tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHolly and Jamie Ch. 04

Holly and Jamie Ch. 04


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I really wasn't mad at Jamie for setting me up last time. It wasn't like she did anything that bad to me. So three guys saw me naked. Big deal. In fact, it was rather fun. I wasn't sure that it was such a good idea for them to take pictures and video of me, but what's done is done. I thought about trying to get her back, but I really didn't have any good ideas other than to do what she did to me, and that would've been kinda lame. So I decided to drop the idea of revenge, at least for now.

One day, Jake and Tommy told us about an upcoming rock festival. It was an all-day event with a few bands that I had heard of and a bunch that I had not. Anyway, they wanted to know if we wanted to join them. When Jamie and I said that it sounded like fun, I don't think either of us were thinking about the music. We both had fun flashing our tits to the crowd at the last concert so we figured there would be more of the same at the festival.

The morning of the festival Jamie got news that her Mom went to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. Jamie understandably bailed to visit her Mom, so it was just Jake, Tommy and I heading to the concert. I was pretty disappointed that Jamie wasn't coming but I was determined to have fun anyway.

I spent some time getting dressed for the festival. I wanted to be comfortable as we were going to be there for several hours. But I also wanted to be sexy. I ended up wearing some tight jeans and some freebee t-shirt, but I altered the t-shirt by cutting off the bottom so my tummy would show. I knew I was going to end up flashing the crowd again so I decided to just forego a bra entirely.

As we were driving to the festival, I was pretty excited. I kept thinking about getting up and flashing my boobs again to a crowd of horny guys, and how they would all look at me so lustfully. I was already aroused just from imaging their expressions.

When we arrived at the festival I was rather disappointed. It didn't seem like there were that many people there. It was not at all like the packed auditorium. But Jake explained that the early bands were lesser-known and that it would get more crowded as the better-known bands hit the stage. So we waited. We walked around some to look at what vendors were selling and bought some grease-laden food. We were just killin' time.

Over the next hour the place really filled up. The transformation was quite amazing. Just an hour ago there were perhaps a couple hundred people there; now we stood shoulder to shoulder in a sea of bodies. I started seeing girls get on guys shoulders, but at first nobody was flashing. While I was excited by the idea of flashing the crowd, I definitely did not want to be the first or only one to do so. Then one girl got up wearing just a bra and people started pleading with her to flash. A ton of guys were watching her intently just waiting for her to do so. After teasing the crowd for a couple of minutes, she reached down and pulled her bra up, exposing her tits to all around. Cameras from all around flashed to record the moment. But as soon as her boobs were out, several hands reached up and grabbed at them. She immediately fought them off and covered her tits again, and got down shortly thereafter. I was pretty shocked that those guys so brazenly tried to grope her. I wondered whether she knew them or whether they were just strangers grabbing at her tits.

I continued watching the crowd for flashers but there really weren't that many. Each time a girl would get up and flash, someone would invariably grab at her tits and she'd quickly cover up again. I didn't see any of that kind of behavior at the last concert. Here I think it dissuaded a lot of would-be flashers. I wasn't even sure any more that I wanted to go through with flashing the crowd. While it was rather exciting to think of guys reaching up to touch me, it kind of ruined the idea of flashing if you had to cover up so quickly.

But then the crowd surfing started. While a few guys had done that at the concert, here people were being thrown up left and right. I was thinking it was just something guys did, but then I saw several girls doing so as well. I really couldn't believe that girls would do that. I saw one girl go by, being supported up by several guys with their hands all over her legs, ass and back. Occasionally a hand would reach up to cop a feel of a boob and she'd knock it away. As I watched more and more girls get passed around, I started to want to do it myself. It was so much more daring than simply flashing my tits to the crowd. Instead hands would be on me and grabbing at my ass and I knew that some guys would be trying to grab my boobs. I was getting so excited thinking about it that I just had to do it.

I told Jake and Tommy that I wanted to go up. They seemed surprised and asked if I was sure. I said 'Yes, but just stay here so I can find you again'. They said okay, and hoisted me up.

