How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01


After about a minute of these playful spanks, Betty stopped, and stood the little girl up in front of her. She clasped her hands around Louise's arms, which stopped the curly haired girl from rubbing her backside.

'Oh...' said Louise 'Oh that wasn't bad at all'. The little thing was even smiling. Betty smiled back warmly at her.

'See' she said. 'I told you there was nothing to be afraid of. Silly little thing. It's just tradition up here. You didn't think I was really going to hit you hard, did you?'

Louise blushed a deep shade of red. She had misinterpreted Betty's intentions, and in the process made a complete fool of herself, objecting so vehemently to a spanking which was nothing more then a formality.

'I feel so stupid' Louise said. 'I'm sorry... I really thought you were going to hit me hard'

'That's okay' said Betty. 'Generally there's one girl every year who hates being spanked. Did your parents used to spank you?'

'Yes' said Louise. 'They still do!' She was suddenly a lot more comfortable talking in front of the girls, but I guess the play spanking would create that kind of bond. Maybe it was a good idea after all.

It was then that Sophie noticed something about the way that Betty was talking. It was extremely patronizing, and all the while she still had her hands clasped firmly onto Louise's arms. The natural progression into this scene, from the one of the young looking Louise taking her spanking over the beautiful Betty's lap meant that Sophie hadn't noticed it immediately. It was as if Betty was talking to a child.

With this, a cruel, sly smile crept onto Betty's face.

'Poor girl' she said, even more patronizing then before. 'If only you'd taken your spanking without a fuss, then we wouldn't have to do this now'

Taylor stepped behind Louise. She reached in front of her and unbuckled her shorts, and pulled them down past her thighs, her bubble butt stared out at me, encased in a tiny pair of white cotton panties, covered in pink and red hearts.

'Nice pants' muttered Wendy, laughing.

It was as if time stood still. Louise had just gotten over the fact that she wasn't going to have to take a hard spanking at the hands of Betty, that she was completely defenceless to Taylor's forced exposure of her. She seemed to be in shock, one minute she thought she was in the clear, but now it looked like the true intentions of the girls was coming out.

Taylor pushed Louise back down over Betty's lap, and immediately Betty started spanking the poor girl. Except this time they weren't mucking around. Betty spanked her pantied butt extremely hard. Whereas before the spanks were slow and thoughtful, this time they rained down in a volley of shots all over the pretty girl's behind. Louise yelped and kicked, but it was too late.

Holding her hand tight to her back, Betty took aim over and over again at Louise's tiny little butt. Her hand slapped down, her open palm slapping with such ferocity that it shocked Sophie and even began to scare her. The short, sharp sound of her hand spanking the butt of this tiny girl filled the room. Louise couldn't take it anymore, from deep inside her she let go a flood of tears, but Betty was relentless.

When she had covered her entire behind with the force of the spanking (the redness of her bottom was starting to peek out from her panties) Betty shifted Louise up slightly, and aimed directly at the point where here bottom met her thighs. With this, Louise howled, and flung her head up. The spanks still came hard and fast, and the grin on Betty's face was wide and mocking.

The poor girl was getting a blistering. This wasn't a playful spanking, it wasn't even something that Betty was using to laude her power over Louise. It was designed to hurt. Louise sobbed over her knee, her bottom thrust up and throbbing, the skin red and sore. Still Betty spanked on, bring her hand down again and again all over the blonde haired girl's backside.

Finally she stopped. Louise gasped for air, but she didn't try to move from Betty's lap. Laying there, her tiny frame dangling over the larger girl's knees, her head down, her feet kicking slightly, and her khaki shorts down around her ankles, she looked absolutely ridiculous. She looked like a naughty child who needed to be punished with a hard and humiliating spanking. Her ass was bright red, and seemed to glow even through her cotton panties.

'That' said Betty. 'Is a spanking. I had to spank you like a little baby because that's what you are. You cried like a little bitch, and so you get punished like a little bitch. I hope you've learnt a lesson, girl'.

Sophie was sopping wet. The sight of this poor girl forced into accepting what was the most embarrassing spectacle that she had ever seen was too much for her. The power that Betty had over her, simply by forcing her into this position, was unbelievable. And it wasn't over yet.

