tagInterracial LoveHeating Up the Frozen Aisle 02

Heating Up the Frozen Aisle 02


(Continued )

Two days later Julie found herself at her friends total "Vanilla" Super Bowl party. She couldn't help but smile and think about how much fun she had the other day. If her nilla friends only new! They would just die and disown her most likely, but deep down they would be jealous. At that moment, her friend Stacy called out to her. She turned towards the kitchen. "Julie, I wanted to introduce you a friend of ours. He is a friend of Bob's from work." Julie looked up to see the man who had just filled her full of black cock two days earlier.

She did her best to stay calm. "Hello, nice to meet you.. ummmm?"

He looked just as shocked, but covered it up well. "Oh, Hi, I'm James, nice to meet you as well."

Stacy said, "James is from Chicago, I thought you two might have some things in common."

Julie didn't miss a beat. "Oh I'm sure we do. But I have one question for you. Cubs or Sox?"

"Oh, Cubbies for sure!" he said.

Julie said, "Right answer! If you had said the other, we would have an issue." She smiled as he walked over towards where she was sitting. Her mind immediately jumped to the memory of being stuffed full in her bedroom. Her pussy started to fill and plump up, thinking of his cum in her. Actually, some of it leaked out of her just this morning, causing her to play with herself.

He came over and sat by her and they made some small talk about Chicago, until Bob called out that he needed some help in the backyard. James said, "Excuse me Julie, maybe we can chat some more later?"

"Maybe?" said Julie. As he walked away from her she noticed his muscular back and ass. The same one that had been pumping her. She got even more wet and squirmed a bit on the couch. She decided to get her mind off of sex and head for the kitchen and grab something to eat and drink. Stacy was there.

"Hey girl, how do you like James? He is nice isn't he? He is new at Bob's office. Bob says all the girls drool over him. I'm not much for black guys, but he is nice looking."

Julie lied, "I'm not much for them either, but yes he is nice and a Cubs fan." She wondered what her friend would say if she knew the truth. They chatted for a bit. Julie then excused herself to use the restroom. As she headed upstairs her dripping plump pussy reminded her it was there! Dammit, she thought, I need that cock again bad.

As she finished washing her hands, there was a soft knock on the door. "Anyone in there?"

"It was him!" She thought, as she opened the door put her finger to her mouth and said shuuuush. She pulled him in and shut the door. Julie immediately dropped to her knees, unbuckled him, pulled out his cock and started sucking. He got hard almost immediately. She sucked and licked his shaft, licking down to his balls. God she loves to get them hard for her white pussy. Speaking of, her pussy was on fire. She stood up and pulled off her pants and panties. "Can you be quick?" She whispered?

"Yes, I won't last long at all." Said James.

Julie sat up on the bathroom sink and spread her legs. She was so wet he entered her easily. She watched as his dark black cock slid into her tight pink pussy. The contrast looked amazing. She wanted him to fill her again. He pumped her for a about a minute and just couldn't hold back.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm shit" he said as quietly as he could, as he once again pumped her pretty pussy full of seed.

Julie loves that, and it only made her more horny. She said, "I need it again soon. I want to cum on your cock again, but not here. I was going to leave at halftime anyway. Will you follow me?"

"Of course." He said. He buckled up and left.

Julie looked at herself in the mirror. She was a bit flushed and hoped nobody would notice. Nobody did. Julie and James didn't socialize much the rest of the party. She was glad, because she might be tempted to pull his cock out again and suck him in front of all the churchies! Wouldn't that be a sight!

Halftime couldn't have come any sooner. James had actually left before her. She wasn't that far behind and worried a bit that she wouldn't find him. As she got to the end of the street, his car was idling at the corner. She went past and he followed.

Julie was so horny and wanted to be dirty with him. She headed for a storage facility nearby and knew nobody would be there. As he pulled in behind her, she got into the back of her suv, quickly taking off her pants. She spread her legs and waited for his cock. James climbed in and took off his pants. He was already hard and entered her. Julie reached down and rubbed her clit while he fucked her.

"God, I love your black cock! Keep fucking my pussy!" she was working herself up to climax. "I'm gonna cum all over that cock! Then you are gonna fill me again. You want this married white pussy don't you?"

"Yes, I love fucking your pretty little pussy! Take that big black dick! Oh, you are getting tight! I can feel you tightening that pussy on my dick!"

She looked down and saw how creamy his cock was going in and out of her pussy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FuuuuuccccccK, I'm cummming on it!" screamed Julie.

"That's right girl, there you go! Make that pussy feel good!" he said as she convulsed on him moaning and whimpering to the end of her orgasm.

He kept pumping and was starting to speed up. "Yes, now it's your turn! Pump that white pussy and fill it with cum!" she said. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK!" "GIVE MY PUSSY WHAT IT NEEDS!"

That was all it took. James shot his second load of the day into her pussy. She was going to leak for days.

As they lay there with his cock still pulsing in her James said, "I think we need to exchange numbers. You text me whenever you need this black dick. I will meet you and fill you anywhere, anytime."

"Be careful what you wish for?" Julie said with a smile. "I think I am going to need your cock a lot."

End (for now)

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