tagNonHumanHalloween Phantom Lover

Halloween Phantom Lover


One Halloween, I was invited to a party in upstate New York, I was divorced at the time and making up for lost time, so I decided to go to the party in hopes of meeting a woman. I'd never been to this part of the states before, so I was really looking forward to visiting a new part of this great land that we live in. The drive was uneventful, taking me close to six hours to finally get to the town that the house was located. A small farming community, with lots of old mansions, some looking like castles. I checked into a hotel that reminded me of the Bates motel from the movie Psycho, I was relieved when the woman at the counter handed me the key to the one furthest away from the office. She asked me how long I was going to be staying, I told her over the weekend, I was attending a Halloween party at the Harding estate. When I said Harding, her face went pale, thinking she was having a heart attack or something I asked, "Are you ok?"

She shook herself, and replied, "Yes, sorry, its just that place is bad news, the main house is haunted, and so are the grounds. People have gone there, never to be seen again."

I laughed, "Well, I guess this will be one interesting Halloween party then."

I gave the woman a wink, trying to ease her mind that I wasn't afraid. She gave me a weak smile and as I was walking out of the small office she called after me, "Please, just watch yourself out there." I laughed and waved and got into my car and drove down in front of my room.

The room was sparsely furnished, no T.V., a phone, a chair, a table, night stand, and a double bed. This really was Bates motel, I thought to myself, I unloaded the car and took a long hot shower. As I was drying myself I the phone rang, "Hello?" I answered.

It was William Harding, the owner of the estate where the party was taking place, I'd met William or Bill as I called him, while in the Navy. We were overseas on a tour of some old castles, we started talking, and he told me of the estate he was to inherit. Fascinated, we talked during the tour, and went to dinner afterwards, he was a dashing man, and the ladies seemed to flock to him. Something I didn't mind at all, we picked up a couple of girls, went dancing, and then back to his room at a very nice hotel. We continued our party with the girls all night, and some where along the line, we even switched girls. We laughed about this over breakfast, and exchanged addresses and phone numbers when it was time for me to leave. Staying in touch over the years, he'd invited me several times up to the Harding estate, but was never close enough to take him up on his hospitality. This year was different, I was going through some training in Virginia, so I agreed to visit and attend the party.

"Jerry old chap, I heard you'd made it to town." He said. I thought that maybe this was from the woman at the front desk, "I figured you would, how much did you have to pay the woman at the desk, Bill?" I asked. "What are you talking about Jerry?" replied Bill. "The woman at the front desk here at the hotel, I figured the bit about her trying to scare me was your doing, and was expecting your call." I explained. "Not sure what you're referring to Jerry, I got a call from one of the deputies, he saw the out of state tag, ran it and asked if I were expecting you." he said puzzled.

I laughed, "Good try Bill, really, I think its great you're playing this haunted estate thing up to make the party even better." I said. "Huh? What are you talking about." Bill said still puzzled. I explained what the woman had said, and all got silent on the other end of the phone. "Bill? You still there?" I asked. "Sorry, Jerry, Yes, the estate is haunted, there has been some strange things happen over the years. But I assure you that all is well, and everyone will be safe." Bill explained hurriedly. I assured Bill I wasn't worried or scared. He told me to come on out to the house, and I could change out there. I told him that was fine and he gave me directions to his estate. I took down the hang up bag that had my costume, and a small bag that had the makeup in it for the finishing touches. I loaded up in the car, headed out to the road, turned right, and was off following Bills directions. It took almost 15 minutes to reach the place, and I must say, it was a very impressive place.

The gate at the drive up to the main house was fantastic, demons or gargoyles lined the big arch, two lions rested on the ends of the curved walls. A man dressed in a black suit approached the car, I rolled the window down and handed him my invitation. When he saw my name, he said, "Good afternoon, Mr. Brown, Master Harding phoned saying he was expecting you, and to tell you to park in the front of the main house." He reached into the pocket of his jacket, and clicked a device at the gate, it started to swing open. "Thank you." I said, and drove up the long drive. This place was so big, you couldn't see the house from the main road or the gate.

