tagBDSMHis Place Assured, Beneath Her

His Place Assured, Beneath Her


An erotic short story for Mistress Tracy, whose supreme dominance is sublime.

Brad knelt meekly at the feet of the wife who was now also his dominant mistress, his pink pinafore covering the front of his naked body, beneath it his cock languished in a plastic cage trying desperately to erect. The tight ring around his balls to which the cage was attached serving to stimulate his cock in its yearning to stand in honour of the woman who now owned him completely. The plug of ownership which stretched his anus sweetly, made his balls tingle as he dared to ask his wife and mistress of the next task, on this day, one which he knew would be so special; today he would watch his wife fucked by a stud for the first time, an event which would also be witnessed by two of her sterner female friends, who would rejoice in his humiliation and also use him.

"Please Mistress Kay I have cleaned the toilet, dusted, vacuumed and made sure the bed is ready for you to receive your real man, what can I beg of Mistress now." The stern middle-aged woman towered above him, feet tightly together in deliciously high heeled stilettos, a split skirt baring a thigh to make her look nice and tarty; ensuring a full erection from her stud's nine inch cock; her pussy tingled with pleasure as she looked down on the defeated male who once kept her down in a former life of blatant chauvinism.

Brad had been caught out, once the typically old-fashioned male, he had given his wife a meagre weekly allowance while he lived like a playboy, sex with her had been once a fortnight if she was lucky, always missionary position and only until he grunted out his spunk while thinking of other women; Kay left unsatisfied, to finger herself while he went to clean his precious five inches. His capture and Kay's liberation came as a result of him employing the use of a prostitute during a business lunch break. While erect and ready to shoot, he showed his true colours to the professional woman, who uncovered his innermost desire to be dominated by the superior sex. Being a ruthless advocate of female superiority, she went through his things as he lay bound and awaiting her whip, and contacted his wife without hesitation. When Brad returned home he found the prostitute and his wife waiting for him, both with cane in hand. He was taken upstairs immediately and shown how to service his wife or all my; the prostitute stayed for just three days in which his life was changed forever.

Kay smirked as he grovelled, today would certainly be special; the stud she had become acquainted with was a good 15 years younger than her husband, and his generous cock would serve to complete his humiliation wonderfully. Her pussy bulged as she thought of the special twist her captive husband was unaware of, which would complete the evening so sweetly. She had a task which would keep him occupied until her stud and her friends arrived with their chosen males.

"You will clean and polish my three pairs of thigh boots; I want to see my face in them, else you shall taste the whip." Though her words were edged with a venom which made his anus clench at the plug, he knew that he would escape the whip on this occasion; the three pairs of black patent leather boots were tended frequently by him, he had shot his creamy offering on each of them many times, and had the task of ensuring they were nice and shiny after sessions where he had found himself licking his own spunk from them. They would be no more than dusty at worst, but the symbolism of cleaning her boots ensured his lowly status; her friends would witness this as they arrived.

Brad's cock bulged in the cage as he heard the doorbell ring, Kay gave him a stern look and pointed to the boots as she strutted past him. It was her friend Dorothy and her suitably young stud; he was shown to a seat and smirked at the feminised male as he lovingly tended the boots while Dorothy inspected him with a satisfied sneer.

"I remember how curt you were to us before your change for the better, I shall thoroughly enjoy watching you as your wife is pleased by a worthy male. I shall take even greater pleasure in having you taste my man's spunk from my satisfied pussy; you could never have dreamed you would be of service to 'little Dorothy' in this way." Brad's balls tingled as he wondered how her pussy would taste when flavoured with a young man's spunk; he had been made to lick her before while his wife caned him, and he had enjoyed the humiliation; he would now be taken down to another level.

The doorbell rang again and Miriam strutted in with her eager young male, who sat quietly with the other while she too, taunted the hostess's reduced and defunct husband; Miriam was a spiteful redhead and Brad had wanked over her before is conversion to slavery; he would thoroughly enjoy licking her ginger pussy clean of another man's cum, he was always thrilled when she was involved in his domination sessions.

Kay smiled with triumph as the doorbell rang to announce her stud. He entered to watch the woman he would fuck inspect the boots her now useless husband had cleaned, before making him remove the pink pinafore and kneel naked facing the stud. They all had a good laugh at his pathetically small plastic cock cage, and the women duly taunted him about the glistening substance which dribbled from it. Kay and the two women stood and released their skirts, then discarded their panties; the scent ensuring the three studs were fully erect. In full view of Brad, Kay kissed and cuddled the stud, wrapping her leg around him while the others cheered, Brad blushed with shame, but not to the level he would next experience. Kay sneered at her husband as she took the key to his cage from the gold chain about her neck. He was made to stand and the women laughed as the cage was removed and his cock unfurled; the two female guests taunted, the redhead in particular.

