tagNonHumanHer New Lover

Her New Lover


She settled her head into the soft goose down pillow while lying at the edge of her bed. Her hands behind her knees; held her legs open invitingly for her lover. She could feel the silkiness of the stockings she wore. She wasn't sure if her lover even cared that she wore them for him in his current state but they made her feel sexy so she didn't care.

She made a sharp gasp as his tongue tentatively ran up her glistening sex. Her body trembled with each pass it made brining moans of approval and encouragement for her lover. His lapping became more vigorous as the flow of her nectar increased. She could feel her orgasm building. She wanted that release; needed it as the tension within her threatened to drive her mad. Her hips bucked forward to meet his fevered oral attack. Her breathing shortened and her body tensed with the on coming rapture but he stopped and moved over her. She groaned in frustration but knew what was about to happen. She pulled at her legs even more to give him unobstructed access to her most intimate opening.

His warm tongue slathered her nipple with saliva then moved between her breasts leaving a wet trail. It traveled to her other nipple and gave it the same attention as he slowly moved up her body. Her eyes closed and her lips parted awaiting their first kiss. He stabbed his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it gently. His body moved side to side as he adjusted his position over her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned feeling his rigid cock brush her inflamed clit.

She instinctively raised her hips to him. She wanted him inside her so badly know she could hardly stand it. Why was he teasing her? Couldn't he sense her need? Again his hot member grazed her sensitive bud. She was going crazy. He shifted again and this time his thick sword found her warm clasping sheath.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh," she cried as he sank into her depths, freeing the elusive orgasm she had been seeking.

She released her legs to encircle his slim waist while her arms closed around his muscular neck. She arched her body to meet his powerful thrusts allowing him to drive deeper into her frothing pussy. She was floating on a sea of pleasure, the waves of her orgasm crashing over her, then time seemed to stop when his fiery lance touched her inner most recesses. She could feel the delicious swelling begin at the base of his rampant cock and the rapid pulses coming from his pounding heart as his growing knot pressed against her g spot. His violent thrusts abruptly stopped when he unleashed a geyser of liquid heat inside her womb.

"OH YES, BABY...CUM FOR ME!" she shouted with unbridled lust.

The hot semen gushed into her with amazing force and the complete fullness of his now swollen knot brought with it a new orgasm for her. She writhed beneath him as he pumped more of his seed inside her convulsing pussy. She was light headed and needed to catch her breath so she released her grip on his waist and neck. He licked her cheeks and nose then slowly turned and stood on the floor at the foot of her bed. His furry back side tickled her exposed lips as she lay impaled on the wolf's enormous cock.

She tried to relax by letting her legs dangle towards the floor and control her breathing but the relentless pounding she felt coming from his knot against her most sensitive inner spot was keeping her in a heightened state of arousal. Her throbbing clit begged to be caressed and her nipples ached for more attention too. They would be tied like this for at least another thirty minutes before his massive knot would shrink, so she knew she had to pace herself or she wouldn't be able to move in the morning. But the temptation to touch herself was becoming difficult to ignore, and still he pumped more cum into her. Of all the forms he could take when they had sex, this was the most erotic and feral way they mated.

Her hands took on minds of their own and lovingly cupped her breasts. She cooed softly. Her fingers circled the erect flesh that topped her boobs making her gasp once again. Her resistance faded and her hand traveled over her abdomen and perched in the soft thicket of red hair above her nagging clit, waiting for the signal to pounce. She lost the battle of will power and her finger furiously fluttered over her pulsing bud.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh," she screamed as the orgasm spread out like warm water being poured over her body.

The quaking convulsions of her spasming pussy made her lover whine when he felt her gripping him tightly. He stood his ground and continued to empty his balls into his bitch. When the haze of pleasure cleared once again, she reflected on how she would thank her for indulging her like this.

He had made it clear he preferred human form when they made love but this was just so taboo for her and it made him feel even more dominant over her. It was like being a new lover for her in each form he took.

She felt a new orgasm growing and the desire to let it blossom was irresistible. This was going to be a wonderful two weeks she thought as her finger touched her stiff clit. She would miss him when he returned to his pack after this short vacation.

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