'I don't think she's had enough' said Taylor, looking at Betty.

'No!' shrieked Louise. 'Please, please it hurts so bad. I've never been spanked like that before. Please don't spank me anymore'.

Betty sighed. She did look just like a young mother forced to spank an errant child. The air in the cabin was electric.

'There are some things you have to understand' said Betty. 'We run this camp. We've been here a lot longer then you, and what we say goes. If we want to spank you, you present your little butt for a spanking. If we think you haven't had enough, then you thank us for being so considerate. There are a few things we've learnt on these camps. It's one thing to force a pissy little slut to take a spanking, and believe me we always have to at the start, but it gets tiresome having to fight you all the time. So from now on, you're our bitch. I wouldn't argue with that, because at the moment you're lying over my knee with a freshly spanked bottom, so it sure looks like you're my bitch. But we need you to show that you understand this'

With this, Betty lifted the tiny girl up off her lap.

'Go and get my hairbrush, it's sitting on my bed'

Louise's eyes widened when she realised what was about to happen.

'Please Betty... please I can't take anymore'

'I'll decide when you've had enough' snapped Betty. 'It's not a matter of what you think. What you think doesn't matter anymore. Of course you don't want to be spanked. Nobody wants that. But you're weaker then us, so we can do what we want to you. If I wanted, I could go and grab that brush and spank your ass all day. But I want you to give up your dignity. I want you to submit to me, properly. Not because I forced you to. Because you know you have to. Now go over and get me my brush'

Sophie prayed that Louise would stand up for herself. She prayed that she wouldn't submit to this sadistic teenager. But another part of her was betraying these prayers. Another part of her wanted nothing more then for Louise to confirm that she was willing to do as Betty said.

And she was. Louise shuffled over to Betty's bed, her pants down by her ankles, her spanked, pantied butt on display. She found the brush and walked back to Betty. Sophie couldn't believe this. Louise's submission had happened so quickly, so completely.

'Now ask me to spank your naughty little butt with my hairbrush' ordered Betty

'No' said Louise, barely audibly.

Betty's face dropped, and she slapped Louise sharply on the front of her thigh, with the brush. Louise let out a sharp cry, but she didn't move. Betty's eyes met Louise's and she raised an eyebrow at her. Betty was right. She didn't need to say another word.

'Please... please spank me with that brush' muttered Louise.

'This brush?' toyed Betty 'You want me to take you over my knee and give you a spanking? A hairbrush spanking? But won't that hurt?

'Yes' said Louise. 'Please. Please give me a spanking'

'Do you want a hard spanking, or a soft spanking?' Betty asked teasingly.

Louise inhaled quickly. She was lost in a sea of emotions. The timid girl had indeed been the victims of bullies before, and was extremely embarrassed that at the age of eighteen her parents still disciplined her by spanking her on the bottom. It wasn't that she wanted to be spanked. It wasn't that she liked it, or even that she was particularly afraid of Betty. It was just her nature. A shy, submissive little girl, who couldn't say no when she was ordered around, who took the abuse and remained meek throughout.

'Please spank me hard' Louise uttered. 'Please give me a hard spanking with your hairbrush'

Betty laughed, and looked to Wendy and Taylor, who were also grinning wide.

'Well, you heard her. The little slut wants to be spanked with a brush. The little slut needs a good hard spanking to show her what her place is. The little slut is practically begging for me to give her a spanking'

Betty stared directly at Louise. Sophie's breathing was getting ragged. It was amazing that nobody had tried to leave, tried to stop this. Everybody was captivated by this girl dominating and humiliating the other girl.

'When you're ready, lie down across my lap' said Betty sweetly. 'But first you need to pull your panties down, because I think if you're ready to be my bitch, it's time you learnt that I spank bare bottom'

Louise knew that this was the turning point. If she pulled her underwear down and lay across the lap of this stunning young girl, it would be admitting defeat. It would be giving her permission to push her around. It would be showing that she wasn't strong enough to stand up for herself, that she would submit to a bare-bottom spanking just because she had been told to.

She tucked her fingers into her panties and pulled them down past her butt. Sophie was shocked at how red her backside already was. She also couldn't believe the complicity of her actions. Louise was being dominated by this girl completely and utterly.

