tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 10

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 10


"Good morning," Taylor said as I walked into the kitchen on Tuesday morning.

"Good morning," I responded as I sat down at the table wearing only a pair of boxers. "Did you sleep well?"

Last night, after our intense sexual session in the kitchen, she passed out with her head on my shoulder. I picked her up and gently carried her to bed. Even though I myself had slept all day, I slid into bed with her and was out for the night.

"I slept like a baby," she said as she gave me a kiss and sat down on my lap. "You must have been tired, you were out like a light when I got up."

"Must've been."

I could not help but notice how cute she looked wearing a tight red t-shirt and a pair of red cutoffs. Combine that with the straight hair look that I loved so much and I had another noticeable arousal in my underwear.

"You are always on aren't you?" she asked as she ran her hand across my chest.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"That little...sorry, big tent in your boxers," she said with a laugh.

"Can I help it that you are so damn adorable?" I said with a laugh of my own.

"Well, put it away. You haven't showered since you got home. I like the way you taste but I have my limits," she said as she sipped from her coffee cup. "I already took a shower but if you want, I could watch you."

I stood up, grabbed her by the hand and quickly led her to the bathroom. Once there, she stripped my boxers down and turned the shower on. As I stepped in, she sat down on the toilet seat and took another sip of coffee. We exchanged smiles before I started bathing myself.

Taylor remained seated, her eyes working me up and down as I worked the washcloth around my body. I saw a devilish smile when it was time to clean my genitals. I slowly worked the cloth around my cock (which was standing at full attention). It did not take long for her to realize that "cleaning" was not exactly what I was doing.

Once I felt it was clean enough, I dropped the washcloth and proceeded to continue "cleaning" my cock with only my hand. I kept my eyes locked on Taylor, who put her cup down and started rubbing herself under the cutoffs. From where I was standing, I could see that she had decided against wearing underwear today. It was only a few seconds before she closed her eyes and became lost in her own lust.

I slowly turned the water off and stepped out of the shower; my hand still doing its job on my penis. After a few steps, I was less than a foot away from my horny girl. I was about to grab her hand and place it around my cock when she loudly moaned and pressed her head against the wall, arching her back. I placed my hand on her head and stroked her hair as her orgasm washed over. She quickly came down and slowly opened her eyes.

"That was quick...someone must've been horny too," I said, still stroking her hair with one hand and my cock with the other.

She gave me a cute smile before reaching into her pocket. She opened her hand and revealed a half-smoked joint. I guess I had not noticed but now when I looked into her eyes, I could see that they were very bloodshot.

"I was, and I still am," she smiled. "I think of got the munchies coming on too. You think you can feed me something I really," she brushed her hand against the throbbing head of my cock. "REALLY like?"

I increased the pace of my strokes and in no time was ready to feed her. I pulled her head in closer and gave myself the last few strokes before exploding onto her face. I aimed for her mouth but my cum came out wildly and spread from her chin up to the top of her head. Only a few drops landed in her mouth but I was very sure that she did not mind. When I was done she licked the head clean before looking over her shoulder in the mirror, inspecting the facial she just received.

"I look pretty good with cum on my face," she said.

I could not help but laugh and respond with, "You do." I reached into the bathtub, retrieved the wash cloth and started cleaning the mess I made on her. The smile never left her face throughout the cleaning.

One we were both clean and dry, I walked with her into the bedroom and got dressed while she stared at me with her glazed, red eyes. She handed me the joint and a lighter after I tossed my shirt on. Without hesitation, I lit it and began my own session. I quickly smoked the joint down to next to nothing and, in no time, was very high.

"Dan, can I ask you something?" Taylor asked me.

"Sure, ask away," I responded as I put out the joint.

"Your birthday is coming up soon, right?"

"Yeah, three weeks from today. Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to make sure I was right. I have a big surprise lined up for you," she said as she slipped on her sandals.

She walked out of the bedroom for about a minute before walking back in. In her hand was an envelope, which she handed over to me.

"Take this," she said.

