tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHalloween with Movie Stars Ch. 03

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 03


Things always happen for a reason...

It had been over two weeks since Pete talked to Tim. They hadn't spoken since the Halloween party. He had waited long enough. If things were fucked up, it was time to straighten them out. He picked up the phone and called.

The conversation was a little awkward at first, but then it smoothed out. After shooting the shit for a while they decided to go play some basketball.

Tim was the first to broach the subject, "So uh...how you doing man?"

Pete knew he was referring to the party, about how he had kissed a chick all night long, who was really a guy, let him suck his cock. "Hey man...you got to promise me you're not going to tell anyone about that."

"No problem. I won't tell a soul, promise."

Pete looked around, confirmed they were alone. "I'll admit at first...I was a little pissed. It was a surprise, you know? I had no idea that it was a dude." He measured his words, "But now that I have had time to think about it...it was one of the best blowjobs I have ever had."

Tim looked at him, searched his face. Was he joking? No, no he was definitely not joking. He thought about it for a second, got a slow grin across his face, "Hey...a blowjob is a blowjob, right?"

Pete grinned, "You got that right!" He took the ball, dribbled right around Tim and went for a lay up. Tim retrieved the ball, tried to make his way down court, but Pete had him covered pretty good. Tim made a little move, stepped back, took a long shot. Swoosh.

Pete got the ball, dribbled it in place for a moment. Then he stopped, looked at Tim. "Hey man...there is something I got to tell you." Tim could see he had gotten serious. "I should have told you the other night, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, especially after you told me about Marilyn."

Now Tim was all ears.

"Don't get pissed...but that chick you were with...Angelina Jolie...that was my roommate. I know, I know...I should have told you the other night. But in my defense, I did pull you away just as soon as I realized what was happening. I would have done it sooner had I seen who you were with." He paused a second, "He belongs to the same drama club as Marilyn."

Pete waited for the barrage, but it didn't come. He thought Tim was taking it really well. It had been two weeks now. Maybe it didn't matter anymore, water under the bridge. Or maybe since it had happened to him too, it wasn't that big a deal.

Tim just shrugged it off, "Shit happens."

Pete was surprised, but glad he didn't make a big thing out of it. He dribbled around him, took three steps, made his shot.

Pete remembered Dana saying he was going to spend the night at Lisa's. "Hey man...why don't you come over later? We can drink some beer, hang out. It's been a while."

"Cool man. I'll get cleaned up, grab some beer and head over."

Pete went home and jumped in the shower. It felt good to get things straight with Tim. It had been on his mind for the last two weeks. He had worried that it fucked up their relationship. Now he knew it hadn't. He was glad to get it past them.

He stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel and made his way to the kitchen for a beer. He saw Dana sitting on the couch. "Hey man, I thought you were going to Lisa's."

"Yeah, she cancelled," Dana said admiring Pete's cock as he dried off before him. It looked so much better now that he had shaved off all his pubes.

"Bummer dude. Hey, I invited Tim over. Not sure how you feel about that. I thought you would be gone."

"It's ok. Do you think he is ok?" Dana asked.

"Not sure," Pete said thinking about it. "We played some basketball earlier and I told him about you, Halloween night and all that. Sorry man, I just had to get it off my chest."

"No, that's cool. It would have come out sooner or later anyway," Dana said. "So...what do you think? Should I split?"

Pete remembered how well Tim took the news. "That's up to you, but I got to say he took the news really well. I was surprised."

"Well...I can't hide from him forever. If you are ok with it...I think I will stick around."

"Sure, I'm good with it. Whatever happens, I'm sure it won't get ugly. Tim's not like that. Beer?"

"Yeah, sure."

Pete threw the towel over his shoulder, grabbed two beers from the frig, and handed one to Dana.

"Thanks," Dana said unable to resist running his hand over Pete's nice, clean shaven balls. He gave them a gentle tug, debated whether to run his tongue over them. Pete shot him a smile. "I've got some studying to do for tomorrow," Dana said releasing them. He got up and disappeared into his room.

Pete headed to his to get dressed.

