tagBDSMHands on the Wall

Hands on the Wall


Chapter 1

We would have dined, you would know me by now and there would be an element of trust between us. The atmosphere in the crowded restaurant will have been charged with sexual energy - our energy. Feels like we are alone but we aren't. I will have told you how the night was going to unravel and you would be excited already.

Our heads would be close across a small table and my hand would be on your knee underneath. I would be speaking quietly to you while teasing just inside your knee with my fingers.

You would be eagerly listening to what I am about to do to you at home, subconsciously, your legs are easing apart right there in the restaurant.

"Before we leave the restaurant, I want you to make your way to the bathroom and remove your panties" I propose. The 'hands on the wall rule' requires access under your dress and I don't want this job done at home. You are to return from the bathroom and hand your panties to me subtly over the table so I know you are keen. We will drive to my place after desert. I will hold onto your underwear"

You are nodding at me and our foreheads are almost meeting over the table. It is very intimate and I can see you are keen for events so far.

You stand to leave for the bathroom but I place my hand on yours and say "wait, there are more rules"

You quietly sit down again and smiling, ask "oh".

I say "yes" meeting your smile with my own and staring into your eyes I continue.

"You may talk on the way home as normal and be as normal to that point, but when we get home things will change" You frown a little but I continue - reassuringly holding your eyes with mine.

When we are in my home you play by my rules. It is my intention to torture you with pleasure. There are several elements to this but none more important than your obedience." I can see that you are concerned but intrigued as well, with one raised eye brow.

For reassurance I tell you that you will not be forced into anything you don't want to do or situations that are over the top. You can also have a key word. The key word means stop immediately.

After I reassure you, together we come up with the word 'tigerprawn' which just happened to be on the menu at restaurant... You can use this word any time and what ever is being done is stopped and you are free to back out, rest, re arrange etc until you are comfortable to continue. I explain this and you nod, and then you excuse yourself for the bathroom.

When you return you have a look on your face that points to a quirky confidence mixed with anticipation and adventure.

I can see scrunched up in one of your hands the tiny red fabric of requirements/permission for the night to continue as I planned.

You sit back down opposite me and I imagine the lack of fabric under your dress and the sensations you must be feeling... I'm getting quite a 'hard to hide' bulge of anticipation myself and tell you as you tentatively hand me your little red handful over the table.

I hold them between my hands and gently hold them to my face and can smell and feel your excitement already.

I tuck them in my trouser pocket and order a small desert for us to share so I can think of prime numbers while I eat and make myself respectable enough to walk out of the restaurant with you. My bulge would be an embarrassing give away of my excitement....

When we leave, I pay the bill and we walk arm in arm out to the car. I feel a lot of eyes on us and you feel them also. This combined with the draft you can feel, the anticipation and new sensations down there under the dress are thrilling you.

We walk to a lightly lit part of the car park, still arm in arm. As we get to the passenger side of the car, your door, I swing you around to face me, gently but firmly. I press you back against the side of the car with my body. Immediately you can feel how much I want you. it is obvious and I don't try to hide it. We start kissing, our first time and it is so passionate and intense. Our mouths are locked and hungry and we are groaning out with the intensity of what we want to do and feel.

You can feel my hardness down there and are pushing your groin back toward mine and enjoying the pressure there as much as I am. Your hands are moving around my shoulders and over my neck while I explore as much of your body as I can without breaking our kiss. I am grinding you into the side of the car. Despite being fully (well mostly) clothed the sensations throughout are so intense.

I pull your bum away from the car and we stand up straight. With both hands behind you I begin to scrunch your dress up . As we continue to kiss you can feel the gentle wind caressing higher and higher up the backs of your legs... The sensation and increasing passions are fantastic, as is the kissing

You are going to be teased to the edge of screaming.

You can feel my hardness there, bulging against my fly and against your mound

You can feel the breeze whispering between your thighs as I bunch the back of your dress in my hands. I reach down, breaking our kiss and run my right hands' finger nails, up the back of your right leg from behind the knee...

It feels electric and you moan while kissing and biting my neck

I flatten my nails so the prints of my fingers are lightly running up and down your inner thigh and the curve of your ass.

