tagIncest/TabooHaunting of McKay Manor Pt. 01

Haunting of McKay Manor Pt. 01


All characters are over 18+


June, 7, 1865

Nora and Tate McKay lay in the bed she once shared with her husband. A husband that had been called up to fight for the Union. Leaving her all alone to run an expansive farm, to oversee things she rightly didn't know how to run. Yet it was her loving, handsome son that had saved the farm from her inexperience. However, this would be the last time they would ever share a bed due to Bill's return the next day. Although they could never know how cruel fate was as Bill's train had arrived early, nor could they know the horrors the man faced in that bloody war that forever changed the man. From the once kind, warm, caring man to the cold, heartless, callous one that the war had turned Bill into.

Those two love struck people were soon faced with the snarling, cold, wicked eyes as they looked down the barrel of Bill's, 1864, peacemaker. Bill's thumb reached up pulling back the hammer of the gun. His eyes fixated on the boy he had helped raised. Nora unleashed a horrific scream as her son fell flat on the bed as his gray matter painted the wall. Bill gave no answer to his cheating wife's questions as he unloaded the last four bullets into his Nora's chest. Bill stood at the end of the bed watching as that rich crimson liquid spreading along the bed. Unaware how those droplets fell through the cracks of the floor boards entwining themselves with the very bones of that once warm home.

April, 21, 2016

One hundred and fifty two years had passed since that dark day. Owners have come and gone most never knowing what truly lurked within those walls, however, there were a few that did know what stalked within those halls. Five times the former owners were met with death-five times the police could never understand why the husband would murder his own family. Yet as the newest owners of the McKay manor slowly rolled to a stop. One has to wonder if they too would meet the same fate of those poor souls.

"Well..." Anna Stevens said stepping out of her mid size SUV. The gentle breeze sent her auburn hair in undulating waves brushing against her shoulders. Her left arm rested on the top of the door while her right rested on the roof of her car. Her green eyes looked upon the white washed exterior of the nearly two hundred year old house. Praying that this move would keep her troubled son from any further outbursts. She couldn't afford to uproot her life again. If he couldn't chill that attitude of his than she had no other choice but to ship him off to his father. A man that cared more about his career than the family he ran away from. Anna knew if her son went overseas then his behavior would only grow worse than what it already was. She knew how isolated the property was. It was the reason she rented out her house in the city to live out in the country a good hour and a half from her job. Where she hoped her son wouldn't bring home any more trouble with him.

Anna wasn't happy forfeiting her home that she had worked hard for, all so her rebellious son wouldn't find himself in prison. She tried everything to keep him on the right path. Yet none of the groups she had put him in would keep him from drinking, using the drugs she had found countless times in his room; nor could they help keep him out of jail either. She was tired. Tired of trying to help a son that seemed hell bent on destroying his life. She had left her son in jail for three days, hoping that it would show him what awaited him if he kept down the road he was headed.

"This is home," Anna said, keeping the bitterness from her voice as she looked into the cab of the SUV. "Now come on Johnathan, let's go see what's inside."

"Fine," Johnathan groaned, "I bet this place doesn't even have the internet."

"Good. You'll stay out of trouble then," Anna sneered. Her eyes running down his body. Wondering what happened to the happy son she raised?

"Oh come on! It was just a simple hack. No one got hurt!" Johnathan groaned missing his laptop. Yet his parole stipulated that he couldn't be in contact with any computers, smart phones, or tablets. He wasn't about to go to federal prison. Jail was enough.

"John," Anna sighed pinching the bridge of her noise, "Hacking into the cities traffic mainframe is not a simple hack. You know the damage? The chaos you could have caused?! How many people could have gotten hurt by your stupid stunt! You know what I had to give up! Yet all you care about is yourself. Well, Mr., I've had enough! If you screw this up, I'm done."

"I know, Mom," Johnathan said hanging his head, "Sorry," he said weakly.

"Uh huh," Anna said rolling her eyes. She had heard that far too often. "Do you think I like moving an hour and a half from the city? Giving up the house I worked so hard for? All for what? A son who doesn't give a shit about who he hurts, just so long as he can get his fix. If you ever, and I mean ever step out of line that's it! I'm shipping you off to your father."

