Halloween Surprise


"Not just the blow job; now you're trying to get in my pants, too," Ella said.

"Why'd you move to LA?" Matt asked.

"I don't like to talk about my past, Frank. Too many painful memories. You're welcome to ask about anything you want in the last couple years. Don't dig any deeper than that."

Matt ate a bite, thinking.

"Why are you going to New York from Los Angeles? Especially in the winter?"

"To go ice skating and see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. To catch a Broadway play. Go to the top of the Empire State Building. See the Statue of Liberty."

"That all sounds pretty ordinary."

"You don't think I'm an ordinary gal, Frank?"

"I think you're extraordinary, Ella."

"And now you want to fuck me in the ass!"

"What? What! No. No. What are you talking about? Is that even possible?"

"Ass fucking? You never heard of ass fucking?" Ella asked.

"Of course I know ass fucking is possible. I mean, would you possibly let me fuck you in the ass?"

"You keep giving me these lovely compliments, Mr. Stein. You tell me I look 21 or 22. You call me extraordinary. You tell me you don't want to disappoint me. Listen, you've already convinced me to give you your blow job. You don't have to keep spreading on the charm by flattering me all the time; makes me think you want more. I don't sell my body, Frank. Blow jobs only. No bushy, no booty."

"I'm sorry. You misunderstand. I'm not asking for more, Ella. Hell, I couldn't afford more. I'm complimenting you because I find you amazing. Fantastic body, gorgeous face, interesting, fun to talk to, easy to talk to. No nonsense. Don't beat around the bush like most women. Very direct. Tell me exactly what you want. It's very refreshing. You remind me of my friend, Chloe, the one who did the make-up job."

"Okay. Let's say I buy that for a minute. Why wouldn't I want to do ordinary things?"

"You're so glamorous. Those are ordinary things. Things I'd be doing. I imagine you making movies, modeling in Paris or Milan, sailing around the world on a yacht, not ice skating in Central Park."

"Rockefeller Center, not Central Park."

"Whatever! I see you doing more. African safaris, nude sun bathing on the Riviera, stuff I can't even think about."

"I have a bucket list, like everyone else. Those things I described. All on my list. All things are extraordinary until you do them, then it becomes ordinary. I've never been ice skating at all. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center at Christmas would be magical."

"I see that. Okay, I see that. It would be kind of magical if you've never done it before."

"Don't get thrown off by the pretty face. It's not our outward appearance making us who we are. It's our experiences, our trials and tribulations. It's where you grew up and your attitude. It's the way you think and why you think that way. Deep down inside, I'm a small town girl from the South who's been knocked around a little. That's who I am. The glamour you're talking about; outside appearance, not me. I may look like Vampirella, but I'm Dorothy Gale, from Kansas. The only way I'm doing the things you talked about me doing is if some twister comes along and dumps me in Oz."

"You're right. I made assumptions based upon your appearance and lifestyle choice. I shouldn't have. If I've offended you, I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted. Pay the bill. How far to your apartment?"

"Three blocks."

"Let's go. Chop, chop, times a wasting," Ella said.

Matt paid the bill and they hurried down the street. The wind had picked up and it was getting colder. They covered the three blocks quickly and entered the three story apartment building where Matt had his unit on the third floor.

The Apartment

"Sorry, the elevator is broken and I live on the third floor." Matt said. "I don't care because climbing the stairs keeps me in shape for football. Being on the top does have some compensations, however. I'll show you when we get there."

Ella nodded and followed him up the stairs. Matt was rushing. He was used to the stairs and he was excited at the idea of her perfect red lips wrapped around his cock. He kept slowing down for her so she could catch up. He held the door for her at the top of the stairwell, and again as he ushered her into his apartment. It wasn't totally neat, but it wasn't a pigsty either.

"Can I take your coat for you?" Matt asked.

"Not yet, I'm still a little chilled even after climbing the stairs."

"I'll turn up the heat a little. I keep it lower because I work out in here a lot," and he pointed to the free weights lying on the floor of the living room.

He adjusted the thermostat up to 69 degrees from his customary 65. He then went to the window and pulled back the drapes. Before them, a river spread through the valley, big enough for islands to dot the water.

"It's beautiful, Frank."

