Harry's Game


Harry loved his job. He was the Camera Room Supervisor for the new 24 hour shopping centre on the outskirts of town. His responsibility was to watch the feeds from the hidden cameras to catch wrongdoers before they left the premises. His office was at the top of the building, and housed 20 TV screens as well as a large main screen for close up work. One whole wall was covered in recording machines, linked together in pairs so that full time recording was possible. He had his own fridge, microwave and coffee machine, and a small toilet. The room was designed to be occupied by one person for several hours at a time. Being an ex con, Harry was used to the loneliness and knew how to spot criminals at work. So for 12 hours everyday Harry sat in the control room and watched the screens. He became quite proficient at the job, able to spot a potential crime before it began, and alert the security team on the floor to prevent or catch as necessary.

Harry's favourite part of the job was the night shift. Seven days a fortnight he would be on duty during the quiet night hours. This is when he had the most fun. Part of his job meant reporting the hookers who roamed the mall at night, but Harry had come to an arrangement with some of these ladies. If he didn't report them, they would let him watch via the cameras while they 'turned a trick.'

Night time, Harry's shift starts. A tall blonde wearing a micro skirt and a tube top, entertains a suit clad, elder gent. He passes over a handful of cash and they move to a more secluded spot, just opposite the hidden camera. Harry pulls out his pecker and starts wanking. The blonde rolls her skirt up over her ass and stands against the wall. The trick drops his trousers and she takes his cock in her hand. She strokes it for a while, rapidly increasing its size. When it looks ready she puts a condom on it and guides it into her pussy. The man pushes his hips forward till he is firmly seated inside her, then he bends his legs and thrusts in and out. The hooker turns to the camera and waves over his shoulder as she holds onto her customer for support. Harry waves back with a huge grin on his face and his stiff cock in his other hand.

On another camera he catches sight of a black girl giving a sloppy blow job to a spotty youth. The youth doesn't last long. He is soon blowing his load onto the paper towel the girl is holding under his cock.

Looking back at the blonde, Harry sees she is opening and closing her mouth as if she is enjoying the experience. If the cameras had microphones fitted he would be able to hear her faked moans of ecstasy. The gent jerks rapidly as he comes. The blonde pushes him away, takes the used condom in a plastic bag and leaves. As she walks past the camera she flashes her pussy at Harry. For several seconds his hand becomes a blur along his shaft as he wanks himself.

It's not long before Harry spots another couple exchanging money. He watches as the big breasted woman removes her top and squirts lotion into her tit valley. The man has by now pulled his cock out of his clothing is already holding an erection. When the kneeling woman takes hold of it, he closes his eyes. She wraps her boobs around his shaft and he moves it up and down her chest. At the top of each stroke the glans poke out below her chin and she licks it. Harry slows his hand to stop himself coming to soon. He wants to prolong the enjoyment as long as possible. It doesn't take long for the trick to ejaculate. He lets out one long jet a stringy semen, followed by a trickle that runs down into her cleavage.

Harry doesn't want to come this early in his shift so he stops watching for a while. He makes some fresh coffee, has a snack and then uses the toilet. When he sits down to watch the cameras again his penis has shrunk back to its flaccid state. He spies the blonde hooker again, this time giving a blow job. She has managed to get the punter to stand with his cock pointing across the camera as she sucks it. Harry is given a perfect close up of her lips as they do their work. The woman is also using a hand to wank the cock as she bobs her head on it. The long black penis glistens where her saliva coats it. Suddenly her head disappears from sight and her hand speeds up. The black man shoots several milky white blobs onto the lens of the camera, blurring the view. When he leaves, the prostitute cleans the lens and goes back to her spot. Harry is hard again.

A brunette is walking towards a camera with a small guy in tow. She hikes up her short dress, revealing a thong. The man drops his trousers and pulls out his already hard cock. The woman bends over, to the left, against a wall and he readies himself. Harry starts wanking again, ready to expel his load soon. The hooker passes a tube to the man, who uses the lube to coat his cock. He reaches out and holds the woman's ass cheeks apart. Harry cannot believe what he is seeing. The man pushes his penis into the hookers ass. He slowly penetrates her, right in front of the camera. Harry watches, fist jerking madly, as the man fucks the brunette in the ass. The little man gets faster and faster. His whole body tenses and he pulls his cock out, dripping sperm down the legs of the brunette hooker.

Harry can't hold back now. His hand is frantically sliding along his shaft and his body is moving in time to it. He turns his swivel chair and lets fly a jet of semen. It lands on the tiled floor and is joined by a second and third wad before he finishes.

When he has cleaned up his mess, Harry reaches for his newspaper and opens the sports section.

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