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Halloween Surprise


This was a strange story in that I don't like incest stories where people know they are committing incest, but the possibility of accidental incest was something that has some interest to me. How would it occur? Why would it occur? What do you do when you find out? It turned out to not only explore those questions, but I thought it was an interesting romance story, involving a prostitute, a college student and a gay ex-girlfriend. I also think it's one of the funniest things I've written. As always, for those who care about such things, it contains incest, oral sex, anal sex, and a little bit of heart. Enjoy

The Party

Frankenstein grabbed a plastic cup and poured himself a beer from the keg. Well, not Frankenstein really, but it would be hard for anyone to know who he really was. Matt's disguise was perfect. Thanks to a friend in the theater program, his costume was fantastic. She really knew her way around a make-up kit and his best friend wouldn't recognize him, proven by passing him in the kitchen without recognition. He wanted to see if he could go the whole night without anyone identifying him, despite knowing several people at the party, including several players from the football team.

Thank goodness his coach wouldn't be anywhere around tonight, catching him drinking. He played linebacker for the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Eagles. It was a small Division III school, part of the University of Wisconsin academic system. They'd already played their game today, so he didn't have to be back at practice until Monday. He was at a Halloween party thrown at the house of one of the richer students living in La Crosse.

Matt knew he lacked the skill to progress in football past this level, but he was good enough to get a partial scholarship and La Crosse was a highly rated academic institution. He was pursuing a degree in physical therapy. Normally, he didn't bother attending campus parties, but after getting through mid-terms and today's game, he was ready to blow off a little steam. Not a big drinker, he didn't mind a little beer occasionally.

He sipped his beer while looking at the other costumes at the party. No one's costume was as elaborate as his own, but there were a few he appreciated. A woman dressed as Vampirella was especially attractive because her costume bared so much and her body was so spectacular. If it wasn't skin tight, she'd be showing her nipples every time she bent over. As it was, her diamond hard nips poked through the fabric of her costume in stiff peaks. There was the usual assortment of pirates, comic book heroes, witches, Star Wars characters, and a few nursery rhyme characters. Only thing Little Bo Peep was missing was her sheep.

Matt wasn't at the party with a girl. She broke up with him after summer vacation before school started. She attended school in Minnesota and decided it was too far away to carry on a long distance romance. It was only a couple hours away, but with football season going, he knew it would be tough to see her. It was the same reason he hadn't bothered finding another girlfriend; too busy with football and studying. He would have been happy to attend with the theater major, but on top of having a play performance tonight, she was gay. Not that he cared, he wasn't interested in dating her as much having company for the party.

When his glass got low, he topped it off again. Well, he'd probably go back to his apartment after knocking off this one. Without anyone to pass the time with, it was only people watching, and although he enjoyed the pastime as much as the next person, it was a general waste of time. Almost a shame he'd spent a couple hours getting this fantastic make-up job and then not spending much time at the party. He almost regretted not trying to find another girlfriend.

He was halfway done with his beer when some guy dressed as a musketeer rushed past him knocking his arm and spilling the rest of his beer.

"What the fuck, man, slow down! You spilled my beer," Matt said.

"Sorry, Frankenstein. Let me get you another one." He grabbed the cup and rushed to the keg, bringing it back fully loaded. "Here's your beer. Sorry man."

Matt grabbed his arm before he could leave again. "What's the big rush?" Matt asked.

"Oh, man. You won't believe it. This Vampirella chick is up in one of the bedrooms giving blow jobs to anyone with $20. The line is forming on the stairs. I don't want to be at the tail end of the line. She might quit before I get there. Gotta run."

The musketeer went up the stairs and got into a line, already about nine bodies long.

The Vampirella girl, Matt thought. Hot damn! I've got $20 in my pocket. For $20, I'd take those lips wrapped around my dick. Make sleep come much easier tonight. What the hell.

He got behind the Musketeer in the line.

"You saw her, right?" The Musketeer asked.

"When I first got here. Awesome looking woman," Matt said. "Great costume for her, too. She has the body to carry it off."

"Wonder how long it's going to take her to do everyone?" Musketeer said. "We could be here a couple hours."

"We could ask that guy coming out," Matt pointed out, nodding to the Darth Vader coming out of the room.

