tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHappy Presidents Day Ch. 02

Happy Presidents Day Ch. 02


My name is Myra Jan Brown. My friends call me M. J. Who in hell am I? A fifty-something Black woman living in the Washington D.C. area. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a former member of Special Ops. These days, I'm part of the Surveillance and Securities Department at the White House. The White House is party central these days. Our way of dealing with the recession and all that right wing madness, you know. You won't believe the things I've seen. I guess I'll have to show you. I always thought celebrities and politicians were no better than the rest of us. While cleaning up the security room, I came across a tape containing some truly fascinating footage. Let's just say that our favorite leaders know how to party, folks.

The private party was in full swing. And of course, only the crème de la crème was admitted. Barry, as the U.S. President (and Leader of the Free World liked to be called ) and his wife, First Lady Michelle welcomed their guests. Here they come now. Serena Williams, tall and gorgeous, world-famous professional Tennis player. Lisa-ray McCoy, the tall, gorgeous and light-skinned African-American actress who dazzled us on the television series All Of Us. And she brought a friend and former co-star with her. TV star Duane Martin, a tall and sexy Black man well-known to fans of both mainstream and African-American cinema.

The voluptuous Queen Latifah, a tall, sexy and big-bottomed, decidedly plus-size African-American rapper, actress and entertainment mogul who was an inspiration to many women. Wendy Raquel Robinson, a sexy mature Black woman who dazzled us on the television series The Game. Mrs. Robinson brought her co-star Brittany Daniel with her. Brittany Daniel is a sexy blonde-haired white chick well-known to American TV audiences. Will Smith, a tall and sexy Black actor who requires no introduction. He's the 200-million-dollar man. Kim Clijsters, a blonde-haired mature white woman famous for winning the U.S. Open. Yeah, the guest list was diverse.

Also included was the lovely Gabrielle Union, a gorgeous young Black actress and a darling of the African-American community. Wesley Snipes, a tall, dark and handsome African-American actor and action star well known for his dazzling performances in film and television mediums. Essence Atkins, an up and coming Black starlet. Yeah, all the guests are here, so let's get the party started. The carefully selected staff put champagne and caviar in the reception room, and everyone started to get loose and have a good time. Having a good time is an important part of Barry and Michelle's lives. Balancing work and play keeps this Power Couple happy. And you know what? It works for them.

After gorging themselves on champagne and caviar, the guests were invited to watch some truly kinky interracial porn. On a gigantic TV screen, a well-endowed Black stud put a big blonde woman on all fours and shoved his dick up her ass. Nearby, a sexy Black woman with a big booty knelt before a tall Black man and sucked his dick. Everyone watched the action on screen. The ladies and the men commented, and pointed out their likes and dislikes. The scene switched to a big Black woman on all fours, getting fucked by a white woman wearing a strap-on dildo. This seemed to turn on the guests even more. At Barry's insistence, everyone disrobed and started to do the nasty. That's when the fun truly began.

Lisa-Ray McCoy knelt before Michelle and gently spread the First Lady's shapely thighs. She began to obediently lick Michelle's smooth, hairless pussy. Michelle groaned in delight and spread her legs wider, welcoming Lisa-Ray's magic touch. Nearby, the lovely Gabrielle Union was having some fun with Essence Atkins. Many people in the Black community have speculated as to whether Gabrielle Union and her close friend Essence Atkins were more than just friends. The truth is that Gabrielle Union was bisexual. As were many of Hollywood's most prominent Black starlets. Her close friend and former fuck buddy Sanaa Lathan was great in bed. They regularly hooked up with Beyonce Knowles and another sexy star or two for some fun. Yeah, they were part of Hollywood's Down Low Sisterhood. Nothing wrong with that.

Nearby, Brittany Daniel knelt before her sexy co-star Wendy Raquel Robinson and gave the sexy mature Black woman's pussy a good licking. On the show, Wendy and Brittany's characters were uneasy friends and rivals. In real life, Brittany Daniel was a bisexual white chick whose craving for Black pussy was well-known. And even though Wendy Raquel Robinson claimed to be a strong Black woman who was all about the brothers, she had a thing for white pussy and regularly indulged her cravings. These two got down before. Make no mistake about that. Brittany licked and fingered Wendy's hot pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Will Smith had a steamy three-way with Queen Latifah and Duane Martin. Queen Latifah knelt before the biggest Black star in Hollywood and took his long and thick, uncircumcised cock into her mouth. The big Black woman had been a fan of Will Smith ever since they co-starred on his sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Decades later, she was still a fan. And sucking his thick cock was her way of showing appreciation. Duane Martin, Will Smith's longtime friend fucked Queen Latifah as she sucked Will's cock. He grasped the big Black woman's wide hips and thrust his big dick into her pussy. Queen Latifah had a big ass and a fat pussy. Duane Martin rammed his dick into her like there was no tomorrow. After fucking Queen Latifah's pussy for a while, he had a go with her asshole. Duane Martin's buddy Samuel once told him that big women had tight assholes. He wanted to find out if this was true. Spreading Queen Latifah's ass cheeks wide open, Duane Martin shoved his dick up her asshole. Queen Latifah's asshole felt warm and tight. Just the way he liked them. This was going to be fun.

