tagTransgender & CrossdressersHera's Curse Ch. 03

Hera's Curse Ch. 03


I had many strange dreams that night, although I think at least one of them was reality. The dreams were a blur, I dreamed I was hundreds or more different women pleasuring so many different men. Men came in me or on me constantly in the dream, each cock different in some way, and the semen different too. The semen always tasting different in some subtle way, myself always craving it. I came to know each mans transgressions through the taste of their seed, no matter where it fell upon my body. The rapist, the abuser, the negligent philanderer, and many more, every crime man perpetuates against woman I learned, even me, the womanizer. I came to see that I was also falling backward in time with each despicable man I pleasured until I reached an ancient setting, and heard what I thought was a goddess speak to me and tell me that in her righteous anger she was placing this curse to snare her adulterous husband and finally be done with him.

I awoke to feel a strange bumping feeling, combined with a feeling of fullness. I felt like I was riding on an old bus on a rough road, and needed to go to the bathroom also. As I came to a bit more I realized I was laying on the floor with a pillow under me, and the feeling of fullness I felt was Stacy's cock thrusting into me and her pelvis crushing against the back of my thighs. Strangely I felt relaxed about her raping my ass, or the fact that she had a cock for that matter. I distantly noticed my cock was rampantly hard as my face lay against the floor of my condo, a little drool running out of the corner of my mouth.

Her thrusts continued her hands at my waist, pulling my ass back to her as she forced into me, my brain was still fogged and seemed to wander until it focused on the exquisite feeling of her cock in me, and my own throbbing erection rubbing against the pillow under me. I felt a moan escape my lips, as to soon I felt my cock explode under me in a way that was intoxicating, my eyes rolled back as I felt her thrust hard into me one last time unleashing her load in me, only to pull out and shoot the last of it across my ass.

I fell back asleep, and woke like that the next morning, my ass sore and gooey, propped up on a pillow for plundering if Stacy returned, the rest of me stiff from sleeping face down on the floor. I showered and tried to laugh it off and hope that it was all a dream, I suspected she had slipped me a hallucinogen as I checked my flat for anything missing. I found my wallet on the table by the front door but it seemed to only be missing $20. Guess she just wanted taxi money?

My Saturday continued normally at some point, by evening I was forgetting it with a couple of beers and some Halo. I awoke Sunday feeling normal enough to go for a run although I found my running clothes felt a bit loose. After a couple miles, as I headed toward home I felt an irritation in my nipples. I think I read somewhere that marathoners often tape them to avoid this sort of thing, guess I was sweating more that I thought I was? I did a little bit of work, for a contract, but couldn't focus.

Despite worrying I was coming down with something, I felt horny? I pulled up some internet porn, some girls striping, some girl on girl, and was doing ok, clicked on a link that took me to a girl getting fucked and I became entranced. Not too unusual from my normal routine I suppose, but this time I felt myself identifying with the woman, wanting to please the man, wanting to stroke him, touch him, kiss him, spread my legs for him. I stroked my cock thinking about stroking his cock, oddly wishing I could suck my own cock. I came a few minutes later, and quickly shut down the web site, feeling a bit weirded out, and also strangely unsatisfied.

I woke up Monday feeling horny and strange, I was definitely feeling out of sorts, I just wore shorts around the house, but I just felt clumsy like everything was slightly off. I masturbated three more times, each time becoming obsessed with whatever cocks were onscreen in my videos. My nipples still felt a bit tingly from the run the day before I again tried to work, and casually happened to rub one of them, I felt a bolt of pleasure run through me, it felt like it shot up to my brain and down to my groin. I couldn't resist I rubbed it gently again. Two seconds later both hands were squeezing, kneading, and pulling on my nipples and pectoral areas. I was looking down at my hands massaging my chest and saw that my cock was tenting my shorts, and a wet spot was developing where the tip of my cock pressed against the fabric. I tried to reach down to stroke my cock through my shorts, but I couldn't resist the pleasure my chest was giving me. My brain fogged with pleasure, I couldn't think, I rubbed and squeezed, moments later my cock fired off making a mess in my shorts. I kept rubbing my nipples anyway until I was exhausted. At least my mind felt invigorated and focused, I cleaned myself up, my cock maybe seemed a bit smaller than normal, but I had just cum after all.

