Holly Jolly, THAT WAS MOLLY?!?!


She brought her hand up and placed it on top of his just inside her shorts as she slowly dragged his large fingers over the soaking wet patch of lace fabric that covered her needy pussy.

When Henry felt her do this he turned to say something, as if some last shred of parental responsibility had popped out with warning like a vintage cuckoo clock. "Mack..."but when he opened his mouth, she turned her head towards him and lunged back, pressing her lips to his and swallowing her own name as she cut off those last marching soldiers of reasonable thought.

They kissed like two people discovering for the first time that other lips actually existed. It was slow and messy, and they both moaned into each other's mouths as their tongues lightly engaged for the first time. Mackenzie felt her father's fingers begin to roll her clit around through her panties and as the kiss continued as she felt him push the small front patch of her panties to the side so he could rub her naked sex. She moaned louder into his mouth when he did this.

With his other hand Henry dragged it up her shirt and grabbed one of her breasts as he pulled it from her bra. He squeezed his daughter's nipple between two fingers roughly the way he often did to her mother in bed and she squirmed with delight as she moaned into his mouth.

She suddenly felt him shove a finger into her soaking pussy as her mouth came off his to gasp. She was looking at him with the sexiest expression he'd ever seen from her.

"Do you and mom like to fuck while you watch porn on this channel?" She said, even as his fingers worked their way deeper inside of her. She had reached her hand behind her now and was rubbing it along the outline of his hard shaft through his pajama pants.

He smiled back with a similar level of uncontrollable desire. "Yes we do."

She moaned into his neck while he fingered her lightly and her hand grabbed his clothed cock harder.

"How do you two like to fuck?" She whispered into his ear as he continued fingering her.

"I like to bend her over and fuck her from behind while we watch," he replied. That was all Mackenzie could take. She couldn't wait anymore. She was singularly motivated.

She pulled his fingers out and got up from the couch. She hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down as she bent over at the waist for her dad, and then she crossed her arms and pealed the t-shirt over her head and threw that off to the side in a similarly theatrical nature. She stood there with her back to him no dressed in only her sexy red and white lingerie set and matching, white knee socks.

He watched as she crawled down onto the floor in front of the TV and arched her ass back towards him as she bent over in a doggy style position that would've made even the Tramp proud.

She looked back over her shoulder in the most tantalizingly seductive way. "Show me Daddy," she said.

Henry's daughter was presenting herself to him. She was dressed for some reason, in the sexiest lingerie he'd probably ever seen in his entire life on a woman—he didn't know why she was wearing them and he didn't really care. She was bent over with her beautiful ass plumping out towards him. Her butt was half-visible through the lightly tied red bows that spanned the back of her ass.

He immediately crawled down onto the carpet behind her and pulled off his pants and boxers as she waited excitedly. He slowly undid the red, silk bows keeping her panties closed in the back. As her silky guards fell away, he drank in the amazing roundness and perfect perkiness of her 18-year-old buns. She had her mother's ass but twenty-one years younger and definitely bigger.

He pressed his cock immediately against her wet folds and dragged it all along her juicy openings.

She was already felt like she was spinning in a room full of refracted light thanks to the verdantly lush and rolling mind-hills of their double-whammy-Molly intake; but now her body was in a dual sort of spiritual ecstasy as she felt her father's cockhead pressing against the dripping lips of her exposed flower.

Just as the actress on screen was beginning to ride the sizable cock from above, Mackenzie felt her father enter her from behind. She could never remember aching this badly for sex before in any of her past physical encounters with men.

She moaned into the rug below her as her father's dick seemed to continue filling her up like an unexpectedly-long train passing by at a railroad crossing.

Her boyfriend was a solid six-and-a-half...her father had to have been a nine.

When he'd finally pushed all the way inside of her his swollen balls pressed against her smooth skin as she luxuriated in that feeling that can only come from experiencing a new cock for the first time. Except this was so much dirtier on a mental level. This was her father—the man her friends all wanted to fuck while she was growing up.

And now here she was fully bent over for him on Christmas Eve while he fucked her on the family room floor—the same floor where he had given her airplane rides as a little girl. Only now she'd been upgraded from coach seats to the pilot's actual joystick.

