The first contact with life from another planet was almost catastrophic, nearly turning humanity into a slave race. But salvation came from the sky as well, a different species with very different cultures. They offered help if we helped them in return. We accepted.

The aliens came to stay. Since then, Earth became part of the universal federation and home of hundreds of new intelligent species. They brought plenty of good things like a cure for every known disease, everlasting sources of energy, among others. But they also brought their vices, some of them not very different from those that humans already had, like slavery.

A humanoid creature with big, insect-like eyes and a slim, greenish body was sitting in a room filled with computers and monitors. He was preparing a strange device to receive information from the remote scanner. This apparatus was called the "spinal controller" and it was capable of reproducing a vast combination of chemicals and electric signals that would mimic whatever impulses where convenient for the creature's wicked purposes.

"The device is ready," the creature spoke into a microphone.

Inside an adjacent room, a scared woman was demanding to be released. Her wrists, thighs and waist were bound by glowing energy rings that prevented her from moving freely. She couldn't remember when these aliens took her clothes off. One minute she was staring at this strange computer and the next she was waking up naked in this chamber.

Angelica was still wondering how she got in this situation. The word on the street was this type of alien, the "Insectoids", paid assistants much bigger salaries, but she never signed up for this.

"You can't do this! I know my rights. I will report you."

Near the chamber's entrance, another insectoid was talking through the intercom to his partner in the monitoring room.

"If the council discovers us doing this, we are screwed," said the insectoid to his partner.

"They won't," was the short answer that came from the speaker.

"Hey! Let me go right now!" Angelica yelled as she saw him walking in.

The creature got closer to Angelica and poked her right breast with his pointy nail. The brain waves resulting from the pain were immediately detected by the device hovering around the bound woman's head and transmitted to the spinal controller.

"Ouch! Don't do that!" Angelica protested.

"Are you getting the signal?" the insectoid asked his partner through the microphone.

"Yes. Begin with the experiment," was the response.

The insectoid knelt in front of Angelica and moved his hand near the woman's pussy. It was then when Angelica saw the weird thing he was holding. It looked like a rugged snake with a blunt tail at both ends, about one meter long and as thick as her wrist. The creature began to squirm as soon as it detected her scent.

"What is that thing? Get it away from me!" Angelica screamed in panic.

"Don't worry. You will thank me in a moment," the insectoid said to her in a calm guttural voice.

The alien was certain of his words. The worm-like creature was a parasite that specialized in stimulating females by manipulating her nervous system and causing intense pleasure. This would lower their defenses and allowed it to deposit eggs in their wombs. Since these eggs were easy to remove by any intelligent host, it was well known that this type of parasite was highly coveted in the black market as a sexual stimulant.

"Please, don't do this!" Angelica begged

"Relax. It won't hurt you."

But the insectoids were not interested in breeding parasites, at least for now. Their intentions were more sinister than that. He moved the worm closer and plunged it into Angelica's pussy. The invader jerked and twitched within the tight hole knowing that this would be well received by the host. In just a moment, half its body was squirming inside.

Angelica screamed when she felt the worm penetrating her pussy, rubbing all over her sensitive skin and filling her stretched cavity completely. Her first reaction was to feel utter disgust but in less than a minute, a pleasing heat began to spread from her crotch, reaching up to her belly and down her thighs.

She was taken aback by her own reaction. The worm must be doing something to her; maybe releasing drugs. She had heard that some alien creatures could do this. Angelica didn't notice that her nipples were already bloating.

"What is it doing to me?" Angelica wondered in confusion.

The insectoid stepped back and observed Angelica's face. He wanted to learn about her response to the stimulus; measure her level of resistance and how easily she would accept her unavoidable destiny.

"Please, take it out," Angelica pleaded, not sure of her words any more.

"Don't speak. Concentrate on the feeling. Embrace it," the insecoid responded.

Angelica was trying hard not to enjoy this abuse. If she gave him nothing, maybe the insectoid would see that it was pointless and would let her go.

"I can't enjoy this... I can't enjoy this..." Angelica repeated inside her head, trying to convince herself.

