tagIncest/TabooTwo Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

Two Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

byTx Tall Tales©


The mom's set the rules and Dad gets involved.


I woke in the night, to find Aunt Marie sliding into my bed. I felt her cuddle up to me, her hand wandering mischievously.

"That was mean of you, Jeremy, to let me fall asleep in the horny clutches of my son. Your Momma had him so worked up, he had to take it out on me," she pouted.

I drew her in close, hoping she wouldn't try to do anything. I wanted her, don't get me wrong, but not enough to endure the wrath of Mom. "I'm sorry. Dad found out that Mom wasn't safe with him. He made us change seats."

I was awash with a mix of emotions. Hot Aunt Marie was touching me, and I wanted to kiss her, push her back on the bed and fuck her senseless. At the same time I was nervous, afraid I'd be unable to resist her touch, and ruin everything I had going with Mom. I settled for a soft little kiss.

I was regretting sleeping naked. Aunt Marie's hand had settled on my cock, stroking me.

She sounded irritated. "He was so nice and well behaved, holding me, cuddling me nicely. I just relaxed and drifted off. I couldn't believe I woke up damn near naked, my shirt pulled up to my chin, and my panties missing. I would never have believed it of him!"

"C'mon Aunt Marie. How could any red-blooded man resist you, even your son? Someone as hot and beautiful as you, asleep in his lap, half-naked?"

"But he's my boy, Jeremy! You wouldn't do that to your mother, would you?"

That, and a whole lot more. "If she had tits half as nice as yours, I'm not sure I could resist." I reached over and gave her breast a squeeze.

She gave me a warm kiss. "I know I promised I'd make it up to you, but we can't make love here. It's too dangerous. Your Momma would kill me if she found out. I mean, literally, kill me."

I tried to find an out. "I love you Aunt Marie. So much it hurts. I'm worried that if we do much more, it could mess things up between us."

She kissed me again, silencing me. Aunt Marie was a great kisser. Even better than Mom, I hated to admit. I figure she'd had a lot more practice.

I was hard in her hand. "Let's take it slow then. We don't have to do everything first time out the door. We'll have some fun and see where it goes. Remember, your old Auntie loves you, and I'd love to be your teacher."

She pulled away from me, sitting up on the side of the bed, her hand still under the covers, jerking me off. "Do you want me to finish you off?" she asked teasingly.

She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and the bottom was pulled up high enough for me to see her panties. Damn, I'd love to get inside of them. I reached my hand inside her shirt and cupped her tit. Fucking incredible.

The light came on in the room and both of our hands made quick retreats. Probably not quick enough. I turned my head to see Mom standing in my doorway. She appeared disheveled and worn out from the day's activities. "What's going on, Marie?" she asked, in a scary tone.

"Saying goodnight to our sweetie," Aunt Marie answered innocently, leaning down and giving me a quick kiss.

"Can I speak to you a minute?" Mom said.

Aunt Marie stood, and straightened out her shirt. "It's kind of late, Alice. I was just going to bed. My head's still spinning a little. I think we overdid the drinkin' a bit."

"It'll only take a moment," Mom answered, walking in and taking her sister by the arm. As they walked out, whispering in hushed tones, I heard my Mom. "Don't even think about it," she hissed.

"Why don't you ask him..." was the last I heard from my Aunt on the matter, before they closed my door.

What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

* * *

When I woke, I lay in my bed for a long time reviewing the previous day. It was almost too good to be believed. I'd been able to play with my gorgeous Aunt's incredible body before she gave me an amazing blow-job. Then I'd had my Mom, playing with her, teasing her, feeling her tits, kissing her, before she fucked my brains out in the front seat of our car, with Dad only a few feet away. Twice. She was so hot. I had fantasized about her a bit, of course, but never really thought of having sex. I'd dreamed of seeing her naked, and maybe even having her walk in on me while I was jerking off, and helping me finish. But as far as Mom went that had been pretty much it. I'd never really seen myself replacing my father in her bed.

Even when they had sex and I listened at the door, I could imagine what they were doing, listening to her muted cries, but didn't really envision myself in Dad's place. They had a good marriage. They still seemed to enjoy being with each other a lot.