The drive was almost a mile and a half long, and when I saw the house appear, a chill ran through my body. Laughing to myself, I said that this really did look like a haunted house. As I pulled to a stop, Bill came running out, shook my hand, then pulled me in for a brotherly type hug. It'd been several years since we'd seen each other. "Man I'm really glad you got to make it this year. Its going to be a blast, I've got people from all over the world coming." he said with a wink. "Hell even you might have a chance at getting some." he teased. "Thanks a lot!" I said, laughing. We went inside the impressive house, an old house that looked to have been designed after some of the old homes we'd seen overseas. He led me up stairs to a bedroom that made my small one at the Bates motel look like a bathroom. "Why didn't you just come on out and stay here?" Bill asked with fake hurt in his eyes.

"Are you kidding?" I quipped, "This fuckin' place is haunted." We started to laugh, then he stopped and got a funny look on his face. "Jerry, this place is haunted."he said in the most serious tone I'd ever heard him use. Raising an eyebrow I looked at him questioningly. Shrugging his shoulders, he sighed, "What can I say, its been like this since I can remember, and its been this way as long as the Hardings have owned it. The rumors about people disappearing is a crock, they disappear alright, they get so scared they leave not taking their belongings with them. So its no wonder the people in the town think they disappear, they leave and noone sees them leave."

"Well.....what's a few spooks amongst friends?" I picked. Laughing he said to get cleaned up, that he could use a hand with some last minute decorations. I washed up and went down to help my host with whatever it was he needed. The main hall was enormous, decorated with very elaborate decorations. I walked into the ball room, at the far end I saw what looked like a coffin, as I got closer, it was in fact a coffin. Bill walked up besides me, saw me looking at the coffin, laughed, clapped me on the back, and led me to the coffin. I almost was ready to close my eyes and get ready for something or someone to jump out at me. But when the lid lifted, I was pleasantly surprised. The coffin was filled with ice and beer of all flavors and sorts. Bill could see my relief and laughed. We did some last minute touches on the house, and was almost time for people to start showing up. I went up and started to get ready for the party.

I couldn't get Bill's words out of my head, "It is....", this kept running over and over, as I was bending over to pull my boots on, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked, there was nothing. "Damn Jerry, pull yourself together son." I said to myself. I went into the bathroom and started to apply the make up. I'd decided that since the house was an older castle type house, I'd dress in a white pirate type shirt with billowy sleeves, tight pants, and boots that went to my knees. But for added flair I decided to make it look as if I'd crawled up out of a grave or something, so the white shirt was a bit dirty and grungy looking and the boots were in bad need of a shine, covered with dust. The make up was from a friend I had in Hollywood, that did special effects makeup for the movies. He taught me the basics and kept me in supplies when I needed them.

I'd already made the rubber pieces I was going to apply to my face, and within a matter of minutes, I looked into the mirror from a few steps back. It looked as if the flesh were falling off my bones, and at a distance it looked like my jaw and teeth were visible through a gapping hole in my cheek. I was impressed, I hoped the others would be too. All of a sudden I saw someone walk past the bathroom door in the mirror, I spun and ran into the other room. It was empty, I went to the door, it was still locked, I looked everywhere, no one. "Damn, I need a drink." I said to myself. Unlocking the door, I headed down to find Bill. Upon entering the Ballroom, I found it empty, so I went to the coffin, raised the lid, and got myself a beer. I drank it down quickly, trying to calm my nerves, after about 3 beers, I was finally able to stop thinking of the phantoms I had seen in my room.

Momentarily, Bill joined me, he marveled at the makeup, and said the women would surely love what I'd done. After a few more drinks, the guests started to arrive, demons, ghouls, devils, vampires, hookers, harem girls, almost every type of costume you could think of was seen. Some had gone all out, others had put little effort or imagination into their costumes. The music started, and so did the dancing, I danced with several harem girls, Cleopatra, a hooker, a school girl (which really made my pants tight), even a nun. By the time the band took a break, my bladder needed a break as well, my room was on the third floor and would take forever to find again, especially in my intoxicated state. I found a bathroom downstairs and close to the ballroom, but, that was where everyone was at. I was starting to cramp from the need to empty my bladder, so I headed out some french doors. There were several couples standing around the railing, so I headed down the steps and followed the walk around the side of the house. I saw an opening between some hedges, and headed for it, I turned and the people on the patio weren't visible. I walked into the hedges and saw a stone bench, I walked next to it, and pulled my throbbing cock out. As soon as the night air hit the head, I started pissing, I moaned in relief.