"Oh look at his dear little cock, no wonder Kay has had to seek satisfaction elsewhere." Kay was now ready to enjoy a thoroughly humiliating moment for him, with all guests watching she led him over to her stud. She smiled softly at the man who would shortly fuck her.

"Drop your underwear darling, we're going to have a little comparison test. " The stud smiled as the tent in his underwear was revealed in the flesh, and the glory of his nine inch cock impressed the women; it stood boldly to attention, its girth twice that of Brad's, as well as being almost twice as long. Brad was humiliated as Kay held both cocks, pulling him close to show how the stud's generous member dwarfed his. As the women laughed, she sneered wickedly at her belittled husband.

"See how inadequate you are! I can' t wait to be fucked by this cock; you'll go down on your knees and beg him to fuck me. You will address him as 'Sir'." Her pussy buzzed as she basked in her control over him as he meekly fell to his knees, his cock stiff with excitement as he prepared to humiliate himself. The women grinned as he did just as he was told.

"Please Sir, please fuck my wife for me." He went bright red with shame as all in the room laughed contemptuously at him, his arsehole clenching and releasing on the plug as he looked up at the huge cock, knowing his wife would soon enjoy it; he would be cuckolded. Kay pointed to the stairs; she was anxious to have some real cock, and have him witness it.

They trooped up the stairs and Kay delighted in having Brad kneel a yard or so from the foot of the bed. He watched and swallowed hard as all the guests stripped naked, Kay lay on the bed and grinned at her husband as she toyed with her moist slit, and the two other women picked up canes and stood either side of the kneeling cuckold-to-be. The two guest's studs sat and watched eagerly awaiting their turns as Kay's chosen cock mounted the bed. Brad's anus tingled and his cock stood rigid as he heard the sounds of pleasure his wife made, so familiar, so taunting. His cock dribbled as he watched the stud lap at his wife's erect nipples, then he went down and tasted the sex which once belonged to him - no more. The two women teased his cock with their canes as the stud drew back his hips and readied his huge cock to penetrate Kay. Dorothy and Miriam savoured the moment as they watched the despair on Brad's face, Dorothy's pussy tingled as she yearned for cock herself, and her spite toward Brad would provide relief.

"Now you'll see your wife satisfied by a real man; she deserves a cock like that, you'll not fuck her ever again now." Brad sighed as she lifted his cock back with her cane as he watched the stud ease his huge bell-end into the tight inviting warmth of her tingling pussy. Kay lifted her legs high and focused on her kneeling husband, he saw her face and the immense pleasure she was receiving; he watched helpless and feeling so inadequate as the huge cock slipped in and out of his wife's excited and dribbling pussy. The redhead would now ensure he was teased thoroughly.

"See how your wife enjoys a real man with a real cock; he's going to shoot soon, and she'll enjoy his hot spunk; then you'll enjoy it too." Brad was now made fully aware of his lowly position as Kay began to moan with pleasure, smiling at him with stupefied eyes as the stud too, started to grunt and hump impatiently. Brad watched mesmerised as the shaft of the huge huge cock became streaked with milky white as it pumped in and out; his seed delivery into his wife had begun. Kay stiffened her legs and pointed her toes to the ceiling as she moaned in the delicious dual ecstasy of the wholesome fuck by a stud, with her pleasure magnified beyond all ecstasies by the triumph over her husband, humiliated at her pleasure, with the best still to come.

The stud roared as he unleashed the contents of his balls into Kay, and she sang out long and hard as her pleasured pussy accepted the thick white wads of semen, which he spunked out in a breathless fury. The two watching friends applauded as the two passed their heavenly crescendo and rested together sated. Brad lowered his head in defeat; the sound of his wife's pleasure was at a level he could never hope to attain. His humiliation had barely begun though.

As the stud eased his glistening and dripping cock from the sticky warmth of her pussy, Kay sneered wickedly at Brad and wagged her finger, calling him closer. She pointed to the still erect cock.

