tagGroup SexHandyman Chronicles Ch. 03

Handyman Chronicles Ch. 03


I followed Brooke out of the shower, threw a towel around my waist (and around my raging hard-on), and followed her out the door. I walked back into the kitchen to find Brooke and Marco sensuously making out next to island, Brooke stroking Marco's cock through his boxer briefs. I took in the sight for a moment before I noticed several glasses of a delightful looking cocktail waiting on the counter. I reached over and took a glass, giving it a big swig without a second thought. It definitely had some alcohol in it, but the main flavor was essentially a citrus-flavored, salty dryness. When Brooke first described the cocktail I expected a normal drink with an extra little something on top; but what this seemed to be was a glass full of Marco's cum with a splash of vodka and fruit juice. The first sip was a little tough, but as I watched the two of them go at it a few feet away, I decided it was a drink I could get used to. As Brooke worked Marco's cocked and played with the pre-cum oozing out the tip, I took a big swig, then slowly approached. I placed on hand on Brooke's perky little ass to let her know I was there, and reached down with the other to join her in playing with Marco's cock. As Brooke jerked his shaft, I cupped and fondled his balls.

I slowly dropped to my knees, moving my left hand from Brooke's ass cheek into her crack, finding her warm, wet slit between her legs, softly rubbing it. I used my other hand to grip Marco's shaft and point it toward my mouth, licking a big drop of pre-cum off with tip of my tongue, then softly licking around the head of his cock. I kept massaging Brooke's pussy while I began to work my tongue along the bottom of Marco's cock, licking down to the base, rubbing my tongue on his balls. They both moaned softly, and Marco grabbed my head and pushed my face into his ball sack. I unwrapped the towel from my waist and piled it up under my knees, allowing me to enjoy Marco's cock by being naked and a little more comfortable.

This action continued for a few minutes, Marco guiding my head back up the length of his cock and pushing the head between my lips, eager to enjoy the skills I had shown him earlier. I slowly moved my head toward Marco's body, allowing his cock in millimeter by millimeter, while simultaneously rolling my head from side to side and using my tongue to caress the bottom of his cock, licking back and forth. While I worked his cock in, I began fingering Brooke's pussy with two fingers, finding her G-spot with the tips and applying pressure, making her moan and causing her knees to momentarily buckle. Brooke then took over guiding my head, grabbing my hair and forcing me back and forth on her man's cock. Marco pulled away from her mouth and leaned over, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and making her moan again.

All this attention was too much for Brooke, and as I began working my fingers in and out of her pussy while playing with her G-spot, with Marco still playing with her nipples, she began to cum. Her legs started shaking wildly, and she made combination of whimpering and moaning sounds while her orgasm overtook her. As she reached the peak of her climax, she gave my head a hard push, forcing Marco's massive tool all the way down my throat, my face up against his stomach. As Brooke came down from her orgasm, she collapsed onto a nearby chair, releasing my head and allowing me to pull myself away from Marco for a much-needed break. "Holy shit, that was insane," was all Brooke could manage to get out, while she sat in the chair attempting to recover herself.

"Yeah man, good work," Marco confirmed, "I don't think I've seen her cum that hard since the first time I fucked her ass."

"Well glad I could help out," I replied, "I always try to go the extra mile for my clients when I can."

"Well you certainly have a wide ranging skill set. I'm glad we were able to set this up, I'd say you're the handyman a couple could ask for" Marco answered.

"Me too," I replied, standing up stretch my legs and taking another swig of my special cocktail. "As it happens, I actually have the rest of the night available too if there are any further... jobs you need done around the house," I told them, making eye contact with Brooke, still on the chair, trying to catch her breath while at the same time pinching one of her own nipples while gently caressing her pussy.

"Oh, your work hasn't even started yet boy," she said, a dirty, sexy look coming over her face. She stood up and approached me, taking my cocktail glass, taking a large sip and, keeping the cum drink in her mouth, reached up on her tip-toes and began to kiss me, pushing her man's cum into my willing mouth. She took my hand and, pulling her mouth away from mine, walked me over to the chair and motioned for me to kneel on the seat, facing the back of the chair. I did as I was told, and she used her hands to reposition me so I knelt with my ass facing back, exposed, with my legs and feet spread wide, elbows on the back of the chair.

Without another word, she plunged her tongue down to my now exposed asshole, wrapping her lips around my hole while she fucked me with her tongue. I moaned and gasped as she pulled it out, licked around the edge, and plunged it back in, giving me the best rimming of my life. Marco walked around the chair to stand in front of me, his cock at the perfect height for my mouth. I certainly did not need to be told what to do, and reached up with one hand, took his cock by the base, pointed it to my wide open mouth and took it all down in one gulp, lips right to the base. I began moving my head back and forth, but the position did not allow much movement on my part, so I stopped trying to move and instead began pulling on his sack, back and forth, showing him that I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He happily obliged, sliding his massive dick in and out, from tip to hilt, inch after inch pushing its way down my throat. All the while, Brooke kept at my asshole, hungrily devouring my boipussy, grunting and moaning while she worked. While she rimmed me, she reached under and worked my shaft with her free hand, getting me rock hard. We continued in this position for awhile, the room becoming a caucophony of grunting, moaning and slurping noises, my own probably the loudest among them.