But the worm was relentless. It moved deeper into her pussy while the tail thrashed about between her legs, often caressing her clitoris in the most delightful way.

Despite her best efforts, the battle was lost from the beginning. Angelica felt an orgasm growing within her. She tried to think about something else but it was impossible...


... and before she knew it, an unwanted climax came crashing down with demolishing strength. Behind her, the floating scanner detected and transmitted every electrical impulse generated in her brain.

In the monitoring room, the other insectoid looked astounded at the screen...

"This is amazing. Her entire brain is controlled by the orgasmic signals. Every bit of rationality is overridden. Humans will be perfect subjects," he spoke into the microphone.

Inside the chamber, Angelica breathed heavily while feeling sorry for her weakness. She shamefully had to admit that it had been one of the strongest orgasms of her life.

"You see. If you give in to your desires, this situation can be very rewarding," the insectoid told her.

When she gathered her senses, the angry woman lifted her head and spoke scornfully to her captor...

"Go fuck yourself! " "I may fuck you instead. Let's see how well you behave. For now, I will leave you with your new friend," the alien responded.


Angelica was kept in the chamber for two days. During that time, the machine recorded dozens of orgasms and the attractive woman was exhausted. A pool of vaginal fluid splattered across the floor beneath her slack body, which was still upright only by the support of the energy rings.

Now the insectoids had enough information to move forward with their plans.

The kidnapper entered the room and lifted Angelica's head. Her face looked exactly as expected; mouth partly opened and eyes rolled up her head, lost in the eternal bliss provided by the parasite.

"You did well my dear. Thanks to you, the spinal controller is ready for the field," said the insectoid, knowing that she wasn't listening.

"Let's take away her little friend," said his partner, who joined them in the chamber.

The insectoid grabbed the section of the parasite that protruded from Angelica's pussy and pulled it off. Angelica shuddered and moaned while whispering her disappointment as the twitching organism vacated her body with a squelching sound.

"No..." Angelica moaned.

It seems that she wants more," the insectoid said with a hint of astonishment.

"Why don't we thank her for her services by giving her one last orgasm today?" the other insectoid said.

"I am one step ahead of you," responded the other while he moved closer to the dumbfounded woman with his cock already growing to a full erection.

The creature made a gesture with his hands and the energy rings lifted Angelica higher above the ground, so that her pussy was positioned right above the tip of his rigid phallus.

The other insectoid was watching attentively as his cock grew bigger. He was getting excited too, "Push it all the way in. Let's see how deep it can go."

Angelica sensed the elevating motion and for a moment she thought she was flying. The dazzled woman wasn't paying attention to the insectoids dialog and had no idea of what was about to happen.

But she found out soon enough as the rings forcefully dragged her down and impaled her on the insectoid's hard rod. Her pussy was extremely sensitive from the parasite's ordeal and the feeling of such a thick cock penetrating her pussy almost put her in shock.


Angelica floated, firmly seized by the rings, while the monster started swaying his hips up and down, back and forth. All she could do was moan out loud and try to stay conscious. She didn't want to miss the new, heavenly ordeal.

"She is taking it all in! Humans are more flexible that I thought," said the creature with his cock fully embedded within Angelica's body.

Meanwhile, the other insectoid stepped behind Angelica and aligned his cock to her anus. He had no intention on being left out of the action.

Angelica became aware of the second creature when his eager cock pierced through her anus and penetrated deep into her rectum. She grunted while every muscle in her body tensed from the sudden assault.


The insectoids started pumping her holes with their usual pace, which was a lot faster than the average human rhythm. Angelica was going berserk. Her head was spinning, her pussy and ass were on fire; she could hardly breathe.

The pounding was too much to take for a human female and Angelica truly believed that she was going to die if they kept this up for long. At least, she was going to die in ecstasy.


But luckily for her, the insectoids reached their peaks short after. Both insectoids climaxed and ejaculated inside of her body at the same time, expelling large gobs of greenish cum that quickly filled her cavities and gushed to the floor.

