tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 08

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 08


After her adventures on Sunday morning, Taylor finally made it to her destination on Monday afternoon. She was in Tacoma, sitting in her car in front of a familiar house...the house of Dan Wilson. It had been over three months since the two had last seen each other. Their last "encounter" had occurred backstage before a concert where Taylor and Carrie Underwood, who was involved in the last "encounter". Since then, Dan had similar "encounters" with Ashley Tisdale and Ariana Grande while Taylor only had the incident some thirty-six hours ago.

Taylor's arrival was meant to be a surprise. They had last talked a week prior with no mention of her arriving in the Tacoma suburb. She got out of the car and removed her suitcase from the backseat. She was planning to stay until her next commitment in Philadelphia on Thursday. After knocking on the door and receiving no answer, she reached under the welcome mat and retrieved the key to the front door. In a way she was happy that her lover was not home, giving her a better chance to surprise him.

The blond superstar entered the house she missed so much. She instantly moved to the couch where the two had had their first sexual encounter and relaxed. She had been on the road for most of the last day and a half, only taking breaks to use the restroom and change her clothes after the incident with the very lucky police officer. She looked around the room and noticed a rolled joint sitting on the table next to her. She grabbed it up and stared at it.

"I don't think he'll mind."

Taylor reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her pink lighter, placed the joint between her lips and took a deep hit. Not wanting another incident like Sunday morning, she had refrained from smoking for the entire road trip. She was eager to get that pleasant feeling of marijuana back in her body. If there was anything she could be sure about, it was that Dan would only have the best when it came to his herbal enjoyment and this was no different. Almost instantly, the exhausted girl felt the full effects inside her.

Wanting to be courteous, Taylor only smoked about a third of the joint and it was more than enough to get her very high. She put the remainder of the joint back in the ashtray, grabbed her suitcase and headed for the bedroom. She flopped herself on the bed and let out a long stretch and yawn. The ceiling fan twirling above her caught her attention as she lay there staring up at it. Without even knowing it, her hand was already sliding its way down her body. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt herself getting more aroused by the second.

In one swift motion, she unzipped and yanked down her jeans to gain easier access to her soaking wet pussy. She slid her slender finger into her black panties and started fondling her swollen clit. Her moans got louder as her fingers worked faster. She slid a finger inside the moist opening while her thumb continued playing with her bright red bundle of nerves.

As she started to buck her hips against her own hand, she heard the front door open. She quickly pulled her pants back up and stood up. She slid her suitcase under the bed and hid in the closet, wanting to surprise Dan when he entered the room. Taylor pressed her ear to the closet door and listened carefully, waiting for him to walk in. Instead, she heard him close the bathroom door. About a minute later, the shower started running. She decided on a better idea than waiting in the closet. She pulled her pants and underwear back down and pushed them aside.

Now bottomless, Taylor emerged from the closet and tossed her white t-shirt on the ground. Since she was not wearing a bra, the young woman was standing completely nude in the bedroom of her lover, about to give him a surprise in the shower. She quietly snuck over to the bathroom door and gently opened the door, trying not to make a sound. Tiptoeing over to the shower curtain, she took a deep breath and grabbed on to it. She flung it open.

"Surpri...AHH!" She screamed when she saw a naked woman in the shower.

"What the hell!" The woman screamed. She quickly regained her composure as Taylor ran out of the bathroom.

The frightened singer ran back into Dan's room and started to gather her clothes back up when the woman walked in, covered by a yellow towel.

"Taylor Swift?" The confused woman said, staring at the naked celebrity in front of her.

"I'm so sorry." Taylor cried as she pulled her jeans on. "I thought you were somebody else."

"Oh, you're looking for my brother." The woman, Dan's sister Carly, responded.

Taylor pulled her shirt back on and stared at her.

"I didn't know Dan had a sister."

"I guess he was too busy to mention me." They shared a laugh. "So I guess it was you that took a few hits off my joint, your eyes tell the story."

"Sorry, I hadn't had any in over a day. I drove straight from L.A. to surprise your brother."

"He'll be back tomorrow morning; he had to drive his friend to Portland for something. I didn't bother asking him what for." Carly explained.

"Damn, I could have taken a break during that long trip. So, do you live here?" She asked.

"Anytime Dan is out of town, I use his house. I live in an apartment with my roommate who is a...well, "annoying whore" would be too nice." She laughed.

"Why do you stay there?" Taylor asked.

"She pay's her share of the rent. After five roommates who couldn't do that, I can put up with Amanda a little more." Carly began to feel a chill against her barely-covered body. "I'm going to get dressed; do you want to stay for dinner?"

"Yeah, I really don't have anywhere else to stay." Taylor said, walking back to the living room, allowing Carly to dress.

Once she was finished, the tall brunette came out of the bedroom in a pair of cut-off jeans and a tight black tank top. She walked into the kitchen, passing Taylor who was sitting at the table playing wither phone, and went into the fridge to get their food.

"I hope you like left over fried chicken." She said, pulling out a full Ziploc bag.