"What?! Mom no!" Johnathan said in shock. He had no wish to learn German.

"That's up to you, if you stay clean, do everything your parole officer tells you to do. Then maybe, just maybe I'll finally get the son I miss back," Anna said sternly crossing her arms.

"If it means not going to Germany," Johnathan said taking a dry swallow, "I'll do anything you ask."

"Anything?" Anna shook her head at the thought. Just because it had been five years since she's had sex. Didn't mean she was that starved for it to act on that depraved thought. "Well, come on," Anna said pushing her son towards the house. Anna found it odd when she did the walk through that the former owners had left everything behind, and why they were selling the house so cheaply. Every inquiry she made about the property proved that the house was sound, and in no danger from burning down from faulty wiring. Yet Anna just couldn't dispel the nagging feeling in the back of her head, as to why anyone would just leave everything behind? Yet it would save her money on furnishing such a huge home. All she had to pay the movers for was their beds and rest of their belongings that weren't staying in her former home. Anna was just glad she could find some renters so soon. She was going to need the extra cash and soon.

"Damn! Would you look at that!" Johnathan grinned madly at the 60' flat screen TV. "Tell me, we are keeping it right?!"

"Yeah," Anna said offhandedly as she moved through the home. Looking at her watch wondering were the movers were. They should have been there at the same time they arrived. "Come on, let's check out the second floor," she said pulling her son along, "Well, I guess this won't be your room," Anna said eyeing the pink paint on the walls. A chill ran down her spine, that uneasiness washing over her settling in the pit of her stomach.

"I don't know, I do like the pink..." Johnathan stumbled forward from the slap upside the back of his head.

"Don't be crude, John," Anna huffed; yet something whispered in the back of her mind if he would like the taste of her pink taco. "Okay," looking down at her watch again, "Since we got the rooms sorted. When the movers get here, have them put my bed in the master bedroom and my boxes. Then when they're gone start putting stuff away I want the kitchen, living room, and your room squared away by the time I come home."


"Anna? Look at that!" Carla whispered to Anna as she rolled into her cubical.

"Oh my! Isn't he just mmm...yummy," Anna purred as she peered around the wall of her cubical at the new hire as he chatted with Eric a few rows down from her. Her horny mind pictured that handsome hunk of a man pushing her into the men's room. Forcing her into one of the stalls, roughly shoving her against the wall, his lips ravishing her neck while he pushed down her pants. Spinning her around, running his cock through her lips before thrusting hard into her. Jamming three fingers into her mouth to muffle her moans, as he fucked the ever-loving shit out of her. Quickly rolling back into her cubical, feeling her slickness growing within her canal. She didn't want or need anyone smelling her arousal. Yet as the day wore on her mind just couldn't let go of that delicious thought. Digging through her purse for the one thing that always followed her around. Quickly looking over her shoulder, seeing how Carla had her ear buds in knowing she won't be able to her the buzzing.

Anna grinned sneakily as she pulled out her small pink vibrator she used sparingly at work. It was mainly for the ride home, so she wouldn't have to deal with her son's crap in a foul mood. God! How she needed a cock. Turning the little vibrator onto it's lowest setting. Her left hand guided that little toy along her dance floor. Biting her lower lip as her fingers skimmed along her moist labia. Her muscles slightly trembling as that vibrating toy ran through her hungry lips. Her eyes rolled in her head as it sat ever so perfectly on her clit. Her hips moving slowly so no one would realize what she was doing. Her mind dreaming of that man ramming his cock into her wet, starving, neglected cunt. Her polished nails scrapped down her desk as she pressed down hard on the vibrator. Fuck! She needed to cum and cum hard. Her mind flashed of his hands squeezing her breasts as that new hire fucked her hard. "Fuck!" Anna hissed into her mind as her phone rang.

"What...is it Johnathan?" Anna asked trying to hold back her moan. Her eyes went wide in shock. The vibrator had some how switched itself onto its max setting which was impossible to do, since you had to physically turn the top portion of the toy. Her thighs clenched together as she felt the vibrator moving from sitting in-between her opening and her clitoris, to sit right on top of that aching bud. Vibrating violently on her clit, her nails digging into the armrest of her chair. She wanted to move it, yet it felt to damn good.