His cock was splitting her tight, young pussy wide open in the same spot where she'd often laid on her stomach to watch movies while growing up...where she worked on her sophomore year Geometry homework. Only now she was working on a slightly different set of angles. The parallels couldn't be missed.

She moaned again as her entire body quaked when she felt him began to pull out a little and then push in a little.

Her father was fucking her without a condom on the floor. Her father was fucking her pussy. Her dad. No...her Daddy.

"Mmmm, Daddddddddy," she moaned, as her brain began to realize the role she wanted to play for him for the rest of their night—for the rest of this ridiculously amazing high.

This wasn't just sex. This was forbidden sex. That's why she felt ten-times more wet than she ever had before. That's why her box felt like its hidden Pandora compartment had finally been discovered. She turned back to look at her dad and bit her bottom lip hard as he drove his hips into her harder and harder. His cock rammed inside of her wetness with a loud squishing sound as she marveled at just how large a cock her father had apparently been hiding from her all of these years.

His sizable girth was the Rock of Gibraltar and it jutted into her storming seas as she gave herself fully over to him. She'd never felt so horny for a cock in her entire life. She thrust her teenage butt back against his crotch as she turned back around to watch the sexy porn being played out on the TV.

The actress didn't have a chance in this sudden game of sexual prowess. Mackenzie was going to make sure that she matched her move for move, moan for moan. She wanted to be the center of her father's attention. Henry was certainly lost in the performance.

He no longer cared about the porn that was playing as his hands roughly grabbed the sides of her bulbous ass cheeks and pulled her back onto his cock.

He couldn't get over how sexy she looked as her cream built up on his shaft in a thick lather. She was incredibly turned on and her wetness reminded him of those first desperate, backseat liaisons of his younger years, where girls would drench you in those early hormonal floods of YES, FUCK ME!

He still couldn't quite wrap his head around the fact that the slutty girl bouncing willingly up and down on his cock was his very own flesh and blood—the little girl he'd given piggy back rides to in her youth was now enjoying an entirely different type of ride on the cock that was half responsible for creating her. It was a mind-fuck of interstellar proportions.

Henry wasn't going to last much longer due to the obscenely erotic sight of his daughter's shaven pussy and ass through the untied back of her lingerie panties. Her pussy was so young and tight that his cock was an absolute slave to its control.

"I'm gonna cum soon," Henry said as he fucked her faster now.

She bounced back against his thrusts trying to make him cum harder as her moans grew more excited with each new pound.

"Tell me when you're gonna cum, daddy!" She said in a slutty whimper. She had called him 'daddy' during sex again. He couldn't believe how much it turned him on.

He got faster and faster as his hands clawed into her supple cheeks.

"I'M GONNA CUM!" He groaned, trying not to yell it. She pulled off of him and pushed him backwards as she flipped around and immediately grabbed his cock and began jacking him as she put the head in her mouth and sucked like his dick was a Boba straw.

He couldn't believe how fast it happened and he fell back onto his shins with his back against the base of the couch as she sucked on him like a wanton whore. She never broke eye contact with her father as his sperm exploded into her mouth and down her throat. He watched her expertly swallow each new burst until his eruptions subsided. She loved the taste of his salty spunk and she pushed his cockhead around with her lips as he saw some of his cum dripping out onto her chin like a vanilla milkshake on the lips of a slutty 1950's diner bad girl.

She looked like some sort of wicked serpent that had just slithered into his Garden of Gethsemane. She looked like she was sucking for sustenance.

He was so sensitive now as she lightly licked his head and sent jolts of electricity with each teasing flick of her tongue against his helmet.

He was still incredibly hard as his cock's pulsing finally died down, his orgasm receding to a low tide. She smiled up at her dad even as her hands continued to lightly jack him off.

"Go back and sit in the corner of the couch, daddy," she said to him as he immediately got up and followed her direction. He took his own shirt off in the process. When he was seated she crossed the room to him and he watched as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her boobs hung firm with two rock hard nipples pointing out like the perky noses on the people of Whoville. She kept the socks on for affect—which they did.