"Hey, man," Musketeer said, "What was it like?"

"Best blow job I've ever had," Darth said. "I wanted to last fifteen minutes at least, she was so good, but I busted my nut after five. Swallowed it all though. Kept sucking right through my climax. She's fabulous. If I had another twenty, I'd get back in line."

"That answers that question," Matt said. "Good thing we're all young and horny. Might not take that long."

Another guy came out of the room.

"Shit! Less than five minutes," Musketeer said. "You think it's going to be worth $20?"

"Look at that guy," Matt said. "That might be his first blow job ever. No wonder it didn't take him long to cum. Hell, you should be able to last longer than he did."

"I suppose you're right."

Another dozen or so people lined up behind Matt. He wasn't the only horn dog here. And so it went. Five to ten minutes for each one of the people waiting in line, the number of people in front of Matt rapidly dwindling. Finally, Musketeer was next at the door.

"I'm eager to get in there," Matt said, "but see if you can last at least fifteen minutes. I want to know if she's that good, or we're that randy."

"I'll do my best," Musketeer said. "I'll do multiplication tables or try to remember all of the Gettysburg address."

The door opened and he went in. Matt glanced at his watch to note the time. Eight minutes later, Matt heard the Musketeer surrender to his orgasm with a loud expletive.

"Fuck, yeah! Drink my cum, honey. Swallow that jizz. God, yes! Drink it all, baby."

Damn, that didn't take long. Whatever happened to the Gettysburg address?

Musketeer came out of the room, saying, "Sorry, man. I tried, but she's just too good. Didn't matter what I did, she sucked the cum right out of my body. She is damn gifted with that mouth."

Matt went through the door and saw Vampirella wiping her face in the bathroom.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I'm done now. I won't be sucking any more cock tonight."

"No. I've been waiting outside for over an hour and a half. Please don't tell me you're done now. I've got your $20 dollars."

"I only needed $300. I've sucked fifteen cocks, swallowing all of the cum." She glanced at him. "I'm not in the mood for another dose. If you don't believe me, try sucking fifteen of them yourself. I need to get the taste out of my mouth."

Matt thought about that for a moment.

"Wait a minute. I can see you might have a problem with more cum at the moment. What if I offer you a meal and/or drinks in addition to the $20? Plus, I'm studying to be a physical therapist. I could toss a massage into the bargain, too. What do you say?"

Vampirella studied him for a minute or two, evaluating the offer and the person making it.

"What's your name?" She asked.

He ran his hand up and down indicating his costume.

"I would think that's self-evident."


"You can call me Frank for short," he smiled at her.

"I don't know if I want to get on a first name basis with you just yet, Mr. Stein. You said you're studying physical therapy; are you a student here?"


"Let me see your student ID?"

"I don't have it with me; not off campus."

"Show me your junk."

"Excuse me. What?"

"Your dick. I want to see your equipment. If I'm going to make an exception for you, I want to know what I'm getting into."

Matt hesitated before finally deciding to show her his cock. Realizing her evaluation might come out in his favor, he finally pulled down his zipper and pulled his prick out of his underwear.

"Nice, Mr. Stein. I'm impressed. You're packing some serious heat there."

"I think your body and costume might have a lot to do with my heat."

"Flattery, Mr. Stein? Somebody raised you right. I'm inclined to give you a shot, Mr. Stein, but a girl's got to be careful, so here's the deal. You take me out to eat, a public place with people around. You feed me first, while I get to know you a little better. If my secondary impressions are as good as my first ones, I'll give you your blow job upon payment of $20. If you turn out to be a jerk, you pay for my meal and we're done. If I feel I can trust you, I'll go to your dorm room and take care of you and I'll gratefully accept your massage and maybe the chance to bunk in for the night. If I don't, you'll get it in the mens room of wherever we eat and you can rub my shoulders, but I never leave that public place with you. Have we got a deal?"

"I don't live in a dorm. I have an off-campus apartment. Does that make a difference to you?"

"You show me your student ID when we get there, and I won't give a shit. I don't want to be hooking up with a pimp or some other crazy fucker. Oh, one last thing. You have to tell all those eager beavers standing outside the door I'm done for the night. They might argue with me, but you look big enough to handle yourself."