It was probably an hour later when the knock came on the door. Pete hopped up, walked over to let Tim in. He opened the door and froze. There on Tim's arm, very comfortably on Tim's arm, was Marilyn Monroe.

She was just as he remembered from the party, short platinum hair with the sexy little curl in it, those ruby red lips, the mole to the side of her mouth. Her eyelashes were long and sexy. She was wearing a cute little white crop top with a massive green bow that pretty much covered the front with a short little green plaid skirt, school girl fashion, and white knee socks with little green bows at the top and black heels with an ankle strap.

She was glad to see the affect she had on Pete. She stepped forward, planted those ruby red lips against his, pushed her tongue into his mouth. He reciprocated, sharing a nice, easy French kiss right there in front of Tim.

"Remember me?" she asked in her innocent little whisper.

"Yes...yes of course," he leered into her eyes. He glanced at Tim. Clearly something was going on. "Please...come in."

Marilyn walked in pretty as you pleased made herself comfortable on the couch. Tim took the six pack to the kitchen and put it in the frig.

Pete was confused. He certainly hadn't expected to see Marilyn. He couldn't help checking her out once again. Even though he knew this time, she was just as pretty as he remembered with her mannerisms perfectly in sync with what he saw.

Was she supposed to be Tim's date? Did he bring her for him?

Marilyn patted the couch next to her, "Come sit with me."

Pete walked over and sat next to her on the couch. Her hand curled around his inner thigh, "I had such a good time at the party the other night." She gave that cute innocent little giggle. "It's good to see you again."

Dana's door opened and out walked Angelina Jolie. Low and behold, she was wearing a school girl uniform too. Hers, of course, was edger, sluttier. The straps to her top were off the shoulder; her skirt was a blue plaid with white garter straps extended down several inches past her skirt holding her white silk stockings which disappeared into stiletto heels.

She glanced at Pete on the couch with Marilyn, smiled, turned to Tim, took him in her arms, gave him a slow, slobbery kiss with lots of tongue.

Pete's eyes opened wide. He actually felt a pang of jealousy watching that lip lock. But it disappeared quickly when Marilyn grabbed a hunk of hair, pulled him in for a deep soul kiss that left him hard as a rock.

Angelina led Tim over to the couch, sat next to Pete with Tim on her other side. She saw the confusion in Pete's eyes, the bulge in his pants and grinned. She leaned in, made a point of tracing his lips with her tongue before pushing her lips against his.

Pete was confused as ever, but didn't really care. Obviously the girls had cooked this all up.

Angelina was the first to speak, "We thought since everyone had such a good time the other night at the party...that we would get back together." Pete just smiled. "Of course a few things have changed since then," Angelina said with that sexy little bad girl look of hers.

Pete's smile disappeared. Holy shit! She wasn't going to mention how he had sucked her cock was she? She had fed that thing to him for hours.

Angelina reached over for Tim's hand, moved it underneath her skirt. She stared into Pete's eyes as he watched Tim's hand moving around underneath her skirt, clearly retrieving her cock from her panties.

A slow grin crossed Pete's face as the movement going on underneath Angelina's skirt was clearly that of Tim leisurely stroking her cock.

It dawned on Pete that Tim knew everything about the last few days. And from the way he was playing with Angelina's cock, there had obviously been some things going on over at his place as well.

Marilyn reached for Pete's hand, moved it ever so slowly underneath her skirt. His fingers bumped into her bulge held tightly by what felt like silk panties. He grinned as his fingers worked their way to the top, pulled them down enough for her erection to spring free.

He wrapped his fingers around the base of her shaft, gave it a nice, easy squeeze as he leaned over to give her a kiss. There tongues met, played and caressed as he rolled his thumb over the head of her hard dick. Tim and Angelina's moans filled the room confirming they were doing the same thing.

Pete felt some wetness leaking from Marilyn's cock. He locked his fingers tight around the base of her shaft, pulled them up to the head coaxing a large dollop to appear. He captured it on his fingertip, raised it to his mouth and applied it liberally to his lips much to Marilyn's delight.

