tagBDSMHappy Birthday, Amelia! Ch. 02

Happy Birthday, Amelia! Ch. 02


Mary, slowly and surely pushed the ball into the crevice between Amelia's ass cheeks. The cold metal would have made her jump, if she could have jumped. Her confinement didn't offer that possibility. If she tried to move a foot, she was sure that the foot would leave the floor and her weight would be supported by the other foot and her hair. She didn't want her weight on her neck, but the hair afforded her the ability to "balance" herself since she couldn't move her feet easily.

All the same, the ball's cold touch forced her to cringe. (Later that night, Dave would joke that he actually heard her asshole clench tighter to repel the coming invasion.) But Mary was experienced at this, so she ran the cold metal up and down the space between the two fleshy globes of Amelia's butt. It warmed in that tight space quickly. A new sensation was felt and Amelia realized that her asshole was being lubed. She worked to relax; she didn't know when the insertion was coming but knew that it would take all of her skill to keep from panicking and clenching, and possibly making the insertion difficult or worse, painful.

Mary's soft finger rubbed the lube in a circle around the tight, light pink bud and Amelia calmed her breathing and enjoyed the sensation. He had certainly trained her ass to accept his tongue, his fingers, some toys that they'd purchased, and even his cock, but this was going to be different. She called on everything she'd learned, every experience at being anally penetrated.

So when the woman behind her applied pressure to her most taboo spot, she continued to breathe normally, relaxed, and enjoyed the sensation as her sphincter was stretched, slowly penetrated, and tested for its ability to accept the gleaming ball on the hook. She closed her eyes and her inner voice howled at the intrusion, but her inner sub began to glow. She concentrated on the sensation, on the service she was offering, how it would please him if she could "perform" in front of all these people, how he would tell her how proud he was of her after this was over. She reveled in that thought, got lost in it, and could feel herself luminescing in the dim room. Center of attention, bound more to help her deal with what was happening than to keep her in place (for she would willingly do whatever he asked), and bent over to allow for easier performance of a task, she was floating.

Mary was incredible to her; gentle yet forceful, slow but insistent, and careful not to go too fast or too far. She watched Amelia's body for reactions or signs of stress. The girl was a champ. Mary thought to herself that "this one is well trained." Finally, the hook was past the tight opening and Amelia's crinkled skin squeezed down around the narrower shank of the hook.

"OK, Amelia?" This would be Mary's only verbal concern for Amelia, giving her the chance to say yes or no. And when she received the affirmative nod of Amelia's head (or what passed for it since Amelia could barely move any part of her head), the ball began the slow passage further into Amelia's body. Amelia clenched her eyes and felt the presence of Dave behind her. She knew he was watching and more than anyone else in the room, would protect her against all dangers if he sensed anything that threatened her. But she also knew that of anyone there, he was the one who would take her, ravage her, and roughly fuck her at a time of his choosing, wherever he wanted. She was his so completely that she was comforted by the fact that not only was she deeply craved, but that she was also deeply cherished.

Once completely embedded in Amelia, the hook was attached to the second rope and she felt the slack being taken up. She could feel the minutely slow crawl of the cotton rope across her back as it was raised by someone who was a master at making his subject feel every sensation. Finally, it was taut. Or...she thought it was. The feeling in her hind quarters turned to a pressure. Slowly the pressure turned to a tug. And the tug turned to a pain, a delicious, slow, "filling her ass to a point that she wasn't sure she could take" pain.

The upward movement stopped right before she almost winced. She was relieved that it had stopped, but now, she was truly immobile other than the little bit that she could move her head.

She felt so full.

And then the fun began.

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