"I like to work out while I'm watching the Mississippi River. It's so beautiful out there. The fall is spectacular when all the leaves change, but the other seasons are pretty nice too. Winter, with it's coat of pure white snow; Spring when all the trees and bushes start to bud green again; Summer, with all the activity on the water, the boats. They even have a paddle wheeler that does cruises. I went once last year with the football team. We all went out as kind of a team building exercise. I enjoyed it. All the lights across the river, that's La Crescent, Minnesota."

"Can you show me your student ID?" Ella asked.

"Yeah, it's on my study desk. Let me get it for you."

He went over to the desk and picked it up. He glanced at it and realized she would know his real name. Too bad, he kind of liked the anonymity of their relationship; Frankenstein and Vampirella, Frank and Ella.

"You don't mind if I cover my name up, do you? I kind of like being Frank and Ella."

"No problem, as long as it's got your picture on it."

"It does."

He cut a piece of ankle wrapping tape off and covered his name, then brought it to her. She held the card up next to his green face.

"Looks exactly like you," she quipped, "although I don't think it captured your color exactly. A junior, huh? That makes you what? 20, 21?"

"21 in December. I need to get his make-up off. Chloe gave me some stuff that's supposed to take it off. Mineral spirits or something."

"You want help getting it off?"

"Unless you won't want to give me a blow job when you see what I really look like. Then I'd like to delay it as long as possible."

"I think you're good, stud. I've convinced myself that I really want to suck your cock. It looked pretty tasty when I looked at it earlier."

"Not too big? My old girlfriend thought it was too big to suck, though she liked having it in her."

"I've dealt with bigger. It'll be fine."

"Offer accepted then."

Ella used the stuff that Chloe left with Matt and cleaned his face off. There was a lot of green greasepaint, some rubbery brows, scars and the electrical bolt protuberances on his neck. It took fifteen or twenty minutes and he was back to normal. She put some moisturizing cream on his face to counteract the drying affects of the make-up. When she was done, she patted his cheeks and held the photo next to his face again.

"Not bad, Frankie. Look almost human again. You want to get started? Where's your money? Business before pleasure, right. Girl's got to protect herself."

Matt fished a twenty out of his wallet and held it out. She stuffed it in her oversized purse and stood up, shrugging off her coat as she did so. Apparently, she was still chilled. Goose bumps covered her body everywhere her skimpy costume didn't, and that wasn't much. Her nipples were so big and taut, Matt thought they might tear the material.

"If you're still cold, why don't I run a tub of hot water and let you soak in it for awhile. There's no rush, is there?"

"Not if you don't mind if I crash here tonight. Do you have a problem with that?"

"I'd love for you to stay if you have nowhere else to go. I'll get the water going."

She put her coat back on and Matt went into the bathroom and started the hot water. He waited until it was good and hot before stopping the drain and setting it to fill. He tossed in some Epsom salts he used to soak in after football games. He let the tub fill up nice and high before calling Ella in.

"It's all set. I put some Epsom salts in to relax you, ease any soreness. Get in, I'll give you some privacy."

"Not necessary, Frank. This costume's shown you almost everything I have and I'm about to suck your cock. I can multi-task. Close the door, take off your clothes and sit on the edge of the tub."

Ella stripped off in seconds, her costume proving no impediment to her nudity. He was still working on unbuttoning his shirt as she was sinking into the steamy water. He had no more than a moment to see that her bush was closely trimmed, a lighter shade than the hair on her head and her body was simmering hot before it disappeared into the water.

"Are you sure you're turning 29?" Matt asked.

"That's what my birth certificate says."

"Fucking amazing."

He finished stripping off his clothes and stood self-consciously in front of her. She eyed him up and down, smiling when she saw his prick start to stand under her close scrutiny.

"Oh, yes. This is going to be fun. In the tub, tiger." She patted the edge. "Sit right here, and we'll see if we can't take care of that big problem you have."

He put his feet in the water and sat down where she indicated. She soaped up her hands and washed his cock and balls, rinsing them thoroughly before she finished.

"I have a question," he asked."

"What would that be?"

"When you were doing this at the party, everyone climaxed so fast. I'd like it to last a little longer if at all possible. I don't know if I can, because I've wanted you since seeing you at the party several hours ago. I might explode the minute you touch me, but anything you can do to slow it down, I'd appreciate it."

