tagErotic CouplingsHow Much Do You Want This Job?

How Much Do You Want This Job?


I'm a 35 year old married man. I own a medium sized manufacturing company with about 75 employees. I've never used my position as the owner of the company to extract any kind of sexual favours from an employee, until now.

On a Friday afternoon in May, one of my file clerks came to my office and said that she had to quit her job. Her husband was relocating to another city and it was a good move for their family. It was late in the day so I decided not to worry about it until Monday.

Over the weekend I pondered the situation and decided that on Monday I would post the job on the company bulletin board and try to fill the vacancy from within.

On Monday I posted the job in the morning and waited to see if anyone responded. During the day a few people left résumés with my secretary which I was planning on taking home that evening.

I was working late that night in order to try and get caught up on some office paperwork when I heard the buzzer at the front door to the plant. I figured that the cleaners must have forgotten their key so I went to the door to let them in. When I opened the door I was greeted by one of my warehouse workers, Angie.

Angie was only 19 years old. She had been working for me ever since she dropped out of school when she was 16. Angie was about 5'6" in height with a slight build and a beautiful ass. She had shoulder length brown hair and she wore glasses. Some people might have seen her as mousy, however I had often thought she was concealing a bit of a wild child underneath her demure exterior. She got married when she was 18 and I suppose getting pregnant would be next.

"Good evening sir," she said in a shy voice. "I wondered if I could speak to you for a few minutes about the job you posted today."

"No problem, Angie. Come on in!" I responded with intrigue. "How did you know I would be here?"

"I took a chance that you might be working late. I was hoping you would be going over the résumés of the people who are interested in the job," she replied. "I know that I don't have any experience with office work," she continued, "but I know the job doesn't require a great deal of skill and I thought it might be a way for me to move up in the company."

Angie was wearing a tight fitting tube style dress that hugged to her every curve. As she was speaking to me I couldn't help but get distracted by thoughts of ravishing her right then and there on my desk. The material of her dress was so thin that I could clearly see her erect nipples and I could make out the panty line of her skimpy thong. Perhaps I could use this job vacancy to my advantage.

"If I do this for you, Angie, what's in it for me," I asked.

"You'll get a hard working, conscientious employee," she responded.

"Actually that's what the company gets," I pointed out, "But what do I get personally. There are several people interested in this job. Why should I give it to you."

"What do you want," Angie said in a puzzled tone.

"Can't you think of any skills you might have that you didn't indicate on your résumé? Isn't there something extra you could demonstrate that would tip the scale in your favour."

"I'm not sure I know what you mean," she said, "I think my record will show that I've always been a good worker."

"I know you're a good worker, Angie," I stated, "but aren't you good at anything else?"

"What are you suggesting, sir?" she asked.

"I'm suggesting that you get down on your knees and give me a blowjob," I demanded. "I want to see your lips wrapped around my cock as it slides in and out of your sweet looking mouth."

This was so uncharacteristic of me but I was so overcome with the potential opportunity that I couldn't help myself.

"But sir, I'm married," she pleaded.

"I know that you little minx," I said, "So am I. But that shouldn't stop us from having a little fun. I know you're a bit of a wild one. We've all heard the rumours about the tattoo you have on your tit."

"What if I just show you that," Angie begged.

"Not enough," I firmly stated. "Don't you want this job or not?" I asked.

"Of course I do," she whimpered. "If I do this you have to promise me that it stays between us," she pleaded.

"Of course it does," I stated. "Do you think I want my wife to find out."

With that she came around the side of my desk and got down on her knees. Angie was gorgeous. I again noticed how her dress clung to every curve of her supple body and her thin bra did little to hide her nipples. I couldn't believe this was actually happening.

She reached forward and started to unbuckle my pants. Her hands were shaking as she pulled down my zipper so I gave her some help. Once my pants were undone I stood up and rested my ass against the desk. She pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles and took hold of my cock.

"I still can't believe I'm doing this," she cried.

"Just think of it as part of the interview process," I casually said. "You should find some comfort in knowing that this means the job is yours."

She nodded in agreement as she wrapped her hand around my shaft. It immediately started to get rock hard. At 6 inches my cock isn't huge but it's definitely big around. Angie guided the head of my prick towards her pouting red lips. They opened up enough to let my cock slide into her mouth. It was warm and inviting as I slid over her tongue. I could feel her hot saliva envelope my cock like a blanket. I was in complete bliss.

She started to move her mouth back and forth over the length of my prick. It was slow at first as if she was resisting what she was doing but then she suddenly started to get into the whole situation. While her mouth was busy working on my prick her hand was playing with my balls. She pulled her mouth off and spat on my prick to give her hand more lubrication as she pumped my rigid pole.

"Oh my god, Angie, for being only 19 you're a fantastic cocksucker," I moaned.

"I may be only 19," she said, "but I've had a lot of practice".

She continued to work her lips up and down my shaft until it was totally covered with her saliva. I glanced down to look at Angie's mouth sliding over my hard cock when I noticed she had her hand up her dress and inside her panties. She was working herself hard enough with her fingers that she also started to moan.

