tagIncest/TabooHis Hot Aunt Pt. 03

His Hot Aunt Pt. 03


Author's Note: Thanks to all the readers of this series, I truly appreciate it. This is the final chapter and I hope you will enjoy it. As always your comments and votes are welcome. Thank you for your patience as its been tough bringing this story to an end.



Laura was exhausted from the arduous trip from London after her last minute decision to leave but she couldn't stay there any longer. Now that she was standing in her sisters' foyer unannounced, the sounds of sex coming from the other room made her uncomfortable to the point of just wanting to leave but she needed to pick up her car, not interrupt Lisa's sexual activities. The phone calls to her sisters' cell as well as those to her sons' had gone unanswered. Lisa was obviously involved with someone and James was probably off surfing by this time so it was no wonder they had ignored her calls that morning. She was about to retrieve her keys when she heard something that stopped her cold.

"Uhhh," she heard Lisa groan then, "Fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me good."

Before she even realized she was moving, Laura rushed toward Lisa's room. The cross trainers she wore didn't announce her approach as she entered. What she saw was her worst fears come true. She had reluctantly agreed to let James stay with Lisa, knowing how wild her sister is but this was what she hoped wouldn't happen, but it was. James had his cock buried in her sister and they both seemed very comfortable with that situation. 'How long had this been going on?' Laura wondered, stunned by what she was witnessing. The question seemed to echo in her head as the shock and anger burst out.


Their heads turned in her direction. The look on their faces was of surprise and fear like a pair of deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi. No one moved for those first tense seconds. Laura wanted to know why...how they could betray her trust; violate their family but she was in shock. All she could do was glare in fury at the pair.

"JAMES...GO TO YOUR ROOM!" she shouted, "GET PACKED...NOW!"

In slow motion she watched her terrified son withdraw his stiff cock from Lisa's pussy. Even after it was free of her vaginal grasp, a couple clear, syrupy strands kept them briefly tethered together as if their bodies were protesting the premature separation. Laura couldn't take her eyes off her son as he climbed off the bed. His youthful body and rampant, dripping cock held her fiery gaze. It must have been then that James realized he was naked in front of his mother and quickly covered his manhood with a pillow. When Laura saw her sister move to cover herself, she turned her attention to Lisa momentarily.

"Mom, I..." he was cut off by the return of his mother's menacing glare. Fearing he might incite her to something worse than the mayhem he was already imagining she bring down on him, he slunk from the room.

Now alone with her sister, Laura stalked toward the bed. She was visibly shaking as she tried to control her rage. She wanted to scream, cry, tear her sister to shreds but all the emotions coursing through her left her trembling a few feet from her cowering sibling. She finally got some semblance of control and leaned closer to Lisa.

"How could you?" her voice a seething whisper said through clenched teeth.

She held Lisa's gaze for a long moment and that's when everything collapsed in on her. The exhaustion, the anger, the shock but worst of all the dampness she felt between her own legs. It was the last straw.

Lisa was in fear of what her sister was about to do. She was faced with a very angry 'momma bear' protecting her offspring from a perceived threat so she was surprised when Laura's features softened and tears begin flowing down her cheeks. She'd never seen her sister cry before. She wasn't emotional like that. Laura was tough, strong and not prone to emotional outbursts unlike herself. She flinched when Laura suddenly stood up straight, eyes cast up upward as she turned away from the bed.

"We're cursed...my family is cursed," she said to no one in particular then added, "I'm cursed," before walking to the door.

"Laura wait," but she didn't.

Laura stopped at James's room. He was sitting on the bed with his head down. She could see he'd put on some shorts but nothing else. He shot to his feet when he realized she was there. Her face was streaked black by her tears. He was about to say something when she spoke.

"Pack your things. I'll text you when I get us a hotel room," she said calmly then walked away.