It was easier to fantasize about my hot-to-trot Aunt, who chewed up husbands and spit them out. Those huge tits of hers were a fantasy magnet. The way she was always so playful with me, it was easy to dream of our activities becoming less socially acceptable. I had thought about doing all kinds of naughty things with her. I had for years.

Aunt Marie, yes. Mom, no.

They looked similar, eerily so, similar face shapes, same eyes, usually the same hair, although they both liked to change it up now and then. But there was something that set them apart, other than the boobs and butts. Mom was the pretty one, and sweet as the day is long. Aunt Marie was the sexy one, one look at her enough to start the fantasies running. Mom was the girl you'd take home to mother, Aunt Marie was the girl you'd lock in your basement, chained naked to a pole. Easy to see how I'd made Aunt Marie the object of all my late night Kleenex sessions.

But after being with Mom, all my old fantasies seemed inadequate. Mom was incredible. So much sexier and naughtier than I'd have possibly dreamed. I wanted her. I wanted all of her. I wanted to feel her lips around my cock. I wanted to watch her mouth drain me. I wanted to make love to her in every position I could possibly imagine. I desperately wanted to know what it was like to slide my hard cock into her ass, fucking her until she screamed. Like Dad did.

I knew I'd do anything, anything at all, to make those dreams come true. Even if that meant saying 'no' to Aunt Marie.

I threw on shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to see what a new day might bring.

It was already after 9:00. Dad had left for work. I walked into the kitchen where Mom and Aunt Alice were sitting at the kitchen table, deep in conversation. There was a palpable chill in the air.

"Mornin'," I said loudly, making my presence known.

Mom glared at her sister, then stood and came to me, giving me a hug. "Mornin' slugger. At least one of our mischievous boys is up. Hear anything from Colin?" she asked, walking over to the oven.

"Nothin'. His door's still closed." I walked over to Aunt Marie, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I always did, and figured it was safest to try to maintain some normalcy. Even if the kiss was longer than usual, and on the edge of her mouth.

"Good morning, handsome," she said, glancing over at Mom warily.

Mom had pancakes warming in the oven, and she deposited a tall stack of them on my plate when I sat down at the table. She put several pieces of crispy bacon beside them. She'd even warmed the maple syrup.

While I feasted, Mom sat down and worked on her coffee. There was a tenseness at the table, and I didn't know what to do to change it.

Mom fired the opening salvo. "Jeremy, things got a little crazy in the car yesterday. Marie and I want you to know that even though the playfulness might have gone too far, it's alright. We all do some things we, well not regret, but think better of afterwards. It was the wrong time, and the wrong place for something like that. You understand?"

"Sure Mom. I know it was over the top, with Dad right there," I admitted between bites. "It's not like we planned it; it sort of just happened."

"Precisely. Our silliness in the lake started something we should have nipped in the bud. I'm sure the booze didn't help. What happened wasn't only inappropriate, but it was foolhardy to do it where we did. I know it's hard to put the genie back in the bottle once he's loose, but we have to consider everybody."

Aunt Marie added her two cents. "It wasn't just your father, Jeremy. Colin isn't as worldly as you, and he could misunderstand what went on. We had fun, yes, but I think we all know it was only a moment of crazy naughtiness. You understand that your mother and I, we're family. There's things that people wouldn't condone, happening between you and me, or even you and your Mom." She nodded toward Mom who was blushing.

"I know Aunt Marie. I'd never say anything."

"Of course you wouldn't," Mom interjected. "None of us would. It stays between us. And I know you're not going to want to go back to the way things were. Things have changed, irrevocably."

Aunt Marie put her hand on my arm, giving me a squeeze. "They don't have to go back to the way they were, but things can only go so far, and we have to be very, very careful about what we do, and where we do it."

"I understand," I told them. I was willing to say anything. This was going much better than I would have dreamed possible. After the previous night, I figured I might find one of them strangled this morning. I would have bet on Mom doin' the strangling.

"I'm sure you do, but it's so easy to make a mistake. Even now, I bet you'd love to reach out and touch your aunt's breasts. They're almost irresistible, aren't they?" Mom asked.

I nodded, slightly embarrassed I was so transparent.

"But that's exactly what can't happen! What if Colin were to come down and see that. You touching my breasts," Aunt Marie said sliding over next to me, pressing those big tits against my arm. "Or worse, seeing you touching your mother's."

"Marie," Mom said warningly.

"I'm just sayin'. We have to be careful and responsible."

