tagLetters & TranscriptsHis Depraved Pet Ch. 03

His Depraved Pet Ch. 03



It's been a week, but I know you're still busy with your exams. However, long periods of silence might make you forget who your body belongs to.

Since we don't have much time, I'll restrict tonight's instructions only to your tits. Your large firm globes with dark brown tits. Massage your boobs slowly, pet. Close your eyes and fondle them gently for a few minutes. Enjoy this, because it's the last gentle play your tits are going to feel for awhile.

The only condition is you are NOT under any circumstances allowed to touch your pussy. If you do not cum by tit play, you don't get to cum at all till my next email.

Go get a roll of masking tape, a wooden spoon with a large flat surface, toothpaste, and two clothespins.

Stand in front of your full-length mirror. Take your shirt, bra, and shorts off. Pull your panties down to your ankles. I love it when you look cheap and helpless. Tie your hair out of the way.

I know you have never done this before, so we'll keep tonight's tape play simple.

Now Pet, take the tape and start wrapping it around your ribs, right below your boobs. Wrap it around you a few times, moving a little higher up each time. Your boobs should be pushed up and out a little, if you're doing it right. Make sure you watch yourself in the mirror while you're doing this.

Now start wrapping the tape around the top of your boobs, wrapping it across your chest, around your back, and across your chest again. Make sure you're pulling tightly, taping it tightly. Your boobs should be squeezed together from up and down, making your tits stand out exaggeratedly.

There is more to this tit play, but we shall explore that some other time.

Tape your mouth shut, and put the roll of tape down. Take a photo, Pet. I want to see your tits pushed out, waiting for me to caress and fondle them as I like. spread your legs as wide as your panties will allow you to go.

Rub your tits for me. Your tied, constricted boobs should make your tits feel full, extra sensitive. Watch yourself in the mirror as you tug those tits, pull them away from your body. Twist them, tweak them, pinch them. Describe out loud what your doing, as if you were telling me.

Take the spoon, Pet. Just for the fun of it, I want you to bend over, lean your head against mirror, leaving your feet spread wide and ass sticking out slightly. Look deep into the reflected image of your eyes, and watch yourself.

Without touching or fondling your ass first, I want you to spank each ass cheek hard ten times. Count them off. Alternate the strokes from your left to your right ass cheek.

Now bend your knees slightly, keeping your head against the mirror. I want you to rim your tight asshole with the dry edge of the spoon handle. With your other hand, start pinching your tits again.

Keep rimming yourself, just moving the spoon handle around your tight hole. Don't penetrate your ass at all.

Now stand back to your original position, Pet, legs spread, chest out. I want you to spank your tits. Your tits, not your boobs. Those hard little nipples of yours are waiting to be punished, aren't they?

You want it. Say it out loud. "I want to spank my tits with the spoon."

Stick your chest out now, Pet. Look at yourself in the mirror. You look like you're offering your tits for punishment, which you know you deserve.

Now I want you to spank each tit directly twenty five times. Yes, twenty five spanks for each tit. Right on the nipples. Luckily for you, the flat of the spoon is large, so your tits won't bear the brunt of the pain. But they will sting like the devil, when you mash your pointed titties into your hard boobs - and your boobs are hard now, aren't they, firmer than they have ever been.

Start spanking now. Count each one out loud, and say "Thank you mistress, after each spank.

I want you to watch yourself the entire time. Your boobs should be turning a nice red by now. How do those tits feel? You loved that, didn't you slut.

Put the spoon away, and stand with your hands behind your back. Offer your throbbing tits to me. Stand there, and just feel the sting coursing through your bound boobs.

Now, smear some toothpaste on your finger. I want you to coat each tit with a thin layer of toothpaste.

When you're done, resume your position - hands behind your head, your now white tits stuck out.

Count to fifty.

Almost done, Pet, but not quite. I said we won't be indulging in any pussy play tonight, but your ass must be nice and warmed up from your spanking. Get down on all fours, facing the mirror. I want you to spank yourself with the spoon again - ten swats on each ass cheek, and ten on the tops of each thigh.

Get off your hands and kneel, without letting your ass touch the back of your heels. Keep your back straight, chest sticking out.

Still holding the spoon, I want you to take the clothespins. Smack your right boob with the spoon five times. Hard. Now pull your tit and twist it. Repeat with your left boob and tit.

Get ready to move fast, Pet. Use your right hand to hold the spoon handle at your tight brown asshole. Don't push it in yet, just make sure the handle is pressing hard against your asshole.

With your left hand, I want you to open the clothespin and hold it right in front of your right tit.

Now Pet, this is how we're going to do this.

The exact same moment you clamp the clothespin on your tit, I want you to force the spoon handle all the way into your asshole. Yes, it will be immensely painful, but you are a bit of a pain slut, aren't you Pet?

Stop awhile, put both your hands behind your head, and enjoy the two sensations. Your ass, suddenly full with the thick wooden handle, while your right tit is so tightly pinched, it's sheer agony.

Count to twenty.

Pull the spoon handle out of your ass. Take the other clothespin and hold it open in front of your hard left nipple. We're going to do it again.

NOW. Clamp the clothespin, shove the handle up your ass, all the way in.

Both your tits should be so painful now, you can hardly stop moaning.

I'm feeling kind tonight, Pet, so I'm going to let you distract yourself from the pain in your tits by allowing you to fuck your own ass with the spoon.

Get onto your hands and knees, with the flat surface of the spoon sticking out of your ass. Keep your legs closed tightly together. Put your head on the ground - it'll make your ass stick up more. Reach behind with your right hand, and rotate the spoon handle 360 degrees a few times, so the handle is turning in your ass.

Now I want you to pull the handle all the way out, and shove it back up your ass. Do this 150 times. All the way out, and fuck yourself. All the way out, and fuck yourself.

150 times.

Count each one out loud.

Fuck your ass with the spoon.

When you're done, pull the handle out of your ass. You can lick it if you want.

Stand up. I want you to spank your tits again, thirty hard and fast spanks with the spoon. Thirty for each tit. Make sure you spank the clothespin off, or you'll keep it on for the rest of the night.

Look at your bulging boobs in the mirror. Don't they look disgusting, all out of shape, thick masking tape binding them, tits coated with dried toothpaste? Take a photo.

I want you to leave the tape on for the rest of the day. Don't wear a bra, only a scratchy cotton shirt. I know you have a few. Every time you move, the material will graze against your tender tits.

Just before we wrap up this session, I want you bend over a table and fuck your ass with the spoon handle again. 150 times, just like before. Only now, as you bend over the table, I want you to make sure you press your tits hard into the table while you grunt like a pig being fucked.

150 times, Pet.

Leave your panties around your ankles for the rest of the day.


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by Anonymous11/03/17


This is so hot! I'm into nipple and tit play.. I was exhausted and well spent by the end of this. Looking forward to more of this!

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