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Her Diary Pt. 05


Sir has specifically asked for a journal entry tonight, so He has something to read when He gets home from work. Personally, i would much rather be in bed and asleep rather than writing this.

1. The last few days have been tough, i've got a hideous cold (yay for Fresher's Flu) and i just have no energy to do anything. This has lead to me getting behind on reading and class work, so much so that i completely forgot to do any of the reading for one of my seminars today and so the whole class made no sense to me and i am now having to teach myself the subject with the few notes that i made in the seminar and get the rest from the designated reading. Having to do that tonight meant i got behind on my reading for tomorrow's classes and as such it is now 2:30am and i have just put my politics file away. On a night where i am not staying up to talk to Sir i would love to have been asleep an hour by now, but no, i have to write this.

It is my own fault, i shouldn't have let myself get behind but yesterday i was just trying to sleep off my cold and i had no motivation to do anything. Getting back into the swing of education after a year out is proving tough, and the focus is now on independent study whereas at college is was pretty much handed to us on a plate, so i'm having to undergo a massive shift in thinking about my approach to learning as well as reminding myself how to learn.

This evening after classes i went into town and to the pharmacy and managed to get myself some 'Sinus Dual Relief capsules' and also some throat sweets to try and make my throat stop hurting and 'clear nasal congestion and relieve sinus pain' which should ease the problem of not being able to breathe and the crushing sinus pain i was suffering all morning that made me want to snap my own head off.

The only problem is that ALL of the decongestants/cold relief etc etc contain paracetamol and i have to be careful about paracetamol just because it can make me vomit or really, really light headed. Oral paracetamol suspensions make me vomit and the last time i took Sudafed Dual Relief Max it made me fantastically light headed that i felt like passing out at work, so i needed to get a medicine with a lower dose of paracetamol so i spent AGES in the store and the security guy was looking at me like i was trying to steal things.

But the stuff i have is pretty light on the paracetamol compared to the others and i'm only taking half doses and so far no problems, just a few improvements, like being able to breathe a tad better than before. But i am still really tired. At least my first class isn't until 3pm tomorrow, so i will just have to get up before the cleaners come around and then i can go back to sleep for a bit and then get up for my class.

Sir told me last night that if i were living with Him then He would make me chicken noodle soup to make me feel better, to which i had to remind Him that i don't eat meat. It was sweet, 'cause He then said He would pick out every piece of chicken by hand if He had to. Which was nice, but really gross.... So He said He'd make Matzah Ball soup instead which just confused me and i had no idea what it was and then we had a big discussion about whether i would at least try it if He cooked it for me.

My task yesterday was good fun, Sir wanted me to look online for nude or erotic photos of females that i found sexy and send Him links and also explanations of what attracted me to each picture. It was pretty enlightening, i realised just how much i love the thought of playing with rope, i stumbled across a whole gallery of pictures of girls tied in various places with rope, none of it extreme but rope is pretty... Also, after sending all the links to Sir i was looking back at my choices are realised that none of the pictures were fully nude, instead i was drawn to girls in corsets or leather... Revealing clothing but not naked. And i can't really explain that, it was just how it happened.

Maybe it is because the sites where i was finding fully nude pictures didn't feel right, and i was also worrying about having my internet use monitored by the Uni. So i don't feel comfortable on porn sites (which is why i wouldn't upload my video to a specifically porn site) whereas the sites where i was finding the erotic, partially clothed photos were much more artistic and tasteful as far as i was concerned.

Meh, i don't know.

Today's task wasn't as fun, but Sir didn't really set any limits on it or anything, He wanted a list of uses for my mouth and didn't specify how long the list had to be. It eventually worked out at just eight things, each with a little accompanying comment, which now i look back probably wasn't my best effort but i wanted to get on with my Uni work, and Sir keeps telling me how i can't do badly at school or i'll get punished (Education is important.) So... i don't know, i'll see what Sir says tomorrow.

The more fun part of today was not wearing underwear and then running late for one of my classes and having to run up the stairs with my jeans on and having my jeans rub against me... Oh, and my toy arrived today, it's very shiny and... possibly kind of scary in an 'Oh my god... that's going inside me' kind of way that i get with everything i've played with that wasn't my candle. But because i haven't been able to speak to Sir i've not been able to use it yet, but i have taken it out the box and played around with the multi-speed control and thought 'holy crap.. That's going to feel good' :D

The only problem i see with it is the noise, now this thing was advertised as being virtually silent, well, if that's virtually silent i would hate to have a normal volume one! But i'm all excited about being allowed to use it! And it came with free lube, what more could i want?

Sir being the lovely man He is has told me i can stay sleeping in my bed and i can also have my underwear back tonight, so as soon as i post this i am going to get to bed and hopefully fall fast asleep for at least seven hours if not eight. And hopefully i will feel a whole lot better in the morning and everything will be better, and i will be able to wait up to talk to Sir tomorrow night.

He has another late meeting tomorrow, which is unusual and we both said how much we wanted to talk to each other, so i said i would do my best to wait up as i have no classes on a Friday and He said He should be home by 3am. That's not too bad, and we can chat for an hour or so... If only to say 'Hi, miss You... What's my task?'

Tasks are something i've really started to look forward to, even if i've had some nasty tasks that i didn't like. There is something satisfying about completing a task and getting a nice message back that says something like 'good toy, that was very good.' and even when i don't complete a task on time, like the other night, there is still something amazingly satisfying when i do finally get it completed. Although, i much prefer it when Sir and i get to talk about my tasks after He has set them, as opposed to having them emailed to me, like tomorrow's task will be. The problem with having the task emailed to me is that i wont pick it up until tomorrow morning and if there is any problem with it then i can't ask Sir about it until lunchtime at least because He'll be fast asleep.

But yea, i should probably get to bed, take my last lot of these tablets and see how i feel in the morning. Please give me a peaceful night's sleep. Last night i woke up after the weirdest/ most horrible dream and it took me a while to get back to sleep. Luckily it wasn't that evil recurring nightmare that haunts me every now and then, because i would never have got back to sleep if it was, and i would have been emailing Sir, just like He told me to, to try and make myself feel better.

But i wont dwell on that now because thinking about it too much has a tendency to make it happen.

Sleep time now i think.


Me x x

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