I opened the envelope to find a plane ticket to Nashville, Tennessee for the day before my birthday.

"You didn't have to do this," I said as I stared at the ticket.

Taylor walked up to me and gave me a hug before whispering into my ear, "Yes I did, your birthday is going to be the best day of your life...I promise."

I kissed her before putting the ticket in a safe place. I did not know exactly what she had planned but after the experiences I've had over the last three months, I knew that my twenty-fifth birthday would be amazing.

"I'm still hungry, do you want to go out to eat?" she asked me.

"Sure thing, I know a nice secluded little diner about a mile away," I responded. "You might want to change your shirt before we go." She gave me a puzzled look before I pointed down at the dry streak of cum resting on her shoulder. "That is unless you want the old ladies at the diner to know what we did earlier."

"I'll just wear my vest over it," she said as she led me out of the bedroom.

Taylor went through her bag and pulled out a black vest, putting it on to cover the cum that rested on her shirt. Even though it was covered, it was still arousing to know that she was going out in public with my marking on her.

We walked outside and loaded into my car. It was a very warm April day in the Pacific Northwest, so we made sure to roll the windows down before we headed off. As I drove down the street to the diner, I looked over at Taylor and saw her beautiful hair whipping in the wind. She looked over at me and giggled before sticking her hand out the window and patting the roof. I did not exactly know why she did that but she was very high...and so was I, so I let it go and just laughed. She kept finding new ways to make herself sexier. Once we arrived at the diner, she grabbed onto my hand and smiled again.

"Hey, do you know if the beaches are open?" she asked me.

"The main beaches are closed but the private beaches are always open...since very few people know about them," I said.

"Want to spend the day at the private beach? I promise I'll make it worth your while," she said with a flirtatious tone.

"You should know by now that I can't really say no to you."

We kissed before exiting the car and entering the diner. Luckily, the only person there was the old lady behind the counter who was not "pop-culture-savvy" and had no idea who Taylor was. Nothing like a nice, quiet breakfast with the most beautiful woman in the world and nobody hounding her for autographs or pictures. I had not realized it at first but this was really the first time we had gone out in public since the win-a-date. While doing nothing but getting high and having sex was great (really great) it was nice to go out with her. It felt like we were more than just fuck-buddies now.

We sat down and ordered our breakfasts. We made small talk as we waited for our food to arrive. When it finally did arrive, we scarfed it down like we had never eaten before. I never looked over at the old lady but I'm sure that she was confused as to why we ate so fast. I doubt she knew that we had a certain "appetite enhancer" helping along. Within two minutes, our meals were gone and we were both satisfied. After the check was paid and a tip was left, we scurried back home to gather some appropriate beach items.

Taylor rummaged through her bags and picked out a brand new black bikini. She undressed in the living room and quickly put it on before covering it with the clothes she had been wearing earlier. She put her sun glasses on and skipped out to the car. I went into my room and swapped my shorts and underwear for a red pair of swimming trunks. I grabbed some towels, lotion, food, drinks and weed and followed her outside.

As we drove out to the beach, I noticed Taylor pulling her shirt away from her body, signaling that she was hot. Before I could ask her if she was too warm, she pulled the red, cum-stained shirt off of her body and held it out the window.

"It's too fucking hot for this thing," she said before letting go, leaving the shirt to fly away in the rear-view mirror.

She spent the rest of the drive playing with her bikini top, flashing me several times. I tried my hardest to keep my eyes on the road but when a beautiful woman wants you to see her breasts, you have to look.

I was kind of disappointed when we reached the beach...I was enjoying the little show she was giving me but my disappointment quickly went away when I remembered that we would be spending a nice day on the beach alone. She was almost in shock when we stepped onto the sand. Never before had she seen a beach so empty on a day so hot.

"This is so cool," she said. "No people, no lifeguards...no rules!"

Before I could answer her, she untied her bikini top and let it hit the hot sand. She stood in front of me, topless and smiling. She grabbed onto my shirt and quickly tore it off of me. She held onto the shirt and walked towards the center of the sand. I followed her and pulled out two towels, resting them on the ground. Taylor sat down on the red towel and started taking off her shorts. Within seconds, she sat on the beach wearing only a skimpy bikini bottom that barely covered her perfect pussy.

