tagInterracial LoveHeather's Two Firsts

Heather's Two Firsts


Note: All names are fictional in this story.

It's a normal early Friday evening and Sarah, my girlfriend, her best friend Heather, and I are planning to meet up for a rather low-key night of watching movies and hanging out at Sarah's. As I was cleaning up and getting ready for our lazy night at home Sarah called and said she would be about an hour late because she was still trying to find her Mom a birthday present. But she said that Heather and I should go on to her house and wait for her.

A few minutes after I hung up the phone with Sarah, Heather called saying she was working out at the gym near my house and she would just swing by and get me rather than both of us driving. So, I agreed and finished getting ready.

Sarah and I had been dating by this time for nearly eight months and for much of that time Heather spent a lot of time with us. Heather was shy, but beautiful, blonde and athletic. She had just turned 18 about three weeks before and was one of the most sought after girls in her school. Despite being so shy, she managed to hold the role of head cheerleader, and everyone always noticed her perfect body. She stands about 5'6" and weighs just less than 125 lbs, is beautifully tanned, has firm 34C breasts, and has amazing blue eyes and shoulder length hair.

Over the last several months, I had started noticing Heather more and more each time we were around each other. During that time I realized Heather had been sneaking peaks of me as well. It was just an unspoken attraction. Neither, of course had ever really let the other know for sure we had been checking each other out. In fact, I wasn't sure if she was admiring me or if I was just imagining that she liked what she saw.

Heather has always been considered the good girl type since she never seemed to do anything her parents wouldn't be proud of. With that, I often thought there was no way she was interested in me. I am a 20-year-old, 6'1", 205 lbs., athletic black guy who tends to be attracted to white girls. But with Heather, she didn't seem to be the type to go for a black guy.

When Heather arrived at my house, it was obvious she had just left the gym and had just had her shower. Her hair was still damp and she was wearing a tight fitting wife-beater tank top and some very small boy shorts. She looked incredible. She knew we were just staying in for the night, so her and Sarah usually dress in comfortable lounging type clothes.

She greeted me at the door and we headed over to Sarah's house. Her mom, Mrs. Colson, was waiting for us at the door and welcomed us in, offering up a glass of tea and some snacks. It was obvious where my girlfriend, Sarah, got her looks because her mom was still stunning. Mrs. Colson had only been 19 years old when she had Sarah, so she was still a young and vibrant 37-year-old. She is about 5'8", 130 lbs., has long brown hair, brown eyes, and large 36D breasts and a confidence about her that made her even more attractive. She was wearing a perfectly fitting tank top and some sweat pants as she had just finished doing some work around the house.

After accepting the snacks, the three of us headed into the living room to watch TV while we waited for Sarah. Like always, Heather sat down in the floor with her legs crossed Indian style. I sat on the sofa and Mrs. Colson sat in the chair behind Heather. We had been sitting quietly for about five minutes when Heather started complaining about her shoulders being sore from her workout.

So, Mrs. Colson sat on the floor behind Heather and began massaging her shoulders. However, this wasn't out of the ordinary since Mrs. Colson had known Heather for most of her life.

After massaging her shoulders for a few minutes, Mrs. Colson began massaging Heather's back and up and down her sides. She was moving with slow, but firm motions up and down her body. In the process, Mrs. Colson had moved Heather's tank top up her back just a bit so she could rub directly against her smooth skin. Heather was obviously enjoying it as she sat with her eyes closed, head leaning forward, and her body nearly limp.

As I watched, I could feel myself becoming aroused at the sight of my girlfriends beautiful mom rubbing up and down her daughter's best friend's back.

Mrs. Colson then began softly running the tips of her fingers up Heathers side, barely touching her body. The gentle touch quickly caught Heather's attention as it sent chills through her body. Mrs. Colson continued rubbing her this way, grazing Heather's breasts every so often. Heather was now becoming aroused herself as her nipples were visibly hardening through her tank top. She began breathing slightly harder, letting out a few soft moans in the process.

Mrs. Colson clearly knew what she was doing, as her nipples were also getting harder with each touch. She acted as though I was not even in the room. All the while, my dick continued to get hard from the act I was witnessing.