"We've got a deal," Matt said.

"Good. Give them the bad news. I've got to find my coat. It's fucking cold in Wisconsin in late October."

Matt stepped outside the bedroom and told them Vampirella was done for the night.

"Come on, man." "What's shit is this!" "She's going to stop with you?" "What's so special about you, Frankie?" "I've been out here for close to two fucking hours, asshole," were a few of the words tossed his way after he shared the news.

His answers ranged from "she never started with me, let alone stopped," "I waited as long as you did," to "nothing special." When one of them got particularly nasty, Matt said. "The lady said she's had enough protein for the night and if anyone of you fuckers doesn't know what she's talking about, suck fifteen cocks and swallow the cum and see if you want to go for number sixteen. Any one of you assholes is welcome to go in there and take her place."

That pretty much ended the clamor. He waited outside until she came out and escorted her down the stairs. That brought one last comment from the peanut gallery.

"You taking the bitch home to fuck her?"

"No, you swine. I'm taking her someplace where she can wash the disgusting taste of your sperm out of her mouth, you jerk wad."

All was silent after that.

She waited before they were out the door before saying, "Thanks for sticking up for me. Cutting them off before they're all satisfied is always the worst part of this for me."

"If you don't mind my asking, why do you do it?"

"Before I answer that, do you have a car, or are we walking?"

"Walking. I don't have enough money for a car. My apartment isn't far, and there's an all night diner on the way for your food."

"You sure sound like a student. No money," she said.

"So why?"

"I'm traveling from LA to New York. I left without a lot of money, so I stop at colleges along the way to get a little spending cash. The young guys are mostly clean and healthy and they climax quick so I can get through a bunch of them fairly fast. I usually find some frat house or dorm and do some quick business. It's a lot better than trying to pick men up in bars and doing them in some alley. I've done that a couple times, but it usually ends badly. Some shit doesn't want to pay, or they get rough; want to slap me around a little. This is much better, believe me."

"Why sell your body for sex?"

"I'm not selling my body, buster. I'm offering a blow job, and that's it."

"You know what I mean."

"You mean as opposed to giving it away for free, for love or whatever. That's a long discussion. Let's just say that doing it with strangers for money is better than my step-father taking it for free."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. You didn't do it. It was a long time ago and far away. I don't think about it anymore."

They walked without talking for a couple blocks, then Matt asked, "What do I call you then?"

"Since I'm calling you Mr. Stein because of your costume, and we're otherwise keeping things on a less personal level, what do you suggest?"

"Well, Vampirella is too much of a mouthful for casual use..."

She laughed. "Is that a pun, Mr. Stein? Too much of a mouthful?"

"I'm not that verbally quick, so it wasn't an intentional pun. Let's call it a Freudian slip. Anyway, I'm thinking something short and sweet. How about we cut off the Vampire part and go with Ella?"

"Ella, I like it. I like it a lot. Please, call me Ella."

"If I'm going to call you Ella, I think it's time we got on a first name basis. Call me Frank. Mr. Stein is too formal."

"Okay, Frank it is."

"The diner is a half block away from here. You can see the sign," Matt said.

"Good, this costume wasn't made for cold weather. I need to get someplace warm. They're not going to give us trouble for our costumes, will they?"

"Small college town, lots of students, close to Halloween. I'd be surprised if they gave a shit, unless you give all the male patrons boners."


She started walking faster and Matt had to hurry to keep up, racing ahead to get the door for her. She found an empty booth and slid in, leaving her coat on. Probably best, he thought. Very possible she would give all the men boners if she took her coat off.

"Have you eaten here before?" Ella asked.

"More than a few times," Matt replied. "I stop here a lot for coffee on my way to classes, sometimes breakfast too, if I have enough money. They don't try to rip you off."

"Any recommendations, Frank?"

"What would do the best job of getting the taste of cum out of your mouth?"

"Touché," she said, laughing. "Something with onions, maybe."

"They serve a mean burger and they'll grill the onions if you like them that way. They serve breakfast 24 hours a day and the Denver omelet has onions."

"As much man juice as I swallowed, the hamburger seems a bit much. I'll go with the omelet and a coke. And if it won't break your budget, I'd like OJ as well."