Wesley Snipes put Kim Clijsters on her knees and introduced the sexy blonde-haired mature white woman to the wonders of interracial sex. Kim sucked on Wesley's long and thick Black cock like cock sucking was going out of style. Kim sucked Wesley's cock and balls while fingering her pussy. Then he put her on all fours and shoved his dick into her cunt. Wesley gripped Kim's wide hips and pumped his dick into her snatch. After a while, he got bored and began fucking her in the ass. Kim howled as Wesley's thick Black cock filled her asshole. You know them white chicks love a big Black cock up their butts. Kim the tennis pro is no exception. And Wesley is happy to oblige her.

Essence Atkins dons a scary-looking strap-on dildo and puts Gabrielle Union on all fours. Even though she acts like a tough chick in public, Gabrielle Union is a total submissive in bed. Essence smacked Gabrielle's shapely ass as she fucked her with the strap-on dildo. Gabrielle squealed like a bitch as Essence rammed the dildo into her pussy. Essence laughed and fucked Gabrielle harder. Then she switched things up a bit. She spread Gabrielle's big ass cheeks wide open and pushed the dildo into her asshole. Gabrielle squealed. Essence smacked her ass and continued to fuck her harder. She pumped the dildo into Gabrielle's asshole, delighting in the Black starlet's passionate screams.

Nearby, Brittany Daniel was showing Wendy Raquel Robinson the fine art of interracial lesbian domination. The horny Black actress known as Wendy Raquel Robinson was on her knees before her white goddess Brittany Daniel just like a good submissive should. Brittany smacked Raquel hard in the face as Raquel looked at her adoringly. Brittany ordered Raquel to suck her dildo and Raquel did as she was told. She sucked on Brittany's strap-on dildo and Brittany laughed and called her a bitch. Afterwards, she put Wendy Raquel Robinson on all fours, spanked her ass and fucked her with the strap-on dildo.

Not far away, Barry had himself a good time with Serena Williams. The tall Black Amazon knelt before the President and sucked his long and thick Black cock. Barry had been a fan of Serena Williams for years. As had every Black man who saw her big round booty bounce when she ran up and down the tennis courts. Hell yeah. Serena was a big fan of the President. And she knew he liked Black women with big butts by his choice of spouse. So she sucked his dick and licked his balls like her life depended on it. Barry moaned in pleasure as Serena worked her magic on him. When she got him nice and hard, he fingered her pussy then put her on all fours. Barry grinned from ear to majestic ear as he eyed Serena Williams fabulous booty. Hot damn.

Barry gently spread Serena's ass cheeks wide open, then pressed his dick against her backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went inside. I can't believe this. Barry was fucking Serena Williams anally. The fantasy of millions of men. Wow. Barry is really the lord of the castle. Gripping Serena's hips, he thrust his cock deep inside the Black female athlete's tight asshole. Serena gritted her teeth as the President's dick filled her asshole. She always fancied him, and wondered what he was like in bed. The man who was the envy of the world. And now he was finally fucking her in the ass. Just like in her dream. Contrarily to what most people in America think, Serena Williams is only dominant on the tennis court. In the bedroom, whether she's with a male or a female, she's quite submissive. Serena loved the feel of a strong Black man's dick in her asshole and if loving it was wrong then she didn't want to be right.

Nearby, Wesley Snipes rammed his dick so far into Kim Clijsters asshole, Serena Williams avowed rival. Kim howled in sheer pleasure as Wesley cock filled her shit hole. She absolutely loved it. He came, blasting his load deep into her asshole. Moments later, he squeezed his dick out of her now gaping asshole. He went to join actress Lisa-ray McCoy and First Lady Michelle. Michelle had Lisa-ray McCoy on all fours, face down and ass up, and she spanked the light-skinned woman while fucking her with a strap-on dildo. Lisa-Ray howled in pleasure as Michelle slammed the dildo deep into her asshole. Michelle always thought Lisa-Ray was an arrogant slut, just like most light-skinned Black chicks. She took great pleasure in dominating her. Wesley stood there, watching the two sexy Black women do their thing. Hot damn. Hot Black lesbian action like this was not to be missed.

