tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHot Sex In A Hot Sauna

Hot Sex In A Hot Sauna


Part 1: First hot orgasm.

A few years ago I spent two years as an exchange student in Finland, the most northern country of the European Union. I really enjoyed the country of Santa Claus, snow and sauna – and wilderness that can be understood in many different ways. If you happen to know the concept of sauna, you probably still have no idea about the real Finnish sauna. That is where you end up next.

There are two ways to get shy Finnish guys to open out. One is to chat with them when they are a bit tipsy and the second one is to go to sauna with them. It is incredibly hot in there, about 80 degrees Celsius (170 in Fahrenheit), but you will survive if you take a bottle of water with you. When I went to sauna for the first time, I just could not believe it – it is obvious that you go there naked. No towels, no bathing suits, men and women. Well, I actually I did not mind, I was curious to see the naked bodies of my handsome Finnish friends.

The lakeside summer cottage and the sauna belonged to the parents of my Finnish friend Liisa. She was blonde, like Finnish girls often are, rather tall, and she looked gorgeous. She had a perfect body and nice firm breasts, just like mine. At that time we both had Finnish boyfriends and they were both like a dream, I could have chosen either of them. Liisa was in her twenties and her boyfriend Jyrki was possibly five years older. I had just turned to 21 and my boyfriend Petri was 19. In addition to the four of us, there were two other nice guys spending relaxing weekend at the cottage.

The Finnish guys had been in sauna for a while when we finally went in. I had heard stories about sauna already before, but still it was quite an experience. This small wooden room was full of naked men and heat, and one of the young men had a bath whisk made of birch in his hand. They immediately noticed my amazement. They smiled and started explaining detailed facts about the Finnish sauna. I was a bit confused between the nude men in the heat of sauna, but I enjoyed it a lot.

After a while we were talking about sex. I guess it was Kimmo who started this subject, but others seemed to be more than eager to continue it. Kimmo was a bit older than the others, possibly 28 or 29. I had never met him before but I really liked what I saw and heard. A pleasant voice, nice body and some experience of life. He was possibly even more attractive than Petri or Jyrki, and I could not decide whether it was good or bad in this situation. Anyway, the opening for the sex theme was a late-night TV show, and soon we were hearing stories about each other’s sex partners.

I started by telling the truth: I had had five boyfriends before Petri, I had lost my virginity at the age of 17, and that I had never experienced an orgasm. As soon as I had said this, I regretted. Petri had hidden his face and probably he was not happy with my confessions. Especially because we had had sex few times and I had lied that it was great.

Liisa asked me whether the penis size matters and the sauna became even hotter. Well, I had never had an orgasm, but I said that I like the thick ones. Despite of having only six partners, I was able to say that I had tried all the variations. She agreed on the thickness, but she also admired the long ones. We made a compromise: the bigger the better, but too big is clumsy. With this subject, I could not help looking the five cocks around me. I was shocked when I noticed that none of them was flaccid. Liisa noticed my comparison task and summarized: “It seems that we have very nice subjects in the room.”

Liisa started the action by taking the cock of his boyfriend between her fingers. Jyrki had a long, uncircumcised penis. It was the longest cock that I had ever seen and clearly longer than the average, but not so thick. I tried hard to estimate the size of this member that Liisa was slowly fondling. Liisa read my thoughts and said the length to be 7.5 inches and girth 4.5 inches.

Petri was much smaller. I suppose it was not the size why he could not satisfy me, but the fact that he was young and he came within a minute. The obvious size comparison was too much for him and he said that he would go swimming and then back to cottage. I knew that I could not stop him and he knew that I wanted to stay. I felt hot because of the sauna and because of the excitement. The nipples of my firm breasts were erect, my pussy was soaking wet, and I was aching for relief.

Liisa had taken Jyrki’s long cock in her mouth and Jyrki guided her head with his hands. They both groaned softly. Liisa was not able to take it all in, but they clearly had had oral sex before. Lucky me, Jyrki did not have the only hard cock in this sauna and I decided to follow Liisa’s example. Marko, blonde and tall guy of my age, was sitting next to me. I looked to his eyes and I did not even have to place a word. He nodded.

Marko’s cock was incredibly hot and hard, but surprisingly small – obviously it is not true that big men have big penises. However, I liked the shape of his member and it was bigger than Petri’s after all. I started jerking him slowly and I noticed that some pre-cum was already glistering in the tip of his cock. The sight of Liisa giving a blowjob to her boyfriend made me hornier than ever, and it seemed to have a similar effect to Marko and his throbbing manhood. I looked at Kimmo on my right side. He was looking at us and he was slowly playing with his amazing cock – it was definitely the nicest cock that I had ever seen in my young life!

Jyrki cried out: “I can’t hold it any longer, I’m coming!” Liisa took Jyrki’s cock out of her mouth and started to jerk it fast. Maybe she did not want to have a mouthful of sperm, or she wanted us to see Jyrki shooting his load. The sight of Jyrki’s orgasm made me to move my hand faster on Marko’s cock. He started groaning and soon he came. The feeling of his pulsating cock in my hand made me want more.

I suggested leaving the sauna and everybody agreed, so we went to the changing room. I asked Kimmo whether he would let me touch his wonderful, erect member. He agreed and I jerked him a bit. His cock grew even bigger in my hand. I estimated it to be 6.5 inches long, a little longer than the average, but the thickness… I could hardly get my fingers around it! He begged me to continue and I did it with pleasure. He started to caress my small breasts and hard nipples. His touch was something unbelievable and I was about to come right and then! As he finally slid his gentle fingers down to my belly and my pussy, the feeling was stunning.

Despite of my excitement I was able to quickly look at the others. They were standing close to us, staring at our petting, and Liisa was giving a hand job to both Jyrki and Marko. Then I continued to concentrate on the treatment of my life. I begged Kimmo to come inside me and finally the head of his huge cock slid inside my pussy lips. He was on the top and that is where I wanted to keep him because he really seemed to know what to do with his tool!

Kimmo moved slowly in and out, and he was able to reach my most secret, hidden spots. After ten minutes of amazing, tender sex, I had to ask him to fuck me harder and faster because I wanted to have my first orgasm soon, I could not wait any longer. He did what I asked him to do and we started fucking furiously. Soon I climaxed and simultaneously with my intense orgasm I felt his thick penis shooting its load deep inside me.

After calming down a bit I noticed that others had already left the building. My first summer in Finland started with the fuck of my life and I will never forget it. I love Finland!

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