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Halloween Heat


I was ambivalent about going to the party on Saturday night. First of all it was a Halloween party and I wasn't much up for that this year for some reason and second of all my wife had invited her sister to go with us and then got sick and she couldn't go. She insisted that her sister and I go anyway and all in all I really just wasn't up for it.

I did a half-assed attempt as dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Patti, my sister-in-law, showed up at the house about 7:00 and I have to say was absolutely decked out dressed up as Brittany Spears. It was an uncanny likeness and to put it mildly she was smoking hot. My wife saw the look on my face and cautioned us tongue in cheek not to do anything that she wouldn't do. She really didn't look well and brushed us off with the back of her hand as she went upstairs to go back to bed.

Patti and I headed out into a very cool October night on our way to what was promoted as the party of the year. The harvest moon was glowing with an orange color over the horizon. I wasn't convinced, but was trying to keep an open mind about the whole thing.

The party was at a friend of a friend's house in a nicer section of town. When we arrived the outside of the house was adorned with ghoulish decorations and shadowy lighting, which actually started to make me smile a bit reminding of when I was a kid. I finally felt like maybe the evening wasn't going to be a complete waste.

The inside of the house was decorated from top to bottom in Halloween décor and it was obvious that the party had been going for a while for some of the guests. The music was playing on the loud side, the drinks were flowing freely and a good number of people were dancing as others were just mingling around the grounds enjoying each other's company. There were a few people in regular dress, but most everyone had done a good job of getting costumes that were great for the occasion.

Patti and I got a few drinks and I started to loosen up a bit -- as did she. I started to notice again how hot she looked and asked her if she wanted to dance. We hit the dance floor for a while and were really getting into it for a bit just having a good time. A few drinks and dances later my attitude had finally worn off and I was having a great time with Patti and some other friends we knew that were there. We wandered back and forth from the patio by the pool to the bar to the dance floor just enjoying the evening.

It was some time later that I noticed you walking on the other side of the room. You were dressed up as Cat Woman with that smooth, shiny, soft-leather, skin-tight outfit. Sleek with the full mask -- only your eyes and your chin showing. You were slowly moving from one person to another, gently rubbing up against them as you moved along as though your were hoping to get petted on the way. It struck me as a rather odd and curious way to be. You didn't seem to be paying much serious attention to anyone, just walking up, stopping, leaning into them and then slowly rubbing yourself up their body; well, like a cat, before moving on to the next person. I remember thinking you were very hot, moving with some deliberate objective that was not obvious to the rest of us. I recall being attracted to the way you moved your body and the look about you.

I glanced back and forth over the course of the next 30 minutes or so sometimes catching a glimpse of you and sometimes not seeing you at all. While I was talking to a few friends I suddenly felt someone rubbing up against me and as I turned your face rose up along side the left of my body...your index finger rubbing up the inside of my left leg and up my butt to the lower side of my back. You turned to face directly toward me and I noticed how red the lipstick that you were wearing was. I couldn't help but think that your lips surrounded by the black leather looked eerily like the lips on the opening scene of the Rocky Horror Picture Show...how wonderful I thought to have that look on Halloween night. You sauntered off as quickly as you had arrived to apparently work some other part of the room. I'm not sure anyone else was watching you as intently as I was, but I have to say that I was completely intrigued. Patti noticed my interest and gently gave me a look of don't even go there big boy.

I'm not sure how much time had passed. Patti was off enjoying herself and I was watching the crowd as I saw you walking toward me. This time you walked directly up to me with a completely different, confident cadence and stopped about six inches from my face. You took my hand in yours, placed a small envelope in my hand and proceeded to walk away, gently tilting your head downward and back toward me as you disappeared this time with purpose. I put down my drink and looked in my hand and saw a small black envelop about two inches by two inches. I opened it and pulled out the card inside. In script lettering all it said was -- "In Heat." On the back side of the note there was a key taped to it.

I couldn't resist trying to figure out what the key was for, but thought I better go tell Patti that I was going for a walk so she wouldn't be worried about where I was. I ran into her about ten minutes later talking with a guy on the side lawn and told her that I would met her out back in about an hour. I was on a quest to see if I could find you and see what you had in mind. I walked the house and was checking doors to see if they were locked, but none of them were. I probably spent 30 minutes checking doors with no luck. I decided to get another drink and stop looking and just sort of smiled because I had gotten so worked up wondering if it was all just for naught. Was your act and the note just part of the party? If it was it was a great idea and had me going! I noticed I had a wet spot on my pants and laughed at the thoughts that had been running through my mind and the possibility that I had been lured in by the possibilities.

