Hot Girl Leaves The Trailerpark


Betsy said that after they kissed for about ten minutes Earl's cock was huge again and they were both eager to get back into their fuck. This was a disturbed fuck between an 18 year old high school senior and a red neck 54 year old man. This was the farthest thing from making love; this was what some moral minded people would consider filthy or disgusting behavior. Earl lay on his back as his huge cock shot straight up in the air waving from side to side menacingly. Earl told Betsy to ride his big cock and she immediately squatted over him and positioned his huge cock head against her burning pussy lips.

She told me that she fucked onto it real slow at first to adjust to his massive size and wanted to tease him by sliding down slowly over his giant cock. As she torturously slid down his massive fuck pole Earls hands were busily pinching her hard pink nipples then he ran them over the tops and undersides of the thigh high stockings. Betsy said that they were each groaning as they anticipated the feeling of his huge cock when it would soon be at the base and filling every lust filled inch of her deep womb.

After about ten minutes of the slow teasing descent down his huge shaft and as her long fuck lips clung to his huge shaft, she finally began adjusting to his enormous size. Once she bottomed out on Earl's great big cock she shuddered and came from the sheer size of it in her tight 18 year old pussy. At that point she rose from her knees and squatted on her high heels. She told me it felt so hot to finally adjust to Earls huge cock and to fuck up and down on it as she began spiraling her ass around like a cork screw going up and down the massive shaft as her pussy clung to it as she pulled off of it almost a foot in the air before dropping back down on it. She told me this drove her mad as she thought about her boyfriend and other guys she fucked saying that when the fucking started with those guys and things began to heat up with the fuck speed picked up, their small cocks always fell out of her tight pussy causing her to get real frustrated.

She said with Earl you never had to worry about that monster cock of his popping out of your pussy because it was so long and fat. Betsy told me she never felt so stuffed and so delirious from being fucked. At one point Earl told her to rise up a little on her high heels and to stay still while he fucked up into her. She said once she squatted the way he demanded his eyes instantly went to her open toed brown pumps. She said he was moaning saying,

"Those fucking high heels are really turning me on baby." He grunted, "Oh Yeah baby I really like they way those sexy nylons look on the tips of your sexy toes...That's a real hot fucking look baby...Especially for a hot 18 year old baby."

She said she was moaning like a wild animal in heat as Earl relentlessly began pounding away at her suspended pussy as he fucked up into her like a man possessed by the devil. She said he put his grimy hands to his side and thrust himself straight up into her burning suspended pussy as his tiny ass came off the truck bed almost a foot before he slammed back down onto the metal floor with a loud thump, then shot straight up again in a fast depraved rhythm. He fucked into her tiny pussy this way viciously for almost half an hour straight as Betsy came over and over his huge stabbing shaft twelve times before he finally let up on her.

After he mercifully let up his punishing attack on her suspended pussy she said they kissed real hard for a few minutes even though they both knew that they were far from being finished with their first fuck. She told me that he wanted some more head and she eagerly went back to blowing him. After ten minutes of sucking his huge cock Earl spun her around and they got in a hot 69 position. She said it was so hot to be licking his huge cock as it shot up past her face as she desperately worked on his huge shaft and hanging balls, and the way Earls mouth and hands were assaulting her tight ass and pussy made her cum three times before she got off him and told him she needed to fuck his great big cock again.

Betsy then squatted over Earl's huge cock and took his throbbing shaft in her hand and guided it to her sex starved pussy. She then put both her hands on his skinny chest and began fucking up and down on his huge cock like a wild animal as her brown high heels clicked loudly against the metal floor. Betsy knew by the way Earl was grunting that he was real close to cumming. She told me that she was so happy knowing that her tight 18 year old pussy was giving Earls monster cock so much pleasure.

She said she loved hearing Earl tell her how fucking sexy she was and how good she was at fucking. She said she felt so sexy fucking up and down on Earls monster cock dressed in her grandmas classy tan stockings and open toed brown high heels, knowing that this hot look and her being only 18 and dressed like this was part of what was turning Earl on. Betsy went on to tell me that she was going insane from the feel of his huge cock and desperately needed to make Earl shoot another big load. She began to tease him saying,

"Oh like the way your great big popular cock feels inside my tight 18 year old pussy...don't you baby? ...ohhhh yeah I can tell you do baby....oh yeah I can tell you like these long tight fuck lips wrapped around your great big in demand cock... Ohhh fuck yeah I know you do baby."

She said he kept moaning loudly as she continued to fuck up and down on his huge shaft with confidence that she was turning him on like crazy. She said Earl had amazing control to fuck hard and long without shooting his turned on load. Betsy said her boyfriend and other guys she was fucking would have not been able to hold a fuck like this for nearly as long. They would have cum way to soon causing her to be even more frustrated. Betsy continued to taunt him saying,

"Ohhhhhh, do you like the way I'm bouncing on that great big popular cock of yours ya ha? ya baby? ......ohhhh ya... my pussy says you sure do like the way my I'm bouncing on your great big popular cock baby."