"I haven't eaten more than a bag of Skittles since Saturday, chicken is fine."

Carly put the bag on the counter and ran into the living room. She returned with the previously smoked joint between her lips, lighting it. She took a deep hit and sat down next to Taylor.

"Almost forgot." She looked up and blew the huge cloud above her head.

The two girls passed the joint back and forth until it was down to almost nothing. Once they were done, Carly got back up and microwaved the chicken. She dumped the clumps of chicken onto a large plate and they started eating. The two starving stoners quickly chowed through the pile until there was nothing left but bones

"That hit the spot." Carly said while Taylor stretched and yawned. "Tired?"

"Very." She responded. "I've been up for too long...and that pot is really intense."

"I only buy the best." Carly giggled. "If you want to go to sleep, you can take the bed. I'm gonna be up for a while."

"Okay. Good night...um, I never got your name." She started laughing.


"Good night Carly."

Taylor walked out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom. She was too tired to anything besides strip naked and flop to the bed on her back. Before she could fall asleep, she had to finish what she had started earlier. Her left hand started attacking her pussy. She closed her eyes and softly moaned to herself as the feelings of pot-fueled lust found its way back to her. She used her right hand to softly pinch at her nipples.

Taylor's imagination was running wild at this point. She couldn't stop imagining that her hand was really Dan's. She visualized her lover standing over her, looking her directly in the eyes as his hand thoroughly worked her pussy.

"Oh Dan." She whispered to herself. "Faster." She started to rub herself faster and faster until she was on the brink of orgasm.

The blond arched her back and dug deeper inside herself, waiting for that amazing feeling. Just as she her orgasm was starting, Carly walked into the room.

"Hey Taylor, I forgot my..." Carly froze as she watched Taylor's naked body start to convulse, exploding in a massive orgasm.

Taylor's eyes flung open and she stared at Carly while moaning from her orgasm. She looked so innocent and helpless as her body squirmed around and her juices were leaving a growing stain on the sheets.

Carly was frozen, her eyes locked on the singer's leaking pussy just feet away from her. She didn't know what to do.

"Wow." She squeaked out.

"I should have locked the door." Taylor said as she pulled her soaking wet hand from her crotch.

"I should have knocked." Carly said.

Taylor, making no effort to cover herself, stood up off the bed and started gathering her clothes.

"I'm really sorry, I should go."

"No, it's okay. Hell, it's not like I never touch myself when I'm baked. It feels awesome." Carly smiled. "Lay back down."

Taylor obeyed her and lay back down on the bed. She pulled the covers over her body as Carly walked across the room and grabbed the brush. As she started to brush her hair, she spoke.

"You know, the last thing I expected to see today was Taylor Swift fingering herself in front of me. It's been a weird day." She said, finishing with the brush.

Carly noticed that Taylor was extremely embarrassed. She was lying on her side, looking away from her and not responding. Carly felt bad for causing the situation.

"Are you okay Taylor?" She asked.

"Yeah." She responded quietly.

Carly walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. Taylor continued looking away and did not notice that the woman was now lying next to her, under the sheets. She rolled onto her back and bumped into her.

"What are you doing?" She asked while Carly stared up at the ceiling, not answering her. "Carly?"

"Shh." The brunette placed her finger on Taylor's lips. She instantly knew what she was doing now.

There was a very familiar smell to Carly's finger and Taylor was frozen in surprise. She stared at the smiling Carly as her tongue escaped her mouth, licking the wet finger in front of her. She sucked every last bit of the delicious dampness off of it.

"Want more?" Carly whispered.

"Really? Are you sure?" Taylor asked after ejecting the finger from her mouth.

Carly grabbed onto the sheets and flung them off the bed before quickly maneuvering around until she was sitting on the blond girl's stomach.

"Does this answer your question?" She bent down and planted a deep kiss on the younger girl. "I've never been with a girl before...why not say my first time was with Taylor Swift."

The two girls sensually kissed for what seemed like an eternity. When Carly finally broke the embrace, she looked down at Taylor and smiled before pulling her black tank top off and exposing her c-cup breasts to her.

"Nice." Taylor said, still in bliss from the kiss.

Carly pulled off the shorts she was wearing and threw them across the room and out past the door. She shuffled forward until her exposed, bare pussy was just inches from Taylor's mouth. Without missing a beat, the younger girl opened up and pressed her tongue against the brunette's soppy cunt. The intense taste of pussy, which she loved so much, spread throughout Taylor's busy mouth.

"Ohh fuck!" Carly yelled out as her pussy was getting licked like never before.

Carly pressed her hands against Taylor's small breasts while her body bucked hard with each movement of the singer's tongue. She closed her eyes and laughed when Taylor's nose brushed against her throbbing clit.

The blond on the bottom grabbed her new friend's hips and pulled closer, getting more access to the sopping love hole surrounding her tongue. She felt Carly's hand release her left breast and move behind until it brushed against her trimmed pubic hair.

"Does that feel good Taylor?" She asked.

"Does this?" Taylor gently nibbled on her pussy lips, causing her to jump and squeal.

