tagInterracial LoveHe's the One Ch. 03

He's the One Ch. 03


Taylor received mixed reactions from her family and friends when she informed them of her plans for the very near future. Her parents were far more accepting than she had anticipated although the fact that Jung-Su was by her side when she told them may have helped. Taylor's mother let her know that they would not have been nearly so comfortable with her plans had she just met Jung-Su but since he was someone that she had known for a while now they were able to relax. Naturally they wished he was the one moving there and not Taylor moving across the world.

Taylor's friends were relentless after she told them she was moving back to South Korea for a Korean. They had all joked before she had left the first time that she was going to find some Korean guy and fall in love only to be disappointed by his lack of package. One of them had even joked about getting her a strap on to take so that the motion was natural but she would actually get to be filled. They had a harder time accepting the fact that Jung-Su had a very nice package than they did with Taylor leaving again.

"So...what's it like sleeping with a Korean guy?" Kelly asked as they were all sitting around Taylor's living room the night after Jung-Su left.

"Well," Taylor said thoughtfully. "I have only slept with one and it was better than any white guy I've ever slept with. I'm totally biased though because I was never in love with any of the others like I am with Jung-Su and I honestly think that has a lot to do with it."

"OOOH so he's probably got a tiny cock but because you're in love with him it's huge!" The girls laughed at Kelly's comment, all thinking to themselves that it was probably true.

"No, no it's definitely not tiny!" Taylor said failing miserably to hide the knowing smile that was spreading across her face. "Nothing about him is tiny!" Her words were lost in the howls of laughter let out by the girls.

Taylor spent the next few weeks packing, buying products she knew were non-existent or too elusive in Korea and dealing with the new Korean work Visa bullshit. Her first time there it took her a couple hours in total to secure a Visa but since the Korean's had changed the system it took her a few weeks to get everything done.

On her last day at home she was sitting in her living room staring out over the city and up at the blue sky that she new wouldn't be nearly as blue on the other side of the world. She was lost in her thoughts when there was a soft knock at the door and it took several minutes for her to return to reality. She got up and walked to the door expecting to open it and see one of her friends with a bottle of wine and tears streaming down their face. Instead she found a handsome Korean man holding a small blue box.

"AHHHHH!" Taylor squealed and dove into Jung-Su's arms. "What...wwwhy...hhhow...wwhat...I...I AHHHH!" Her words were lost somewhere between her lips and his neck as she wrapped herself around him.

"I thought I'd fly in and keep you company on the flight!"

Taylor found his lips with hers and eagerly kissed him, reuniting her tongue with his and her hands with his hair. It didn't take long for the apartment door to shut and zippers and buttons to be undone. The closest thing to the door was the kitchen table so that is where Taylor had sex for the last time in her apartment; sprawled across the varnished cherry wood, fingers grasping the sides trying to hold on so she wouldn't fly away on wings of ecstasy. Jung-Su moved deep inside of her making her smile thinking of her friend's comments, if only she were the sharing type, than they'd understand why she felt so empty when he wasn't inside of her. When she felt the wonderful sensation building deep within her she reached up and wrapped her arms around Jung-Su's neck whispered for him to go harder and curled her toes as the pleasure possessed her body. He collapsed on top of her as he came and stayed inside of her until he slipped out.

"To be honest I don't think I could have lasted another day without being inside of you, I got hard on the plane just thinking about you!" he said with a smile that stretched mischievously across his lips and swam in his dark brown eyes.

"To be honest I don't know how I lived to be 24 without you inside of me!" she replied displaying an equally mischievous smile.

Once they'd dressed they headed out for Taylor's last dinner in the city she had expected to call home for the rest of her life. While sitting at the table Jung-Su handed her the box he'd been holding at her door. Inside was a shiny silver key to their new apartment.

"You'll love it, I actually picked it because it is a very Western style...and it has wide countertops!" Taylor smacked him teasingly on the arm knowing damn well that that feature would have likely won her over as well!

Following dinner they jumped into a cab and headed to a hotel beside the airport to spend the night as their flight was very early the next morning. Surprisingly they both bathed and fell asleep with no more than a kiss.

Their flight was delayed two hours and then it was announced that it had been overbooked, something Taylor never quite understood. Jung-Su went up to the desk to inquire about what they were offering those who changed their flight plans and returned with a smile.

"Let's go hang out in the first class lounge darling!" with that he grabbed her hand and they walked to the most coveted room in the terminal.

While they waited they decided to test out the spacious private bathroom. Taylor slipped discreetly in first followed soon after by Jung-Su. With Taylor pressed up against the door Jung-Su kissed up her body making her tremble with anticipation of what was to come. Her pants were quick to come off as were his and he was inside her before she could even worry about someone trying to walk into the bathroom.

"Fuck you are good." Taylor managed to say between thrusts.

Jung-Su responded by quickening his pace and pushing her harder up against the door. If the few people in the lounge hadn't known what was going on they probably did now but all Taylor cared about was reaching the place that Jung-Su was so good at taking her to. Some people needed to go to Bali or Tahiti to reach paradise but all Taylor needed was the most basic primal act with the most amazing man she'd ever met. As Jung-Su exploded into her she sunk her nails into his neck increasing his pleasure and expressing her own.

5 hours later they were ready to board their new flight and sit in their new seats.

"Well I'll never be able to fly coach again!" Taylor informed Jung-Su with a smirk as they indulged in a gourmet meal.

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean Taylor got antsy and slipped her hand down the front of Jung-Su's pants. He let out a quite moan and pressed his head back against the chair as he gripped the arm rests.

"Gcheeda, gcheeda," Jung-Su whispered in Korean asking her to stop before he came.

She reluctantly removed her hand and slid it down her pants but before she reached very wet cunt Jung-Su grabbed her hand and replaced it with his. Taylor bit her lip to keep herself from informing the rest of the passengers what was going on in seat D4. It didn't take long for Taylor to come and as she did she squeezed her legs tight to keep Jung-Su's hand pressed firmly against her sensitive clit.

They both slept for the remainder of the flight taking advantage of the reclining first class seating.

They landed and got through customs quickly. Their bags were the first to appear and they grabbed them and headed for the long term parking garage. Jung-Su took out his keys and unlocked a brand new Volvo S80.

"When did you get this car?" Taylor asked as she handed him her bags to put in the trunk. "God I love Volvo's they are so sexy!"

"I know!" Jung-Su said with his head buried in the trunk trying to align her bags so they fit snugly. "I honestly never really thought about owning a Volvo until you mentioned something about them when we were in Busan for that long weekend." He finished making adjustments and they both got in and buckled up.

"So...you got it because I like them?"

"Partly, but also because when I test drove it I was won over instantly!"

They merged with the traffic exiting Incheon and headed down the highway towards their new life together.

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