Feeling it was time for a change, Brooke pulled her mouth away from my hole and said "OK, I'd say he's ready." Marco grabbed my head and pushed his dick all the way into my mouth one last time, slapping his balls against my chin, all nine or so inches disappearing down my throat. He held it there for a few seconds, then pulled it out, dangling it in front of my mouth for a second. "That's good work," he said, "let's see if your other hole is really as willing as you say it is."

Marco walked around behind me to where Brooke had been crouched. I heard the snap of a bottle cap and the sound of lube being squirted out of a tube, and then felt a cool liquid drop onto my ass. Soft fingers spread it around, then I heard mores squirting out and heard Marco say, "That's it babe, lube up the whole thing, he's gonna get it all." I shivered at the thought of that, a little nervous but mostly just incredibly horny and anxious to feel that massive cock inside me. I felt Brooke sliding underneath me, and looked down between my legs to see her facing away from me, in a position that allowed her to guide Marco into my hole, while also having access to my cock and balls and a great view of the show.

Brooke looked up at me, making eye contact and asking, "Well, are you ready?"

"Fuck yes," I said, illicitting a devilish smile from her.

Reaching up, she positioned Marco's cock against my wet and ready hole, and said, "OK babe, let's see how he handles this dick from this end."

After the preparation Brooke had given me in the shower and just a minute ago, and given my previous experience, I expected I would be able to handle Marco without much of a struggle. But apparently I misjudged the size of his tool, because as soon as he pushed the head of his dick in I gasped, biting the pillow on the back of the chair in shock at how truly huge he felt. "Brooke reached up and caressed my ball sack, whispering, "feels a little bigger than expected, huh? Don't worry slut, only eight more inches to go."

"Holy shit!" I screamed into the pillow, feeling my hole continue to stretch around Marco's cock as he worked the massive tip in, finally feeling the pop as his head slid in, the feeling changing from a mix of surprise and pain to pure ecstasy as he began to work it further in, making small in and out movement, pushing a little deeper every time. I started to work back on his cock a little, matching his rhythm with my own, taking it deeper and deeper.

It took only a minute or two, after the initial penetration, to get into a good rhythm with Marco, and soon enough Brooke whispered, "Holy shit its almost in!" With one final thrust, Marco shoved the remaining inch or so of his cock into my hole, his big balls slapping against my own. Marco and I both let out gasps of pleasure, both pausing our motions for a moment to enjoy the sensation of being balls deep.

After this brief pause, I looked back at Brooke and asked her, "Well, is your man gonna fuck me or what?"

"Oh you really want it don't you?" She asked, that devilish grin coming back. "OK, you're gonna get it then. Marco, you heard him, see if this ass can really take it."

Without a word of confirmation, Marco started going to town on my tight, willing, horny hole. He pulled out about half way and slammed his dick back in, making me moan and bite the chair pillow again, eyes rolling back in my head. Brooke stroked my cock and fondled my balls as Marco repeated his motions, pulling further out each time as he learned how hard my hole could take it. "Damn boy, you weren't kidding," he said as he pulled his cock out completely, slapped my hole a couple times, and then slammed it back in, going from tip to hilt in one push. I wanted to help, and to work my motions with Marco, but the pleasure was too much, and I could barely move, just trying to stay in position on my knees and taking his cock over and over.

After a few minutes of this incredible pounding, I could feel I was about to cum. Brooke was still playing with my cock and I looked down at her and told her I was going to cum. "Good boy" she said, "let me have it." She repositioned herself and put her lips around the tip of my cock, working my shaft in unison with Marco's thrusts. It didn't take long before I was pumping a massive cumload into Brooke's mouth in the most intense orgasm I could remember. When it was over, it was all I could do to stay upright in position, my legs and arms both weak and failing me, but Marco still was pounding away, giving me full length thrusts over and over. It took several more minutes of him pounding me before he began to get close to cumming, and by that time I had recovered myself, my own cock was starting to stiffen up again, and I was beginning to match his motions, swaying back into his dick.

Marco asked Brooke if she wanted to take his load or if he should blast it up my hole, but before Brooke could answer I said, "I want to taste that cum, give it to me!" That finally put him over the edge, and he pulled out and said, "Well then come and get it."

I obliged, and spun around and dropped to my knees next to Brooke, the two of us assuming the position, faces next to one another, waiting for Marco's load. He did not disappoint. A huge load came spraying out of that massive cock, giving Brooke and I each a huge helping of the sticky juice. We licked and kissed each other, tasting and sharing the nectar.

"Holy shit man," said Marco, "you certainly did not disappoint. We might have to put you on a long term contract in the future."

"No worries," I answered, "as long as the compensation continues at this level I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon."

Marco walked off to go shower, leaving Brooke and I to clean up the remnants of his ejaculation. "That was impressive," she said, as I took a seat on the chair, Brooke standing naked and gorgeous in front of me. "I think you deserve a bonus." She dropped to her knees and began sliding toward me as I sat on the chair with my legs spread. "Let's see if we can find a way to reward you a bit more..." Her head dropped to my lap, willingly meeting my once again hard cock.

To be continued.

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