A few moments later, Mrs. Colson ran her right hand flat across Heather's tight stomach and moved it up under her tank top and over her breast, squeezing ever so softly. This caused Heather to moan just a bit more. Mrs. Colson then took her left hand and did the same thing, now cupping both breasts in her hands with Heather's tank top now sitting above her beautiful mounds.

She then took her right hand and slid it down her stomach and then under her shorts and panties. In one quick motion she was now massaging Heather's breasts and now wet pussy.

Heather's back began to arch, her breathing got harder and her moaning got louder. Mrs. Colson began kissing her neck, eventually turning Heather's face to meet hers as she kissed her deeply and passionately. With her hand still buried in Heather's pussy, Mrs. Colson slid around to her side pushing her onto the floor on her back. She followed Heather's body to the floor and was now laying on top of her still massaging her pussy and burying her tongue deep into Heather's mouth. Mrs. Colson stopped for a moment, long enough to remove her top, exposing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. She then took her sweat pants off leaving her in nothing but a thong. They continued making out on the floor with their tits rubbing backing forth on each other moaning with each bit of contact.

Now, almost fully erect, I begin to stand up and make my way over to the two beautiful, sex craved women. Mrs. Colson stood up to meet me while Heather moved back so that she was leaning against the sofa, now rubbing her own wet pussy and breasts.

Mrs. Colson quickly removed my T-shirt and began unbuckling my belt and unfastening my jeans. In the process she kissed my neck and leaned up to whisper in my ear.

She whispered, "I've been dieing to know what it's like to have a big fat black cock in my little white pussy. I want to be your little white slut and I want you to make Heather your little young white whore."

I couldn't believe she had just said this to me as I had always considered her to be a straight-laced type of woman. She was always at church on Sunday's and always the lady other parents admired. But on this day, she was transforming into a bisexual sex-driven woman.

The sound of her voice saying this made my cock stand to full attention. She then passionately kissed me, pressing her bare body against mine. My cock now throbbing rested against her now wet thong panties. She then walked me over to where Heather was sitting. She removed then took a moment to remove her thong. Now, standing fully naked, Mrs. Colson guided me in front of Heather, who was now completely in the nude as well.

"Heather, have you ever sucked a black cock before?" Mrs. Colson asked.

Between her heavy breaths and moaning from her own finger buried deep inside her pussy, Heather replied in an innocent tone, "No, but I want to learn."

She sat up and took my now erect ten inch cock into her hands, began kissing and softly running the tip of her tongue around the head of my cock. All the while, Mrs. Colson is standing with her hand placed on my chest kissing me while I cup her tits in my hands.

Heather begins sticking my cock as deep into her mouth as she can and begins slowly pumping my shaft. Her speed increases, causing my body to tighten and my grip of Mrs. Colson's tits to become firmer. With each motion on her tits, Mrs. Colson lets out a quiet moan as her tongue is still exploring my mouth.

Heather begins playing with my balls, still frantically sucking my cock. The soft touch of her hand on my body and the feel of Mrs. Colson's tits in my hands sends shock waves through me and I shoot my first load into Heather's mouth. She quickly pulls back, and Mrs. Colson drops to her knees.

Heather's shyness and uncertainty of the moment vanished as she looked up at me and said with a passionate and firm tone, "Cover my young tits with that cum. I want to be your little white slut. Be my black master."

With this Mrs. Colson grabs hold of my cock and strokes it making me shoot my cum all over both of their tits. I shoot a load like I had never done before as my girlfriend's 37-year-old mom and 18-year-old best friend sat on their knees begging to be my white sluts.

Mrs. Colson then leaned over and began running her tongue in circles around Heather's nipples just before she started to lick my cum off of her tits. Heather, in the mean time, began cleaning my cock with her tongue, swallowing every bit she could get off my shaft.

At this moment, the phone rang and it was Sarah. She was calling to say she would be even later because she was not finding what she was looking for. Mrs. Colson hung up the phone and told us Sarah was going to be out a while longer.