The next few days seemed to blur, I focused on work until I got bored, massaged my nipples until I came in my shorts, cleaned up and got back to work again. I didn't leave the house, I didn't eat much, mostly just drank water when I was thirsty, and that was about it.

Wednesday night I had a marathon chest rubbing session before deciding I better quit doing it, it seemed like my chest was getting bigger, but not in a muscular way, I went to bed.

I awoke Thursday resolved to change. My chest definitely was bigger even though the rest of me felt smaller? I went for my morning pee, and my cock was noticeably smaller, also I felt shorter to the bathroom counter? Looking in the mirror seriously for the first time in days I saw that my chest wasn't just puffy, it looked like I had breasts. My cock was hanging over my balls like a tiny finger resting over some olives, my hips had gotten bigger even as my waist had shrank. As I reached my hands up to scream home alone style I looked at my face in wonder. My features had softened and sharpened becoming quite feminine. Finally while I hadn't shaved in days my cheeks and chin were smooth and my hair had grown inches while changing color to a dark curly brown.

I halted mouth open to scream, to shocked to cry out. My hands dropped from my face, and I felt my breasts as I looked in the mirror. I massaged them yet again admiring myself in the mirror like I was looking at another woman pleasing herself for my benefit. My cock didn't harden, but the pleasure from my groin became intense. I stared at myself, I looked so like a woman just my little cock ruined the view. I reached down to cover my cock from view with my hand. When my hand touched the skin above my cock though I felt electrified with a tingling throbbing need. I instantly began rubbing my crotch with my right hand and squeezed my tits with my other. Soon I came, clear liquid squirting from my flaccid cock and running down my leg. A few minutes later I came again. Finally after about an hour and coming a few more times I was satiated.

I was freaking out. What was wrong with me, what had that "woman" done to me. I rushed still naked to my phone. I called my doctor and proceeded to ask for a routine physical, but when we couldn't agree on a time and day decided to try scheduling it some other time. My brain tried to ask for help, plead for help, but my stupid mouth just acted like everything was routine. I'm not proud, I felt like I was going insane. I sat down and had a drink, then I had 4 more, I drank to escape. I hadn't been eating all week, and was soon rather loopy.

I awoke with a start laying naked on the couch. What day was it, Friday? I was a bit hung over, but not bad. I rolled over and felt breasts (mine) shift against me. I rushed to the bathroom to see what new horrors awaited me. I stood naked in front of the mirror and gazed at a beautiful woman with long brown curly hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She was beautiful, between her legs a lovely looking pussy was visible. I felt a wave break over me, I was so turned on by myself, I started rubbing myself until I was moaning, my pussy was very wet when I inserted one finger, then two, I thought of cocks. I thought of them thrusting into me, giving me pleasure, bursting their loads upon my tongue, exploding within my pussy, or even forcing into my ass. It felt incredible, I felt a momentary pang of jealousy that woman get to experience this sort of pleasure, a pleasure I would never know until I realized I was. I laughed looking into my eyes in the mirror, bent over fingering myself, my breasts swinging in circles, my fingers thrusting in rapidly creating a squelching noise as my juices started to run down my legs. I came so many times I was in a haze looking into the eyes of this lovely lady that was me.

I'm not sure what possessed me next, as I write this I feel like I had been possessed all week. I put on some running clothes and shoes. They were all very loose and my feet were flopping around in my shoes. I headed down the elevator, and took off at a jog to the park.

The park near my condo is heavily wooded ravine with lots of trails woven through it, some leading down to a rocky beach. It was a rainy day, I didn't see anyone on the way there, amazingly my breasts didn't really need a bra, they bounced and swayed with my jog, but despite being at least C cup sized they were mostly just pert and perky sticking to the inside of my cold wet tshirt.

I ran aimlessly though the woods not sure what I was doing, but feeling good to be doing something normal even if it did have strange aspects.

After about 15 minutes of this I saw a gentleman jogging toward me, He was dressed similarly to me, just shorts and a tshirt. He had a leering smile on his otherwise handsome face as he approached.

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