James stood there for a moment then sat back down pondering what was going to happen. He'd hoped she would never find out about him and Lisa. The sound of the garage door opening caused him to look outside. He saw his mother carrying her luggage to the garage and presumably loading it into her Mercedes. There was a resounding slam of the trunk, followed by another from the driver's door. The engine came to life and James was amazed his mother was able to maneuver the large sedan out onto the street without hitting Lisa's car in the driveway. She roared off in the direction of Coast Highway.


James was well into his packing when his mother's car pulled up in front of the house and parked on the street. She'd been gone less than half an hour. He could see her sitting behind the wheel staring forward. He couldn't tell if she was crying but she still appeared to be upset by the way she kept twisting her grip on the wheel.

"Is that your mom?" Lisa asked standing at his door.

He nodded as he kept watching her. Lisa joined him at the window. Laura finally got out of her car and slowly walked up the driveway toward the front door. Lisa went to meet her followed closely by James. She opened the door for her sister but Laura just stood at the threshold.

"Can I come in?" she asked in a monotone voice. Lisa moved out of the way. After a brief hesitation, Laura took a few steps in then stopped as if unsure what to do next.

"Mom, are you alright?"

There was a long pause then Laura turned to her son.

"James I need to talk to your aunt for a little while and we need to speak in private," the statement hung in the air as Lisa and James exchanged glances.

"Why don't you head down to the gallery and let Sandy know I won't be in for a while," Lisa finally said, "I'll call you when we're done."

James looked from his aunt to his mother and back again before going to his room to put on a shirt and shoes. He passed by the two women glancing at both before going to the garage. He finally appreciated the differences between them as well as the similarities. They shared the same dark eyes and straight jet black hair but his mother's fell just past her shoulders while Lisa's was waist length. Laura had an athletic build, lean and firm with modest B-cup breasts where as her sister was shorter, more petite yet curvier, making her breasts appear to be even larger than the C-cup they actually were. If they had both been dressed for work, they would have appeared to be nearly the same height do the difference in the height of the heels they typically wear. Both would turn any man's head and even though there's over a decade in years between them, most people would have a problem telling which one was older. He loved them both and even with all that had transpired that morning, he found himself getting aroused; that disturbed him.

Once James was gone, Lisa and her sister sat down on the couch in the family room. Laura didn't say anything at first, looking as if she was searching for answers. The uncomfortable silence made Lisa fidget until she couldn't take it any longer.

"Laura, what's wrong...besides the obvious issue with me and Jimmy?"

There was no immediate answer from her sister so she decided to try another question in hopes of getting Laura to open up.

"What did you mean by 'My family is cursed'?" again there was a long pause then Laura spoke.

"Dan is cheating on me."

"What! Are you sure? With who? How'd you find out?" Lisa asked turning toward her sister who still appeared to be in shock from earlier.

"The same way I found out about you and James," Laura said meeting her sister's gaze.

Lisa's cheeks grew warm as shame filled her. There was nothing she could say about that. It was something all three would have to deal with in their own way. Laura continued.

"We were staying at his parent's estate. There were lots of family members coming and going from the time we arrived so I didn't think twice about seeing her there."


"Anna," Laura replied, lowering her eyes.

"Anna...His cousin Anna? The flight attendant?"

"That's her," Laura wiped a fresh tear from her cheek. "I started to suspect he was fooling around about a year and a half ago. He was acting distant. He didn't seem very interested in sex either. That's about the same time he started making more trips to the London office."

"Well isn't he the top international attorney in your company? Head of the department as it were?" Lisa inquired.

"Yes and at first I didn't think much of the trips until I found out most of the 'issues' he was going over there for could've been handled by any number of lower level attorneys. They didn't require the big boss's attention. I also found out Anna was working most of the flights he took over there. His mom let it slip out by telling me how he'd come and visit with Anna when they both 'flew in from New York together'," she stopped again to collect her thoughts while wiping more tears away.

"Would you like a glass of wine or something?" Lisa asked as she stood, "I know I need one."

Laura nodded. Lisa was back in a flash with two large glasses of burgundy and took a seat next to her sister. Laura went on.