After losing my erection for a brief moment, Mrs. Colson guided me to her sofa and I laid down long ways with my cock now in a semi-erect stage. Mrs. Colson then leaned over and took my cock her mouth just long enough to get me hard again. She then climbed on to the sofa and began to straddle me. She grabbed hold of my dick and guided into her beautiful wet pussy. She lowered herself a few inches, taking in about half of my cock. With a loud moan, she took a deep breath and began to lower herself even more.

"I want to feel your black cock all the way inside my little white pussy," she said looking into my eyes.

She ten took the rest of me inside her and moaned louder than I had heard before.

"Oh fuck, this is the biggest cock I've ever had."

She began moving up and down my dick, slowly at first. I grabbed hold of her waist as Heather sat beside the sofa breathing heavily from the sight in front of her. I guided Mrs. Colson up and down on my cock. She began moving faster and riding me like I had never been before. Her tits were bouncing frantically in front of me and her moans got louder. With each sound and bounce of her breasts I got closer and closer to cumming.

After she rode me for what seemed like an eternity I began to tighten my body knowing it was almost time to shoot my load in to my girlfriend's mom's pussy.

"Go ahead you fucking nigger, fill your white slut with your black seed. Give me your black baby!" Mrs. Colson said forcefully.

At that, all in one motion I flip her onto her back, with my cock still deep inside her pussy. I grab hold of her waist and begin pumping her and pulling her body into mine. I begin fucking her harder and faster than she had ever been before.

She started moaning and yelling to me, "Make me your little white slut. Give me that big black cock."

Her body shuttered as she reached her orgasm. She let out another moan and her body tightened just as I shot my cum into her pussy. I shot load after load, and watched as my cum and her juices began dripping out of her onto her legs and the sofa. As I was pulling out, Heather jumped up and opened her mouth running it down the side of my shaft tasting my cum and Mrs. Colson's juices. She licked me clean for the second time and began cleaning Mrs. Colson's pussy. Heather was experiencing two firsts this night -- she had never been with a woman or a black man and she was quickly becoming hooked on both.

I moved up to where my body was over Mrs. Colson's and grabbed a handful of her luscious breasts and kissed her one more time.

Heather then started to stand up with a look on her face as if to ask if it was her turn. I moved toward her and placed my hands under her ass and lifted her up and pulled her into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing me as I lowered her onto my cock. As soon as my head entered her tight pussy she tightened up and arched her back up, pushing her tits into my face.

As I lowered her onto my cock I took my tongue and began licking and sucking on her tits that were covering my face. She exploded into an orgasm just from the feel of my cock inside of her. I carried her to the chair that Mrs. Colson had originally been sitting in and threw her legs up over my shoulders. I leaned up and grabbed her tits, squeezing and massaging them as I started to thrust my cock into her.

This time I moved quickly, with the worry that Sarah would be home any moment. I was fucking her harder and faster than I had just done to Mrs. Colson. Each thrust was answered by a scream or a loud moan as I was ripping into her young white pussy.

"Oh yes! Fuck me. I want to feel your big black cock feeling every bit of me. Fuck me. Treat me like the black cock craving white slut that I am."

I then said to her, "Do you want my black seed in your pussy too?"

"Yes! Please. Give me that black seed. Fill my white pussy!"

I then shot my third load of the night, once again filling another desperate white pussy. Her body clamored and fell limp in her second orgasm with me still inside of her. And just as I did with Mrs. Colson I leaned over and kissed her breasts for a moment and then kissed her passionately on the mouth. I pulled out and this time Mrs. Colson was waiting to clean my black shaft and Heather's dripping pussy.

We all cleaned up and began watching TV again, all visibly exhausted. About ten minutes later Sarah came strolling through the doors. She came in, kissed her mom on the cheek, spoke to Heather and gave me a deep hello kiss.

She sat down on the sofa beside me and as she put her hand down on the cushion she felt a wet spot. She looked down to see a small white spec, a drop of cum that Mrs. Colson had missed in her attempt to clean up.

Sarah looked at her mom and said with a slight confused grin on her face, "What did I miss?"

Mrs. Colson looked back smiling and said, "Oh nothing, we were just playing a game. Maybe you'll be here next time and you can join in."

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