She surrendered to the sensation, frantically humping her pussy against the pleasuring hand. Rachal worked her fingers faster.

"Time to cum again, baby," she teasingly whispered. When she flicked the bucking woman's g-spot, Heather screamed out. Her sweet nectar flooded Rachal's hand as she came.


Heather realised that Rachal had tenderly held her against the door she recovered. The young woman kissed her gently as her breathing was settling.

"Ready for home now?" she asked.

Heather rapidly shook her head. Her eyes remained full of lustful expectation. "Not yet. I want to make you cum, Rach. I want you to use me. Please."

Rachal smiled into her deep brown eyes. Without speaking, she yanked up her red t-shirt, exposing her small breasts. Her hands grabbed Heather's hair and jerked her head to her treasures. What the older woman lacked in experience, she made up in enthusiasm. Her need consumed her as her greedy mouth licked and sucked from one to the other. She couldn't get enough.

Growling, Rachal pushed down on the slim shoulders. Heather willingly slid to her knees. Her trembling hands slipped under the pleated skirt. Grabbing the waistband of Rachal's thong, she tore it from the slim, young, body. With deft fingers, the skirt quickly followed. Rachal's smooth treasure glistened in front of her eyes.

Heather needed this. She had to have it. Her tongue and lips were tentative but the younger woman's smell and taste was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Grabbing the back of Rachal's thighs to steady herself, she began to lick along the sweet wetness. Her first woman. The tangy taste was intoxicating. Her eyes feasted on the swollen clit. It was begging to be sucked. Heather flicked it with her tongue. God, that felt good. Her head softly rotated as she licked it.

Rachal's louder moans drove her on. Instinct had taken over. So had lust. Her hands moved upwards to grasp the sweet young ass as she took the clit into her mouth. Her fingernails may have drawn blood, so tightly did she dig them into the rounded buttocks. She didn't care. She was preoccupied, out of control, alternately sucking on the slippery nubbin and then rapidly flicking it with her tongue.

The throaty growls signalled Rachal's orgasm. Her young thighs gripped the pleasuring head between them. She shouted Heather's name as she came. And came hard.

Heather wanted more. Needed more. She slid two fingers inside and began to fuck the now soaking pussy. After a few seconds of rapid finger fucking, she felt the dark haired young woman buck again. Rachal hadn't lied when she'd told her she could cum continuously.

As her young lover orgasmed again, Heather gratefully licked and lapped at the creamy juices between the young thighs. She couldn't get enough. A tigress had been released.

Chapter Three: The BBQ

The timing was both good and bad, depending on your perspective. Heather wasn't sure what her perspective was. Her husband had just left for New York for the week. That was rare, but when the business deal had arisen, he'd been given little choice.

It was unfortunate in the sense that they had both been looking forward to her brother's stay with them for a few days. They got on well together and his business activities meant he'd miss his entire visit.

On the other hand, Rachal had suggested to Heather that it couldn't have worked out better. She'd told her new lover of some of her naughtiest thoughts. As Heather was finding out, the free spirited young woman had been fascinated and promised to help her make every one of them come true.

That wasn't what she wanted. It was enough for her just to have those forbidden fantasies. Rach simply grinned. She knew Heather better than she thought.

The barbeque had been a great idea, an ideal way of welcoming her brother to their home. And it had gone so well. Her kids had invited a number of their friends and with a few neighbours there too, the atmosphere had been lively.

Taking a few seconds away from the others just to catch her thoughts, the beautiful, sexy brunette glanced across at her brother. He was engrossed in conversation with Rachal. Heather had wondered about the advisability of inviting her new lover, but knew she wanted her there. After all, her husband was away. She wanted Rach to see her home. She wanted her to meet Miss Alluring, too.

Taking a long sip of her cool drink, Heather found her mind returning to her younger days. She used to tease her brother mercilessly. It stemmed back to her early teens, when she was very curious about boys. She'd often thought of pulling down his pants and playing with his cock. She blushed a little at the thought, her dark eyes peering at her brother as he shared a joke with Rach.

Then there was one time when they were sitting on the couch together. She'd pointed to his crotch and teasingly asked him if he had hair down there yet. Whilst he didn't freak out, it was clear he was embarrassed and didn't want to play along. She'd been so disappointed.