"That was business. Time was money. I'm in no rush now. We can take our time."

"Good. I want this to last as long as possible."

Ella smiled. Keeping her eyes on his, she lowered her mouth over his cock. He twitched as her tongue circled the head of his prick. Up and down she went, her eyes on him every moment, holding his gaze while taking him deeper each time. When she felt he was close to cumming, she pinched the base of his cock and stopped, letting him gather himself before proceeding. He kept his eyes on her, watching her lips circle his organ, her cheeks hollowing as she bobbed up and she applied suction, then sink lower on his shaft on the downstroke. Four or five times, she pinched the base and stopped, delaying his release. His eyes finally closed and he sighed as she fully enclosed his cock in her mouth. Good, she thought. I can let him go now. She reapplied herself to her task. His breathing grew ragged and heavy, almost panting, and he moaned deep in his throat every time she did something he particularly liked.

This time, when he got close, she didn't stop. She cradled his balls in her hand and she felt them rise as he reached his peak and she felt his cock swell and pulse in her mouth as he released the stream of cum he'd been saving all evening. Cries of "Fuck, fuck, fuck," filled her ears as a flood of his cream inundated her throat with each throb of his cock. She swallowed rapidly to avoid drowning in his cum. When she felt his pulses slow, she stroked him hard while sucking as she raised her mouth up his shaft to capture any last droplets of his release. Tugging his prick, she encouraged a couple more drops out of the tip which she licked off with the tip of her tongue.

Smiling up at him, she said, "Was it as good as you hoped?"

Pantingly, he said, "It was better than anything I ever imagined. I couldn't believe you got my whole cock in your mouth."

"Lots of practice."

"My God, yes. Practice. Practice makes perfect, and that was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Absolutely amazing."

"Get in the tub with me. Climb in behind me and I'll sit between your legs."

Matt got behind her and she leaned back against him, relaxing her head back against his shoulder.

"Mmm. I liked it too," Ella said. "You taste good."

He didn't really know what to do with his hands, it seemed like anywhere he might put them was a luscious female body part just waiting to be touched.

"Don't worry about it so much," she said, noticing his fidgeting. "You can touch my tits if you want. I won't mind."

So he cupped her breasts and sank a little deeper in the water, taking her with him until the water lapped just below their chins.

"This is relaxing," Matt said.

"It is," Ella agreed. "I needed this."

They lay there awhile, adding hot water as necessary to keep the water warm.

"Where are your clothes?" Matt asked. "You can't be traveling all the way to New York in late fall with just a Vampirella outfit, can you?"

"Most of my things are in a locker at the bus station. I have a few things in my big purse. I was planning on staying at the motel by the bus depot after the party. I made enough today to pay for a couple nights and a bus ticket to Bloomington, Indiana. I was going to hit a couple fraternities tomorrow to pay for food and incidentals. When I get to Bloomington, I was going to check out Indiana University for my next round of funds. I prefer smaller schools, normally, but I'm getting closer to New York and I'm going to need a few more dollars to set myself up there. Pretty expensive, I hear. I can't usually stay too long in one place. Don't want to attract the attention of the campus police. Might have to hit Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers, too."

"If you stay here a couple nights, you can save on the motel, might not have to hit the frat houses. You might want to consider smaller expensive private schools instead of the big public universities where most students are as poor as I am. You could probably charge $40 or $50 a pop for some of the rich kids there and not have suck so much dick. Places like Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth. Most of the students there come from money. Hell, you go to the right place, you might be able to charge $100."

"Maybe, but I worry about being on campus at those places. I suspect they keep a pretty close eye on non-students, due to the wealth and privilege of the kids attending."

"I never thought of that. How did you hear about the party today? How do you work this?"

"Usually, I wander around campus for a couple hours, check the bulletin boards for notices. Students advertise anything that isn't blatantly illegal where everyone can see it. The party notice was posted on a bulletin board at the student union along with an address and directions. It wasn't hard to find in a small town like La Crosse."