I was nervous about where this conversation was heading.

Mom moved closer. "Touching like that has to be very private. We have to set boundaries. You're a healthy teenager, and your hormones are raging. We understand that. Your Aunt and I can help you with your journey into adulthood, but only up to a point. What happened in the car is already pushing the boundaries." She was blushing. "Doing things with your hands is one thing. Using your mouth is dangerously risky. If anyone were to find out about that, it could be a disaster."

I nodded again. It sounded like touching was still on the table at least.

Aunt Marie spoke up again. "Your Mom and I had a long talk. A very long talk. We agree that we won't stop everything, but full-blown sex has to be off-limits. We can't take things that far."

"And nothing at all happens if your father or Colin are around," Mom said firmly.

I suspected that their talk hadn't covered everything we had done. I looked at Mom. "So what we did in the car is Ok, but we can't take it much further than that?" I asked.

She nodded. "If we can draw our limits there, and understand the time and place for it, I think we can accept that our relationships have changed."

"Exactly," Aunt Marie agreed. "Even some of that might have been a little over the top, and will have to be a very occasional thing. Can you agree to that?"

I had finished most of my breakfast and pushed it away. "Of course. I'd never do anything to mess up our relationship, or hurt anybody else in the family. I love you both so much, and even though I'd love to do more, I understand what you're saying. I can let you each set your limits."

Mom shook her head. "No! We don't each set our limits. We have to agree on the limits together, or I don't know how much I can let the two of you be alone."

"Alice, don't start. I've told you I'm willing to follow your rules," Aunt Marie argued.

Mom was determined to have her say. "No sex. Are we understood, Jeremy? Aunt Marie is a gorgeous, sexy woman. You're going to want to do things. Naughty things. Can you stop it before sex? Or do we have to end everything?"

I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. "By 'no sex' you mean no screwing right?"

Mom reddened and nodded.

Aunt Marie made it even clearer. "You don't get to put your thingie inside my woohoo," she said very softly.

"Marie!" Mom whined.

"Making it crystal clear for him. That's what we're saying, right?"

"Am I the last one up?" Colin spoke up walking into the kitchen.

We broke apart like a football team out of the huddle, Aunt Marie scooting away, and Mom leaping from her chair. "Morning, sleepy head. Any longer, and your cousin would have eaten your share of breakfast."

He was acting nervous, sitting awkwardly in his chair, his glance constantly moving back and forth between Aunt Marie and Mom.

Mom retrieved Colin's breakfast from the oven. "Jeremy, if you're done, your father said you should change the water in the coolers, and make sure the meat is iced down enough. He said if you're feeling up to it, you can try butchering one of the smaller pigs."

It appeared they wanted to have a talk with Colin similar to mine. I'm guessing from the sounds of things, his access was going to be more restricted than mine. Probably a lot more. Poor guy. To be that close to heaven, and to have it yanked away.

I headed out to the garage, and dragged the coolers out to the backyard. We had the better part of five whole pigs on ice, and Dad's mysterious concoction that they were bathed in needed regular icing to keep the water cold. I dragged the coolers over to the drain out back, and dumped the water. I filled them most of the way with the hose, adding a gallon of Dad's additive, and three bags of ice to each. I'd see about butchering one later, when I had Colin's help.

Afterward I headed up for a shower. I was feeling distinctly grubby. And the shower provided great cover for a release I desperately needed.

When I came out, Mom was waiting for me. "Feeling better?" she asked.

"Tons." I was wearing only a towel, and wondered how much it would hide if I kept talking to her. Just being near her was making me excited. I had come only 10 minutes earlier, alone unfortunately, but it appeared my cock hadn't been informed of that.

"Your Aunt and Colin are loading their car. They're going to head home after lunch," she said, walking with me to my bedroom.

When we were inside, she closed the door and didn't resist when I pulled her into my arms. "You understand why we had to have that conversation?"

"I think so. You didn't tell Aunt Marie what we did, did you?" I asked, holding her close, enjoying the feel of her body against mine.

"Of course not! I told her that you did what Colin did. That and nothing more. This way she thinks that if she gets to continue doing what you guys did, she'll be one up on me."

I kissed her, and even though she didn't reciprocate much, she didn't stop me. "What about us?" I asked.