I held the back of her head and pulled her closer to me. She was able to take my whole length into her mouth. I was starting to shake as my orgasm came closer and closer. Angie could also sense that I was about to cum.


Just then Angie pulled my cock out of her mouth. "What are you doing," I snapped. "I was just about to cum."

"I know," she replied. "That's why I stopped. I thought you might want to fuck me as well."

She stood up and pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her shear white bra. I could clearly see her nipples through the material. They were dark brown and at complete attention. Her areolae were slightly lighter in shade and puffed out from her tits. I reached forward and pulled the straps off her shoulders allowing her bra cups to slip down over her boobs. They were slightly smaller than average but they were perky and pink just like I had hoped. I took one of her tits in my mouth and tasted her hard nipple with my eager tongue.

"Of course I want to fuck you," I panted. "But what changed your mind," I asked?

"I'm horny as hell" she whispered. "Can't you see the cum running down my legs."

I lifted up the hem of her dress and looked more closely. She was right. Her thighs were glistening with her own juices. She scooped some of the liquid from her thighs and let me lick it off her finger. It was so wonderful.

She then stepped back and did a little shimmy with her hips which made her dress fall to the floor. I reached forward and hooked my thumbs into either side of her panties and pulled them down her legs. The sight before me was heavenly. Angie's bush was neatly trimmed. Her wispy hair was a bit darker than the ones on her head. I pulled her toward me and let my tongue dance through her mound. Her pubes were wet and sticky from her heightened arousal.

I lifted her up onto the edge of my desk and she instinctively pulled up her legs and propped her feet on the edge as well. This allowed her legs to spread completely open giving me full view and access to her sweet smelling pussy.

"Okay boss, lick my pussy until I cum on your face," she commanded. It seemed the tables had turned. Now she was giving me orders, orders that I was happy to comply with.

I dove in like a teenager about to lose his virginity. Her pussy was well lubricated and my tongue easily traced it's way up the folds of her slit to her protruding clit. I worked my tongue all around the area while purposefully avoiding her little bud.

"Please don't tease me anymore," she begged. "Flick my clit with your tongue and eat my pussy. I'm aching to cum."

"Your wish is my command," I said with a grin, and I did just that. I licked her clit and feasted on her cunt until her hips were bucking up and down out of control.

"Oh my god," she squealed, "I'm cumming." With that said her pussy seemed to open up and spill it's fragrant juices all over my tongue and face. She was shaking uncontrollably until her orgasm subsided.

"That was fantastic," she said after regaining her composure. "But I still want that hard and long fuck. Are you ready?"

My cock was definitely hard and ready to pump Angie's sweet pussy. "Lay back you slut," I ordered, "and be prepared to get impaled by my cock."

Angie leaned back on her elbows with her legs spread wide open for easy access. It had been a long time since I fucked a 19 year old pussy but I was up to the challenge. LOL! I moved forward until the head of my prick was nestled against her hot slit. Then, without warning, Angie wrapped her stilettoed heels around my back and pulled me into her juicy pussy with one big thrust. It was heaven. Her cunt was hot and slick from her recent cumfest and I moved in and out of her hole like a drill press, never missing a beat.

"Your cock feels so good in my pussy," she panted. "Don't stop fucking me until I cum again."

I wasn't about to stop fucking this slut even if she asked. As I pounded her pussy I leaned forward and took her left tit into my mouth. Her nipples were aching to be licked and sucked. I swirled my tongue around the target and gently bit down on her protruding buds.

"Suck my tits, sir," she said coyly. "I love having my nipples bitten while my pussy is full of hard cock."

While I was fucking her pussy for all it was worth, Angie was using her hand to play with her clit. She was feverishly rubbing it in hopes of having another mind-blowing orgasm. After a few more minutes of this rapid pace I could sense that we were both getting close to cumming. Being the gentleman that I am I wanted to hold out and let her cum first. Then, just as I had predicted she started shuttering with a wave of pleasure.

"I'M CUMMING" she shrieked. "Don't stop fucking my cunt. Oh my god, I'm still cumming all over your cock. Feel my hot juice on your prick," she panted.

I pulled out of her pussy and watched in amazement as she used her pussy muscles to force out her own cum. It dripped all over the edge of my desk and finally landed on the carpet.

"I want to eat your cum now," she begged. "Fill my mouth with your hot cream boss."

With that, she stuffed my aching cock between her lips and sucked me like it had never been sucked before. She played with my balls and moved her hand up and down the shaft of my prick. It didn't take long for me to near the point of no return. "Suck my cock you little minx," I begged. "Here it cums."

And just like that my cock let loose with a flood of cum that first landed on her tongue and then splattered on her face and hair. I came so much that it dripped down her chin and landed on her tits. Angie even managed to scoop up some of my cum and rub it into her pussy. It was so erotic I thought I might cum again.

Once we were finished we did our best to clean up ourselves with a box of kleenex. We got dressed and gave each other a long and passionate kiss.

As she walked out the door she looked back at me and said with a wink "Do you need me to come back tomorrow for a second interview."

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