tagErotic HorrorHer New Home Ch. 03 Pt. 1

Her New Home Ch. 03 Pt. 1


*~* Author's Note *~*

Here's Chapter 3 Part 1! This one started out as another shorter encounter and spiraled into something longer. Part one is as about the same length as Chapter one. It includes mycophilia, which means having a sexual attraction to mushroom or other fungi, in my use it'd be sex mushrooms.


Valerie woke up the next morning refreshed. She glanced over at the alarm clock expecting to see she'd slept the morning away but the alarm clock insisted it was 9am. Usually if she woke up anytime before noon she would still feel tired, she was a night owl after all. The sun shone through the windows cheerfully, warming up the room. Valerie slipped out from under her covers, realizing she was completely nude. Why was she nude? She thought to about the night before, how she had finally finished unpacking and decided to take a shower before bed. Had she forgotten to get dressed after her shower? Valerie shrugged and walked over to the dresser, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her bare body. Sometimes its the simple things that make your day. She opened the chest of drawers and looked over her clothes. What to wear? Valerie thought to herself. Maybe I'll head out and check out the greenhouse today. She pulled out a slightly ratty pair of black jeans. The bottoms were a bit torn and frayed from various jobs, white spots and streaks of paint covered the faded black denim.

She slipped on a pair of dusty, scuffed up black sneakers are picked up the small dark green bucket of tools and stepped out on to the back porch. She took a deep breath of fresh forest air and smiled to herself, it was a good day for the garden. She knew the greenhouse was a few minutes walk deeper through the trees and started off, following the overgrown path she began to wonder how long the house had been empty before the lawyer had found her?

The path began to open a bit and she could see a brightly lit clearing up ahead, something seemed to gleam in the sunlight. She picked up her pace, her strides long and quick. She was almost there when she suddenly found herself falling. She hit the ground face first and groaned.

"Ugh. What the hell. Graceful as always huh Valerie?"

She coughed and spit some dirt out as she tried to get up but found it harder than expected. She sat up and looked down at her legs. Valerie's face hurt and she felt something trailing down her cheek. Wiping at it with her hand she realized what it was, her fingertips came away smeared with blood. It didn't feel serious but it did sting. She wiped at her cheek with her arm and turned her attention back toward her feet. They seemed to be tangled in some kind of thorny bramble, looking around her found her fallen bucket within reach and grabbed the gloves and gardening clips. After slipping on the gloves she began snipping away the bramble tangling around her ankle.

How did I get so caught up in this patch of bramble? For a moment she became very uncomfortable and couldn't figure out why. Something told her to run but why? Run from what? She took a slow, shaky breath and exhaled. There's nothing but trees and dirt, what is there to be afraid of? When she had learned she would be inheriting this place she did a bit of research and found that it had never been a bear or wolf problem area. She finally got her foot untangled from the bramble and got to her feet, dusting herself off before retrieving the rest of her tools.

She continued her way up the path and stepped into the clearing. The glass of the greenhouse gleaming. Valerie expected the greenhouse to be full of dead plants to clear out, especially with the path being so overgrown, but that was not the case. She began to stroll around the outside of the greenhouse, trying to get a peek inside but all the way around plants grew taller than herself right up next to the glass. How had they grown so well? Maybe just the plants near the glass thrived, absorbing the rain from outside. Something just didn't feel right but she shrugged it off. It looked like she had a lot of work to do.

Valerie stood in front of the overgrown doorway and tried pulling the door open but it refused to move more than a crack. She gave the door a quick tug, hoping the sudden pressure would release the door but she only managed to get it open a tiny bit. Enough though maybe for the snips. Pulling out the gardening shears once again she began snipping away at the plants grown over the opening. It took her a few minutes but the door finally swung open freely and a wave of humid air washed over her, smelling of grass, plants, and something slightly sweet. She smiled to herself and stepped through the door into the greenhouse, closing the door behind her.

To her surprise there seemed to be a path through the plants leading further in. With the door closed the greenhouse was quite a bit darker. Valerie looked to the roof only to find that it was overgrown as well. Green light filtered through the leaves above her weakly. Curious about the path in front of her she slowly pushed her way past the thick vegetation. The sweet smell caught her attention for a moment before disappearing once more. Flashes of something flickered in her mind, a scent of rain and flowers. Taking a deep breath, Valerie calmed herself. living in the middle of no where was not something she was used to and it seemed to be getting to her. In what she guess was the center of the greenhouse was a clearing in the plants. Light filtered through the thinner vegetation above, she still couldn't see very well but it looked like just a ring of grass. No, something was growing with the grass.