Speaking of hot lesbian action, Brittany Daniel was fucking the hell out of Wendy Raquel Robinson's shapely ass. The blonde-haired white chick spanked the big and sexy mature Black woman's ass as she fucked her hard. Wendy Raquel Robinson squealed as Brittany Daniel fucked her. Truth be told, she never thought she'd do anything like this. Submit to a young white woman and allow herself to get fucked. Still, it was turning her on like she couldn't believe. After a while, Wendy relaxed and enjoyed. She actually liked having Brittany's strap-on dildo lodged up her asshole. Brittany grabbed her hair and cursed her while fucking her. It only turned Wendy on all the more.

Now where in hell are Will Smith, Duane Martin and Queen Latifah? They're across the room. Having the mother of all threesomes. The two sexy Black studs had the big beautiful Black woman sandwiched between them. Queen Latifah was fulfilling her fantasy of finally trying double penetration. She's lying on top of Duane Martin who's shoving his big cock deep into her pussy. Meanwhile, Will Smith is fucking Queen Latifah's thick bubble butt while spanking her. Queen Latifah squeals in delight as Will Smith's gigantic Black cock fills her asshole. They pumped her up, slamming their dicks into her holes. She squealed in pain mixed with extreme pleasure. The big gal was having the time of her life.

Michelle invited Wesley to join her and Lisa-Ray. And of course the tall Black action star didn't mind. He spread Michelle's plump ass cheeks and pressed his dick against her asshole. Michelle gasped as Wesley's thick cock penetrated her asshole. Wesley Snipes is the kind of brother who can lay serious pipe, as the First Lady is about to find out. While Wesley buried his dick deep inside Michelle's asshole, Michelle slammed her strap-on dildo deep inside Lisa-Ray's asshole. All three of them were screaming passionately as the nonstop action continued.

Where in hell is Kim Clijsters? The blonde-haired white woman who recently won the U.S. Open Tennis finals walked over to where Barry was fucking her rival Serena Williams. Barry was just about done with Serena. After fucking her ass until he came inside of her, he made her suck his dick. Clean his cock with her tongue. And Serena did this happily. She's a big fan of the commander in chief. Kim had a few words with Barry, who smiled and then gave Serena Williams a direct order. Barry wanted Serena to do everything Kim told her to. Serena's eyes went wide with surprise, but she acquiesced. In fact, she was excited to do as she was told. Barry stood by while Kim and Serena did their thing.

Kim Clijsters is a bisexual white woman who always wanted to dominate a strong Black woman. And Black women don't get any stronger, mentally or physically, than Serena Williams. Kim borrowed Barry's belt and ordered Serena to get on all fours. Eagerly, Serena did as she was told. With a smile on her face, Kim whipped Serena's ass with the belt. Serena yelped. Laughing, Kim continued to whip her. Ever since Serena's outburst at the tournament, Kim always wanted to punish her. And now, thanks to Barry, she finally had the chance. She whipped Serena and Serena begged her for more. The Black female tennis star loved her pleasure mixed with pain. Kim spanked her good, then donned a strap-on dildo to fuck her. Spreading Serena's ass cheeks wide open, she pressed the dildo against her backdoor and pushed it inside. Serena yelped as Kim began to fuck her with the strap-on dildo. Her screams were music to Kim's ears. Barry watched, stroking his chin and nodding approvingly.

Around the room, everybody was having fun doing their thing. Will Smith and Duane Martin fucked Queen Latifah until she begged for mercy. Then she suckled both of their cocks at the same time. Her way of saying thanks. Wesley Snipes, First Lady Michelle and Lisa-Ray McCoy ended their three-way spectacularly. They were all drenched in cum. Gabrielle Union thanked Essence Atkins for showing her a wonderful time. And as for the main man himself, Barry the Pres, he watched Kim as she eagerly plunged her dildo into Serena's asshole. They went at it until Serena came. That's when Kim pulled the dildo out of her ass and put it into Serena's mouth. Serena sucked it while Kim fingered the Black woman's wet pussy. Both of them had the time of their lives.

I watched the tape and watched it again. Definitely the hottest video I've ever seen. Who knew our favorite celebrities got down like that? Wow. I still can't believe some of the stuff I've just seen. Stunning. Good stuff. I'm definitely going to make a bundle when I sell it to the highest bidder online. This is going to shake up the worlds of sports, entertainment and politics, folks. And more importantly, it's going to make me a very rich woman. Life is good. It's the beginning of better times for this Black woman. Amen to that!

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