Suddenly I was in the air. It was such a strange feeling. It was like I was resting on a spasming air mattress. I could feel many hands on my back and legs, and a couple of hands on my ass. Mostly they just supported me up, but sometimes someone would push up hard, sending my body bouncing further into the sea of hands. I could feel a few hands actually grabbing my ass, as opposed to simply supporting me by it, but I never even got to see the faces associated with those hands. Hands on my back would also sometimes brush the sides of my breasts, but it was never clear if it was deliberate. Then one tall guy reached up and placed his hand square on my right breast and started squeezing it. This was clearly not accidental. And at that moment my body was hovering and not moving anywhere, so he just continued to rub and squeeze my breast. I knew guys were going to get some quick feels, but I didn't expect a lengthy groping from any individual. I turned and looked at him with a "what the hell?" expression, and he suddenly seemed embarrassed about it and pulled away. Before long I was bouncing around again.

I knew I was heading towards the stage, so I turned to look to see how far I had to go before I got there. As I was doing so, I got propelled upward and flipped off my back and onto my stomach. At first I thought it was a good thing, as it allowed me to see where I was heading. But then I realized that it made my tits that much more accessible to the sea of hands. I immediately felt several hands grabbing my boobs through my t-shirt. Then one hand even shot up my cut-off shirt and started groping my bare breast. It was too much. I was laughing from the sensory overload and just couldn't handle it all. I started pushing away the one hand that was underneath my shirt. As soon as it was free I worked to flip myself back over onto my back where my breasts wouldn't be totally mauled.

I finally reached the stage and got pulled down by security. I ran off to the side of the stage, and then rested for a few minutes thinking about what just happened. It was such a thrill to be tossed around like that, with all of those hands touching me. Many of the hands were just innocently holding me up, but there were quite a few taking advantage of the opportunity to cop a feel. As I began working my way back into the crowd I knew that I needed to go up again.

I knew that it was going to take quite a few minutes to work my way over to the guys, and I just didn't want to wait that long. I saw a couple of guys hoist some dude up, so I asked them to give me a lift and up I went again. It was such a rush to be held up by all these strangers' hands. I could again feel the occasional grab of my ass and grazing of my breasts.

But then suddenly a new game started. I was on my back with my arms out at my sides when I felt someone tugging at my shirt. It was immediately clear that they were trying to pull it up over my tits so I instinctively brought my arms in to try to hold it down. I was stationary at the moment, so whoever was pulling on my shirt kept pulling. My arms were pressing the shirt into my body just below my breasts, but I could feel the shirt continue to slip slowly higher. I felt another hand pulling at the shirt and then I felt a hand trying to pull my arm away from my body. I realized that there were several people all working to get the shirt over my boobs. I couldn't help but laugh, not only at their efforts to expose my tits but also from the sensation of having my clothes pulled on like that.

I knew that I was losing the battle. The shirt continued being pulled from underneath my arms, and I kept raising my arms up to provide maximum friction. Finally the shirt made it all the way over my tits. I looked across the sea of people and there were literally hundreds of guys looking at my tits. Cameras were held up and pointed in my direction. While I came to the festival planning to flash the crowd, I didn't plan on it happening like this. It was still quite a thrill. Maybe it was even better with it being somewhat involuntary. The sensation of having your shirt pulled up while you try to keep it down was really incredible.

They didn't seem content to have my tits exposed. It sure felt like they wanted to pull the shirt entirely off me so I grabbed a handful of shirt with each hand to try to at least keep the shirt. I could feel numerous hands reach up to touch my tits. But just as I started to get afraid that it was getting out of control, somebody pushed hard on my back, sending me bouncing onto a new set of hands.

I took the opportunity to pull my shirt down again and locked my arms down on my chest. I didn't mind having my tits exposed briefly or having a few people cop some quick feels, but I didn't want to lose the shirt. With my luck I'd probably get arrested or something.

