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Halloween Delight


It 'twas Halloween once again. A time for pumpkin pie and roasted seeds that I find more thrilling and exciting then a handsome man parading around in a bath towel or a skimpy G-string in the back of my charming mansion on the hilltop. Well, at least not until I have my yearly dose of penis-cillene.

Each year I would select a special someone to dress up as a pumpkin-head and read to me in my lonely Victorian room. You see, I am an ailing granny of twelve children and as many as fifteen grandchildren. So you can see why I am bedridden and can't get around like I use to. Ever since Henry died and left me with his family business of growing giant pumpkins, I felt obligated to carryout his last request. To never sell or allow anyone to gain control of the business his granddad once began back in 1901!

I reside somewhere in the eastern part of the country where my two sons and one lovely daughter still remains. The giant brick estate is part of American history, once a plantation in the early 18th Century along with 200,000 acres and over 200 rooms in the beautiful historical mansion.

Henry was a fair man and a damn fine lover too! He was the one that begins this whole idea of having an annual pumpkin festival in our own backyard that consists of baked pumpkin pie and many other types of dessert that I will explain later in my story that I know will arouse you and your senses.

Many fine folks like yourself would come here to meet newer friends or simply to gain some of granny's special recipe, hair pie, that's always lined with the white powder or such known vitamin as...ecstasy! To accompany them in their quest for an affair or to quite simply rekindle the love they once knew and enjoyed. Many wearing scary masks as we, the staff, provide the cemetery and a host of spooky goblins stirring about the estate to raise the clients blood pressure.

Henry has been gone now for twenty-some odd years and would be very disappoint if I didn't have a bed partner on such an occasion as...Halloween Delight. Often feeling him around the eerie estate, especially on such an occasion as this. Filling the guests heads with fear and excitement as his spirit lurks in places not established by the staff or I to provide a scary environment.

Most of the clients, we like to call them, are mostly from far away counties or in a differ-ent state, mostly out of our time zone. But never the less we treat our clients as if they were our own children. Feed them right and they'll come back for me.

Often we try to drum up different treats and styles of play to keep our guest coming that it's not so predictable. Like for instants, bobbing for seeds, pie filling wrestling, or our favorite, pumpkin-throwing contest. Where the winner, usually the strongest, would get to read to me upstairs in my own Victorian bedroom. Usually the story is about a man entertaining a young beautiful wife. Often feeling the presence of my late spouse, Henry that watches and preys upon my lovers mind.

Sometimes the contest backfires. Like a couple of years when one of my seven darling son's won and had to read to an old goat like me for the entire duration of five and a half hours. Which usually only takes me two and a half before I'm sexually aroused. But, it's not exactly what you would call a family affair.

My butler of thirty-five years always enjoys the fine festivities and the beautiful women that bounces around in the sack with either a gal she brought with her or one of the many attractive men dressed up in a Halloween costume. "Oh, yeah! That's a must here."

Marie, a fabulous dancer and my private nurse can always be found walking around to fantasize about the gorgeous hunks, and more often than not, getting laid by one of them.

"Oh yeah, we mustn't forget the most talented of all, my adorable maid that prides her- self on feasting upon the men and spitting his seeds into her elegant and sensuous young hole.

Each member of my staff provides a thrill in any shape or form that they desire once the party events begins. Whether it's serving our favorite drinks, cider or pumpkin wine. Which both possess a certain personality that makes the body tingle and prosper from a cup or three.

Each and every guess was being carefully check as I watch from my bedroom window all the beautiful folks 18 and up. Some I recognized before and some that are here for the very first time. Remaining here in my room until the duration of the party, for I am much to old to scale the many stairs. Knowing I wouldn't last half the night with my love if I tried. Knowing forty years ago that this would be a great success that Henry and I felt a little skeptical about, especially two years ago when I too felt Henry's presence in the old haunted house we designed where a few guests never leaves.

By the time every event chosen brilliantly by the staff had been completed, most of our humble guests were already moving toward the mansion for their own festivities and some piece of the wet pie. Many bringing their personal jug of my freshly aged pumpkin delight to supply the needy or simply themselves.

It wasn't until Matthew; my darling butler came to the room to inform me that was a tie, something that's never happened before.

