tagBDSMHis Story of Her Fantasy

His Story of Her Fantasy


His story of her Fantasy:

Here's an attempt at a 200 word very short seduction story written first person from the woman's perspective. After I wrote it, I had a good idea who the characters were and I liked them so I had to write a "his & hers" version. It evolved into a longer His view & her view of the same event::: Here's the short, short story, Followed by the more fleshed out version.


I knock on the door and he opens it. He takes my hand to lead me in, removes my coat, and kisses me. I put my hand around the back of his neck. He's warm and his kisses are soft and good. I can feel the wire pulling taut. He's slow and deliberate. He traces a finger along my jawbone, down my neck tracing the outline of my cleavage.

In this tender way he continues down brushing my nipples, my belly, my hips- his kisses are making me weak in the knees. I have a sharp intake of breath when he pinches my ass then squeezes it gently. I feel his hands come away from me as he steps back watching me.

He sits down in the deep red chair, holding his hand out to me. "Kneel down in front of me and wrap your pretty mouth around my cock". Something crosses his face- almost a knowing smile.. Maybe he knows how close I am, how wet he's made me in such a few short moments. Or maybe he senses how eager I am to please him. As I unbutton his trousers he strokes my hair and says "beautiful".

Here is the longer version....

Part 1: SHE

He has paced the floor for an hour, always early & always attentive to detail. The universal hotel room distraction of CNN on in the background, Chris Isaac & Sade music on the I-pod, he brought. There are a couple of jasmine candles for mood & atmosphere. The room is expensive, the carpets deep & the marble; Italian & well honed. All of it Sensual, cool & smooth to the touch.

He has thought of little else since he first met her., Tall & impeccably dressed, full figured. She's a brunet like you would have seen in a 40s black & white detective movie. She had real curves and you got the sense that while she was the real deal, classy & educated a thinking woman, there was an edge. Those lips; my; God those lips! A man could fall into those and forget to come up for air.

The first time he saw her across a room he could feel that edge. With her it's a slow deep erotic burn. A burn that longs to be treated like a woman being enjoyed in every erotic, deviant & shameless way only a mature, erotic man can make a woman want more.

She knows that the way she walks gets her looked at, the way her breasts fill out her dress & the hint of a nipple, assure her that men and women will look. She loves being a woman & she knows how to bring appreciation & the favors of strangers her way. She isn't a user of others but she does understand the game & the plays.

She knows when to lean forward & show just enough cleavage in that dress, how to sit like a lady; but she knows just as well how to cross those beautiful long legs and get a guy to look up her dress, but only let him see what she wants to show.

At a glance she is a perfectly responsible business woman, probably balances her own checkbook, takes her 2.5 kids to the pool, has respectable sex with her husband, goes to soccer practice & loves her kids deeply.

But when you study the way she moves, the cut of her clothes, the strapy shoes, the hint of a lacy black bra strap, the outline of a garter under a formal dress. It all adds up. This is not; a woman that chats with the other women, she keeps to herself, she enjoys her own counsel & if you let yourself imagine it she is a woman that likes sheer black lingerie for no reason. She touches herself as she drives and loves the idea of masturbating at 3 am as she wakes from a sexy dream & remembers the long hard cock of some distant young lover.

This woman is an erotic fire just waiting for the right touch and the right man to set it alight.

Part II He:

He paces & thinks of this woman, as he looks from the floor to ceiling window of the high-rise hotel. He thinks thoughts of this woman that he seldom thought of a woman. She has captured his imagination; she has him horny like the teenager he once was in the distance. Tall & lean, intense, yet attentive, considerate & gentle with the girls and women he loved and learned from. He wants that passion again & she has lit something that burns hotter with the experience & the years. There is that heat that makes him smile as he feels his own cock lengthen at the mere thought of touching her thigh, brushing her breast with the back of his fingers, sensing the heat of her breath as he leans close but not touching her.

He thinks about kissing the nape of her neck, running his fingers through her hair and pausing to tug just a bit to see if she likes her hair pulled.

He imagines what she must look like in her lingerie. What her pretty round ass would look like lay across his lap as he tells her to pull her skirt up & lay over his lap as he fondles & playfully spanks her pretty lingerie clad ass. He thinks of berating her for some schoolgirl infraction & spanking her lightly as he alternates between spanks, gentle rubs & sliding his fingers under her sheer panties & fingering her wet cunt. She has his imagination running wild, so pleasing, so erotic, hopefully so wet when she gets here. It's 2:55 she will be late, women that look that good are always late; because they can be. She will be late but she will be here soon, he stops as he paces and adjusts his swollen cock in his pants, he likes having a hard cock to adjust when no one is around..

She will be here any minute. He stands at the window, warm Georgia sun on his face, his dick is so hard & he has never so much as touched this woman.

The anticipation is excellent. He thinks of himself and why this woman would want a gray haired middle-aged man. He thinks of himself as part teenager who wants to fuck her then fuck her again and enjoy the beauty only a mature woman possesses, the wet lust & fullness of her breast, her thigh, her lips.. Her panties.