IT feels so good, you angle your knee outward so access to your pussy area is easier, like an invitation. I keep playing with my right hand, up and around your ass, just teasingly close to your mound but never touching it. My right hand has your dress bunched in it and I am lifting it higher.

You are so engrossed in what we are doing that you don't care that your ass and legs are waving in the wind and your pussy is trying to get some form of friction from the fabric and bulge in my pants.

Your breath shortens and gets gasped and you stutter to me "for god sake, touch me there, put something in me, fuck me do it here now"

I lean away and tell you firmly "this is my game and it's only the beginning, be patient it'll be worth it".

I put my hand under the inside of your thigh near your knee and lift your leg of the ground. I push my bulge lightly against your needing mound and you whisper "yes..."

I reply quietly 'no' and move slowly away. You almost lose your balance and with a frustrated pout look at me while I unlock the car door. I open it for you and motion to climb in. I grasp you by your upper arm and mention that "there is one thing to do before we go."

"I need your mouth on my cock for exactly a minute as an indicator for your commitment to the rest of the night"

You look anxious as there are people milling and wandering nearby. I explain how we will do it and not be exposed.

I open the door and you are instructed to kneel in the area on the floor of the passenger area. I like the way you nod and smile - excited by the hidden fun we are trying to pull off.

Unzipping my fly I pull the door closed leaving me standing out side with my inflamed, engorge member straining against my silk boxers. You are kneeling down below the window line and I move forward so the front of me is inside the door and my back is outside. This obscures anyone looking, from seeing any one. You are still a bit nervous but I tell you "the one minute starts when I am in your mouth". I offer an extra challenge, "if you can make me come in that time I will lick you out for an hour and the other rewards will be immeasurable" You smile at me with this and I can see that you are keen and willing to take on the challenge. I stand there and can feel you move the front of my underwear to the side. I hear you mutter something about "not bad" or some such and feel your hands stroke my length. I can't help but quiver and then I feel your tongue.

I almost explode there and then but there is too much at stake and I want to tease you for along time yet, this is just the start. I feel your tongue run the length of my cock from the base of my balls to the tip. As I feel your lips slip over my tip I almost blow and barely remember to start the watch.

You take to the task so well and are determined to make me lose it within the minute. I have both my hands out on the roof of the car and the thrill and sensations are amazing as I watch people go by and feel you bobbing on my shaft and tip. God, it's amazing! I am so impressed with your efforts that I can't help but feel you should be rewarded for the rest of the night.

You hear the beep of the watch pass the time that the one min is up, but you carry on hoping that I am nearly there and might still sneak an hour of my tongues treatment on you.

It's not going to be that on this occasion for you.

I reach down and brush your ear with my hand and ask you to stop, saying 'thank you, it's my turn again'

You look up with a smile that is all keen anticipation.

I am by now like a rock and getting the zip over myself is amusing to us both. I make my way around to the driver's door while you get in a normal seated position. You smile at me and we have a little laugh at what we've been up to. People have probably figured it out but who cares...?

As I start the car I tell you "it's a 15 min drive to my place and I want you to have cum at least once before you leave the car". I tell you that "you are not to touch yourself and to follow my instructions very carefully or there will be consequences" you smile again and nod like a cheeky school girl.

My bulge and smile give away how turned on I am.

We get on to the motorway and straight roads that lead to my place and I offer the next instructions. You are to lift your dress up and expose your pussy so I can reach it. When you have bunched your dress behind your back you are to lean back and trap it there with your back against the seat to stop it slipping down and covering you up again. You do this and feel a little uncomfortable having your beautiful mound there for me to see and so vulnerable. I reassure you "Don't worry - you will enjoy - I promise you"

I then tell you to place your hands behind your head and to keep them there.

So there you are stretched out in the passenger seat of my car, your lovely mound out for me to see, at the edge of the seat, being illuminated on and off by the various motorway lights as we speed along toward my home. It is hard to drive with that kind of distraction and I take it easy on the throttle so we don't draw any attention. I don't want to have to describe your uncovered look to any authorities...

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