Betsy said that she felt his huge cock begin to snap and twitch inside her which caused her to cum. She said that the next few minutes were like a blur to her as Earl started to yell that her tight young pussy was to much action for his big cock and that it was gonna make him cum. As Betsy fucked him wildly she told him to dump his big load in her pussy. She said that for the next two minutes Earl shot blast after blast of hot cum way up inside her pussy. She said she counted twenty burst of cum shoot into her before she exploded from the exquisite feeling. After she came she collapsed on his small chest. Although Betsy was on the pill, Earl didn't even take that into consideration. All he cared about was that his great big hard on needed to cum in her tight young pussy even if it made her pregnant. This is the way most white trash trailer park guys and girls thought. If it wasn't this guy that made you pregnant it would be some other guy real soon, plus getting pregnant meant more welfare, which translated into more beer money.

Betsy and Earl kept their hot fuck going for a few hours and even on the drive home Earl's hands were busy finger fucking Betsy's wet and turned on 18 year old pussy and ass and making her cum on his command. In turn she affectionately blew his great big cock once more until it shot off in her eager to please talented young mouth one more time. She said that even after she blew him she continued to tease his huge rubbery shaft while he was driving. She began purposely crossing and uncrossing her long stocking covered legs with those sexy open toed brown high heel pumps to tease him all over again.

Even after he came he was still consumed with lust as he watched Betsy deliberately cross and uncross her long stocking covered legs. As he drove Earl couldn't keep his eyes or his hands off her stocking covered legs and those open toed pumps as her tan nylons poked through the open hole in the front of her high heel pump. The sight of Betsy being dressed so naturally and sexily for an 18 year old teenager was giving Earl another huge crazed hard on. As he played with the tops of her stockings Betsy began rubbing his great big cock again through his uncomfortable pants.

As Betsy rubbed Earl's huge cock through his pants she was amazed that he could have such an amazing hard on again so soon after just cumming in her sex starved mouth. This turned her on and as she played with his big uncomfortable cock she moaned,

"Ohhh baby, I think this huge hard on needs another fuck from my horny tight 18 year old pussy...does it baby? ...does it need to fuck again baby... Ummmm.... tell me this huge cock needs to fuck your new turned on 18 year old pussy again baby....Oh god... its so fucking big again.....So ready to fuck."

Earl just groaned and immediately pulled off the road again. Betsy told me that she was delirious to have that monster cock back in her pussy and said that as Earl ran his grimy hands up and down her tan nylons she said hotly,

"Oh yeah baby my tight 18 year old pussy needs another fuck from that huge fucking cock of yours...I'm so fucking wet for your great big cock Earl, give me another hot fuck with that huge hard on of yours baby."

Betsy said they didn't waste a second and as soon as they were out of the truck Earl immediately pulled down her short skirt while he fisted his huge cock in the other hand. As he fisted his huge cock, which was already a raging hard on demanding to fuck, he grunted obscenely saying that he needed her tight young pussy wrapped around his big cock one more time. When she lifted each of her high heels up Earl pulled her skirt away impatiently nearly ripping it off. Now standing in her thigh high stockings and open toed high heel pumps again, they kissed hotly for a few seconds before Earl spun her around so that she faced the door of the beat –up rusted truck.

He angrily fisted his huge hard on, which was dripping the clear pre- cum fluid from the tip like an open faucet, and without any preparation or concern for her young tight pussy he put the big cock head right against the mouth of her young burning 18 year old pussy. Before he slid that monster cock into her tight 18 year old pussy Betsy looked back with lust as she saw the anger and contorted look on Earls face and the enormous hard on in his hands and said hotly,

"Ohhh baby, anything you want baby....anything you want."

He then spit on his giant shaft a few times and began pounding into her savagely. As he pumped his huge cock into her she screamed as if she was in shock from the enormous size of his freakish cock and the battering of pain that came from his selfish fucking. Even her cries of lust didn't break Earls stride one bit. In fact he defied her by fucking her faster and harder saying,

"Oh yeah, I could tell your hot little pussy needs this big cock baby....Yeah baby, your gonna remember fuckin' this big cock for a long time you sexy young high school teaser you."

Betsy said Earl was fucking her as if he hadn't fucked a pussy in years. During his merciless pummeling of her tight tender pussy he said,

"Baby I've wanted to fuck you for weeks. Every time I come by to fuck your momma I'd see you in that hot little cheerleader uniform and you were driving me driving me crazy. I've wanted to fuck you for weeks now baby. And here you are dressed real hot in those sexy stockings and high heels. The way you're all dressed up to fuck is making my big cock even more crazy to fuck you baby."

This was exactly what Betsy wanted to here. She needed to know that Earl was wild to fuck her, that he lusted for his body the way she lusted for his enormous cock. She was so happy to be here fucking his huge cock and that he was wild with rage to fuck her too. As Betsy groaned deliriously, Earl's only selfish concern was that his monster cock needed to be pleased and his long hanging balls drained of cum, and Betsey's 18 year old pussy was providing him with an amazing grip as her fuck lips clung to his great big cock with every long powerful thrust.