She crawled up and straddled him as he pulled her down for another sensual kiss. They made out for a couple of minutes like this, their tongues exploring uncharted corners of each other's mouths like kinky cartographers. And then they made out slower as his cock began to harden again against her.

She finally pulled her mouth off of his as they enjoyed the way their bodies felt together. The drugs were in full affect as the night stretched into euphoric oblivion. She loved the feel of her father's hardness against her—the largess of his largeness brought out lots more of her lewdness.

She reached under and positioned him at her pussy again and then slowly sank back down onto his monstrous tool as her face made silent O's into the air above them.

The depravity burned between them now in a singular incandescence.

As she slipped down further onto his cock she ran her hands through his thick hair and pressed her lips to his cheek. His hands held her hips as he rocked her down onto his length.

"You like my pussy Daddy?" She whispered into his ear as she rode him slowly.

"Yeah baby, your pussy is so tight on Daddy's cock." He immediately replied. They were both playing the same game now. The sexual lines had been drawn in the sand and then walked right over. They may have had the drugs to thank for their basest improprieties, but these loftier indulgences now tapped into the edges of their untapped kink.

She was riding her daddy's cock. He was inside of his daughter's pussy. The wordplay continued as they delved deeper into this psychological master's class that chance had provided them.

The Molly was still fully enhancing every single press of naked skin against naked skin and their brains had taken over from there.

Mackenzie bounced up and down on her father's cock as they continued their impromptu verbal cabaret.

"Yeah baby, bounce on Daddy's cock like a good slut-daughter," he said now as he grabbed her neck with the length of his strong hand.

"Yes, Daddy!" She moaned back to him.

"Do you like the way Daddy's cock fills your pussy? Do you like knowing that your Daddy is filling you up better than you've ever been filled before?" He continued as he squeezed her neck.

"Yes Daddy, UGHH, I love it Daddy, ughh ummmff, fuck me daddy...FUCK ME!" She moaned louder as she began to ride him harder, the soft wave of her hips increasing with each new crash of her stormy swells.

"Ride Daddy's COCK like the little SLUT that you are, baby." He directed her now and she obeyed as her body submitted to each new demand. She loved when he called her his slut. It was hypnotic.

"MNNNFFF FUCK YES, UGH, DADDY, FUCK ME DADDY...POUND ME WITH YOUR COCK...FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER'S PUSSY...FUCK MY HOLE DADDY...YES...FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME." She was moaning sloppier into his ear with each thunderous collision of their bodies—the once intimate grinding of their hips had transitioned into something of a more critical impulse.

The entire couch shook as his sexually brazen little girl rode him like the wiliest burro in the stable. Everything felt fucking incredible.

"Daddy I'm gonna cum soon!" Mackenzie said suddenly as she felt her entire body reverberating with something deeply intrinsic. "I'M GONNA CUM KEEP FUCKING ME!"

She road him like she was a drunken championship jockey now, her hips showing the power and energy of teenage lust as she slammed down on to father's icicle-hard cock like she had a Triple Crown to capture.

"Cum on your daddy's cock baby!" He felt as she began to shake in his arms and soon, the thought of his daughter orgasming on his dick was too much and he felt his own second cum shot of the night welling up inside like freshly discovered Texas T—sperm that is.

"I'M CUMMMMMING!! UMMMGGGFFF. OH. MY GOD. FUCK ME. FUCK. DADDY I'M CUMING FUCCCKKKKK!!!" She gasped and squealed as Henry felt his own cum only moments from exploding inside of his daughter.

"I'm gonna cum too!" He said and she did her best to keep riding him even as her own orgasms continued making grand reappearances like encore's at a rock band's final concert. She rubbed her clit as she road him now. It was the first multiple orgasm of her young life and she felt like she'd discovered a new religion.

"Yes Daddy, cum inside me!" She leaned in and bit his ear hard. "Cum inside your daughter's pussy, Daddy!" She said and that was all he could take as she bit her teeth down into his neck as she gave him a hickey.

His cum blasted into her as he pulled her hard down onto him. As his eruptions continued deep into her loins they fell back into the blankets and pillows in the corner of the couch and fiercely found each other's mouths again.