"I was going to go shopping with his mom and sister one morning when I realized I'd left my phone in our room and went back to get it. I heard the shower running and was about to tell Dan we'd be gone until dinner when I heard a woman's voice. I peered in and saw them in the shower together," she paused as she fought back more tears, "He was fucking her in the shower. I confronted him that evening after we got back and I had a chance to cool off. I decided we're through at that point and left the following day. The reason I came back here is apparently he's cancelled all my credit cards. I found out when I tried to get gas this morning."

Lisa knew Laura was upset. This trauma had changed her because she never dropped F-bombs...ever. She felt bad for her and figured that was all but she was wrong. Once Laura composed herself, she gave Lisa a strange look as a crooked smile crossed her lips.

"You're so much like Mom," Laura stated to her confused sister.

"What's that got to do with you and Dan? And I'm nothing like our 'prim and proper' mother," Lisa replied. This made Laura laugh. "What's so funny sis?" Lisa asked becoming agitated.

Laura took a long draw on her glass then set it down on the coffee table. She looked Lisa in the eye and said, "Technically you should say, 'half sister' to be accurate."

"What do mean? Are you saying Mom had an affair? That I'm the product of an affair?"

"Yes and yes."

"Who told you that?"

"She did before you came to live with Dan and me. She was afraid Dad found out or at least suspected she had cheated on him."

It took a moment for that to settle in but Lisa wasn't convinced. There was no way her mother had slept around. She wasn't the type. From what Lisa could remember, their mother always put their family first, their father first. There was no way.

"You're lying. You told me that I'd become too unruly for them."

"Why would I lie? You were unruly and that's all she wanted you to think so you wouldn't ask too many questions."

"Who's my father then?"

Laura drained her glass and looked straight into Lisa's eyes, "Mike."

The mention of the youngest of their three brothers, who would have been 19 at the time of their incestuous tryst, was a powerful blow. She felt as if she'd been punched in the stomach. 'How is that possible?' Lisa wondered as she stared back at Laura in disbelief. Mike had always acted strange, nervous even around her but she just thought it was his nature. He had always struck her as odd but could it be true?

"By the time I was born, dad was impotent, according to mom. To be honest, I'm not sure if he's my father either but it's a little late to worry about that now. I've just kept what she told me a secret along with my beliefs about my own legitimacy. So now do you see what I mean when I say, 'My family is cursed'? My sister is the product of an incestuous affair between my mother and brother. My husband is cheating on me with his cousin. And now I find out my sister is fucking my son...or should I say half sister? It's getting a bit confusing."

Laura began to cry once more. Lisa just sat there and stared at her crying sibling, realizing the meaning of Laura's comparison of her to their mother. It was a lot to take in, finding out your family is really messed up and possibly explaining why she still has sexual feelings toward her nephew even now.

The one thing Laura didn't tell her sister was how, for the last 18 months, it was all she could do to suppress the unnatural feelings she had for her own son. She had urges that mothers weren't supposed to have toward their children. It started out when James was eighteen and she saw him naked in his room after a shower. He was getting dressed but she couldn't look away. Fortunately he hadn't seen her. Knowing her family history, she didn't want to go down the same road as her mother but she could tell by the wetness in her panties it might already be too late.

For the next several months she kept her urges in check by sheer force of will. There were times she felt her resolve waver though. Sometimes when she was having sex with Dan and she closed her eyes, Laura would see James smiling down at her as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy. That usually made her cum violently, giving Dan a false sense of achievement. Laura could feel her son's eyes on her as she left for work in the morning and that too caused her concern. She liked seeing him look at her even if she was unsure of his thoughts. It made her fantasize he was lusting for her and that made her rebuild the bricks in the wall she had raised to protect him and her from those deviant urges.