He thinks of her as a mature but still attractive younger woman that he knows, wants to be entered, suckled, possessed, touched, used... in a way that allows her to feel no guilt, but feel every erotic wire in her body, played & tensed & tightened. Then played again, this is a woman that wants to feel the exquisite exhaustion of total sexual expression. He knows she is ready to feel her clit throb at his briefest touch, to feel her very insides ignite when he touches her tongue with his, as he suckles her tongue with his own..

She wants to be shameless, to say fuck out loud just because he makes her feel so out of control. To growl & whimper & make sounds she can't control. She wants to be a woman in heat.

He glances at his phone, she is late, she is always going to be late, it's a beautiful woman thing, and they know they can get by with it so they do. She was probably on time & is just sitting somewhere burning a few minutes just to keep him waiting...It's a beautiful woman thing...

Part III 3:03 pm the knock is subtle almost tentative. His heart jumps, his dick gets hard he smiles as he crosses the suite.

Today he is here for her; he is not the teenager that still lives in his pants but the gentleman. The masterful eroticist, the man that will possess her, enter her, hold, suckle, caress, spank, push, pull, undress & watch her, cum & cum again. He knows his role; he will play it to a succulent conclusion with her as his object of lust.

He pauses at the door & plays his own game; he waits till she knocks again. He opens the door & extends a hand, she almost thinks it a handshake, but then he slides his hand past hers & cups her bent elbow in his hand, doesn't pull her, she feels the difference, he is guiding her into the room. She feels the maturity, she feels the wire tighten. He leans in as he closes the door & puts his lips just ahead of her left ear & whispers, I'm glad you're here, then he pauses & says now is the last time to turn back. He slides his hand under her coat and barely touches the small of her back as he waits a reply.

She tries to think of something, she tries to speak but the words have gone from her, she can feel his breath on her ear, she nods in assent, he slides her coat off in one smooth motion.

She tries to look around the room, to make some normalcy of this, but his touch, his breath on her neck at her collar, it all seems electric & time stops. There isn't any oxygen in the room she can actually hear her own heart beat.

She feels his hand slide up her back & his fingers cross the nape of her neck & into her hair. He gently but firmly controls her every motion in the palm full of hair he caresses. He turns his face to his, he kisses her with electric kisses, he suckles her tongue & her knees weaken as her clit throbs at his every touch of his tongue in her mouth. 3 minutes ago she was in such complete control, so grown up, so mature, so sexually full of her own power. Now a man she barely knows possesses her.

He stands her in the middle of the room and says to wait.

He walks to the windows and pulls the sheers, and leans against the glass. He looks at her. In all her life she has never felt so totally naked, this man looks at her & sees into her soul, this man without a word undresses her with his eyes, as she has never been.

He turns and looks out the window, as she stands in the middle of the room, she is transfixed, she can't move. He breaks the silence as he crosses the room. He slips close behind her and leans in, his finger traces the line of her garter belt across her ass, and she hears him make a deep guttural sound of approval. He uses the back of his hand to smooth his hand across her ass stopping at the garter strap on her left leg. He pinches her plump bottom & gives a playful smack on her right cheek runs a hand down the back of her leg & gently strokes the inside back of her knee, as he walks away. She doesn't move.

He moves in front of her & kisses her deeply, passionately and she understands that he is about to turn up the heat. He steps back and looks her in the eye, with a calm that she can't seem to master. He asks her if she has shaved or just trimmed for him. She is uncomfortable in the intimate question but he waits & keeps her gaze. She blushes & says I shaved for you, he approves.

He sits on the arm of a big red chair and motions for her to come to him. It was the longest three steps in her life, but she seemed to float to him. He pulled her to him, turned her facing away & slid his hand between her legs and up her thigh. He paused at her stocking tops & then she felt his thumb fall perfectly on her wet swollen pussy lips and ease onto her swollen clit, it was like fire and ice & firecrackers, and it took her breath.

He stood and reached around her and slid his fingers into her lacy black panties. He nestled his long strong middle finger all the way into her wetness in one smooth motion, his fingers finding the perfect place to drive her crazy.

As she moans in his ear, he stops & whispers in her ear, "you want my cock in your mouth don't you, she drops to her knees & begins to breath in the heat of his crotch, she can sense his heat his manhood, his domination of her every sexual thought. His cock slid smoothly into her mouth, she knew in an instant that she was born to worship this mans cock on her knees, he tasted sweet, salty, wet smooth almost like it was an extension of her own sex.

Here she was on her knees with her lips around the most private part of a man she barely knew and all she could think of was how much she only wanted more. She had a flash of erotic thought that took her breath away as she tried to suck him deeper & taste this man. She saw herself with this erotic man lying between her legs suckling on her clit and giving her the orgasm she never had.....then she looks up at him, with the slightest possible hint of a knowing smile, he knows that she understands this is but a beginning ...

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