I reached into the bag and pulled out a pre-rolled joint, placed it between her lips and lit it for her. I could see the joy in her face as she smoked in the open with no fear of getting caught. We passed the joint back and forth until it two thirds of the way gone. We were already high to begin with, but the feeling of the hot sun beating down on our nearly naked bodies only fueled it more. I stared out at the water, enjoying the onset when I felt a hand on my trunks.

"I've always wanted to make love on a hot beach," she whispered before kissing my neck.

"Me too," I responded while beginning to feel her firm breasts.

Taylor moaned as she started to crawl on top of me. She rested her ass down on my crotch and slowly moved her hips around, helping to bring my semi-erect cock to full attention. She pressed her lips against mine and we locked into a long, passionate kiss. This lasted for what seemed like forever. When the kiss broke, I opened my eyes and looked up at her; her beautiful head covering the sun from my sight and making her shine like an angel.

"You are so sexy," I whispered.

Taylor answered me by running her hand from my chin, down my torso until she reached the top of my trunks. I grasped both hand around her ribcage and softly massaged the outside of her breasts while she teased me. She never placed her hands down my trunks or pulled them down; she held the waistband and slowly moved it around. It only lasted a few seconds before she stopped and stood up. She looked down at me as her hands went to the strings on her bikini bottom.

"I don't think I need this stupid thing anymore," she said as she pulled the strings, forcing the cloth to fall into the sand.

Once again, I was staring at the fully-naked body of Taylor Swift. She stood still in the sand, only running her hands across her pale skin as the hot sun rained down on it, making her hot (in the temperature sense).

"Are you going to get naked any time today?" she asked me.

Without hesitation, I removed my trunks and gave her another look at my eight-inch cock.

"Stand up," she commanded. I did as she said and stood next to her.

Taylor reached into my bag and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. She squirted a large blob of the white cream into her hand and started rubbing it on my body. She worked my upper body quickly but once she got down to my crotch, she took her sweet time. It did not take long before "applying sunscreen" turned into "furious masturbation". She dropped to her knees and started with her second hand. She held her head back as she strongly shook my penis back and forth. It took all the power I had in my body not to explode all over her.

"Keep going," I said.

I was not sure if she heard me or not but she did stop and covered my legs in sunscreen before standing back up. She handed me the bottle of sunscreen and turned around. I squirted the cream onto her back and started spreading it around. Just like she had done, I worked her upper body fast but when I reached her ass, I started being slow and passionate. Slowly, I spread her firm ass cheeks and made sure to fill every pore with the protective lotion. She moaned leaned forward as my hand brushed against her asshole. Without even noticing, my hand working her asshole became only a finger working her asshole. Even sooner, "working" became "inserting".

Before I met Taylor, I never would have guessed that she would be one to enjoy insertion into her ass...or even one to enjoy sex at all. If only they knew what I know; she not only likes sex, she is addicted to it. Look at her now, standing on a beach completely naked as I work my finger in and out of her cute little ass. If the public knew that Taylor Swift that I know, "clean" would never be used to describe her.

For several more minutes, I fingered her ass until she stopped me. She stood up straight again and reached behind her, grasping my cock and drawing it closer to her slightly stretched ass.

"Now," she said as I grabbed onto her hips and lunged forward, violating her ass once again.

The sunscreen was a very good lubricant, making it the easiest experience with anal sex I had ever had. She looked back at me with her mouth and eyes wide open. The look on her face was not one of intense pain but one of intense pleasure. She had had anal sex enough times now that she could take it fully without any discomfort.

Taylor, still standing up straight, started pushing her hips back against my crotch almost instantly. She reached behind and wrapped my head in her arms before letting out a moan that, if anyone was within a half-mile, would have been heard and drawn attention. It was so pleasant to be able to have sex outside with no threat whatsoever of getting caught.