"Let them enter the dungeon and which ever escapes the wrath of Satan shall become my lover for the evening." Shoeing away Matthew with my hands.

The dungeon was designed for those that wish to explore new sexual features that turn boys into men and girls into women. Only the strong may survive Satan, a room full of 3 dimensional mirrors and filled with ghost and goblins that prey on the weak-minded.

Part of this fine festival is not knowing whom my mate shall be, allowing this suspense to build and prosper inside my aged mind.

Lying here in my cozy bed dressed appropriately was half the excitement, with the other half of pleasure yet to come. Wondering as I await the winner if this years winner can defeat last years winner and move up in my depth cart of pass Halloween Delight guests that have made me proud. Basing their performance on agility, strength, passion, and over all performance.

Suddenly a young man enters the room. He was dark and extremely well put together and wearing the large customary jack-o-lantern, black thong that begins to turn me into this bowl of pumpkin jam. His thighs were tight; chests like an ape, and his arms were like two vice-grips that were yearning to lock onto my round firm bosoms. It's always been a policy of mine to never see the face of the victim that shares quality time with an ex- model for Playboy.

Even though I was old and gray I still have that gorgeous built that most women my age would die for. Then I begin to gesture with my eyes and finger for my lover, my reader, to escape to paradise.

His beautiful bulge was a thing of magic as I insist that he sit before the transparent drap-ery to read before me. Reaching the thin book, Mad Passion through the small opening that made him feel passionate when he saw the title on the front cover. As he read with a certain amount of feeling, I began to feel the energy in my soul and the blood in my veins nearly boiling over. Using his soft voice, own energy, and large amounts of passion to explain the erotic story like:

Her eyes felt the seeds he spun inside her...His tongue lashes out to snap her harden and poised nipples...She felt his warm seeds spilling atop his rough broad chest.

I could now feel Henry inside the room to watch and evaluate too the next contestant live and in person. Henry's eyes were the only thing we both saw, staring down the young black man as he quickly soars around the room like he does every year since his depart-ure due to lung cancer. But that didn't frighten off this man that was reading the chosen story with such dignity and pride.

"How do you like my room?" I ask, studying his beady eyes scanning the room of naked statues, exotic plants, and a bed that's measures the size of any castle. Soft satin sheets of bright red that were tucked neatly in every corner of the large waterbed.

"I do love it." Study where my hands were, one deep down inside the panty and the other occupying a breast. Convincing him that I wouldn't faint nor suffer a heart attack during our sexual adventure.

Slowly I begin to feel the wrath within me, allowing me to engage my mate with a warm touch to his orange panty. Then lowering my jawbone to chew off the tiny string as I gaze upon his beastly raw flesh. Tasting the string of pumpkin as I watch the king-size throb grown wider and much stiffer. Letting my instincts get in the way of my emotions as my hands wrap firming around the man's rod. Focusing on his wide eyes through the tiny holes, while my crazed heart pounds away, energy soars, and all eyes on this mammoth of a specimen.

"Oh, I must have you!" I bellow, lower myself down onto the mighty sword that disrupts my concentrations.

Then once I had examined the large kingpin long enough, I quickly saw the golden of all opportunity. To mount him and ride him fast and furious. Sensing our emotions raging faster than life itself and also realizing this was my first black penis that I know will scale the chart. Touching my own ripe boobs and enjoying what was deep within and nearly tearing down the walls when I leant down, still screwing, to share my affections and lust with a longing kiss to his sweaty neck.

"Oh, you are unreal!" I scold, still feeling my aching womanhood still throbbing away as I'd dismounted him moments ago.

Complimenting my lover on a job well done when his raw posture was lying next to me. I was dressed in a three-piece baby-doll of bright orange and extremely long hair of gray, which I too had my pretty maid color for such a glorious occasion that I will never forget in my remaining days on earth.

"Yes, I must place you at the head of the class Spiderman!" I mutter, resting my warm cheek against his massive chest of solid stone. Admiring such a tool as he places his warm hand onto the back of my transparent orange shear.

"Oh?" Realizing now what the nicknames meant in the lobby where he first enters to be scorned.

"You also have a fine body for a woman your age," he said, rubbing inside my exotic top to touch and feel my wonderful breasts.

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