tagSci-Fi & FantasyHot House Crustacea Ch. 01.3

Hot House Crustacea Ch. 01.3


(Inspired by Seduced On The Bridge by Little White Mouse)


Tandy and Sue were screaming...and running...actually more like slipping and sliding; an unsurprising situation, considering: two oiled up sweaty, panicky young women trying to outrun, what could best be described as, "Giant shrimp!" (Tandy's words), on a hot, humid spaceship bridge, over a moisture and slime slick floor.

These factors ensured the women were not upright for long. Tandy and Sue soon found themselves on their backs, tripped and slipped into their supine positions by the creatures. The crustazoids were moderately clever: when the girls fell, the crustazoids had positioned themselves beneath them, so that the girls landed on a cushion of alien shrimp.

The crustazoids then repositioned the girls next to each other, at opposite ends. Sue's head was at Tandy's feet and vice versa. The crustazoids formed a bed underneath the girls and held them captive with their appendages. The girls' legs were spread so Tandy and Sue had a good view of each other's pussies.

Now, a brief description of the crustazoids: yes, they look like shrimp...with a touch of horseshoe crab...plus some softshell turtle thrown in. Their color is a dull grayish brown with green blotches. The males look more like the aforementioned horseshoe crabs. They have four appendages on the upper end, and two smaller legs near the bottom. Three large tailfins are attached to the body. The males are roughly the size of a basset hound.

The females are larger; many are the size of humans. They have two large sinuous appendages on their upper torsos. Their lower torsos hold the fertilized eggs; when full they look like bloated sacs. Males and females tend to have a glossy appearance due to slimy excretions from hidden pores.

The girls were still screaming when the female crustazoid appeared. Tandy's pussy was facing it, so that's where it went. It used its tiny legs, and assistance from the males, to propel its bulk onto Tandy's body.

The crustazoids worked their soporific venom into the girl's bodies, through light scratches on the skin. The venom was potent and easily absorbed. A tiny amount was enough to quiet the girls and slow their movements; minimizing their struggles while they were positioned.

Sue watched in dulled horror as a "shrimp" crawled onto her torso and used its legs to spread hers. Tandy, on the other hand, gazed fearfully at the big "shrimp" as it slithered over her body, its bulging sac positioned between her legs, the chitinous face placed just under her boobs. The sinuous ropes opened her legs wider.

"Tandy! What are these things doing?!" Sue cried.

"I don't know Sue. I can barely move. It's like my body's asleep or something."

"I feel the same way. Can you see what that thing's doing? I can't raise my head."

Tandy slowly turned her head. Sue's pussy lips stood out pink and moist. "Sue, I think it's going for your pussy." The creature revealed two tiny 'fingers' on the sides of its mouth. They went to each side of Sue's lips and spread them, opening her vulva wide and pink.

"Ohhh, it's doing something! I can feel it!" Sue cried.

"It's spreading your lips," Tandy replied; she had a clear view of her friend's clit.

Tandy watched as the creature opened a slit-like mouth. Out of that mouth came several serpentine tongues. They slithered into the moist cave; one wrapped around Sue's clit, which blushed and swelled, the others delved further into the tunnel, already flooding with moisture.

"Oh!" Sue gasped. White heat bloomed in her nethers. The creature moved, lightly, back and forth, issuing faint slurping sounds.

"Oh God! What's happening?! I'm feeling wet!"

"It's sucking you, Sue! The thing's sucking your clit! It's eating you out!" Tandy looked in wonder. "What kind of creature is this?!"

Sue started to breathe heavily, with quiet hitches. The creature rode up and down her torso. It planted its chitinous face onto her dripping wet pussy. The slurping sounds increased, albeit muffled.

"Tandy, I think I'm going to cum," Sue said softly.

"Fight it Sue! What are people going to think?"

"I don't think I can. It...mmmm!...it feels good, Tandy. I can't explain it but I'm feeling warm and wet and....mmmm!....I'm cumming...ooooh!....it's hap---mmmm!" she purred.

Tandy knew Sue was a quiet fuck. She remembered the hotel room they shared in New Orleans. They fucked their Mardi Gras dates on a king sized bed. Sue came with the same quiet hums and purrs she made now.

Sue's oil, sweat, and slime slick legs moved up and down. Her right hand worked its way underneath the creature, as if she wanted to join the cum milking. She moved her left hand to her breasts and began to knead and play.

"You....ugghnn!...you ought to.....ermmm!....feel it, Tandy. It...mmmm!...it feels sooo good!"

Tandy watched, fascinated. Sue's pleasure, at least, distracted from the thing atop her. The big "shrimp" hadn't moved since crawling on her body. Its appendages were wrapped around her legs, the bulbous sac between them. Now the sac began to move.

"Sue! The big "shrimp's" doing something!"

Sue, despite overdosing on sexual pleasure and constant orgasms, had some presence of mind to turn her head. She viewed her friend's pussy through the erotic heat and saw what was about to happen.

"Uh...mmmm! Gasp!....um Tandy. I think you should get ready."

"What?!" an apprehensive Tandy asked.

Sue was in heat, so the view did nothing to help her state of mind. A fleshy tube, long and studded with veins and ridges, emerged from the creature's underbelly. Slick and coated with slime, it slithered up to Tandy's waiting bush and the pink rose below. "Oh!" Tandy gasped as she felt the thing glance her lips.

"Sue! It's entering me! What's happening?!"