"If you follow my rules with your Aunt, and can keep a secret, we can have our own rules," she said reaching down and adjusting my wrap.

I loosened my towel, letting it drop to the floor. "Jeremy. We have to have rules, and I told you, not in this house."

"I'll follow your rules Mom. I'll do anything you say," I assured her.

"Good. Once Marie leaves, you and I can talk about those rules." She picked up my towel, her face nearly brushing against my hard cock. She turned and handed it to me. "I don't mean to tease you, but this isn't the time, understand?"

"Perfectly Mom. Thanks."

"Don't thank me now. You'll get your chance later. I promise." She stood in the doorway. "I'm going to send Marie up here to you, and keep Colin busy for a while. Say your goodbyes."

Damn. I loved my Mom.

I didn't bother getting dressed. I lay on my bed, gently stroking the erection Mom had left me with, keeping it primed for my hot Aunt.

Within a few minutes, I heard the knock on my door. "It's me, Jeremy. Can I come in?"

I stood and went to my dresser, acting like I was getting dressed. "Sure, Aunt Marie. It's open."

She opened the door, closing it tightly behind her. "We'll be leaving in an hour or so, and I wanted to make sure we both agreed on where things stand."

She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and before I could turn around, she had her t-shirt off, and was removing her bra. One look at those tits, and I wanted to throw all the rules out.

I went to her and took her in my arms, pulling her face up for a nice kiss. Her hand was already gripping my cock. She stepped back and pulled her shorts off, wiggling out of them, standing before me in just her panties.

"We only have a few minutes," she said sadly.

"Let's make the most of them."

She smiled. "I like the sound of that."

I drew her over to the bed, and we both stretched out on it. She was in my arms in a heartbeat. I kissed her, my hands exploring her body.

"I know the rules sound extreme at the moment, but we have to follow them for now. I'm hoping to change them before too long, with your mother's permission."

"I don't know, Aunt Marie. She's gonna want to maintain her limits."

"Trust me, sweet boy. I'll work on her. In the meantime, the way I understand it, there's only one thing we can't do. As much as I'd love it, you can't put that big thing inside my pussy. Other than that, we can have some fun." Her stroking of my cock assured me she was willing to do plenty.

"Did you have something in mind?" I teased.

"I'm willing to use my mouth, if you are, stud," she said. "Just warn me before you come, Ok?"

"I'd love to," I assured her.

"Good. Why don't you start then? I take a little longer to get warmed up." She rolled over onto her back, and started pushing her panties down.

I helped her remove that last slip of clothing, then moved between her legs. "I'm kind of new to this," I warned her, suddenly nervous.

I needn't have worried. She was very open, even eager to give me directions. I was a willing pupil. After about 10 minutes of her tutelage, I knew my way around her warm pussy pretty well, and even though my tongue in particular was tiring, I did my best to follow her directions and learn my way around.

I knew I was doing Ok when she grabbed me by the hair, shoving my face down into her moistness, and came for me.

I learned that I liked going down on her. A lot. I liked the feel, the crazy sexy smell, and the taste of her. I loved feeling her react to what I did, and hearing her sexy whimpers, gasps, and moans. I especially loved the feeling of her losing control, crying out my name, and her entire body shaking when she came for me. I was going to do that a lot more often, if I had my druthers.

She was as good as her word. After I got her off, she had me lie down and she attacked my cock with her mouth. She was so good, knowing what to do to drive me crazy. Her hands and mouth worked together, the perfect tandem.

Aunt Marie pulled off after a bit, still stroking me. "You want to know a secret, Jeremy?"

"Yes," I moaned for her.

"I don't do this for many men. Almost never, to be honest."

I groaned. "That might be the meanest thing I ever heard."

She laughed so sweetly, it nearly made me shoot. "But I'll do it for you. I can count on one hand the number of times I let a man, even my husbands, come in my mouth. I have a feeling you're going to change that."

She went back down on me, watching me, while she sucked me off. It had only been a couple of minutes, but I couldn't hold off any longer. "I'm going to come," I warned her.

My sexy Aunt pulled her mouth away, stroking me. "Where do you want me to take it? On my tits? On my face? Or maybe in my mouth?" she teased.

"In your mouth," I gasped, holding back as long as possible.

"Greedy boy," she giggled, and then lowered her mouth over my pole, bobbing her head on my cock beautifully.

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