"Could you order me a pizza?" Johnathan asked over the sound of the plates as he stacked them in the cabinet.

"Have you..." Her mind flashed back to the feeling of a cock gliding through her wet canal. However, it wasn't the man that had aroused her earlier. No. As her imaginary self looked back. Anna gasped as it was the face of her son fucking her so sensuously. "No! That's wrong Johnathan! You can't fuck your mother!" Anna moaned out inside her mind. "Gotten the living room unpacked?"

"Yes, starting on the kitchen," Johnathan sighed, "Do you want me to unpack your room too?"

"No!" clearing her throat, "No, I'll do it when I get home," Anna said. She didn't want her son to see all the toys she used to fuck herself with.

"Okay," Johnathan said drawing out the word.

"Ah fuck! Yes, Johnathan fuck me! Give mama that cock!" Anna moaned inwardly as she neared her peak. Her daydream increasing in speed, her insides melting feeling her son's cock pounding her into sweet bliss.


"What?!" Anna said snapping out of her daydream. "Why is picturing my son fucking me getting me so damn wet? Why does it feel so...good?" she asked herself rubbing her clit on the vibrator. For some odd reason she wanted to cum while Johnathan was on the phone.

"The pizza?"

"Oh... right, you'll have your room unpacked by the time I get home?" Anna asked trying to stall for time.

"Yes Mom," Johnathan said rolling his eyes.

"Good." Anna said before adding to herself, "If you don't mama won't fuck you." As her shock washed over her so did her orgasm. "Oh yes! That's it baby, mama is cumming for you!"


"I'm ordering it now," Anna said with shaky breath. Her mind did not just say that? In no way would she ever say that, and yet then why did she find it so damn arousing?

"Okay." Anna tentatively set her phone down. Bracing herself on the lip of her desk as her hips rocked rapidly along that toy. Urging it to give her another orgasm just like the one a moment ago. Huffing in annoyance when it wasn't happening, snatching her phone from the desk searching the web for the nearest pizzeria to their new place. Walking towards the ladies room as the phone rang. Sighing loudly as she entered, pocketing her phone once Johnathan's order had been placed. Locking the stall door, unbuttoning her pants, her eyes went wide as she felt how wet her panties and the toy actually were. Sucking the vibrator clean, placing it into her pocket before wiggling her pants down her thighs.

"No! That's impossible!" Anna whispered in shock as she starred down at the huge wet spot on her panties. Seeing her juices continuing to drip down onto it. However, she watched as that drop passed harmlessly through the cotton material hitting the crotch of her jeans. "What the hell! I've never came that hard before!" Her thighs clenched together as she felt something run along her labia. Her son's image flashed in the forefront of her mind. "Mmm... yes baby fuck mama!" Her hand flew to her mouth. Shaking her head this wasn't her, it couldn't be her. "O...oh!" she moaned in a whisper as she felt something entering her.

Something seemed to invade her mind, her body, as it plunged into her wet cunt. Anna didn't feel like she was in control of her own body. Moving backwards, her ass resting on the seat of the toilet, her legs wide bracing themselves on the locked door of the stall. She just couldn't seem to stop herself as her fingers moved through her lips. "Johnathon!" a lustful purr rippled across her mind as her appendages slipped into her channel. "That's it baby, make your mother feel good," she said wantonly to herself.

"Oh god! Yes! Yes! Fuck your mother!" Anna screamed out inside of her mind as her fingers plunged rapidly in and out of her dripping cunt. "Mmmhmm." Anna licked her lips hungrily feeling another orgasm approaching. "That's it Johnathan pound that cock into your mother!"

"Yes!" Anna squeaked. Her legs squeezing together, her cream coating her fingers, her hot juice ran out and down her cunt; encircling her anus before the surface tension broke, falling to the surface of the toilet bowl water.



Johnathan munched on the slice of pizza, the pizza box in hand as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom. He had to admit the pizza was damn good compared to those in the city. He didn't think that could even happen out so far in the boondocks. However, the way the man that delivered his order acted when he saw the house greatly perplexed him. Also the way the man high tailed it back to the road. Shaking the thought from his head, pushing the door open with his foot. Placing the pizza box on top of the dresser, eyeing the room as to were he wanted to put his bed. The bay window called to him, laying his half eaten slice on top of the box. Dusting off his hands as he walked towards that warm, open, welcoming space. Nodding to himself when all three windows worked, he had thought with the house being so old as it was. That the windows would be painted shut with all those layers of paint throughout the years'.