They kissed wildly as both of their orgasms slowly came down in calming ripples as she stayed there fully seated with her dad's cock still inside her.

They made out slower and slower now, like an orchestra shifting to a rallentando movement. Henry's hands ran all over her ass and back up to play with the minor chords of her ribcage and the sides of her breasts that pushed against his chest.

She stopped kissing him and looked at him with a raised eyebrow as she wiggled her young ass on top of his cock, enjoying how it felt just to have him inside of her like this. He smiled back at her as he glowed above him like a thoroughly fucked Christmas tree topper.

Henry was amazed he was still this hard even after cumming twice.

Mackenzie could feel her father's cum dripping out of her pussy and down his shaft. It felt incredible.

"Wow," Mackenzie finally said as she kissed him lightly on the cheek and nose and the side of his lips.

"Yeah, wow." He responded in equaled reverence. As Mackenzie shivered on top of her father, the up-and-down temperatures of the drugs reminded her that she was still rolling.

"Well, here's what I'm thinking." She said suddenly, as she looked up at her dad and threw a blanket around her shoulders.

"What's that?" He said as she he ran his fingers through her soft hair.

"It's close to midnight right now," she said, looking over at the clock, "which means our high will probably start to wear off in the next hour..." she was sucking her tongue as she said this, another byproduct of the drug's effects. "Unlesssss, you were to sneak into your room and grab us both another pill."

He looked at her as she sat there cutely on top of him. She was so sexy and adorable and horny as fuck, just like him.

"If we take another pill, I'm probably just gonna end up fucking you all night long. Is that what you want baby?" He said to her as he thought of all the naughty things he still wanted to do to his daughter.

"That's the point," she said. "I want my daddy to fuck me all night. So go steal another pill and meet me in the kitchen. I'll get some more water for us," she said as she hopped off of his cock and off of the couch.

Henry quickly put his sweat pants back on and she threw on her t-shirt but ignored her bottoms. He headed up the stairs to grab more pills and she prodded off to the kitchen.

When he came back a couple of minutes later with the pills, she was laying down on the large kitchen island with her hair falling off the far side of it.

He handed her a pill and they both ventured further down the path of bad decisions as they swallowed them with a quick sip of water. She laid back down and arched her back on the island as she posed for her father. He stepped forward and spread her legs and then knelt down to eat his little girl's pussy for the first time that night.

Mackenzie thrashed against his hungry tongue as she pushed her t-shirt up to play with her tits while he licked her. His tongue made long glides through her folds and urgently circled her clit with each new pass.

He brought his tongue down to her asshole and entered her there which also caused her to reel back in a new sort of pleasure.

He was fully hard again as he ate her.

"Daddy you should eat me out while leaning over me!" She said as she scooted her head so that it was hanging off the side of the kitchen island. She wanted him to basically 69 her from above and he had no objections to that. He walked over to her head and lead over her body to eat her upside down slit. He instantly felt his cock being swallowed back up by her wet mouth. Her lips felt so puffy and soft on him as she sucked him in this stupidly amazing position.

The way her head hung off the island directly level with his hips made it so that Henry was able to start thrusting his cock further into her mouth.

He was basically fucking his daughter's face now. And She was digging her fingernails into his thighs as he did so. He was impressed with how far she was getting his cock into her mouth. His daughter had dedication. She pulled him into her mouth even as he heard her gagging any time he went further in. She was learning on the go how to relax her throat and breathe through her nose for such a large cock and her eyes welled up with tears as her spit covered his cock and her face.

Large strands of saliva would come off between them every time he pulled out and she'd gasp for air for a brief second before he'd push right back into her slutty mouth.

Mackenzie's own pussy was being properly lashed by her father's tongue as he fucked her face with his cock. Her own father, fucking her mouth in a 69 position on the kitchen island where the stuffing had been sitting only hours earlier, what would the neighbors think?

She wanted him to cum again. She wanted his seed in her mouth again. She needed his cum.

She licked her fingers in between his thrusts and brought them up to massage his balls as he fucked her.

Then as Henry continued praying at the temple of her sex he felt her slide a wet digit lewdly across his own asshole.

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