It wasn't until I walked back out by the pool about 10 minutes later that I noticed the pool house off toward the back of the yard. There were two gas lamps burning on each side of the door and I thought to myself, "could this be real? Is the key for that door?" I was feeling half stupid for trying another door and half excited wanting to know. I wandered over that way and with a bit of trepidation tried to turn the handle. It was locked. I felt my heartbeat pick up a bit as I inserted the key and turned the handle to the right as it opened up in front of me. I wasn't quite prepared for what I walked into.

It was dark inside and I could only see some of the decorations that filled the room. It was humid; there were flickers of candlelight, and soft sounds of moaning and groaning. I thought I had just walked into a haunted house. As I closed the door behind me and walked ahead toward the sounds I was brushing off the cobwebs that were dangling from the ceiling and instinctively looked around. Two coffins were on either side of me and I could see the corpses that were lying inside. After a few minutes my eyes started to adjust and I could make out blurred edges of pumpkins, headstones, the fog in the room and a menagerie of assorted items reminiscent of the haunted houses I used to visit as a child. Someone had gone to great lengths to set up this room and it was absolutely awesome.

As I rounded the next corner I came upon a skull sitting in a lighted recess and then a ghost that jumped out at me from the corner. A bit startled I recoiled without thought and smiled all about the same time. My eyes opened wider in response and it was then that I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be several people in front of me about 15 feet away. As I approached I saw two people standing in the twilight facing each other about three feet apart. I then noticed a third sitting in a chair off to my right. It wasn't for another several seconds that I noticed a silhouette on the floor directly in front of me. It was just then that I started to differentiate some of the moans coming from the people in front of me from the background noises coming from the props that surrounded us.

Strangely as the four of you started to come into focus you appeared as though you were a part of this odd venue. There you were in your full Cat Woman costume squatting on the floor. Who appeared to be Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind was off to my left -- one hand on a grave marker and the other on the top of your head; the fog wafting up in front of him. I wasn't quite sure who the man to my right was. The third person sitting in the chair appeared to be someone dressed up like James Bond.

One thing I had no problem recognizing were the two cocks, one in each of your hands. As I got a bit closer I could see where your costume apparently had covers over your breasts, and they had been removed and your entire breasts were standing out against the black backdrop of the leather like white mountains against a dark sky. Your nipples were stiff and standing up straight as if they were pointing the direction to some unknown erotic place of ritual. You were running your hands up and down both shafts and taking turns moving your head to lick and suck on one, then back to the other; gently, slowly and with apparent exacting accuracy. You paused briefly only to say with a whisper -- "What took you so long? We couldn't wait any longer. I thought you had given up; or worse, that you didn't want me." I can assure that was the furthest thing from my mind.

It wasn't until that moment that I realized that earlier you had been casing out the room looking for potential prey to help you satisfy your lust. You had somehow sought out the scent of the four of us and lured us to this room to enjoy yourself, to fulfill your needs. I was wondering how many others you had invited who hadn't fulfilled their destiny in your mind. I noticed you had stopped blowing the two men to your right and left and looked at me. The four of us were in a trance solely admiring your stature and completely under your spell.

You motioned me to come closer to your face with slow, long motions of your right index finger and as I leaned down and approached you took your hand and extended it between my legs and squeezed firmly. You felt the erection through my pants and then put your hand behind my neck and pulled me in even closer..."I saved my pussy for you," you said. Take off your pants and let me see if I was right in doing so." As you started to purr I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. My erection stood to attention immediately and you could see the glistening of the wetness that had been working up inside of me. "Mmmmm....I see I made the right choice," you said. "I thought I might like to have yours first," as you licked your lips.

I stood there in front of you not quite sure what to do and you took your left hand and unzipped the swath of fabric that was covering your crotch. There you were, squatting on the floor with a sleek black outfight clinging to your beautiful body; small ears protruding from the top of your head. The only signs of flesh were from the sparkle in your eyes and your mouth that you kept licking...with the red lipstick...the same lipstick that was now streaked on the cocks in your hands, your breasts, and a triangular patch of glistening pussy with a close cropped shave. The rest of you was all black; a shiny black skin that reflected the candlelight at the same time that it was lost into the background.