As Earl was giving Betsy the fuck of her life she continued groaning saying crazily, "Oh fuck your cock is so fucking huge Earl...It's turning me on like crazy baby...I've never fucked a cock so big. So sexy and so fucking big... Oh baby your cock is ten times bigger then my boyfriends or any other guy I've fucked...Oh baby I'm spoiled now that I'm fucking your great big cock."

She said this turned him on even more, and he pounded into her senselessly as he laughed knowingly saying, "Yeah baby your momma told me that your football boyfriend and all the other young superstars you brought home have tiny cocks. Betsy looked back and sneered when learning that her momma was fucking her boyfriend and other guys she fucked and said,

"My mother can fuck him and any of my throwaways as long as I can fuck and blow your great big cock baby."

Earl leaned in and gave her his tongue which she instantly met with hers and as their tongues met in a sinful wicked kiss his monster cock continued to pound into her tortured young pussy. Earl snarled and said, "Baby I'll take your sexy young pussy over your mommas any day baby...any day." They were both going insane with trying to milk the last ounce of pure sex out of this delirious fuck before he came.

Betsy realized by his snorts and grunts that Earl was real close to dropping his turned on load. Betsy looked back and in a demanding tone said,

"Fuck your new 18 year old pussy Earl. Fuck it with that great big in demand cock of yours baby.....Oh yeah baby fuck that tight 18 year old pussy with that huge cock...Ohhhh fuck, I can't stop cumming over your huge fucking cock lover...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh cumming again...ahhhhhhhh."

As Earl pounded his huge cock into her like a wild dog in heat Betsy was watching this sordid, almost illegal sex act in the big side mirror.

She said the scene looked so depraved and immoral as she watched this short thin scraggly looking older guy who had almost no teeth with his torn up jeans down to his ankles, fucking into a skinny young teenager dressed stylishly in tan thigh high stockings and classy brown open toed high heel pumps from behind as she leaned against an old rusted pick up truck. As she watched this short skinny red neck fuck into her with a cock that looked like it was ten times to big for his scrawny little body she couldn't stop cumming or fucking back onto his huge shaft while he held onto her skinny hips grunting obscenities about how fucking good her tight young pussy felt wrapped around his big cock and that he needed to drain another hot load into it.

Betsy said her tight pussy was shooting and convulsing like a pack of fire crackers on the fourth of July as she watched Earls huge cock fuck into her turned on pussy like a jack hammer. As Betsy watched the battering her young teenage pussy was taking from his monster cock in the mirror she turned her head back and snarled,

"Go ahead baby, fuck your young tight high school cheerleader pussy with that great big cock...Oh yeah baby I could feel that great big hard on of yours building up another big shoot for me Earl. Ummmmmm, let that great big cock explode inside me again baby."

As he grunted he pulled her hair and drew her to him and they began violently kissing as his huge cock pounded into her relentlessly for another ten minutes. Finally with a loud groan Earl gripped the tops of her tan thigh high stockings and drew her hot ass tight to his crotch, which caused Betsy to nearly pass out from the enormity of his huge pulsing cock, and he began spurting into her 18 year old pussy for over a minute. Betsy said her pussy was quivering from his spasming cock as it flooded into her overstuffed pussy.

As he came they continued their hot tongue kiss, and when he finally stopped cumming Betsy pulled away from him and went down, kneeling on her high heels and began kissing and licking his huge rubbery cock with all of the lust attached to someone obsessed with pleasing a man with such an enormous cock.

Betsy said that for the next fifteen minutes she rubbed his huge soft cock against her face and mouth as she proceed to moan and say how much she loved worshiping his cock and how much she loved fucking it. She said Earl just leaned back against the beat-up old rusted truck with a smirk on his face that suggested he knew that this day was going to happen and it finally played out like he knew it would. As she continued to lick and pump his huge rubbery cock she looked up and told Earl what he had heard from countless women including her own mother about his huge tireless cock that could cum for days straight. She said that she never wanted to go back to fucking her boyfriend and that she wanted to be a slave to his huge cock anytime he wanted to fuck.

She said that after they kissed some more she changed back into her cheerleader uniform. She said that after that day she and Earl fucked almost every day for a month. To show you how twisted and deranged things get in the white trash trailer park, in a few months Earl was in bed fucking Betsy, her mom and her grandma at the same time! After about two months Earl moved on to a new trailer slut, which was his pattern, and then after a year and a half with about fifty women in between he met my mother and moved in with us.

They got married one night while they were drunk and after a month together Earl and I got together. After hearing all of those hot stories from my friend Betsy about Earl and his huge cock I was going wild to fuck it myself. It was my turn to fuck on that great big cock that I had heard so many stories about and that was ripping my own mother's pussy apart every night. My 18th birthday was in a week and that was going to be my special present to myself, to fuck and suck that great big cock I heard so much about. To Be continued!

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