How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01


'Oh yeah' said Katrina 'This is why this bitch isn't putting up a fight. She fucking loves it'

The girls all laughed. 'What a freak' exclaimed Taylor. 'She must've practically come over my lap' laughed Betty. 'What a little spanko'.

Sophie had never considered herself to be turned on by spanking. Not really, anyway. She enjoyed being spanked, but as was the nature of her relationship with Matt, it was generally the act of it, the giving up of power that she had fantasised about. She was certain it was the domination of her young body, and not the hard spanks she had received that had put her into her current state. She was loathing the paddling that she knew she had coming.

'Bend over' sighed Katrina 'Let's get this over with' and Sophie was glad for the temporary dignity of keeping her top on. She walked to the position in the room where Louise had stood, and bent over just like the other girl had done, pussy tingling and butt sore.

Katrina wasted no time. The paddling she dished out was a lot quicker and to the point then Louise's had been. Sophie barely had time to gasp in between swats.


Katrina paused, and Sophie throatily sucked in air, making the girls laugh. The tears had dried in her eyes, but when Katrina had paused, they flooded back out.

'Five more' said Katrina 'Count them and thank me for each one'


'One' breathed Sophie 'Thank you Katrina'


'Two, thank you Katrina'


'Three... thank... thank you Katrina'


The pain was almost getting unbearable. The small wooden surface had expertly been aimed at the exact same spot, unlike Betty's hand spanking which covered her entire ass, the pain from the paddling was focused and explicit.

'Four. Four, thank you Katrina'

Katrina paused, then flung back her hand with all her might, and walloped poor Sophie right off her feet. The room cracked up laughing at the girl, caught up in her panties and jeans by her ankles, rolling on the floor from the force and pain of the final hit.

'Five, thank you Katrina' Sophie cried, her hands unable to stop from rubbing and kneading her brutalised buttocks.

'Bitch likes being paddled' mocked Katrina. 'Now bitch can go and stand in the corner'

Sophie waddled to the corner she had already spent time in that day, noticing on the way that Louise had also faced hers, presenting her well-spanked butt, without being asked.

Again the torment of Lily was one that Sophie could only hear. Katrina ordered her to strip, and within only a few moments, the sound of the paddle striking flesh filled the room again. They came much, much quicker then either hers or Louise's paddling though, and when Sophie sneaked a glance, she was shocked to see that Lily was in fact lying over Katrina's knee. She was being paddled as hard and as fast as her hand spanking had been, except this time there was a big wooden paddle doing the spanking. Katrina was laughing and grinning like crazy as the fair skinned Lily squirmed and cried out over her lap. Whenever Katrina would pause the spanking, Lily would jut her butt up, as if begging the older girl for more. Her white skin framed the terrible redness of her bottom, and even her thighs were being paddled by Katrina, an area she hadn't focused on for the other two girls.

Suddenly the paddling stopped, and the only sound in the room was the low moaning and tears from Lily. Sophie and Louise were ordered to turn around, and were faced with a moment of deju-vois. The gorgeous, white-skinned Lily, with her waif like frame, now sporting an even darker and more enflamed bottom.

'This' said Katrina 'Is total obedience. We've trained lily well, and she doesn't give us any backtalk. You two bitches can learn a lot from this stupid slut. Make sure you do as we say and you won't have to deal with the full extent of what we can do to you. Go behind our backs and you'll be begging for things to go back to the way they were before the day was out'

Louise was shocked, almost crying again, but her head bobbed up and down, agreeing to do what Katrina said. Sophie too found herself nodding along to the cruel girl's remarks.

'Lunch will be ready in a few minutes. I want you three cleaned up and down at the mess hall. Then I'll be showing you around the camp, and you'll be on free time after that until the bonfire. Anybody who complains or misses an activity 'cos of a red bum, watch out' Katrina threatened.

Taylor walked over to Sophie, and motioned for her to turn around. Sophie did so, and the tanned blonde girl began slapping at her butt, although it was a lot more playful then the previous spankings had been. Sophie pushed her butt out to meet her hand, enjoying the feeling of submission that she had under this gorgeous young lady. Taylor's hand slipped down to rub her pussy, just gently and Sophie felt her moist wetness rub off onto her hand. Without letting any of the other girl's see, Taylor brought her hand to in front of Sophie's face, letting both girl's know how aware they each were of Sophie's sexual state.

'wait' cried Katrina, pausing as she was leaving the room. 'You didn't thank me for the paddling, Lily! Bad girl! You know better than that'

'Thank you Katrina' smiled Lily 'I'm sorry'

'No, no, no. That's not good enough now. I want you to thank me properly. With kisses'

Lily, for the first time that afternoon, looked embarrassed and shocked. She glanced from Sophie and Louise, apparently scared to act in front of them, despite the multiple spankings they had both witnessed her receive.

'Come on' cooed Katrina 'You know what I mean'

Lily dropped to her hands and knees. She was still naked, and in this submissive position, the fiery red of her butt only stood out more. She crawled to the door where Katrina was standing, and started unlacing her shoes. Sophie and Louise looked on in shock. The forced spankings were one thing, but there seemed to be nothing forced about this at all. It seemed like trained, planned movements. The fact that Lily knew exactly what Katrina meant was proof enough to Sophie that the girl had not been lying or exaggerating when she told them earlier of her past experiences at camps.

Lily gently slipped the shoes off the grinning Katrina's feet. Then she tucked her fingers underneath her socks, and softly eased them off Katrina's feet. Lily inhaled deeply, sucking in the sweaty odour of Katrina's feet, and then before Louise or Sophie could even properly register their shock, she started planting little kisses all over the older girl's feet. Taylor, Wendy and Betty were all laughing at the naked Lily, bright red ass, bent over kissing Katrina's feet. It was clear that this was a scene they had seen many times before.

Lily continued kissing at Katrina's feet, all up and down them, even laying kisses on the girl's toes.

'Good' said Katrina 'Now suck'

Lily obeyed immediately, taking the older girl's toes into her mouth and sucking sensually on them. She sucked each toe individually, taking her time, letting her tongue run between the spaces in Katrina's toes. Lily had her eyes closed, and it was clear that she wasn't enjoying this act much at all, but she did it with no hesitation or disgust.

'That'll do' said Katrina, taking her foot out of the kneeling girl's mouth. 'I'd forgotten how much of a sicko you are'

Lily cast her eyes to the floor, ashamed. Katrina's words cut right through her.

'Don't forget that you're going to have to ask me once a day to spank that perfect white butt of yours. Every day of this camp, you're going to go over my knee, and get tanned. And I don't go easy on sluts, do I?'

'No Katrina' said Lily, still kneeling in front of the older girl.

'Good' said Katrina 'I think we're going to have a wonderful summer'.

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