Sue's mind was melting. The creature was flooding her body with sex stimulants. Sue's reason was drowning under a flood of ever increasing orgasms. She summoned her last reserves to describe the tube to her friend.

"It looks like a dick, Tandy. It's thick, four inches I think. It's got these ridges, like a dildo."

"Ugghn! I'm feeling it Sue! It's in my pussy....Ohhhh!...it's over my clit! It's....Oh God!...uuugghhnn! It's still entering me!"

Tandy began to whip her head back and forth, moaning and ululating. "Aaaahh!" she cried. Tandy was always the noisy one. She had a sensitive clit. Her bedtime activities more than illustrated the point. The noise sometimes drove Sue to another dorm. The frat boys called her, "The Soprano."

Sue watched the flesh tube continue to enter Tandy's flower. "God! It's long, Tandy. I think it's twelve inches or more!"

"Aaaahh! Unnngh! Aaaah!" Tandy cried. Her hands moved, grasped and clutched, first the creatures beneath her body, then her breasts. The creature pumped back and forth, its sac pulsating. Sue watched the tube slide in and out; cum and slime splashed from Tandy's pussy onto the creature's bodies.

Tandy went into a frenzy, arching her body, pumping her pelvis. Like Sue, her body was flooding with sex stimulants from the creature's secretions.

The female crustazoid's tube may have acted like a penis, stimulating and lubricating Tandy's tunnel before penetrating her womb, but its purpose was far different.

A bulge appeared in the tube. Sue watched it make its way towards Tandy's wet cunt. "T-Tandy..." was all Sue could gasp, before finally succumbing to the erotic ecstasy overwhelming her body.

Tandy felt something enter her body and make its way to her womb. Instead of feeling fear, Tandy came and howled louder. Her cries echoed across the bridge, nearly drowning out the soft purrs of her friend, lost in her own orgasmic world.

More bulges slid through the canal to Tandy's womb. The bulbous sac began to shrink. Tandy's belly bloated in response.

The two girls were now completely engulfed in a warm, wet world of orgasms. The crustazoids cushioning their bodies, excreted sex slime that absorbed into the girls' skin. The male crustazoid slurped up Sue's juices while the female pumped Tandy full of embryos; moisture dripped from the ceiling onto the writhing bodies below.

Tandy, her strained vocal cords no longer able to accommodate her screams, was reduced to loud grunts and gasps. Sue continued a cycle of faint purrs, hums, and gasps while sliding her hands across her breasts and thighs. Both women were slick and shiny from sweat, oil, slime, and sex.

The hot alien orgy went on for endless hours, until the female pumped in the last embryo. The sac had flattened into a lower torso, similar to the males, but larger. As if on a prearranged signal, the crustazoids withdrew from the girls simultaneously. The sex-flooded girls barely noticed.

The male and female crustazoids crawled off and away, their part in the orgy over. Sue's hands went to her wet cunt; fingers plumbed inward to massage her clit, trying to recapture the pleasure. Tandy ran her hands over her belly, wet, swollen, and round, high on lust.

The women felt the creatures move. Some reason returned to their minds as post coitus took hold. The women were weak, however, and lay still as the crustazoids repositioned their bodies.

"Uh, Tandy? What's happening?"

"I don't know, Sue. They're moving us away from each other."

The crustazoids moved the girls until they were at opposite lengths to one another. They spread the girls' legs and began moving them together.

"Sue, I can't see you. My belly's in the way."

They're moving us together, Tandy. I don't know why."

The crustazoids raised Tandy's right leg so that it passed over Sue's left. Then they raised Sue's right to pass over Tandy's left. Sue had an idea what the creatures were doing. She just didn't understand why.

"Oh no!" she said.

"What?" Tandy asked.

"Uh, nothing," Sue replied, not quite understanding why she didn't tell Tandy.

Sue watched Tandy's glistening, wet pussy draw closer to her own. The anticipatory element disturbed her. Sue's skin took on a pinkish tone as she blushed.

Tandy couldn't see Sue over her belly, and she was too exhausted to raise her head. She only saw Sue's legs slide over and under her own. The friction of Sue's skin against hers stirred something within that was not uncomfortable.

"Sue, uh, I think they're moving our...um!"

"Yes, Tandy, I know."

"Uh, why do you think?"

"You're asking me?"

The girls' pussies came together in a wet and open kiss. Their swollen clits pressed against each other. The two women's juices immediately began to mingle. "Oh!" the girls gasped in unison. Two crustazoids came forward. One scuttled on top, the other below the girls, at the junction where the pussies met.

The crustazoids used their tongues to spread thick mucus over the girls' twats. Tandy and Sue squirmed as the thick warm fluid spread across the crack. The mucus dried and hardened, gluing the girls together.

"Sue, can you move?"

"A little. I'm still trying to figure out what happened."

"We were fucked by alien shrimp, Sue. That's what happened."

"They're not doing anything now. You think we can get out of here?"

"I don't know. That big 'shrimp' knocked me up and they glued us together...and I'm too tired to think right now."

"I'm tired too. What do you think will happen when....well."

"I saw the movie. Maybe they glued us together so the larvae can feed on us both. You know the crazy thing? I'm not scared. I don't feel anything, just tired."

"It's not crazy. I'm not scared either. Maybe those things did some mind thing to us."

"That's silly Sue. I think we were just fucked so hard our minds are still processing."

The girls decided to sleep and plan their next move, later. However, when they woke, something new happened.

To Be Continued...

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