tagErotic HorrorHell's Carnival

Hell's Carnival


The carnival had been closed for years after a tragic accident. It was rumored that once anyone entered, they will never return. Their bodies will be found beaten and bloody by the road that was the only way into the carnival. It still stands on the edge of town, rusty metal, decaying wood and tattered old tents still stand. The sidewalk was overgrown with weeds and grass. It looked so creepy, only a few dare to enter, but they die trying to get out.

A red car pulled up to the old parking lot and parked. Britney got out and tucked her pistol in the waist line of her tight mini skirt. She had been hired by the town to find out about the legend of the old carnival. It was her job to discredit legends and rumors. She grabbed her flashlight and cell phone. She starred at the old Ferris wheel as it stood still with paint flaking off its metal. The sun had sunk low and night was setting in, it was time for the young woman to go investigate, all alone.

Britney walked up to the old gate and pulled the key from her pocket and unlocked it. She shoved it open as the hinges squeaked from years of non maintence. She walked in as the wind kicked up to a nice breeze. She held her flashlight and walked down the overgrown entrance and she climbed over the counter that people once sold tickets at. She straightened out her mini skirt and stopped as she looked around the carnival. In the middle she could see the tattered flags that floated in the breeze, it was the circus tent. She had heard stories of the clown that liked women and had magic powers. She shrugged it off and walked towards the old game tents.

She walked along and shined the flashlight in every tent. She was close to the middle of the carnival which was real close to the circus tent. It was now dark and the full moon shined down. She looked up as the night began to get creepy. She turned the corner and was walking right towards the circus tent and didn't realize the fog appearing down the path to the entrance of the tent.

He smelled her perfume and stood up. He walked to the entrance and saw her skinny figure in the dark. The clown looked around for others and smiled when he realized she was alone. He smiled and waited for the fog to get thicker. He sniffed and smelled her perfume and closed his eyes.

Britney was almost to the tent when she noticed how thick the fog was and stopped. She looked as a figure stepped onto the old path. She tried to make out who it was but the fog was too dense. The figure was about thirty feet away but she knew he had stepped out of the circus tent. She had followed the signs to the path that lead to it.

He growled and startled the young investigator. She pulled her gun and aimed it at him as she stood her ground.

"Who's there?" She asked as he growled again. "Answer or I will fire!"

He laughed and pointed at her throat. Her eyes widened as she started choking. He made the gun get flung to the side as she gasps for air. He pointed at her top and she felt it tug and tear right off her body. Her pink bra was exposed, but it too was removed. She was topless and being stripped by the evil figures power. He released her throat and she fell to her knees. She was on all fours and breathing heavy as her skirt was ripped away reveling her pink thong and nice ass cheeks. Britney was in over her head as he appeared in front of her and grabbed a handful of her hair.

He rammed his large cock into her mouth and fucked her face as she sucked. She couldn't fight as the clown fucked her mouth. He pointed and her thong fell to the concrete and her pride was revealed. Her eyes widened as she felt the thong fall, she was naked and in his realm!

She looked up at the clown who was grinning down at her with sharp teeth, cracked makeup and dirty orange hair. It was the one the victims had spoke of and he was showing Britney how he liked women. Her tits swung as he kept her on all fours and enjoyed her lips sliding up and down his cock. He felt it and closed his eyes and groaned as he filled her mouth full. She was forced to swallow as he held her in place until he finished. He pulled out and lifted her up by her hair.

Britney cried in pain as he stood her up using a handful of her hair. He smiled at her naked body and reached down and rubbed her smooth pussy. She let out a startled yelp as he fingered her and slowly made her get turned on. She wiggled around as she felt herself let go and then it ran down her thighs and dripped to the concrete. Britney was being fingered and getting off to it over and over.

He laughed as her squeals echoed through the park. He had four fingers sliding in and out of her and his thumb was rubbing the clit hard keeping her cum flowing. She never had such a fingering and was taking it well as he smiled at the puddle below her. He felt her pussy tighten and more cum flowed out and down.

He released her hair and she fell to the concrete and lay on her side as she looked around. He laughed as she tried to crawl away. He towered over her skinny body and she looked at the huge cock that was rock hard and ready for fucking.

He pinned her back to the concrete and lifted her legs. Britney tried to fight back as he exposed her pussy. He rubbed his dick up and down it as she whined for him to stop. He felt a slight moist feeling and smiled. He then slipped inside her tightness and began to violate her body. Britney cried for help as he began to thrust hard and deep into her.

The evil clown was pounding her body as hard as he could. She cried with every deep thrust he delivered into her skinny body. Her legs were bent up as far as he could get them as he continued his attack as she tightened her lips around his cock and released her cum. She moaned as he grunted and went faster and deeper.

Britney had never been taken advantage of like this and the problem was, her body welcomed it. She was flipped over and her ass was up in the air. He held her head down as he began to fuck her even deeper. She felt it go deep into her as it grew about another inch around, stretching her lips more and making her wetter.

He laughed as he pounded her with a steady rhythm. She had never lost herself to anyone, especially a clown. He was making her body his toy and using every bit of energy she had. Britney was growing weak as her attacker grew stronger and went faster.

He was picking up speed and depth as his thrusts were literally shoving up into her body. Britney felt herself give in and her cum flowed as he went faster yet! She cried for him to stop as the large cock was violating her so deep, you could see her stomach move with every thrust! He was grunting and panting as he gave it to her.

Britney's eyes rolled back as her body gave in and she fainted. Her lips tightened with one last cum and then he grew stiffer, then it happened. He began to fill her up with his juices! Britney was out cold as he pumped her stomach full until she looked nine months pregnant!

He finished filling her up as some of his cum ran down her chin from her open mouth. He pulled out as she fell to the ground limp and fucked good. He picked her up and carried her to his dumping spot.

The next day she woke up in the spot she was told about. She was naked and violated. Her stomach had went back to normal, it all leaked out as she laid in the pool of cum. She stood up and walked along the road to the parking lot. She got into her car and passed out again. She had found the legend of the clown was real and found out how he liked women!

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