As I was shaking the last few drops, I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye, thinking it was the school girl I'd danced with, I turned my head. Nothing, I couldn't believe I was seeing phantoms outside as well. I looked down to make sure that I'd dried a bit before putting my cock back into my tight pants, and I saw it again, only closer. Not moving my head I turned my eyes, and saw it. I couldn't make it out, but could see a shadowy figure behind the tree, peering out from behind it looking at me. Why I did what I did, I'll never know, but I started to stroke my cock. I stroked it till it was to its full 6 inches, it'd been a while since I'd had any so I figured even if I was seeing things, I could use a good jacking off anyways.

I continued to watch the phantom out of the corner of my eye. As my cock started to grow, the phantom got closer, I slowly turned my head, what I saw made me suck my breath in quickly. The phantom was indeed a shadow, no features to its face, but from its size and shape I could tell it was a girl. The phantom approached and knelt down beside me. I watch in amazement as the shadowy hand came closer to my throbbing cock, as the darkness engulfed my shaft, I felt a cool, almost cold sensation envelope my skin. The hand moved up and down my shaft, the touch so light, so soft, so cold, I moaned my approval.

The phantom girl moved in front of me, and pushed me, though there was nothing more than a cold pressure, I realized what she wanted, I sat on the stone bench. She continued to stroke my cock, her hand touch my pants, again, I knew what she wanted. I lifted my hips and pulled my pants down to my knees, the cool sensation surrounded my balls. I closed my eyes and was enjoying the sensations, as I open them I saw her head coming towards the tip of my cock, my cock swelled in anticipation. The tip of my cock entered the darkened head, and continued till I felt cold on my pubic area, balls and cock. Her head started to move up and down, faster and faster. I knew if she kept that pace I'd cum before I was ready, I tried to take hold of her arms to lift her, but my fingers and hand went right through the shadow.

But I guess she felt it as well, because she stopped her phantom blowjob, stood and straddled my lap. I watched in amazement as the darkness sat down on my cock, if this had happened when I was sober, I'd probably turned white headed from fright and went running off into the sunset as well. All I knew at that moment was that the light gentle touches I was receiving was almost too much for me to bear. She started to ride me like a horse, I raised my hand and placed it on her shadowy breast. Instead of trying to squeeze it, I caressed it, oh so softly, gently. Trying to imitate how her touches felt. I tried to thrust up deep into her but when I did, I passed right through her, I could see her head shake no. She pointed to the ground, I lay down, she sat on me again, leaning forward she caressed my face, my chest, the coolness was so erotic, such a change in the hot touches of a live woman.

She rode me for several minutes, my mind was starting to reel, I could feel my cum boiling up into my shaft. I started to swell, just as I was about to cum, the phantom squeezed me, tightly, my God, it felt like someone's hand. My eyes flew open, just in time to see my cum shooting up into the phantom. I expected my cum to fall back onto me, but to my surprise, it stayed deep inside the phantom. My body shook and trembled in orgasmic spasms, she leaned down and I felt her shadowy lips caress mine in a deep kiss.

As soon as the coolness had started, it ended, I opened my eyes, the phantom was gone. I was sprawled out on the grass, my pants down around my ankles, my cock starting to soften. I touched my cock, it was dry except for a small pearl of cum at the opening. I rose and pulled my pants up, brushing the leaves and grass from my clothes. As I walked towards the opening in the hedges, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned slowly, there was my shadowy phantom, she raised her hand to her head, and made like she was blowing me a kiss, then waved. I waved back and walked back towards the party, thinking to myself, I said, "I hope she can't get pregnant, don't think I could handle 'spook support'." laughing at my joke, I walked back into the party which was going full scale.

Seeing the school girl in the corner, I approached her, bent and whispered if she'd like to warm me up. I place her had on my chest, her eyes wide in question. Smiling, I jokingly said, "Its cold down in them graves." She laughed, and took me by the hand and led me up the stairs. This was one Halloween I wouldn't forget.

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