I eventually reached the stage again and got pulled to safety by security. Now I figured I should go find the guys before they worried too much so I spent some time working my way through the crowd to find them. I hung with the guys for a while, but the desire to go up again kept rising in me. Eventually I gave into it and told them to launch me again.

I tried again to surf with my arms out but I felt someone pull on my shirt right away so I quickly locked my arms on my chest again. Even though I was moving through the crowd it felt like someone was constantly pulling on my shirt. I even felt people start to pull on my jeans. At that moment I was very thankful for having worn some tight jeans; if I wore anything looser it surely would have been pulled off.

At some point I became stationary again. I knew that was dangerous, but it wasn't something that I could really control. Several hands were yanking on my shirt and I was slowly losing that battle again. I could also feel multiple hands trying to pull down my jeans. It was all happening so fast. Despite my efforts, my shirt was being raised over my tits again. Some cool air hitting the top of my ass alerted me that my jeans had been pulled down a couple of inches. And then I felt some fingers on the bare skin of my ass. They were pressing into my cheeks and sliding underneath my jeans and panties. Someone was working very hard to slide their whole hand into the back of my jeans, and he was slowly succeeding.

I reached down with one hand to try to pull out the hand. Unfortunately, it left only one hand to guard my t-shirt and I immediately felt the shirt ripping and being pulled completely off my body. Hands reached up from all around to grope my tits. I was thankful to be on my back as it provided a bit of protection. I knew if I was on my stomach that it would be much worse. My one hand tried to fight the breast-groping hands off, but it couldn't stop them all. Then someone grabbed my arm and held it to my side, so my tits were completely unprotected.

Meanwhile my other hand had grabbed onto some guy's wrist and was trying to pull his hand out of the back of my jeans. As tight as my jeans were it was really a hopeless effort. His hand just kept squeezing my right ass cheek. Then someone pushed hard on my back sending me flipping over backwards and I guess he managed to extract his hand before breaking his wrist. I was momentarily on my stomach but all of the hands grabbing at my boobs prompted me to flip again onto my back.

People were still pulling on my jeans, slowly working them down. It felt like about half of my ass was sticking out the top of my jeans. Someone reached up between my legs and started trying to undo my top button. I was suddenly alarmed as I knew if they got that button undone the jeans would slide off me with ease. With both hands I reached down and pulled the hand away from the button.

I felt momentarily relieved. But then someone else started pushing their hand into the back of my jeans. This individual wasn't grabbing a cheek but was instead thrusting their hand along my ass crack. As their hand went further and further inside my jeans I finally understood what they were doing when I felt fingers on my bare crotch. I had no idea whos hand it was, but he was feeling up and down my muff. Then his fingers started playing with my lips, spreading them open and finally inserting them into my canal.

I was so overwhelmed by sensation that I thought I might pass out. With hands all over me, and now even inside of me it was just too much to process. It didn't feel good exactly and it didn't feel bad. It just felt - stimulating.

While some unknown guy's fingers probed me my jeans seemed to be loosening and I could feel that more and more of my butt was exposed. The front of my jeans were now starting to loosen as well and some of my pubic hair was just starting to show. More hands were grabbing my bare ass and pulling on the jeans. Finally, some element of friction gave out and I felt the jeans slide down my thighs.

My ass and crotch were instantly assaulted by a dozen hands. I started freaking out with all of those fingers on me and my last stitch of useful clothing sliding down my legs. Suddenly I felt someone pulling me down and in just a moment I found myself being brought to the ground. The dude who pulled me down was big and looked like an off-duty bouncer for a bar or something. He started pushing people off me and I was able to pull up my jeans. He then handed me his shirt to cover up and I quickly pulled it on. I was pretty relieved to be clothed again.

I thanked him profusely for pulling me down and giving me his shirt, but he seemed to be more concerned about my safety. Imagine that, a real gentleman in a place like this. He even stayed with me while I wandered through the crowd to find Jake and Tommy.

The rest of the day I just stayed with Jake and Tommy. That was enough excitement for me. I didn't want to tell the guys all of what happened, but I couldn't wait to tell Jamie everything that happened. Do you think she'll be jealous?

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