She took another closer and could make out what seemed to be mushrooms, thin and wispy only about six inches tall but they seemed to surround a much larger mushroom. The smaller ones were white stemmed gradually darkening to brown caps while the larger one in the center was a light tannish color with a dark red cap. They seemed to sway slightly in the breeze, almost hypnotic. Where is that breeze coming from? All the windows are closed Valerie found herself thinking as she took another small step forward. In a trance she watched the mushrooms sway and dance slowly. She then noticed a few puffball mushrooms circling the larger one. They seemed to grow slowly as they swayed, already reaching the size of an apple. The breeze shifted in her direction and the sweet smell caught her attention again. She found herself stepping slowly closer to the mushrooms. Suddenly the breeze picked up for a moment and one of the puffball mushrooms seemed to explode, dandelion seed like pollen drifted on the air toward Valerie. She managed to turn her head to avoid breathing any in but many of them landed gently on her skin. Wherever they touched a tingling began, very light but the more that landed on her the stronger the sensation became. Within moments the tingling feeling flowing through her made her tremble, she needed to be touched. She slid her hands over her waist, savoring the feeling of her fingertips trailing her midriff.

She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the side, followed by her bra. She took another step toward the mushrooms, the writhing stalks right in front of her, as she stood at the edge of them they reached toward her, the closest ones exploring her legs. Valerie gasped at the sensation of them against her skin, their soft touch as they glided over her skin drove all thoughts but those of pleasure from her mind. She slipped of her pants, leaving her panties in place and stepped into circle of tiny mushrooms, they curled around her legs, writhing against her body, drawing soft moans from her lips. The center mushroom seemed to have grown quite large. It came up to her chest, the remaining puffballs the size of grapefruits now, they trembled like they would explode at any moment. Valerie crouched in front of the closest puffball and as she did they smaller mushrooms quested upward, slowly making their way up her thighs. Her skin hungered for their touch, their embrace. She wanted more, so much more. She gently wrapped her hands around the puffball's stalk and brushed it against her breasts.

At the first brush against her it exploded. Little bits of floating pollen covered her skin and rained down around her, in that instant lust consumed her. Her skin tingled, it felt like millions of gentle kisses all over her body. Her hand went right to her panties and slipped under the waistband, her fingers pushing deep inside her, her thumb resting against her erect clit. Still crouching she worked her fingers into her wet pussy, moans escaping her lips between her short gasps of air. The writhing mushrooms continued their way up her legs and thighs, driving her crazy.

They slid around her waist and massaged her lower back. Each one seemed to have a mind of its own, some wrapping around her legs and waist while a few slid into her panties. They brushed and nuzzled her hand, sliding between her legs and caressing her mound. The sensations they sent through her made her dizzy and she felt her legs give way beneath her, for a moment she was falling. Fear washed over Valerie and she threw her arms out, trying to catch herself but the mushrooms caught her. They guided her body until she was laying back in their embrace. She felt even more of them slowly wrap around her arms, legs, and torso until her body was a writhing mass of stalks. Her whole body trembled as they moved. Eight more of them slowly slipped into her panties and teased her, gliding through her soaked lips but never penetrating, brushing past her clit before retreating once more. She rolled her hips to the caresses, trying desperately to bring herself to the climax her whole body yearned for. Responding to her need they slowly pushed into her, first one, then another, each pushing into her at a different angle while another curled around her clit.

"oh fuck, oh god yes," Valerie moaned. "I... I can't... can't take it anymore.. Fuckmeplease.." Her words coming out between long moans.

Another two mushrooms joined the others and worked into her, these two focusing on her g-spot as the other two explored deeper into her. The cap of the stalk wrapped around her clit began brushing the tip of her clit before it seemed to open and push her clit into itself. It felt like a tiny mouth sucking and licking her clit. It was too much for her and a wave of pleasure assaulted her senses. She thrashed and ground against them, trying to push herself even higher. Cream filled her but it was not from the mushrooms. She had never squirted until that point, but then no one had ever stimulated her g-spot before either. The mushrooms quivered inside her, suddenly vibrating as they slowly massaged her insides.

"Oh fuuuuuuuck," she moaned loudly "Yes, oh god....."

The mushrooms writhing all over her began to swell, constricting her, pulling her into a tighter embrace. The feeling was amazing to Valerie, she felt so warm, safe in their grasp. Then she felt something damp against her skin. Thick and hot, her body was being coated in some kind of goo. Her head spun slowly and a surreal, dreamlike like state flooded her mind. She felt like she was flying, her mind drifting on a vast open sea. Her body writhed at every touch, a slow fluid thrashing as she felt the mushrooms explore every inch of her. Her nerve ending sang with pleasure, her mind pulsed with it. Several of the stalks wound together inside her, stretching her as they slowly spun, thrusting in and out all the while. Entranced, all she could do was push herself closer to that sweet abyss. The another cap opened up and drew her clit into it. The sudden jolts of pleasure sent her spinning off the edge. Her body bucked as her longest orgasm yet raged through her. She tried to focus on the pleasure, to ride it out as long as possible but after another wave of pure ecstasy her whole world went dark. Her last thoughts, Wow, what a way to go.."

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