As she hadn't seen him for some time, Heather had been looking forward to his visit for a few weeks. Her husband being away had simply added a little intrigue.

Her eyes turned to her kids. They were enjoying themselves around the pool with the majority of their friends. They'd both been looking forward to seeing their Uncle, too. Not that she expected them to spend much time with her brother. Being typical teenagers, they had so many friends and a million different interests.

Kyle was as tall as his father but more slender. It was amazing how quickly he'd grown up. Heather was proud of him. Athletic and handsome, it was a surprise that he didn't yet have a girlfriend. She often wondered about his body. Would he be the same as his father? No, she told herself. Push that thought to the back of her mind. Despite Rachal's suggestion she should surprise him in the shower! She laughed to herself as she pushed a loose strand of hair away from her eyes. That girl was wicked!

The sound of laughter interrupted her thoughts. It was Rachal's laugh, loud and clear. She was sitting beside Kyle now, in the middle of his group of friends. Did that girl have no inhibitions?

She watched them chat, unsure of her feelings as the beguiling young woman clearly flirted with her son. Suddenly, all of the boys burst out in raucous laughter. Whatever joke Rachal had shared had caused some amusement.

Heather smiled to herself, slowly walking across the grass towards the pool. It always such fun when her kids had their friends around. They were always such good company too. Kyle's friends were all goofy teenage boys, all good for a laugh. Heather knew they thought she was hot. Her daughter had overheard their conversations and taken great delight in telling her mother.

And even tonight, she'd been the subject of a few admiring glances. She had to admit that she was turned on when those boys checked her out. Not that she'd ever do anything too much to encourage it. She didn't want to embarrass her son. And she was aware they already teased him about her.

And in any case, even had she been tempted, her husband was just too much man for those poor horny boys to overcome!

Too much man. But what about woman? She stared across the pool area at her masturbation fantasy. Miss Alluring looked as good as ever. She had almost flawless skin and the way her tiny waist swelled out to wonderfully curvy hips made Heather's heart skip a beat.

But it was her D cup breasts that captivated Heather the most. She looked luscious tonight, in just a striped bikini top with black bottoms. She found it difficult to stop staring. The lithe eighteen year-old just exuded sexuality.

She had a way of looking into Heather's eyes and just holding her gaze. It seemed completely without emotion. Try as she might, Heather couldn't read her at all. But when her brown eyes seized Heather's, it just made her pussy drool. She'd done so tonight. Twice.

It wasn't like Heather to dress without a bra. She didn't know what it was that had made her do that tonight. She knew she looked hot in the tight pair of black shorts and white t-shirt. The way her nipples pushed through the fabric seemed to have captured the attention of all the goofy young boys. But each time Miss Alluring had looked into her eyes, her gaze had also flickered to Heather's breasts. Even looking across at her now, she could feel herself become wet.

"I know who you're looking at," a voice in her ear purred.

Heather gave a start and some of her drink slopped over the edge of her glass.

Rachal laughed. "I can understand why. She's everything you said."

For some reason, Heather felt herself blush. She felt her pussy tingle as she looked at her young lover. Rachal reached out and took Heather's glass. Throwing back her head, she drained what remained of the drink.

"I thought you'd be on alcohol," she purred. Before Heather could reply, she added, "Kyle's a real cutie."

The beautiful brunette suddenly felt protective of her son. "Rach..."

Her young lover laughed. "I thought you wanted him to learn the ropes with an older woman?"

Heather paused. That was exactly what she had thought for some time now. When she'd confided that to her young lover, Rachal had asked if she was old enough. They'd both laughed. Now, it seemed much more real.

Rachal tugged her bare forearm, interrupting her thought. "Could we go inside?"

"Why," Heather asked, feeling a surge of arousal course through her loins at the thought of what this young woman might have in mind.

Rachal raised her eyebrows. It was enough to convey her intentions. Without awaiting a further response, she linked Heather's arm and led her indoors. They paused for a moment, Heather loving the control that Rachal exerted over her.

"Your office," the young temptress said with a grin. "We won't be disturbed there."

Heather's heart missed a beat. She let out a faint whimper at the dangerous situation, "My kids are here. My brother, too..."

