How I Spent My Vacation Ch. 01


'Then I'll happily accept' Sophie breathed 'Thank you for spanking me'

Betty turned to Taylor. She rolled her eyes at her.

'This one was a fucking pushover. She must love being pushed around. She's probably one of those sickos who get off on it'

Sophie's pussy gushed.

'Yeah' said Taylor. 'She didn't even complain. I think she likes being spanked' with this Taylor turned to Sophie 'You like having your butt beat?"

'Yes' said Sophie, but the thrill of the humiliation was wearing off, and she was starting to become disgusted by how much she was letting these girls push her around.

'Go and stand in the corner, pervert' said Betty 'Don't worry, you'll be getting a lot more spankings. We all love spanking dirty little sluts. And think, you were ready to run out and not get your spanking. But when you got it, you absolutely loved it. What a stupid slut' she laughed

Sophie blushed. She was ashamed, mortified, but it was true. The pain was terrible, but she had loved the actual act, of being unable to fight, unable to resist the submission. The girls had forced her to take a spanking that she didn't deserve, but that she had truly enjoyed.

She too waddled over to a corner, her bare butt on display. She didn't dare touch it. Louise was still crying softly.

'Now then' said Betty 'We come to the last little slut. I want you completely naked, Lily'

Sophie couldn't see, as she was facing the wall, but there was no protest from Lily whatsoever. She heard pants being unzipped and dropping to the floor, other clothes being thrown down, and a few moments later, the terrible sound of the hairbrush hitting the pure white skin on the Lily's bottom.

Sophie realised that this turned her on more then anything. She had been horrified by Louise being forced into a spanking, but her pussy was sopping when the girl had given up her self respect and retrieved the hairbrush and accepted her second spanking. She herself was furious at the initial moments of the spanking, but by the end, her willingness to do exactly as she was told was a massive euphoric rush.

So standing there, waiting for the objections or cries from Lily, and realising that they weren't coming, sent her wetness into overdrive. Lily had been sitting there, completely quiet, since the girls entered, not because she was shy, not because she was scared, but because she knew what was coming, and she fully intended to accept her spanking.

The girls all laughed at Lily, who instead of yelling or crying out, seemed to be moaning and enjoying the spanking more then anything. When it finally finished, Betty told the other two to turn around from the corner. Lily stood in the middle of the room, a red patch of pubic hair brilliant against her milk white skin, and a lobster-red butt staring back at both of them. She had been thoroughly spanked.

Betty didn't say anything. Lily looked her straight in the eye, and thanked her for the spanking. Sophie was sure by now that the other girls must be able to smell her scent, her wetness, but she dared not pull up her panties.

'All three of the little babies who just got spankings, kneel down here' said Wendy

The three girls meekly complied. Sophie couldn't help it. She wanted to stop, wanted not to give into these three, but the combination of the fear of another spanking, and the desire welling up inside her at doing these girl's bidding was too much.

'Listen' said Betty. 'My cousin is a councillor here. I've been at Rosewood camps for five years, so I know how they work. If you complain, or try to change cabins, or talk to other people, or don't do as we say, there's going to be trouble. I already know that Lily is a dumb bitch who'll take a spanking just because she's too chickenshit to say no, but what about you two?'

Sophie glanced sideways at Louise. Louise refused to make eye contact with her.

'Well, Sophie?' purred Betty 'Do you need another trip over my knee to learn your place?'

'No' said Sophie, meekly. 'I'll do what you say'

'Good girl' said Betty 'You'll find life gets a lot easier around here if you just do as we tell you. Doesn't it Lily?'

'Yes Ma'am' said Lily

'And you Louise?' asked Betty

'I'll be good' she said

'Wow' said Betty, turning to Wendy 'These are the best behaved little bitches we've ever had. But just so you know, if you do decide that you don't like it here, there is actually nothing you can do about it. Councillors will always be more trusted then campers, and my cousin will back up anything I say. In fact she likes paying our little girls visits herself. One year when someone tried to tell that dumb slut Jo-Beth about what we were doing, we fed her Ex-Lax and she crapped herself when we were playing softball. People don't forget stuff like that. So think about it. You can make it easy on yourselves and we can confine your humiliation to these four walls. Or you can think about telling somebody else about what's going on here, and you'll find out what real humiliation is'

'Anyways' said Taylor 'If you tell anyone, you're going to have to explain why you all let yourselves be spanked without even a fight'

She was right. And frankly, Sophie's arousal notwithstanding, she was now terrified of what these girls could do.