Once James had graduated high school and left for MIT, Laura was sad to see him go but also relieved. She could relax and not worry about giving in to temptation, now that her son was on the other side of the country. It was also at that point she began to focus on her husband and his changing attitude toward her. She was truly enraged seeing Dan fucking his cousin but what she thought was the same rage she felt toward Lisa was actually jealousy. Lisa had done what she herself had wanted to do for a long time but denied herself out of decency; or was it shame, or family pride? It made her chuckle when she accepted she was jealous of her sister but she couldn't let Lisa know or James for that matter. She was going to have to keep the urges under control.


James walked into the gallery and saw Sandy with an older couple, looking at a large painting. She gave him a quick wave and smile and went back to giving the background on the piece of art in front of them. James casually wondered around the gallery, pretending to shop but his mind was consumed with his mother learning of his secret affair with his aunt. Life was going to be very different at home from now on.

"Take my card and give me a call if you any other questions about this piece," she said, waving to the couple as they left.

She walked up to James and gave him a friendly hug, "How's it goin' James? Where's Lisa? I expected her to at least call by now."

"My mom is back in town, she's with her right now. She's supposed to call me when they're done talking."

Sandy could tell there was something more to this story. James wasn't himself, there was something bothering him.

"Is everything alright? I thought she and your dad weren't coming home for a couple more weeks."

"We did too...She kinda caught us."

"Oh," Sandy replied understanding now why James was acting funny, "Is she going to have your aunt put in jail?"

"I don't know. I think that's what they may be talking about."

More people entered the gallery.

"I gotta do the sales thing but feel free to hang out here for as long as you want," she said before introducing herself to the patrons.

James went back and sat at Lisa's desk and began to think of how things might change. She'd warned him if they were caught it could ruin both their lives. He was now becoming very aware as to just how uncertain his future was. He couldn't believe that just a week or so ago, his biggest worry was about his own sexuality. Thinking of that made him look up at Sandy as she talked with the new arrivals. He could see the men checking her out while the women they came in with looked around the gallery. 'I wonder if they'd freak out if they knew the woman they were undressing with their eyes had a cock just like them,' he thought, 'There's no way they could tell.' He watched as she flirted with them and gave out her card to the ladies. In some ways she looked more 'lady like' than they did.

James' phone rang and after a brief conversation with Lisa, he let Sandy know she wouldn't be in unless she was really needed then he left. He arrived back at his aunt's house in time to see his mother removing the last of her bags from the trunk of her car. She and Lisa had apparently made a truce and his mother would be staying with them too. He parked the Jeep and jumped out to help her.

"Let me get those for you, Mom," he said as he approached, hoping his helpfulness would buy him some leniency later.

"Thanks. Put them in Lisa's room," she replied closing the trunk of her car.

James pulled out the handle of the larger bag then picked up its smaller twin. He followed Laura into the house and down the hall to his aunt's room. His mother pointed to where she wanted them left. He set the luggage down and waited. He was nervously wringing his hands when his mother curtly thanked him then disappeared into the en-suite. James left the room when he heard the water in the shower come on and went looking for his aunt.

He found her sitting in the shade on the back patio with a glass of wine in her hand and a bottle on the nearby table. James exited the sliding glass door and stood in front of her in hopes of hearing the details of what she and his mother discussed. Lisa seemed to be in a daze, not even acknowledging his presence. What had transpired to put his normally vibrant aunt into such a funk?

"Are you okay?" he asked sitting down opposite her, "Did mom call the cops?"

"No...She didn't call the cops."

"What did she say? What's gonna happen?"

"Honestly James, I just don't know," she replied then rose from her seat, "I need some time to think. I'll be back later." With that said Lisa took her glass inside and set it on the bar, collected her keys and purse and left.

'She called me James.' He sat there for a moment then went to his room. He stopped in the bathroom to relieve himself but as he dropped his shorts to pee, he heard a very distinct sound coming from the other side of the wall. The wall that separated his bathroom from his aunt's, the same one his mother had entered after he brought in her bags. The water was still running in the shower and he heard her moan, just like he'd heard his aunt moan shortly after his arrival. He was shocked then but he was even more so now. That was his mother and he felt his body react.

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