tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHalloween with Movie Stars Ch. 04

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 04


Pete and Tim...first time without the girls

There was a knock on the door. Pete knew it was Tim. They saw each other earlier at class and decided to get together after school. "Hey Suck Buddy," he said with a crooked grin. "Come on in."

Tim returned the smile as he walked in and put the six pack in the frig. He pulled two beers, handed one to Pete and sat on the couch.

This was the first time they had met together, without the girls, since the girls came into their lives at the Halloween party. They used to get together all the time, hang out, watch TV and drink beer. Sometimes they would play basketball, others they would go to the local bar and check out the women. So much had changed since then and yet that was only a few weeks ago.

Tim took a sip of his beer, "You're not going to start calling me Suck Buddy are you?"

Pete grinned. "I should...but no. So uh...tell me man...how did all this get started? It seems to me you know a lot more than you have told me."

Tim grinned, "Dude! You have no idea."

"Well...why don't you fill me in," Pete said giving his crotch an obvious nudge.

"Well first of all, that party...the Halloween party...I had no clue. I wasn't in on that at all. I knew Jon, but not really. He lived next door, but it's not like we hung out or anything. We passed each other in the hall and that was about it."

"Well...I'm glad to hear that much at least."

"Yeah...I saw you with a chick from across the room. Of course I was with Angelina who was all over me. I was digging it. I thought we had both scored big time. But then I thought I recognized Jon underneath all that and freaked. I tried to warn you, but the music was too loud. Angelina realized that I figured it out and started playing with my dick in a big way. Of course I had no idea about her."

"Yeah...she really knows how to do that, doesn't she?" Pete smiled.

"Oh yeah," Tim agreed. "Well she took me to one of the bedrooms and gave me the best blowjob of my life! We came back out, but you guys were gone. So we started dancing and making out. That's when you showed up...and we split."

"Yeah...that part I got. It's the part after that I'm not so sure about," Pete said.

"Well, later that night 'Marilyn' comes by my place. I wasn't sure what to do. I knew then that it was really Jon." He turned to Pete, "I still can't believe how good they look dressed up."

"Yeah...you really can't tell. It's amazing," Pete agreed.

"He asked me not to tell you about him, didn't want to ruin the illusion for you. Then he pretty much pushed his way into my room, told me how he had given you this incredible blowjob, fed you this big mouthful of cum and how much you loved it."

He turned to Pete again, "I knew he was telling the truth because Angelina had done the same thing to me." Tim took another sip, "Jon said he would do anything for me to keep his secret. Before I know it, he is on his knees, pulling my dick out."

Pete smiled, "We both know how that went."

Tim smiled too. "No shit! Two of the best blowjobs of my life...in the same night." They tipped their cans at each other and took another sip.

"So he tells me he is coming by the next day to give me another blowjob. And he's going to keep coming by, every day, to suck my cock, just as long as I keep his little secret." Tim turned to Pete feeling guilty, "Dude..."

"Don't worry man. I understand. I would have done the same thing," Pete said.

Tim was relieved. "Well, sure as shit, he shows the next day. And I don't have to tell you how good that was. That guy can suck a basketball through a garden hose..."

Pete smiles, "No shit."

"He comes by the third day and he has Angelina with him. I was not expecting that. Well it didn't take two seconds to figure she was really a he at that point. Man, they both went to work on me... Whew! Dude, that was super awesome," he said with a shit eating grin.

Pete smiled nudging his cock, giving it more room to grow.

"So Angelina is sucking my cock...doing things to me that are just crazy...and Marilyn works her way up, straddles my face, rubs her cock against my lips. I freaked a little to be sure...but she just pushed it right into my mouth."

Pete nudged his crotch again thinking about that first time for him with Angelina, how she stuck her cock in his face, gave him instructions of exactly what to do. He glanced at Tim's lap, saw the bulge. This time he knew intimately the nice thick cock that was making that bulge. He reached over and squeezed it, "So...how was that?"

Tim smiled as Pete squeezed his cock. That squeeze felt really good. He moved his hand to Pete's lap, felt his erection. He gave it a nice, slow rub, made his way down to cup his balls. "I think you know how that was..." Pete felt Tim's cock jerk between his fingers and smiled.