'We're not all bad' said Wendy 'We just like to have a little fun. You grant us this, and we'll make sure nobody else bothers you on camp'

With this, the three girls left the cabin. There was a strange bonding that had occurred between Lily, Sophie and Louise. They had all just witnessed themselves submit to, fairly freely, embarrassing over the knee spankings by three girls their own age. Of their own free will they had knelt down in front of them, admitted to being their 'bitches' and promised not to speak a word of what had transpired.

Sophie got to her feet and pulled her jeans and panties up. Her pussy reeked, she was sure the other girl's could smell it. Louise had started crying again, she hadn't even bothered to pull her pants up, and Lily had gotten up and started to get changed, but her eyes seemed glassed over and distant.

The intoxicating thrill of what had transpired was leaving Sophie, and she was sinking into the realisation of what was really going on. It was one thing to let your boyfriend spank you, to pretend to have his way with you, to let him slap your butt in public, or demand that you get him a beer. It was another thing altogether to let yourself go so far into depravation that you let people walk all over you, taking what they want, and getting their kicks along the way.

'This can't go on' said Sophie, to Lily and Louise.

Louise didn't say anything, but she finally pulled her panties and shorts up, wincing when they made contact with her tender rear.

'We can't do anything' said Lily 'They weren't joking about what they'll do if they find out we told on them. I've been in the same cabins as these girls since I started coming here. They do this to me every summer'

'What!?' exclaimed Sophie, happy to let the attention drift off her own submission 'How can you just let them do that to you?'

'I don't know' said Lily, almost in tears 'I just can't stop them. And it's true what they say about Betty's cousin. She's head of our cabin, and 2 other cabins. That's why I always get stuck with them, because she makes sure I'm in their cabin. And she'll turn a blind eye to anything they do to us. That's why we're up here in the old cabin, instead of the new ones. Katrina, Betty's cousin, is really nasty. She used to come to camp here, and she's even worse then all three of them. We can't speak to Jo-Beth, because believe me, it'll just get worse'

'How can it get much worse then this' shouted Sophie, rubbing her sore ass

'It will' said Lily, softly, completely resigned. 'I don't know why they do this, but I'm not going to be able to stop them. Besides, you didn't put up much of a fight. And it looked like you orgasmed over Betty's knee.

Sophie's face dropped. Had it really been that obvious that she had enjoyed what was going on? Had the others smelt how much she had been turned on by the forced spanking?

'I don't want to do anything' said Louise. 'Its just that spankings hurt so much. But I don't want them to hurt me anymore'

'They're just doing it for show at the start of camp' said Lily 'Soon they'll stop caring about being mean to us, but we just got to not let them get to us. Just do as they say'

'That sounds like a terrible plan' exclaimed Sophie.

'Do you have a better one?' asked Louise, challengingly.

'No' said Sophie, 'Unfortunately I don't'

There was a knock at the door, and all three girls spun around fast. Slowly the door opened, and a camp councillor was standing at the door. She had the same sharp features as Betty, and Sophie assumed this was her cousin. Behind her stood Taylor, Wendy and Betty, all grinning like Cheshire Cats.

'Ahh, so these are the new recruits hey?' said the councillor 'I'm Katrina. I'm Betty's cousin, so if you've got a problem with her, you've got a problem with me. And if you've got a problem with me, then lookout, because I can stop this camp from being fun very, very quickly'

Sophie, Louise and Lily looked nervously between each other. Katrina had the beauty of her cousin, there was no doubt about that. She was older, in her early twenties, and her position of authority made her all the more powerful and fearsome.

'So' said Katrina. 'What's your name?'

She was looking at Louise. Louise stammered her name, and Katrina laughed right in her face. She turned towards Sophie.

'And you must be Sophie' she said.

'Yes' murmured Sophie

'Betty told me you already got your introductory spankings. Good. I like meeting the new bitches when they're good and tame. You're in for some fun this year. We put your cabin away from the others, so you can bet your sweet asses I'll be in here past lights out. Which was the little baby who bawled?'