With no real question in your voice you instructed me to get on my back and lick your pussy. With that you started right back up stroking and sucking on the two men you had been working on before. As I moved under you I could see you lifting up a bit for me to get my head in place. As soon as I was positioned you lowered your body onto my face and proceeded to rub yourself downward as I moved my tongue from inside you up to your bud and back down. Instantaneously the wetness that you had been holding swept out onto my face. Your scent was all over it and it tasted like some kind of watery icing on a cake. I put my hands under the back side of your legs to keep from choking since you kept pushing down on my face harder and harder. I'm not sure that either one of us would have cared if you had done just that; pushing into me until I passed out.

I couldn't see what was happening above me, but it was obvious that you had picked up the pace both on the engorged penises you were working as well as with your hips rotating over my face. My nose would get totally enveloped by your lips and into your hole only to emerge again so my tongue could lick the nectar from between your legs. I heard one man moan...I could imagine him squirting once and then twice. I couldn't tell if the gasps were coming from the same person or not but it was exciting you enough that you tensed up and had on orgasm on top of me. Your hips started to move slower and deeper as you finished yourself off on my face.

Wasting no time you got up, grabbed my hand and pulled me up with you. You put both of our hands on my face and gave me a big lick from my chin to the top of my nose before quickly moving over toward one of the coffins and placing your hands on the edge. You moved your legs back, bent over and pushed your swollen lips out toward the center of the room. I knew instinctively what you wanted me to do and I approached you from behind and thrust my cock into the wet vagina that needed so desperately to get fucked. As I moved my hips back and forth you met each thrust with a backward movement of your hips to obtain maximum penetration. I could see on your left shoulder the remnants of the blow job you had given where one of the other men had cum on you. The white translucent fluid was slowly dripping down off your shoulder onto the floor below you like glue that hadn't dried yet.

As I glanced around it was apparent that the other two were still in a serviceable state. You glanced at them and without a word they knew to line up behind me to wait until it was their turn; standing by to service you until you were satisfied...as if that was possible at this particular moment. I fucked you hard and slow for some time and then stepped away as I watched the other two come up behind you and do the same. When one of us was fucking you the others would be gently and not so gently caressing your breasts, or fingering your clit, or licking you in this part or that. You must have cum five or six times as the three of us exchanged cocks repeatedly in your insatiable opening. The thought of multiple cocks indiscriminately fucking your aching hole had you moaning, purring and growling at times as inch after inch of swollen rods penetrated and then exited you, over and over.

I was the last one to get inside you again. Your lips were swollen and you had passed the point of satisfaction to the point of shear lust. Just the pure satisfaction of getting fucked like that was driving you on and on. The other two were standing next to you rubbing your erect nipples with the tips of their cocks. As I was pounding you and rubbing your clit the man to my left cupped your breast and came into his hand with your nipple in his fingers. The man on my right followed shortly thereafter and both of them began rubbing your breasts and nipples with their now wet palms. You let out a loud noise as your pussy clenched around my cock and I exploded inside of you with long, deep thrusts.

Moments later, after catching your breath you stood up, you ran your middle finger through the fluid on your breasts and dripping from your crotch and then licked it off your finger like it was Maple syrup you had just licked off of a warm batch of pancakes. You smiled, placed the fabric patches back on your still dripping crotch and breasts and proceeded to kiss each of us on the lips with a tender, sensuous kiss followed by a quick nibble to the lip and a quiet growl. At that you left us standing among the coffins and gravestones as you walked out of the pool house.

Several minutes later as we left the building still in a daze the four of us saw you walking around the grounds walking up to someone, rubbing up against them and then walking off to the next person. We knew you were looking for the next set of unsuspecting men to help fulfill what could never be. You were in heat...needing to find whatever suitable cock you could to be inside of you.

I found Patti a few minutes later and asked her if she was ready to go. She asked me if I was o.k. because I had this bewildered look on my face. I felt like I was coming out of a drug stupor and wasn't sure if what was in my mind had actually just happened or whether I was dreaming it up. She said she wasn't sure what I was talking about.

Later that night, as I was getting ready for bed, I went to the bathroom and glanced down to see a red lipstick ring around the base of my cock. It hadn't been a figment of my imagination. My cock began throbbing again with just the thought of Cat Woman, and as I thought about what had happened I realized that I was not satisfied either...I stroked myself hoping that someday I would meet her again. I knew I would never get you out of my mind.

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