Angelica exploded in orgasm as well. Her pussy and ass twitched frantically around the ejaculating cocks while the rest of her body trembled spastically. In a few seconds, whatever was left of her mind was completely shattered.

Little did she know that this was just the beginning. The insectoid species needed six or seven orgasms before getting satisfied.

Angelica just floated there with her legs wide open, falling in and out of consciousness. Her eyes permanently rolled up into her head, her mouth slack and her brain trapped in a loop of endless bliss.

When the insectoids were done with her, Angelica was not a free woman anymore. Her empty head hung lifelessly while the remnants of greenish sperm slowly leaked from her pussy. She wouldn't know and she wouldn't care for anything but sex. Even if they let her out on the street, she would come back for more. She was now a sex slave and she belonged to the insectoids. Angelica was home.

Back in the monitoring room, one of the insectoids was holding the spinal controller.

"I have programmed the device to replicate the orgasmic pleasure in the targeted subjects every time they think about obedience," he said to his partner.

"Excellent. Let's get moving. The sooner we finish this; there is less chance of getting caught."


One week later, Karen was arriving home after spending the weekend with her best friend. The house was unusually quiet.

" Hello! I'm home."

"Maybe nobody is home. It's weird that mom didn't wait for me," Karen thought

An insectoid hiding by the front door sneaked behind the young woman and grabbed her wrist, preventing her from running away. Then he spoke...

"Hello Karen, welcome home."

Karen screamed her lungs out. She had seen dozens of different alien species since they arrived to Earth but none of them had ever touched her or even talked to her. Now this creature was attacking her in her own living room.

While the insectoid grabbed her other arm and held the woman firmly, his accomplice approached from behind and ripped off Karen's top.

"No! What are you doing? Just take the money and leave!" Karen yelled, thinking that they wanted to rob the house.

"Money? We are here for something much more valuable than that," the alien responded.

Karen felt a cold device closing around her neck and then a narrow metal object being bonded all along her spine. She felt mild prickles on the skin that was touched by the metal.

The insectoid let go of her arms and moved to block the door.

"What is this thing?! Where is my mom?!" Karen asked, pulling at the vise that enclosed her neck, but being unable to remove it.

"Relax. All you have to do is obey every word we say and you will feel great," the insectoid said with a serene voice.

The scared woman started to get dizzy almost immediately.

Karen could clearly feel something alien invading her mind, the same way these aliens invaded her house. She covered her breasts while looking at the invaders with despair. The odd sensation spreading all over her body was getting stronger.

"Obey our commands Karen. Take off your clothes," the insectoid demanded.

"No! Let me go!" Karen answered with a trembling voice.

When the confused woman heard the word 'obey'; her pussy twitched involuntarily and her nipples bloated. She couldn't understand it.

She wanted to run away but she also needed to know about her family. Maybe they were not home when these monsters arrived, but it was most likely that they were somewhere in the house.

"Where are my mom and my sister? Where is dad? What have you done to them?!"

"I'll show you what we have been doing to them," the insectoid said as he pulled out a small device. He pressed a button at the top and it sent a signal to the spinal controller...

... Karen felt a chill in the back of her head for a fraction of a second and then the most wonderful climax was unleashed within her brain. It traveled lightening fast down to her pussy and sparked an astounding outburst of bliss.

If it didn't feel so good, Karen would have thought she was in pain because of the sudden, unexpected sensation. She moved her hand to her crotch and closed her legs together as an instinctive reaction.

Her wobbly legs caved and she crumbled to the floor, the bewildered woman was more confused than ever. She knew that she was having an orgasm but it couldn't be. One minute ago she was trembling in fear and now she was shuddering in wanton pleasure. She could even hear herself moaning out loud.


Moments later, Karen laid on the floor trying to make sense of what just happened to her. She suspected that it had something to do with the device attached to her back.

"This can't be happening..." Karen thought, staring up the ceiling with her unfocused eyes.

Suddenly, Karen heard her mother's voice. She had to warn her! Karen quickly lifted her torso and screamed...