'Her' said Wendy, pointing at Louise 'Before Betty even started spanking her, she was crying like a little kid'

'Good' said Katrina. 'You look like a little cry-baby. What, you never been spanked before?'

'I've... I've been spanked before' stammered Louise.

'Oh, then you knew what was coming. Bet mummy never spanked you as hard as my cousin walloped you, hey?'

Louise shook her head. Katrina smiled to herself. Suddenly she turned and pointed her gaze towards Lily.

'Ah Lily' she mocked 'You remember me don't you?'

'Yes Ma'am' said Lily, meekly.

'Good!' said Katrina, clapping her hands in front of her 'I remember you too, dear. I remember that last year we were way too soft on you. Louise and Sophie are going to have it easy this time around. You however, are going to get what you deserve. You've always been a little shit, every since you were a little kid. Well I want you to know, straight off the bat, that I intend on spanking you personally, every single day that you're up here. Whether or not Betty or Taylor or Wendy see fit to take you over their knee. You can count on the fact that when you wake up in the morning, you'll be over my knee getting your cute little white butt reddened by yours truly, before the day is out'

Lily started breathing heavily, and could hardly make eye contact with the dominant older girl. Finally she did, and gasped out...

'Yes Katrina. Thank you very much'

Katrina grinned from ear to ear. 'Excellent. I'm glad you still know your place, you little whore. But still, there's the issue of the little cry-baby we have to attend to'

Louise's face dropped, and she seemed to back away, only slightly, from the imposing Katrina. Katrina turned and faced Louise.

'Don't think you're getting away so lightly. Betty said you cried to all heavens, and frankly, I can't allow that. If a girl doesn't know her place, she can go running her mouth off, and it ruins this little operation we have running here. And believe me, pint size, you are not the girl who's going to ruin this for us'

'I'm... I'm sorry' said Louise 'I'm not going to ruin anything for you'

'Damn straight' said Katrina. 'But why should I trust your word? Why don't you show me how loyal you are? Strip.'

Katrina said it and it took less then a few moments before the utterly defeated Louise was unbuckling her jeans. She let them fall around her ankles, stepped out of them, and then pulled her shirt off. She stood wearing a white bra, and the heart-covered panties that Wendy had laughed at earlier.

'Nobody told you to stop, slut' said Katrina 'These girls have all seen your red ass and your dirty pussy, so it doesn't matter to them'

Louise blushed. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She remembered all her high school victimisations. It didn't make sense to her. She was smart, beautiful, she thought she was okay to get along with. In another life she could have been queen of her school. But instead, perhaps due to her good looks but short stature, she was the constant victim of pranks and jokes.

Having her clothes hidden, being wedgied by girls, slapped on the ass by boys, made fun of and told she was tiny and weak at any occasion had taken it's toll on Louise. She was willing to bow down before Katrina, she felt no other option.

She unhooked her bra. She let it fall from her body, exposing her small, but pert breasts. Then, as quickly as she had shamed herself into exposing her boobs, she bent down and pushed her panties down as well. She stood before all six girls, completely naked.

Katrina was awestruck. She couldn't believe her luck. In her past experience, the girls that get put in the cabins with Betty fuss and fight and threaten to go to the councillors. It takes at least a week before they realise the position they are in. Realise that there is actually no one they can turn to, and allow themselves to be used by her sadistic cousin. But here was somebody Betty had only just met, just spanked, and somebody who was a total stranger to Katrina, exposing herself so willingly and explicitly. Katrina decided to have some fun.

'Turn around. And bend over' she ordered.

Louise did it, with only a moment's hesitation. She turned away from the group of girls and bent at her waist, jutting her amazingly curved butt out towards her captive audience.

'Spread' was the only word Katrina uttered.

Louise's hands reached back and found her cheeks. She felt a distinct sensation, realising, that this was the first time she had ever been in this position, bent over, spreading her cheeks. It was the most vulnerable she had ever allowed herself to be, and yet here she was, flaunting it for the mean teenagers she hardly knew.

Her hands touched on her spanked butt, and backed off, but then they found the fleshy parts of her thighs and pulled her ample buttocks apart. Although she couldn't see, she was aware of the explicitness in her actions. She was exposing to the entire room her tight little butthole. She had never been in this kind of position before in her life, and yet now she wouldn't dare move out of it lest she was told.

