress did appear,
she adjusted it and fixed where it adhered.
Plumped up her breasts and stuck out her rear,
"Oh My. Every Woman and Man, had better fear,
For Hallow Eve is finally here."
The Black Cat scat and disappeared.

"I'm going out for a Trick and a Treat.
My little pussy had better be sweet."
Eve gripped her broom and gathered her things
out the door she went for some Halloween flings.
For this kind of magic only works on Halloween night,
Away she went on her broom in flight.

Where she'll hunt no body knows,
Her bait is she's sexy in lingerie clothes.
So everyone beware on Halloween night,
If you encounter a sexy woman in flight.
She's out to replenish her herbs of the strange and the queer,
So that she can do the things that to her are so dear.

No one is safe from this horny bitch,
whom is really a full blooded witch.
Man, woman, child or beast,
sHallow Eve will surely feast.
I bid to all a great Halloween,
Be safe, be carefull and beware the 'Witchin' Queen.'
If you hear these words you had better fear,
"Welcome to Hallow Eve's Hallow's Eve, my dear."

(Please vote, comment or send feedback, thank you and Have a safe and Happy Halloween)

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