'Down to your ankles' said Betty

Louise complied. Bending over, she jutted her perfect little butt at Sophie, and her pussy pulsed. Her panties joined her shorts by her ankles, and Louise straightened out. Completely naked from the waist down, with a flaming red bottom, just about to meekly go over the lap of this total stranger, and accept more punishment.

Louise dropped herself over Betty's lap. Her ass stung terribly, it had already been without a doubt the most painful spanking she had ever received. What made it worse was that it was for no reason. She couldn't feel better about alleviating guilt, or take solace in that fact that she had deserved it. All it did was prove to Louise, and to the world, that she was easily pushed around, readily submissive, and that she would take a spanking like a little girl simply because a more powerful female had ordered her to.

Betty stroked Louise's round butt. Louise gasped and shivered, but it was too late to do anything now. Betty raised the hairbrush high above her head, and brought it down, striking the centre of Louise's buttocks with a shocking ferocity. The hairbrush spanking was as hard and fast as her brutal hand spanking had been. It was clear what it was for now. Already had Louise submitted to Betty, already shown that she would continue to be her bitch. The hairbrush spanking was intended to deliver as much pain as possible, to shame the tiny girl, and to make her realise the true implication of what she was allowing to happen.

SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. Again and again the hairbrush hit her already red bottom, slapping at her ass and turning it from the light red into a scarier shade of deeper purples. Louise was howling with the pain, but Betty was relentless. How she was able to so coldly turn this unknown girl over her lap and brutalise her like this Sophie didn't know. But the more she watched it, the less it started to turn her on. It wasn't erotic anymore, it was dangerous. Louise looked like she was in real pain, like she was desperately trying to squirm away from the punishing onslaught of smacks. Sophie was still horny, still amazed at the power exchange in the room, the confidence of Betty and her friends, but fear got the better of her.

She jumped up, and tried to make a run for the door, but Taylor, who had been watching Sophie, got there first. She held the door closed with her body, and grabbed Sophie. For a girl her size, she was surprisingly strong. No doubt she worked out, and at any rate, Sophie was no match for her. The sound of the spanking had stopped, and when Sophie was turned back to face them, both Betty and Louise were standing, facing her.

Louise had tears still streaming down her face, and she was breathing quick, shallow breaths. Both of her hands were rubbing her swollen backside furiously. Her tiny body standing next to the imposing presence of Betty only further concluded the pathetic submission she had just undertaken. She made no attempt to cover up, despite the fact that her pussy was on show to the entire room. Lily had still not moved, her head was down, she showed no emotions at all at the horrendous spanking which had just taken place.

'You' threatened Betty 'Are going to get it. If you thought this little bitch got a hard spanking, well you're going to be wishing you were in her place. Stupid brats, it's always the same. They think they can be tough and walk out on a spanking. Well no, it's not going to happen. I've spanked tougher girls then you, bitch. Every year at this camp me and the girls have had three little bitches willing to do whatever we want. And every year they always start out like you, defiant and fucking headstrong. But all it takes is a good hard date with my hairbrush, and you'll realise what a little slut you are. You'll realise that I'm better, and prettier, and more powerful then your fat little ass could ever be. Soon you'll be as obedient as this little baby here'

With that, Betty reached down and slapped Louise's enflamed butt. Louise gave out a shriek, but didn't try to move away. Taylor was still holding Sophie strong, and Sophie realised that she wouldn't be able to escape this torture. Betty turned to Louise.

'So, are you my little bitch now? Or do you need another session over my knee?'

'No... no... I'll be good' stammered Louise. Then without hesitation she added 'I'm your little bitch'

Taylor and Wendy cracked up, and Louise blushed a dark shade of red.

'Go over to the corner of the room' ordered Betty, and stand there with your pants and panties down. I want your red butt to be a reminder to this bitch of what she's about to get'.

Louise didn't argue, didn't even think to. She waddled over to the corner of the room, and put her hand on her head. She was used to this position. Her mother always gave her corner time after a spanking, and Louise, being who she was, always accepted it as part of the punishment.