'You're a dirty little bitch, you know that' mouthed Katrina 'You love showing off your dirty little asshole to all of us. Well okay, slut. You want to play it that way? Fine. Sit down on the bed and show us that dirty little cunt'

As relieved as she was to remove herself from the humiliating position of spreading her juicy cheeks apart, Louise was mortified by the thought of exposing her vagina to this gaping crowd. But still, she knew that if she resisted it would only mean another hard spanking, another blistered butt from Betty, or worse still – the sadistic Katrina. She quickly sat down on the nearest bed, and spread her legs far apart.

'Are you a virgin?' asked Katrina

Louise looked ashamed. This tiny girl dropped her face and uttered into her chest 'Yes, I am'

'Haha' laughed Katrina 'I bet you are. Well, you know what we do to virgins who want to be little dirty sluts?'

'No' sighed Louise

'We teach them the true meaning of being a slut. By giving them the discipline I'm sure they so greatly desire'

Louise flinched. Already today her bottom had withstood the harsh impact of Betty's hand, and then hairbrush. She had taken an enormous amount of pain in her bottom, and she was afraid to have to submit to more.

Katrina sensed the fear in the younger girl's face, and relished in it. She slowly unzipped the duffel bag she had carried with her into the room, and stuck her hand deep inside it. From within, she drew out a large wooden paddle. Her face turned to a mocking smile, as she faced the tiny Louise, cementing in her mind exactly what she intended to do with it.

'Please' said Louise. 'I've never been spanked like this before. I mean... I mean.... I've been spanked before, but this just hurts so much. I couldn't take a paddling on top of this'

Her voice was desperate and weak. She thought to herself that it must appeal to the compassionate side of Katrina. But Katrina only smiled.

'Your little butt is only pink, as fair as I'm concerned. And it's this paddle that is going to turn it red. I want you to stand up, touch your toes, spread those big cheeks of yours, and prepare yourself for this paddle. Because believe me slut, you're taking a paddling!'

Louise's heart dropped. Katrina was serious about applying the paddle to her backside. She stood up from the bed, still stark naked, and pivoted on her heels and dropped. She was too far gone to try and resist the punishment that Katrina had in store for her. She presented her bottom meekly and earnestly.

Katrina brought the paddle back, and tested swinging it through the air a few times. Louise flinched, and her plump bum noticeably tightened. Katrina rested the smooth wood against the girl's red bottom, drew back, and slammed it into her fleshy ass with all her might.


'YOWW!' howled Louise, grabbing her pained butt with both hands.

'Hands away' ordered Katrina 'Or the paddling doubles'

Louise dropped her hands to her sides. Already the tears had begun to swell in the back of her eyes.


The paddle connected again, taking the small girl off guard, but her resolve was strong and she didn't move.




In quick succession, Katrina paddled the tender bottom of Louise again and again. She relished the opportunity, the submission of this tiny girl, so eagerly taking her paddling from her.

'Five more' said Katrina. 'They're going to be real stingers'.

Expertly she brought the paddle back, and with a real viciousness slammed it into Louise's backside.


Louise sobbed softly into her chest


Louise threw her head back, wincing silently from the pain


Sophie shuddered and turned away, all too aware of the wetness returning to her pussy


Louise cried out, but she remained rooted in her bent over position. Katrina let the cool paddle rest against the younger girl's bottom, then drew it back and released the final, hardest swat


Louise remained in position. Tears were openly flowing down her face, but she made little noise.

'Thank me for the paddling, bitch' ordered Katrina.

Louise stood, still not rubbing her blaring buttocks, and faced the older girl. 'Thank you Katrina' she managed between her tears. The tiny girl was a ridiculous sight, her bottom a dark shade of red, completely naked and bawling her eyes out. Katrina smiled to herself.

Katrina turned to face Sophie. 'Wendy told me you got all horny when you took your spanking' said Katrina. 'Why don't you show me?'

Sophie shook her head, terrified of being put through the paddling that Louise had just endured. Yet she remained perfectly still, not fighting it, as Betty and Taylor grabbed her, and pulled down her jeans and panties. Her pussy was gushing with wetness, and Katrina forcibly parted her legs with the paddle, rubbing her pussy with the smooth wooden surface. Sophie blushed and almost moaned at the intrusion by the foreign object, and when Katrina brought it back away from her pussy, she could she her juices streaked all over it.

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