Marilyn spread her legs wide, eased her skirt up revealing full access to her throbbing cock. Pete smiled as he effortlessly moved to his knees between her legs, and using just his lips, took it into his mouth. He pushed down her length, slowly, easily. He waited a beat, came back up, twirled his tongue around the head before dipping his tongue up her slit.

He had almost forgotten about Tim, Angelina. He glanced over to see his buddy Tim with his lips hugging the root of Angelina's cock. He watched as Tim slowly pulled up her length, coating her beautiful thick cock with his salvia and planted a kiss right on the tip.

Marilyn grabbed his head, pointed it back at her cock. It was leaking profusely. His focus turned totally to her cock. He dipped down, swiped it off, swallowed. He parted his lips, worked them down her length.

He sucked hard, then soft. He licked her shaft from one end to the other. He teased the tip with butterfly kisses. He coaxed a big dollop on his finger, offered it to her waiting lips. He felt her tongue swipe it off, lick the tip of his finger suggestively making his cock throb.

He stole glimpses of Tim doing much the same thing to Angelina. Tim had clearly learned how to work a cock...just like he had.

And that's exactly what they did. They worked those cocks, taking them to the edge, squeezing them off, waiting, only to start all over again.

After a long, luxurious amount of time, Marilyn looked over at Angelina, "Are you ready to cum?"

Angelina had that nasty little smirk on her face, "Oh yeah."

The boys knew just what to do. Like a pair of twins, working in unison, they both plunged all the way down their respective cocks, waited a beat, then another, sucked hard, and pulled back up, and off, holding their mouths opened wide.

"Yeah...fuck yeah..." Marilyn hissed aiming her cock, letting loose of a heavy stream of rich cum straight into Pete's mouth.

Angelina blasted her first load all over Tim's face, but managed to get her second into his mouth.

Both boys immediately took those cocks back in their mouth; sucked, licked and slurped until the girl's grunts and groans had ceased.

"Kiss him," Marilyn commanded.

"Do it," Angelina said forcefully.

Tim and Pete turned to each other, pushed their lips together, followed by their tongues and oceans and oceans of thick, warm cum.

"Now that's fucking hot," Angelina hissed.

"Yeah it is," Marilyn smiled.

"This calls for a drink,"Angelina said as she tucked her cock back into her panties, rose to her feet and headed to the kitchen as the boys continued to swap cum.

She came back with four shot glasses and that bottle of tequila. She filled each to the brim and set the bottle down. Pete and Tim had finished their kiss, swallowed every drop of cum. They sat on the floor, heads spinning wildly.

Each took their glass, threw them down, swallowed hard.

Angelina gave Marilyn a quick smile, "I think we all know what time it is now..."

Marilyn grinned, "We most certainly do." She looked at Tim, "Stand up."

Pete found himself inches away from Tim's crotch, staring at the very noticeable bulge in his jeans. He grabbed the bottle of tequila, poured himself another shot and downed it quickly.

He turned back to Tim, glanced up. They both knew what he was about to do. Never in a million years did he think he would be doing this with his buddy. He pulled that zipper down. He reached for the button holding Tim's jeans together, unbuttoned it, yanked those jeans down to the floor.

Pete's eyes opened wide staring at the pink satin panties, trimmed in cute little lace with a nice little bow in front staring back at him. Those panties were doing a really poor job of holding Tim's throbbing erection.

Angelina leaned over, eased the top of those panties down. Marilyn caught Tim's erection as it popped free, ran it seductively over Pete's lips. Tim was shaved smooth. Obviously the girls had gotten to him too.

"Kiss, kiss..." she prompted.

Pete grinned slightly, but puckered his lips, started planting little kisses on his buddy's nice, thick cock. Then with the greatest of ease, he parted his lips, slipped them right down Tim's shaft.

"That's better," Marilyn said releasing her hold on Tim's cock.

Angelina poured two shots, handed one to Marilyn. They clinked glasses and threw them down. They shared a brief peck on the lips before falling back on the couch to watch Pete suck Tim's cock.

"No less than thirty minutes," Angelina barked at Pete. "If he comes before then...you are in big trouble mister."

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