Betty walked towards Sophie, who was being gripped even tighter now by Taylor. She unsnapped the buckle on her jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles. Then she grabbed the blue satin panties that Sophie was wearing, and yanked them down as well. Tears of embarrassment welled up in Sophie's eyes. Here she was standing in her cabin, held tightly, forced to expose her pussy to all the other girls, and about to be taken over Betty's knee for a spanking with a hairbrush.

'Louise got a hand spanking. And she got it over her pants as well. You don't get that luxury. You tried to run, but I'm going to show you that it's useless to try and resist this. You're going to get a bare bottomed hairbrush spanking, and when I'm done, you're going to thank me for it. That'll stop you thinking you're so high and mighty.

Sophie was no stranger to spankings either, although hers were entirely different to the ones Louise had experienced. Sophie had often asked her old boyfriend, Matt, to spank him while she lay on her bed, usually before he entered her. To her it was just another way of showing his devotion to him, and she loved the anticipation of lying naked on her bed, her parents asleep in their room, waiting for her boyfriend to smack her ass and take her vagina.

But this would be different. Betty wasn't going to stroke her while she spanked, and Betty wasn't going to go easy. Betty wasn't trying to spank her to turn her on, but to spank her to hurt. Sophie had never been spanked as a punishment before, only a reward. Still, her pussy ached and flooded, despite herself she was ridiculously turned on by the whole experience.

Taylor forced her down over Betty's lap. Sophie had resigned to her punishment at this point. She now knew what Louise had gone through. At first she thought she could fight, but she knew that these girls were stronger than her. She knew that they simply could take what they wanted by force, and that she was merely a pawn for them to use. She felt the cool jeans covering Betty's tight thighs on her bare skin, and shivered.

Betty wasted no time on this spanking either. Without the luxury of the warm up spanking, the immediate sensation of the brush hitting her bare flesh was unbearable. She yelled and cried out, but realised now, to her horror, that the distance her cabin was from the others meant that nobody could come to her rescue. She lay across Betty's lap, feeling as small as small could be, unable to defend herself, unable to resist this powerful spanking.

Betty must have spanked her for twenty minutes. It was longer then Louise got, and at parts it was significantly harder. Sophie didn't cry like Louise did, but it was impossible to stop all of the tears. She felt so useless, so vulnerable, lying over this girl's lap, being forced to accept this spanking without being able to do a thing about it.

Her butt ached. The spanks rained down and it felt like they would never end. Again and again Betty raised the brush, Sophie hoping it was the last time, but again and again it flew down on her unprotected bottom. When Matt had spanked her it had been that act of submission, the powerlessness that had sent her pussy wild. But this was all overpowered by the tremendous pain that this girl was inflicting upon her. Out of the corner of her eye, Sophie saw the flaming red buttocks of Louise, still nose in corner, and grimaced at what she imagined her own bottom would look like.

Finally the spanking was over. Sophie was crying, but not just from the pain of the spanking. She had been shocked at how quickly Louise had turned into Betty's 'bitch', fetching the hairbrush with hardly any objections. But she understood now. Once somebody exerts their will over you like that, you really do become their bitch. The fear of being spanked had been completely etched into Sophie's mind now. Whatever Betty asked, she would be sure to do it.

The simple act of the bare bottomed spanking transformed the normally head strong and confident girl into a wobbling, blubbering mess. She had been reduced down into a naughty child, into somebody who had no will of their own, or at least not one that could be enforced. Betty had won.

'Get up' barked Betty

Sophie picked herself up off Betty's lap. Her bottom stung wildly, but she resisted the urge to rub it. Already she was becoming more and more submissive to this sinister girl, already she was losing way too much control.

'Did you like your spanking?' asked Betty

'Yes Betty' Sophie almost sung at her.

'Good. And are you ready to be my little bitch?'

'Yes Betty' Sophie said, hardly believing the words she was saying. It was as if they came from some other part of her. Some other, deeper, more primordial aspect of her psyche. It didn't help that her humiliation had turned her on, that being over the knees of this dominant beauty had sent her pussy wild.

'Are you going to give me any more trouble?'

'No Betty'

'Are you going to do as I say?'

'Yes Betty'

'And what if I want to spank you again?' she questioned

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