"Mom! Run away!"

Vivian looked at her daughter and talked as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening... "Karen! You are home!"

Karen's mother had been summoned to the living room. It was her third day wearing the spinal device and she was no longer in control of her actions. Her most basic instincts were amplified to the point that they infested every rational thought. She constantly craved for pleasure and all she had to do was think about obedience.

"Go on Vivian. Tell your daughter what she must do," the insectoid ordered.

"Mom!" Karen yelled again as she noticed her mother's nakedness and strange behavior. The aliens must have done something to her because instead of fighting these hideous invaders, she looked oddly calmed and relaxed.

Without thinking, Vivian told her daughter the same mantra she had been telling herself over and over for the last couple of days. Those words came from deep in her mind and echoed in her pussy with relentless power.

"You have to do what they say Karen. You must obey them. They are our Masters now. You must o...obey."

The last word dragged in Vivian's mouth as a strong wave of pleasure surged up and down her body making her quiver.

"Show her. Suck my cock," the insectoid commanded.

Karen watched horrified while her mother went down to her knees in front of the creature.

"Oh no! What is she doing?" Karen thought, not believing her own eyes.

It was then when Karen had a good look at the device attached to her mother's spine. That must be the reason why her mother was acting so strange. And she was wearing one exactly like that.

Karen thought about her mother's command... "you must obey them". Vivian's words were still reverberating in the teen's mind. They sounded so wrong and so appealing at the same time.

Vivian gently held the insectoid's phallus while she engulfed the tip, which was fat enough to fill her entire mouth.

"Put it all inside of you," the insectoid insisted.

Upon hearing the creature's command, Vivian felt her pussy twitch from the thrill of obeying such a difficult task. She started moving her face forward right away. The thick girth of the phallus made it difficult to pass beyond her throat but she had to obey.

Vivian grabbed her Master's leg and pushed harder. The cock passed through! Once she accomplished that, the rest of the member penetrated without much effort. Vivian was on the verge of orgasm.

Karen moved closer to her mother with the intention of stopping this madness. Her mother was a respectable woman, not an alien whore.

"Mom! Don't do it."

She grabbed her mother's shoulders and pulled her backward. The long phallus made a squishy sound as it swiftly vacated the woman's throat.

"Oh my God! How did she swallow all that?" Karen thought truly amazed when she saw up close the creature's huge phallus.

This kind of rebellious behavior was unacceptable and Karen's spinal controller immediately detected the inappropriate brain waves. The subject should be punished.

A second later, Karen felt a sharp pain on her abdomen. The pain was only in her mind, originated mechanically by the spinal device, but it was real enough to make her bend to the floor.

The insectoid spoke to Vivian, "Tell her how to behave. "

And Vivian immediately responded, speaking to her daughter in a soft voice; "You can't disobey like that, darling. You won't feel pleasure if you do."

Vivian helped her daughter stand up and tried to convince her of their unavoidable future. She was obeying her master's command while indoctrinating her daughter about obedience. This gave her so much pleasure that she could barely hold back her impending climax.

"Please baby. You have to do what they say. We must obey. Come on, say it with me... I must obey."

"Mom no. This is not right... This..." Karen was still trying to fight but the chemicals in her brain and body were affecting her more intensely every passing second; her will began to cave in.

Vivian insisted, "Go on, do it for me. Say it... I must obey."

Karen remained quiet for a moment before saying the first word, but she couldn't finish the sentence, "I... no."

"I must obey," said Vivian firmly, looking directly at Karen's eyes.

"I... must obey." Karen's voice was hardly audible but she finally said it.

Karen's head was spinning. Just thinking about obedience made all the pain go away. When she started saying the words, a wave of pleasure made her gasp. It was all so confusing, but when she said the word 'obey', she knew it could make her cum.

While Karen stood there, processing the idea of being controlled so delightfully, her mother knelt and removed Karen's skirt and her panties. Karen did nothing to stop her, afraid that the pain could come back.

The young woman was still thinking on the last word she said and it felt so right, it felt so hot!

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