Encouraged by her relaxed attitude, Matt let one of his hands drift down her flat stomach and into the short hair covering her mound. She spread her legs wider to give him more access. While he started fingering and tugging on the nipple beneath the hand remaining on her breast, his other hand played with the lips of her pouting pussy. She started squirming against him and he slid two fingers into her heated folds.

"Mmm, you do that well. Do you have a lot of practice at that?" Ella asked, throwing one of her legs over the edge of the tub.

"I had to get my girlfriend pretty wet before she'd let me put my cock in her. We spent a lot of time at foreplay."

After thrusting his fingers in and out of her for a few minutes, he lowered his other hand and began playing with her clitoris, slowly stroking the stiffened nubbin.

"That feels great. Keep doing that, please."

Matt did as ordered, stroking her clit while finger fucking her cunt. He lowered his head and began kissing and licking the side of her neck from her ear to the shoulder. Her breathing sped up and she rocked back and forth on his hand, the water splashing in the tub. She cried out and he felt her pussy muscles squeezing down on his fingers as she climaxed.

"Marvelous, Frank. I haven't been this relaxed in a long time," Ella murmured, the last flushes of her orgasm fading away.

They basked in the afterglow of her pleasure briefly when Ella asked, "Are you clean, Mr. Stein?"

"I'm in a bath tub. What do you think?"

"I don't mean dirty/clean. I'm asking about STD's, venereal diseases."

"Oh. Well, I passed my football physical with flying colors and I haven't been with anyone since then. Why do you ask?"

"Because I want to feel the cock demanding attention at my backside, in my cunt. I want to fuck you and I wanted to know if I needed protection."

"Don't you need to worry about pregnancy?"

"I'm on the pill. I won't get pregnant."

"Are you clean? I mean given your work?"

"I get checked regularly, and except for blow jobs, I haven't had sex since my last physical. I'm pretty careful. One of the reasons I like students. I don't do this if I have any sores in my mouth and I use mouthwash religiously."

"I don't have any more money to spare."

"I don't sell my body, Frank. I will, however, share it with the occasional guy if I like him. If you want it."

"Oh, God, how I want it. Right now? In the tub?"

"I'm turning into a prune. We can adjourn to your bed. I'd like to brush my teeth and gargle. Unless you're crazy for cum/onion breath."

"Yeah, me too, except for the cum part anyway."

He helped her out of the tub, boosting her up with a hand on her perfect ass, then climbed out after her and helped her dry off with the largest, fluffiest towel he could find in the linen closet. It gave him more time to appreciate the sheer perfection of her body. She was about six inches shorter than he was, dark hair, although he suspected a dye job due to the lighter shade of hair on her pussy. She sported an hourglass figure with high, full breasts, big nipples he ached to suck and nibble, narrow waist, swelling to sweet hips that would cradle him as he plunged into her. Her pussy was plump and full, providing a nice pad to bounce on as he pounded it. His cock swelled thinking of it.

She got a toothbrush from her purse and they took turns brushing and rinsing. They looked at each other and she smiled as she spied his bobbing prick, standing stiffly out from the curls of his pubes. Grabbing his tumescent organ with her hand, she led him to his bedroom, throwing back the covers when she reached the bed. She pushed him down on the mattress and straddled his head, feeling his tongue delve into her cunt, already dripping in anticipation of the fucking to come. He was as skilled with his tongue as with his fingers and she felt herself surrendering to another climax as he licked her to completion. Both his hands were on her ass, helping her rock on his lips and tongue. After he licked her clean, she moved down the bed until her pussy was poised over his prick, leaking pre-cum from the tip. She smeared it over the large purple head and using her hand, positioned it at her liquid entrance.

Ella sank down, feeling the head spread her cunt, sighing at the fullness, right before he thrust up from the bed, spearing full depth into her.

"Aughh, fuck. That feels so good, Frank," Ella moaned. "I love a good hard prick. Hold still a minute. Let me ride you. I'll tell you when you can move."

She slowly rode Matt's cock, combining a back and forth motion with an up and down movement and an exquisitely tight sheath created of molten fire to suck the breath from his body. She rocked astride his body with tempered slowness, feeling breathtakingly wonderful, but without the necessary friction to bring him to completion. She kept on until she crested again, then encouraged him to take her hard. He rolled her beneath him on the bed and slammed into her while she rode the wave of her climax, sending her off again.

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