With his bed frame put together, Johnathan labored as he push the box spring across the floor. Huffing as he pushed it across the slats of his bed. Johnathan so wasn't about to be shipped off to Germany. No sir. If he had to buckle down to keep from himself from being shipped off. He knew it be hard possibly down right improbable. He knew how his mother was disappointed in him. Especially, when the cops raided their home two years ago. Those three days locked behind those bars taught him a great many of things: one if kept it up he either be in prison or dead, two he would have to learn to fight given the looks he saw while inside. He had no wish becoming anyone's bitch. As the sheet floated in the air...

"What the fuck!" Johnathan yelled out in surprise and fear as the sheet contoured to a body that he knew wasn't there. Jumping back from the bed as the specter disappeared. His heart raced, a chill ran down his spine as his eyes darted around the room. Shaking his head, "It couldn't be that," he chuckled wearyingly. Thinking what he saw was nothing more than his withdrawal symptoms playing with his head.

Tossing the remainder of the crust of his fourth slice of pizza into the box. Opening the top drawer of his dresser, Johnathan arched an eyebrow as he looked upon someone else's underwear. His feet dancing along the steps as he went to get the pair of rubber gloves, and a trash bag from the kitchen. He so wasn't going to be touching another dudes left behind underwear. Stuffing the articles into the bag along with the socks. There was no telling what if anything the former occupant had, and Johnathan wasn't eager to find out either. However, he did keep the t-shirts he found in the drawer below it. The pants he had to toss since obviously the guy who used to have his room appeared to be a giant.

"No way!" Johnathan said in awe, as he stared down at the laptop once he opened the last drawer. Backing away, pacing around his room in a circle, his finger tapping on his chin as he pondered on what to do. Sighing loudly no matter how much he wanted to tap away on those keys. He wasn't about to break his parole. He knew they would find it and take him back to jail. Carrying the trash bag along with the laptop down the stairs. Johnathan wondered how his mother would take the news. "Hey, Ms. Reeds?" Johnathan said into the old receiver of the ancient rotatory phone.

"Hello Johnathan, this isn't our normal check-in day, is something the matter?" his parole officer's sweet voice came over the line.

"Maybe...listen we just moved into our new place," Johnathan said giving the woman the address, "And I was unpacking, and I found this laptop that whoever owned this place before us left behind."

"Have you turned it on?"

"Of course not!" Johnathan said knowing just doing that would violate his parole, "The only thing I've done with it was to bring it to the kitchen so it be out of my room. I don't even know where the power cord is for it. When I found it two minutes ago I thought I should call you, so you can come and get it. I'll even take a lie detector test if you want me to."

"No need, Johnathan. Your mother did inform me of your move. I believe you, now I want you to place a piece of tape on the lid and base so I'll know no ones tampered with it. I'll wait while you do it," Reeds said. Johnathan kept his groan from escaping his lips. Reaching for the roll of packing tape, making sure it was next to the mouth piece ensuring that Ms. Reeds heard as he tore off a piece of tape.

"There," Johnathan said plainly.

"Good. It take me an half an hour to get there, so why don't you put it outside and go finish unpacking." Johnathan heard the sound of a car door opening over the line.

"Alright," Johnathan said before hanging up the phone.

Johnathan hurried down the stairs as he heard the knock on the door. The door handle turned, the warm air of the summer heat entered the house as he opened the door. There standing on his doorstep was his parole officer. Looking over the laptop to ensuring the tape seal hadn't been broken. Her suit jacket clung tightly to her slightly chubby body. He never understood why she wore pants that seemed to tight that seemed to cut into her thighs.

"Hello Johnathan," Ms. Reeds said sweetly, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she shoved the laptop into her bag. "Since I'm here, why don't you fill this up, and I'll do a walk through the house," she said, holding a plastic sample container before her.

Johnathan kept his curses to himself as he took the cup from her. Huffing as his parole officer spun him around pressing him hard against the wall.

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