"I know," Rachal smiled, glancing across at the door. "That's why we need somewhere safe. Deliciously wicked, don't you think?"

The colour that hit Heather's face was matched by the shortness of breath that suddenly consumed her. With a single gulp, she turned on her heels, leading her young lover down to her office in the basement. Once inside, she quickly closed the door, as if that protected them from the outside world.

"The floor," Rachal said, pulling her nervous lover into the room. "Lie down."

Heather looked at her dark haired temptress. Then down at the rug that covered part of the floor. She sat down, easing herself back on her elbows.

"No baby, lie down," Rachal instructed.

Her hands worked on her shorts as she spoke. Her shimmy as they slid down her legs fired Heather's arousal even higher. Her black thong followed, then the yellow t-shirt, pulled over her head in one movement.

"You like?" she asked, provocatively twirling in one motion.

She stepped across Heather's body, straddling her, allowing the prone woman to feast on her nakedness. The older woman licked her lips, her eyes fixed on the young pussy as it lowered itself. Her low growl as Rachal gently sat across her stomach and pushed up her t-shirt was like a homing signal.

She watched hypnotically as the young woman leant forward, covering the short distance between their mouths. She bit on Heather's lower lip and then slipped her tongue into her mouth. The kiss was frantic, urgent.

As Rachal's mouth made love to her, her hands cupped Heather's magnificent breasts. The kiss deepened. It became hotter and more passionate. Rachal's hands explored both of Heather's full breasts, gently squeezing and savouring each delectable mound. The erect nipples felt like twin pinpoints of heat burning against each palm.

Heather's growl was louder, longer, as the dark haired young woman's mouth slid downwards, her searching mouth taking control of each nipple in turn. She cried out as Rachal sucked each bud inside, her lips forming a tight seal around the soft flesh. Her tongue flicked against the hard nipple and Heather felt she might cum just from the sensations flowing from her breasts to her pussy.

Suddenly, Rachal was on the move again. She began to slither upwards, her wet pussy sliding and caressing across Heather's naked mounds. Heather moaned aloud. She needed this. To be used. She could feel the undulating temptress rubbing against her skin, the wet juices providing an oily platform across her breasts and nipples.

Slowly, she felt the young woman begin to fuck her tits. The scent of her young lover filled her nostrils. It was intoxicating. Her back arched as she attempted to gain more friction on her breasts. Her hands reached for the undulating hips. She wanted to be used. Wanted the young aggressor to pleasure herself on her.

Rachal read the signs. Her body eased upwards towards Heather's face. She hovered, allowing her aroma to permeate the prone woman's senses. "Want me baby?" she purred, her voice thick with arousal.

It was a rhetorical question. Heather felt Rachal cover her hands with her own. She slid them sensuously to her ass as she began to rotate her body. The way she eased down, just a little, seemed almost in slow motion. Heather strained up, stretching out her tongue, but couldn't quite reach.

Her hands dug into the perfect, ass, attempting to pull Rachal down onto her face. She could smell her, feel the heat coming off the young pussy that was dripping with arousal.

"Please..." she begged. Her tone conveyed her need.

It was time. Rachal allowed Heather to pull her pussy into her questing mouth. Heather delighted in the young woman's grown of arousal. Thrilled at the way her lover's hands found her hair. Loved the rough way she jerked Heather's face into her.

As Rachal began to grind herself against the beautiful face, Heather's fingernails dug tighter into the firm, young ass. A sign of approval. Of acquiescence. She flattened her feet on the rug to push her own hips upwards into the empty air, as Rachal smothered her wetness again and again across her face.

The submissive pose felt exhilarating. The fingers gripping her hair and yanking her head closer were intoxicating. The feel of Rachal grinding her pussy into her face was intoxicating. Her syrupy juices already covered her lips, nose, chin, and forehead. Both women growled, one from giving and the other from receiving.

She pushed her face upwards, savouring the taste. Her mouth found Rachal's aroused clit. It was standing to attention and Heather frantically sucked it into her wet mouth.

Rachal cried out at the contact, bucking her hips more urgently down into the beautiful face. Heather's sharp fingertips dug into her ass. Her mouth was devouring her. She sucked, licked and nipped as she drove her young lover towards her goal. The long, low growls told Heather that Rachal was close. Her orgasm was closing in. She wanted it more that she'd wanted anything in her life.