After a few minutes remaining in that position, I pushed her forward until she lay flat on her stomach against the sand. I took full control and started slamming into her rectum. I knew she liked it rough and took it as far as I could without hurting her. She buried her face in the sand and panted heavy as I slammed all of my weight down on her.

I continued fucking her hard for a long time. I was shocked that I was going so fast and so hard without coming close to ejaculating. I was fully lost in the lust of the act; as was she. She slowly lifted her head up and stared out at the Pacific Ocean, still moaning with each rough thrust.

Eventually I had to stop...not because I was close to cumming, but because I was starting to hurt. I rolled over onto the sand as she panted heavily, still flat on her stomach. She slowly rolled over until she was lying on top of me. She gave me a quick peck on the lips before lifting her body up, lining up her pussy with my cock and lowering herself onto it.

Taylor pushed herself up until she was full-on riding me. She kept her hands against my chest as she bounced up and down on me. She started slow but quickly had her energy recharged enough that she was fucking me as hard as I fucked her. Again, she was positioned directly in front of the sun, giving her a glow above me. This caused my balls to finally begin stirring my sperm for their release.

Just as I felt my orgasm building, Taylor's breathing got very heavy very quickly. She lay back on top of my chest and kissed my neck before purring loudly into my ear and stopping her motions. She quietly had an intense orgasm around my cock. Her muscles tugged at my meat very hard, doing its job properly. Before her orgasm ended, my own began. I was so lost in the feeling of her pussy contracting that I forgot to pull out.

"I'm still on the pill," she whispered as my thick semen spread inside her pussy for a very long time (at least it felt like it).

We remained locked in our positions after my orgasm ended. My cock was flaccid but still inside her. Luckily for her, I thoroughly covered her back in sunscreen since we both fell asleep under the hot sun. When I woke up three hours later, my cock (still inside her) felt very wet in sticky. While I slept, we slowly made love again and I filled her with more of my creamy cum. The sun was close to the horizon when she awoke from her slumber.

"Did we sleep long?' she asked me as she rolled off of me and onto the sand.

"Yes we did, the sun is about to set. We've been out here for hours," I said as I sat up.

"We should go back to your place and have some more fun," she said as she started to redress.

I got dressed as well and stood up, gathering our items. As we walked back to the car, I lit the rest of the joint we had smoked earlier and we shared it. By the time we reached the car, there was almost nothing left and, once again, we were very high.

During the drive home, Taylor could not keep her eyes off of me. She rested against the headrest and stared at me with her beautiful, bloodshot eyes.

"I love you so much," she said with a smile.

"I love you too," I told her.

She remained in the same position for the entire ride home. As I turned the corner onto my street, my heart sank when I saw my sister's car parked in front of my house.

"Son of a bitch!" I yelled.

"What?" Taylor asked, sitting up straight.

"My sister is back. She said she would leave us alone," I said as I noticed another car parked behind hers. "And it looks like she brought someone over...someone in a rental car," I said as I saw the rental companies logo on license plate.

Taylor looked at me and let out a sigh.

"I think that may be someone I gave your address to," she said. "There are four celebrities I gave your full address to since they were nervous about calling you."

"Who?" I asked.

"It's Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell or Troian Bellisario; the four girls from 'Pretty Little Liars'. They all smoke weed like 70's hippies and were very interested in you."

"Wow," I said with a shocked look on my face. "This is great and terrible news at the same time."

"How so?" she asked as I parked the car.

"I mean, it's great to have experiences with new girls but I wanted you all to myself for a couple of days."

"Don't worry baby, your birthday party will make up for everything. For now, let's go inside, get rid of your sister and bring the new girl into our little party...just like we did with Carrie...who misses you a lot."

We kissed before exiting the car. I could hear loud music coming from inside and the door was locked. Taylor went over to the window to try and get their attention.

"Oh my god!" she yelled as she looked inside.

"What?" I asked.

"I...she...they..." she stuttered.

I walked over to the window on peeked in. My jaw almost went through the earth when I saw inside the house.

"Holy shit!"

To be continued...

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