"You lick that clean now! I want to see you suck on the cock that's just fucked your wife. I want it cleaned before you clean me, and you shall have a caning from my friends while you clean me, for watching so rudely and for being so inadequate." The two women held Brad as he cowered before the smiling stud; Kay grinned with pleasure as she held the huge and glistening cock with two fingers and guided it toward his lips. The women chuckled with contempt as Brad slipped his lips over the huge helmet, the spent semen gathering on his lips and dribbling down his mouth. The stud's huge cock pulsed in his mouth, making him gag slightly as he sucked on it, a flash made him jump slightly. Kay sneered as she took several photos with her phone and she and her two friends looked on in silence, enjoying the sweet humiliation of her once proud husband. Belittled, enslaved, cuckolded and now made to suck cock, Brad was totally defeated, but his cock stood stiff as he was degraded as never before. This did not go unnoticed, Miriam poked at his cock with her cane.

"The slut is really enjoying this, just look at his cock! I am so looking forward to caning him." The stud sighed as his cleaned cock was slid out from Brad's hot mouth, Kay wiping the residual spunk from his lips and making him swallow it. She sat back on the bed close to the headboard and spread her legs to reveal her messy but sated pussy. Her two friend's pussies dribbled in anticipation as they moved, one each side of the bed with their canes at the ready. The kneeling cuckold was ordered to the bed, by a stern wife who was now completely in control of him.

"Get over here and clear this mess up! It's all you are fit for, and I know how you like to spend under the cane. These men will enjoy seeing you do that." Brad nestled his erect cock on the sheets and gazed at his wife's well used pussy as she lifted a healthy globule of the stud's rich semen from her pussy And deposited it in her arsehole, which winked shut as it squeezed the cream from her finger. Kay smiled at him.

"Oh yes, you'll come when licking my arsehole as usual, in tears this time though - today has been very special." Brad went down and lapped deliriously at his dominant wife's pussy, the salty cream consumed by him as he bucked and cried out while the women took pleasure in caning him; the three studs smiled and worked their erect cocks as the watched him dominated by the three women. As he was ordered down to her arsehole, the sound of the canes making his anus clench prior to each stinging impact, his cock throbbed below him as he sampled the delicious tang of her arsehole, blended sweetly with the cream of her stud's cock. Cuckolded and completely humiliated, his balls tingled as the smiling friends caned him soundly, and Kay pulled her legs back slowly in triumph as she felt the urgency of his tongue at her hot anus; he looked up at her through the cleft of her breasts and saw the look of spite and sheer enjoyment in her eyes, his tears as he was caned mercilessly giving her additional deep rooted pleasure; she had dominated him and he was now firmly in his place as he licked the stud's spunk from her arsehole. Her smile increased as he humped in the pure ecstasy of his defeat, he had watched her fucked, he had sucked cock for her, now he spent his mess impotently on the sheets as two housewives he had once had nothing but contempt for caned him, and he would soon be licking their pussies clean of the spunk of their chosen studs.

Brad slipped and humped with an acute pleasure he had never experienced before as he viewed the look of victory which spread across Kay's face as he jetted plentifully on the sheets; the studs now all stood in close proximity and wanked their generous cocks as they witnessed his submission, each feeling a little envious of his position. The two who had not cum yet focused on the spite of the two mature women as they relished punishing the cuckold; this vision made their cocks bone and would ensure the provided a worthy task for the cuckold to clean up. Brad whimpered as he spent his last and the caning ceased. Without saying a word, his wife dismounted the bed and took her stud's hand, leading him to the shower, leaving her husband as though he were no more than a used condom.

Brad was allowed little time to recover before being ordered to watch Dorothy fucked while Miriam stood over him. He duly sucked cock once more, and was forced to masturbate for the proud housewife after licking her clean. The performance was repeated for the redheaded Miriam and her stud, they laughed long and hard at the pitiful amount of semen his sore cock managed when he eventually came for the third time.

Miriam snapped his cage back on and gagged him with a pair of his wife's used panties, while the four cuddled and giggled naked on the spunk-stained bed. Brad gasped and mumbled protests through the panties as Kay and her stud appeared again, smartly dressed and carrying suitcases. The four in the bed applauded as Brad's cock bulged in the cage. Kay's smile was more wicked than ever.

"Yes dear, I'm off with my stud for a week's fucking; you will entertain my friends until we return, I'll send some pictures for you to lick." Brad mumbled as she turned to leave with her stud; he never saw her go, a ginger pussy obscured his vision, pulled the panties from his mouth, then turned to present a sweet brown arsehole in a sea of milky white flesh.


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