Her mouth eagerly hoovered up the wonderfully tangy love juices as the young woman above her began to lose control. Her bottom lifted as she exploded. Her honeyed juices gushed forth like a spring. Heather's hands gripped the violently shaking hips, drinking in the sweet nectar with a feeling of satisfaction unlike anything she'd previously experienced.

Chapter Four: Oiling Miss Alluring

Rach had been as good as her word. Slowly, she was bringing alive each of Heather's innermost desires. In between their bouts of love making, she'd recounted many of her experiences. And Heather had confided every sexual thought that had ever entered her mind.

She felt alive. Sexually liberated.

This afternoon, Miss Alluring had just arrived. She was spending the afternoon at Heather's, lounging around the pool with them. From the moment she'd walked in the door, the captivating young beauty was stealing glances at Heather. It seemed to her that the eighteen year old was deliberately looking right into her eyes. Her intense, 'I want you' look, had sent the older woman's feelings of arousal to dangerous levels.

As Heather silently made her way up the stairs, her heart was pounding. It had been a couple of minutes since her daughter had taken her friend to her bedroom. It wouldn't take long for them to change into their swimsuits. If she timed it right, she might catch them naked. Oh God! Her heart began to beat even harder at the mental image that formed in her mind.

The sunscreen in her hand would offer them some protection from the heat of the day. And offer her a perfect excuse for walking in on the two young women.

It wasn't to be. When she reached her daughter's room, the two of them had already changed into their bikinis. Her heart sank, but despite her disappointment, she smiled at them both.

Oh God! Miss Alluring gave her that gaze.

"You need sunscreen on, girls," she told them, attempting to keep her tone casual. It wasn't easy. "Here, take plenty. I'll help with your backs."

She was sure her fingers were shaking as she poured the oil into her daughter's and Miss Alluring's palms. Stay calm, she told herself as the two young women began to cover themselves. Just watching Miss Alluring's hands glide over her body felt sensual.

After covering as much of her skin as possible, her daughter turned around to allow her mother to massage the oil into her back. With a little shiver as her mother completed the task, she gave a playful giggle and headed downstairs.

Miss Alluring had been waiting patiently. She finished spreading the lotion on herself, watching Heather's eyes as she did. Slowly, she turned her back as she unfastened the bikini strap. Their eyes met again in the mirror. Heather smiled as she began to apply the sunscreen to the perfect skin.

She took her time, slowly rubbing the lotion in. For a moment they didn't speak. Their eyes remained locked on one another in the mirror. Heather wondered what Rach would say. But then, she already knew. Time to take a chance. Grab the opportunity.

"You've become a really beautiful young woman," she softly purred. Miss Alluring's eyes sparkled back at her, glowing at the compliment. She continued, her voice wavering slightly as she added, "And I am so jealous of your breasts."

The young girl blushed, seemingly too embarrassed at Heather's words to respond.

Heather ignored the dryness in her mouth as she continued. "You shouldn't be embarrassed, baby. You should be proud of your body. And pleased that you're so desirable."

As she spoke, Heather slid her hands from the young back and glided them along Miss Alluring's sides. Her skin felt so smooth and she felt herself give a little shiver at the feel of such soft flesh.

Time to take another chance. Her fingertips easily slid along the sides of the young breasts. They were so soft. It was all Heather could do to stop herself taking them fully into her hands. It was so very difficult not too. But this way, should the young beauty make any objection, she could pretend that the touch was accidental.

No objection came. In fact, the little "Oh," that Miss Alluring gave was a clear indication of the delicious sensations created by the caressing touch. Heather smiled at the young beauty in the mirror. That soft stare came back.

Time for another test. "Can I see your breasts?" she suddenly asked the now heavily panting young girl.

For a few moments, the only sound was each woman's breathing. Louder and quicker than normal. Their reflections in the mirror stared at one another. Heather shivered from the thought of having taken things a step too far. Was the unusual request to prove her downfall? Without warning, she had her answer.

Miss Alluring raised her hands and lifted her top. The large, young, breasts stood out, firm and proud.

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