"That's how it started man. That's where it all began," Tim said still rubbing Pete's cock in a slow, easy caress. "They came over the next day, both of them. They got me all worked up, took me into the bathroom and shaved my cock. Pretty soon I had two hard cocks dancing in my face..." Pete grinned and gave him a reassuring squeeze.

"I must have sucked those cocks for hours. One would get close to orgasm and then they would switch," Tim grinned. "Well that's when they started talking, making plans to get you."

Pete was nodding his head in agreement. It made perfect sense to him.

"Well I guess it was the forth day, maybe the fifth, Marilyn shows up with a pair of panties...for me. It didn't make any difference at that point. I put them on and got to work on her cock," he said taking another sip. Then as an aside, "I've gotten to where I really like them now. I mean they are comfortable, like really comfortable. And man...once I get hard...shit... that is the best."

"So let me guess. She comes over every day, insists that you play with her cock. She tells you exactly what to do, how to do it and when. When you are not sucking it, you are kissing it. When you are not kissing it, you are fondling it. Pretty close?" Pete asks.

Tim looks at him, "Yeah...dead on. We do that for hours."

"She insists that you drink her cum...and drink your cum too," Pete said.

"Yep!" Tim looked at Pete. "I can't tell you how much cum I have drunk in the last ten days. The damned thing about it is now I really like it. The shit makes me hard every time I taste it."

"Yeah," Pete agrees rather astonished that they have that in common, "I know what you mean. Same thing happens to me." He thought about it for a second, "Do you think the taste of cum makes all guys horny?"

"I don't know," Tim said pondering the question. "You know, most guys have never tasted cum, but I bet the ones that have...get horny as hell."

"I haven't done the panty thing," Pete admits. "You really like it?"

Tim looked at him, stopped rubbing his cock for a moment. "I think you will dig it."

Pete searches his face, "Yeah...you're probably right. Hell, I've liked every thing else." He waited a moment, "So...you wearing them now?"

"Oh yeah," Tim grinned.

"Let's get these pants off," Pete says.

They stood, undid their jeans.

Tim was wearing a pair of baby blue silk panties with a bow in front. They looked particularly lewd with his erection stretching them out. Pete ran his hand over Tim's erection, "Dude...you are so hard." He ran his other hand down, cupped his balls. They felt good covered in silk.

"Yeah...that's nice," Pete said. He took a step forward, rubbed his exposed erection against Tim's silk covered one. "Oh shit..." Pete moaned. He started humping Tim, cock against cock, real slow. "Fuck man...that feels great."

"Man...that is making me so fucking horny!" Tim said with a lazy smile. "You should feel it from this side," he said pulling back, removing the panties and handing them to his buddy.

Pete took the panties and pulled them on. Now it was his erection that was making the lewd presentation in silk. He definitely liked the way they felt, although he was not too crazy about the way they looked. The cute little bow, the lace around the edges would all take some getting used too.

"What do you think man?" Tim asked twisting his fingers around the tip of Pete's silk clad cock. He watched Pete's eyes. "Not so bad, huh?" he whispered.

"Holy shit..." Pete said feeling his knees getting weak.

"I told you man," Tim said pushing his advantage, knowing exactly how to use that silk with Pete's hairless cock and balls. Once Pete's eyes started to flutter, Tim pulled his hand back, replaced it with his throbbing cock.

"Wow," Pete mumbled. Tim humped him slowly knowing Pete would definitely be a convert.

"You can keep those. I have more back at my place," Tim grinned.

He had worn the blue ones knowing they would be easier for Pete to stomach. But he had a pink satin thong back at his place that he couldn't wait to get on Pete. They had ruffles going across the front. He knew Pete would look kick ass in them.

They both sat back down on the couch. Pete's cock was literally throbbing inside those silk panties. Each little jerk, the slightest movement, sent sensations up and down his spine. Tim saw every jerk. The girls said the panties would be key and of course they were right.

"Whoever thought we would be sucking cock..." Tim said easily.

"Yeah...no kidding," Pete chuckled. He glanced at Tim, "I like sucking cock."