"I can swing that."


The waitress came over and Matt refused the menus, giving her the order; Ella's omelet and drinks and a patty melt and Dr. Pepper for him.

"I've been meaning to say something about your costume, Frank. It's pretty damn good."

"Costumes. We don't need no stinking costumes. What, you don't believe I look like this?"

"Call me skeptical, Frank, but your dick isn't the same color as your hands and face."

"I shall have to inform Igor that Dr. Frankenstein sewed the wrong member on my body."

Ella laughed, and Matt smiled at her.

"No, really, it's great. Most people go with a rubber mask, but somebody put some real work into your make-up."

"I have a friend who's majoring in theater. She took a make-up and costume class this quarter and she did my make-up. It really is great work, isn't it? My best friend was at the party and he didn't recognize me. I don't think my own mother would recognize me."

"How come your friend wasn't at the party with you?"

"Friday and Saturday nights she's in a play for the next three weeks."

"So, why are you cheating on her?"

"Chloe? I'm not cheating on her. She's not my girlfriend, although she wouldn't mind being yours. I'll have to make it a point not to introduce you to her, or she'll give me shit for holding out on her."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"I did. She goes to college at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota. She broke up with me before we went back to school. Thought she'd do better for herself socially if she wasn't tied to someone else. She knows how busy I am during football season and I'm pretty serious about my studies, too. I know I'm not going anywhere in sports after college and I want to have a real career when I graduate. Same reason I haven't bothered to find another girlfriend; too busy. Fall is always the worst for me. Both football and getting in the groove of studying again. No, I'm definitely a free agent."

"I'm glad to hear that. Not that you're alone, but that you're not stepping out on a girl."

"I'm happy to hear that you have standards and won't blow just anybody."

Ella smiled at him. "A girl has to have principles. Not that I wouldn't blow you if you have the dough, but I would be disappointed in you if you were cheating on someone."

"I certainly wouldn't want to disappoint you, Ella."

"What position do you play?"

"Missionary is good for me, although doggy style will do in a pinch." Ella smiled again and Matt said, "Oh, football. You were referring to football. I play linebacker."

"Linebacker? I thought you needed to be bigger to play linebacker."

"You're thinking about major college or professional football. This is Division III, small time football. Our starting offensive line averages about 235. The other two linebackers weigh less than my 210 pounds. They can't even give us full ride scholarships at La Crosse. I get half my tuition paid for and $200 towards a housing allowance. The rest comes from my savings and summer jobs."

"What's the name of your team?"

"The Eagles."

"Are they any good?"

"A little better than average this year. We're 5 and 3 now. Won today, and made the coach happy."

The waitress brought their food and conversation ceased while she was still there. She checked to see if they needed anything else before going to another customer. The place seemed busier than usual, and half the patrons were wearing Halloween costumes, so Matt wasn't the only one attending a party that night.

Ella ate a couple bites of her omelet before asking, "How about you? Are you any good?"

"She never complained." Ella kicked him under the table. "Oh shoot, you were talking about football again. I'm okay for small college ball. I'm one of the team captains, but I'd get killed playing major college ball. Like you said, not big enough. Or fast enough or strong enough, for that matter. So, to answer your question, good for this level, but not more than this. I have fun and it helps pay for school."

"Where are you from, when not attending school?"

"My family lives in Madison, Wisconsin."

"Who's at home?"

"Mom, Dad, my little sister."

"Do I detect the slightest hint of a southern accent?"

"I'm surprised you heard it. Most of it disappeared. We moved up here around nine years ago. Used to live down south."

"I only recognized it because I'm from the South myself. The prototypical Southern Belle before moving to LA many years ago."

"It can't have been that long ago, Ella. What are you, 23, 24 years old?"

"What a sweet boy you are, Frank. You really are trying to get that blow job aren't you?"

"How old are you?"

"Turning 29 next month."

"You're kidding?"

"A woman doesn't kid about her age when she's admitting she's older than you guessed."

"Shit, I guessed a couple years older than I really believed you were, just because of the...profession...well, work you were doing tonight. You have the body of an athletic 20 year old. I mean, it's great. That costume doesn't hide a damn thing and you have nothing needs hiding."

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