"Holy god!" She yelled.

The girls were locked in a sixty-nine position, softly attacking each other's wet pussies. While this had not been the first pussy that Taylor had tasted, it was for Carly. She never could have imagined how good it felt to have a soaking wet cunt around her tongue, but it felt good...really good.

They continued going at it for several minutes before Carly exploded in orgasm.

"Holy shit!" She cried out as the intense pleasure ran throughout her stoned body.

Taylor made sure to lap up any liquid that leaked from her with a smile on her face. As she soaked it up, Carly's tongue brought the young blond to an orgasm of her own. Not knowing what to expect, she closed her mouth around the singer's pussy and felt the vibrations of her pelvis against her mouth. Both girls moaned loudly as they came down from their respective climaxes.

The two girls released their grip of each other and collapsed on the bed. Taylor continued lightly kissing Carly's spent pussy, focusing on her clit. Carly stared at Taylor's and lightly rubbed it with her finger. After a few seconds, they crawled around until their heads were on the pillow and they stared into each other's bloodshot eyes.

"That was awesome." Carly whispered. "I never knew that I'd enjoy fucking another girl so much."

"I loved it too." Taylor responded. "You know what else I love?"


Taylor got up out of bed and ran out of the room. When she returned, she had fat joint in one hand and a duffle bag in the other. She through the bag on the bed and sat down, cross-legged next to Carly. She handed the joint to her.

"Hold this and close your eyes." She whispered. Carly obeyed and closed her eyes. Several seconds later, Taylor spoke again. "Okay, open up."

When Carly opened her eyes, she saw Taylor holding two large vibrators in her hands and a huge smile on her face. Before she could say anything, the vibrators were turned on and almost shook out of her hands.

"Wow!" Carly said in shock. "How long are those fucking things?"

"Eleven inches." She responded.

Without saying another word, Carly sat up until she was nose to nose with Taylor. They shared a kiss before she lay flat on her back. Taylor grabbed a bottle of lubricant from her bag and started pouring it on one of the vibrators.

"What's the lube for?" Carly asked.

"Your ass, silly." Taylor giggled before working the lubricant around the toy nice and slowly.

"Whoa, hold on a second. I've never put anything in there." Carly started to sit up but Taylor shoved her back down.

"There's a first time for everything."

Taylor bent down and spit on the nervous girl's tight asshole. She spread the loogie around until the hole was nice and read for its first ever violation.

"Relax, it will feel better." Taylor whispered.

Carly closed her eyes and felt the toy, still vibrating as fiercely as any dildo she had ever experienced, slowly begin to enter her. She moaned loudly as her anal walls stretched around the thick toy. Slowly but surely, the blond eventually worked the entire eleven inch toy into the older girl's ass. Carly struggled to stay still during the invasion but once it got all inside her, she started to relax. The feelings of pain were quickly replaced with a strong feeling of pleasure.

"Holy fuck!" She yelled out as the last ounce of pain disappeared.

"Ready for more?" Taylor asked.

"More?" Carly responded.

Taylor picked up the other vibrator, which looked to be more powerful than the first one, and started rubbing it against Carly's throbbing clit. She almost jumped through the roof at the first touch since the vibrator in her ass had intensified the sensitivity of her pussy. Taylor rubbed it across her red nub for a few seconds before starting to insert it in the empty hole. Carly instantly had an orgasm as the toy started to enter her. The puddle forming under her pelvis was growing as more of her juices escaped her.

Carly's heart was racing as the toy worked farther up her pussy. She had never felt as aroused as she did at this very moment. Again, Taylor worked the entire toy into her and let go. Carly lay on the bed experiencing one orgasm after another as each toy shook her juices loose onto the bed. She had dropped the joint that Taylor had handed her. Taylor picked it up and placed it between Carly's lips. She grabbed a lighter out of her bag and lit it, telling her friend to inhale.

Carly took a deep hit off the joint as her body began to numb from the vibrations. She blew out a large cloud as another orgasm took her over. Taylor took the joint and took a hit before blowing it onto her friend's sensitive pussy. Carly was at a loss for words as the high that had worn off started to come back on top of the orgasms she was experiencing. It was the greatest feeling she could have ever imagined.

"Like it?" Taylor asked.

Carly took another hit and blew it into her face and said, "Fuck yes."

The girls continued passing the large joint back and forth until it was gone. Between the large amount of strong pot and the some eight orgasms of the night, Carly was worn out but in heaven. Once the Taylor put the joint out, she slowly slipped both toys out of Carly and turned them off. She snuggled up next to her and lightly kissed her neck as she panted.

"Was that not the greatest thing ever?" She whispered.

"I can see why my brother likes you so much. You know how to make someone feel like they've died and gone to heaven." Carly responded.

"It's what I'm best at." She giggled.

Taylor pulled the covers over herself and Carly before turning the lights off.

"Do you think my brother will mind that you fucked his sister?" Carly asked.

"It will probably turn him on more. I guess I'll find out tomorrow." They kissed again before fading into sleep.

To be continued...

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