"And you do it really good," Tim said. He looked Pete dead in the eye, "I love sucking cock." He couldn't keep his eyes from drifting down to those baby blue panties and the twitching bulge underneath. "You look good in those panties."

Pete was definitely getting over his reservations about the way they looked. Those crazy sensations coming from the silk...

Tim rose to his feet, took a step closer to his buddy, rubbed his nice, thick cock across his lips. Pete wasted no time teasing it with his tongue. "That's hot dude...feels good." Tim let him have a few more licks before making his next request, "Suck my cock man..."

Pete parted his lips, took Tim's thick shaft into his mouth. He knew exactly what to do, the girls had taught him well. He went down, pulled back up, danced over the tip. It was even better this time wearing panties.

"Do you have a mirror...like a big mirror," Tim asked. Pete was trying to think, but it was difficult because his focus was on that thick shaft filling his mouth. Tim eased it away from his hungry lips, "Maybe Dana has one..."

"Yeah...maybe," Pete said having his concentration broken. He gave Tim's cock a kiss and walked over to Dana's room. "Yeah, here's a full length one on a stand."

"Bring it in here," Tim said stroking his throbbing erection. He showed Pete where to put it, loved the way his erection bounced seductively behind the silk panties. Pete was a little surprised by the request, especially when Tim had him set it up behind the couch.

Pete walked back around to the front of the couch. Tim wrapped his hand around his silk clad erection, "You dig those panties...don't you?"

Pete couldn't lie, "Yeah...they're hot."

Tim gave him that lazy smile. "I going to show you something you are going to like more than those panties...more than sucking cock." Tim looked him in the eyes, "Do you trust me?"

Pete searched his face, knew he was telling the truth. "Yeah..."

"Bend over this couch," Tim said smoothly. Suddenly Pete understood what he had in mind. "And look in the mirror..."

Pete's face flushed at the thought. He turned, bent over the couch and stuck his ass up in the air. That mirror was right in front of him. He could see how flushed his face was, how horny he was. He could also see Tim move behind him.

He felt Tim place that thick cock of his atop his ass, pull the panties to the side. "I know what you are thinking...I thought it too." Tim reached around, grabbed a handful of hard cock wrapped in silk. Tim let his cock ease down Pete's ass, gave Pete a hard squeeze and pushed the head of his cock into Pete.

"Uuuuuh," Pete groaned.

"Just breathe...it gets better," Tim said in a soothing voice. "Watch the mirror," he instructed.

Pete was definitely feeling some pain. He was not used to this. He managed to look in the mirror. There was Tim, face full of lust, standing behind him, hand wrapped around his silk clad cock.

Tim looked at Pete's face in the mirror, "It gets sooo much better." He gave Pete a nice hard squeeze, pushed in another inch.

"They fuck me all the time now..." Tim said with that grin of his. He could see that Pete was starting to adjust. He knew it would happen. He rolled his thumb over the head of Pete's cock. "You wouldn't believe some of the things we've done together. It's so fucking hot..."

That pain was quickly subsiding, being replaced with the most devilish sensations. Pete was starting to understand. Now the thought of having Tim's nice, thick cock in his ass...all the way in his ass...consumed him.

He looked in the mirror; saw the lust on Tim's face, his own face as well...

Pete pushed back against Tim's cock until he felt Tim's balls pushed up against his own.

"Oh fuck...." Pete hissed at the unbelievable feeling.

"Dude...you're going to love this," Tim said with conviction.

Then like some master gigolo, Tim started with the gentlest of movements, not more than an inch at best. Pete marveled at this new feeling, this feeling of being taken. Tim added another inch or two, slowly, easily.

He glanced in the mirror. Pete had fully adjusted now; he could see it in his face. He kept adding inches until he was finally pushing all the way in. Now balls deep into his buddy, he swayed his hips side to side giving him the full effect of having a nice, thick cock buried in his ass." He glanced in the mirror, saw the look on Pete's face. Yeah, he got it.

Tim withdrew his cock slowly, almost all the way out...only to ease it back in. "Keep your eyes on that mirror..." Tim said in a commanding voice. "I'm gonna rock your world."

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